Republican resents being thought of as ‘dumb and unpatriotic’ for not vaccinating

One Republican in Texas is angry over being thought of as stupid and anti-American for refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

"The editorial in Thursday's Houston Chronicle urging everyone to be vaccinated was received by me as condescending toward all Republicans. I resent being called dumb and unpatriotic for my personal health decision to not receive any of the COVID-19 vaccines now available," Greg Groh wrote in a letter to the newspaper's editor.

"My wife and I are both white Republicans, but I was unaware of Rand Paul's position or Tucker Carlson's position or any other public figures' positions on the subject prior to reading the editorial — and I don't care what Donald Trump thinks," Groh wrote.

The letter went on to spread misinformation about vaccinations.

White Republicans in Texas are the least informed on the safety of vaccines.

"In Texas, 61% of white Republicans, and 59% of all Republicans regardless of race, either said they are reluctant to get the vaccine or would refuse it outright, according to the February University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll. That's not an insignificant portion of the state's population — over 52% of the state's ballots in November were cast for former President Donald Trump," The Texas Tribune reported.

Although Groh bristled at being called dumb for his stance against COVID vaccines, that's exactly what happened after his letter was published.

Texas state Rep. Gene Wu labeled Groh a "dumbass" while mocking Lone Star Republicans.