Residents of Alabama town call for assistant police chief to be fired over 'racist joke' he texted to officers

Residents in an Alabama town are calling for the firing of the assistant police chief after it was discovered that he sent racist text messages to other officers, WBRC reports.

Angry residents at a city council meeting in the town of Vincent called out the text, which contained a joke where the chief asked, "What so ya'll call a pregnant slave?" to which the punchline was, "Buy one, get one free."

“Other citizens in this town, are not comfortable with this person coming to their home, or even stopping them on the side of the road,” Reverend Kenneth Dukes said during the meeting. “Why would our taxes pay money for this gentleman to sit in that seat of authority?”

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“You cut me, I’m going to bleed red, not green, not blue, not yellow, it’s going to be red, so he’s a very ignorant individual,” a resident told WBRC, who only wanted to be identified by her first name of Tina.

The town's mayor promised that an investigation would be opened and an update would be provided at the next city council meeting.

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