Virginia GOP official calls Biden’s Pentagon chief a ‘stinking’ N-word – and calls for a ‘good public lynching’
Hampton public meeting screenshot

According to a report from WAVY, the chairman of the Virginia Hampton GOP has called for the ousting of the electoral board chair over an ugly tirade on Facebook where he used a racial slur to describe Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and retired Gen. Russell Honoré -- both of whom are Black.

The report notes that Hampton GOP Chairman Philip Siff told WAVY, "We unequivocally condemn all forms of racism and bigotry,” while calling for David Dietrich to be expelled.

In a statement, Siff claimed, "In the post, Mr. Dietrich uses abhorrent and unacceptable racist language that has no place in our Party or our Commonwealth."

Siff posted a screenshot of the offending Facebook post (which can be seen below) on the Hampton GOP's Facebook page.

In his tirade, Dietrich wrote, "The situation with the United States military is getting more disgusting and dangerous by the day."

After listing off the names of the two Black military men, he added, "These so-called 'leaders' are so vile and racist, there's no way to describe them other than in terms their own people understand. They are nothing more than dirty, stinking n*ggers."

He added, "We are being forced into a corner by these enemies of the People. If it is a civil war they want, they will get it in spades. "Perhaps the best way to pull us back from the brink is a good public lynching."

You can see a statement from the Hampton GOP and Dietrich's Facebook post below: