LISTEN: 'Weird AF' voicemail emerges as Matt Gaetz scandal continues to grow
Screenshot via The View/

In the wake of the bombshell news story detailing the Justice Department's investigation into Florida GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz for possible sex crimes, Florida State Rep. Anna Eskamani says that Gaetz and the target of the investigation, former Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg, sent her a "weird AF" voicemail message to her phone, the Orlando Weekly reports.

Eskamani posted a thread to Twitter this Thursday saying that both the men called her phone on July 4, 2019, and left her unsolicited messages.

"He called me and I didn't pick up (again, I barely talked to him)," said Eskamani "He left a voicemail and it wasn't just him, he was with Matt Gaetz too! I shared the voicemail with a few different people because again, it was SO WEIRD and I didn't realize they were friends."

"It was Joel wishing me a happy fourth and then he said there was someone who wanted to say hi and then it was Matt who said hi and referred to me as the future of the Democratic Party," Eskamani tweeted.

"He pushed me to have lunch with him after he kinda/sorta apologized," said Eskamani in another tweet. "I picked a very public place to meet in HD47 — it was the weirdest meeting I've ever had and I'm pretty sure he was high the entire time too." she wrote.

"He also tried donating $100 to both my 2018 and 2020 campaign — unsolicited by me. I re-donated his first $100 to a Muslim-led organization and I refunded the second. We weren't even in any communication yet he would donate to me. It was so weird!" Eskamani who called on Greenberg to resign in 2018 after he posted Islamophobic messages on social media, continued.

Listen to the voicemail in the audio link below: