'Fraud': Republican blasted by GOP official for deceiving Virginia voters

The nominating procedure to determine the GOP standard-bearer in the 2021 gubernatorial election is in upheaval after allegations of fraud.

"The gubernatorial campaign of self-funding Republican Glenn Youngkin is coming under fire in Virginia for allegedly deceiving voters in an effort to register them to vote in the upcoming nominating convention and obtain their personal information," Politico reported Thursday. "On Thursday afternoon, a local GOP official, Stephen Kurtz, sent a letter to state party chair Rich Anderson asking for an investigation into reports that the Youngkin campaign had dispatched canvassers who misrepresented themselves as working for the Republican Party of Virginia."

"On Wednesday, a video was released that captured a door-knocker approaching the home of a voter and identifying herself as working on behalf of the state party. But when pressed further, the canvasser says she works for Vanguard Field Strategies, an affiliate of Axiom Strategies, a prominent political consulting firm that is working for Youngkin," Politico explained.

Kurtz, who is backing GOP candidate Pete Snyder, sits on the state central committee.

""I'm calling for a full and thorough investigation by the Republican Party of Virginia to determine the extent of the fraud that was perpetuated by the Youngkin campaign contractors at Vanguard Field Strategies and Axiom Strategies," Kurtz wrote. "Unfortunately, we do not know the extent of the fraud exposed this week."

The GOP will determine the nominee during a convention held at 37 voting locations on May 8th.


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