'What has he ever given you?' Sandy Hook father Robbie Parker sends message to Alex Jones' audience

Shortly after a Waterbury, Connecticut jury unanimously ruled that right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones should pay nearly a billion dollars in defamatory damages to eight families of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, one of the bereaved parents put forth a message to people who still listen to Jones.

Robbie Parker, whose six-year-old daughter Emilie was murdered in the attack, was awarded $120,000,000 and urged Jones' audience to consider the pain that Jones' inflammatory rhetoric has inflicted.

"For anybody who still chooses to listen to that man, just ask yourself, what has he ever given you? And compare that to whatever it is that he has taken from you," Parker said at a press conference outside of the courthouse. "Do you still have your family members with you? Do they still believe in you and trust you? What have you ever gotten from him? And what has he taken from you too?"

Per CNN Business, Parker credited his lawyers for giving him “the strength to finally find my voice and to fight and to stand up to what had been happening to me for so long.”

He added that “I let my voice be taken away from me and my power be taken away from me. At the expense of my daughter and at the expense of my family. So I have to thank them for helping me get the strength. And the families that I’ve been associated with for 10 years through this tragedy are the most beautiful people you’ll ever encounter, and their children and their moms and their wives are the most beautiful people you could ever get to know.”

Parker also lauded the jury "for what they had to endure, what they had to listen to."

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