kari lake wags finger
Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (Photo: Screen capture)

Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake told a whopper about United States Congressman Lee Zeldin, the GOP candidate for New York governor, during an appearance on Fox Business on Monday morning.

Lake claimed that "Lee Zeldin got stabbed while he was speaking to a crowd of people not all that long ago and it barely got any coverage" and that "panic is only coming from the left and they're only covering any attacks or, you know, situations that affect people who are Democrats. They are failing to recognize that the Republicans running I think are being attacked even more."

Back in July, an individual jumped onto a stage where Zeldin was giving a speech and attempted to stab the lawmaker. He failed.

"Zeldin was unhurt and his attacker arrested," Reuters noted at the time. "Zeldin pushed the suspect away before both men tumbled to the ground as several others tried to subdue the suspect."

Watch below or at this link.