Arizona GOP lawmaker melts down over reports Superman's son will be bisexual -- and it hilariously backfires
Superman protecting a group of undocumented people in Action Comics #987, titled "The Oz Effect." Image via Twitter.

In the new Superman comic book series, "Superman: Son of Kal-El," Jon Kent, the son of the famed Man of Steel, is planned to come out as bisexual, and fall for a male reporter named Jay Nakamura.

This twist on a fictional superhero was evidently too much for Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers, who immediately took to Twitter in outrage.

"Superman loves Louis Lane. Period," she said, an apparent misspelling of Superman's classic love interest Lois Lane. "Hollywood is trying to make Superman gay and he is not. Just rename the new version Thooperman so we can all know the difference and avoid seeing it."

Many of Rogers's Twitter followers were quick to point out that saying Superman loves "Louis Lane" makes it seem as though she's saying Superman has been gay for years.

"Hey quick question, who is this 'Louis Lane' dude you're saying Superman's in love with?" wrote one. "Is he the brother of LOIS Lane? Or are you saying superman CAN be long as they turn Lois into a guy named LOUIS. I'm very confused…"

Rogers is well known for her controversial views. She has defended Confederate monuments against who she calls "traitors who hate America," and called for mass arrests of election officials in Arizona and for doing over the presidential election.