White Supremacist wants death sentence overturned after he admitted in court he'd do it again

Mistakes a defendant made during his murder trail should result in his death penalty being overturned, his attorneys are arguing.

"A white supremacist who killed three people in 2014 at Jewish sites in Overland Park on Monday asked the Kansas Supreme Court to overturn his death sentence, contending he should not have been allowed to represent himself at trial. Attorneys for F. Glenn Miller Jr., who in 2015 was convicted of capital murder, argued that the trial judge in Johnson County made a mistake when he allowed Miller to represent himself in the penalty phase of the case, among other issues," The Kansas City Star reported Monday.

"Miller's April 13, 2014, rampage outside the Jewish Community Center and the Village Shalom care center took the lives of Reat Underwood, 14; his grandfather William Corporon, 69; and 53-year-old Terri LaManno, who worked with visually impaired children," the newspaper reported. "Jurors found the murders especially heinous and sentenced Miller to death, which Judge Kelly Ryan accepted. Miller, who had lived in Aurora in southwest Missouri, was also sentenced to more than 32 years in prison for other crimes, which included attempted murder for shooting at people who were not struck by his gunfire."

During sentencing, Miller reported said, "I'd do it again if they ever let me out of here."