'Why did you lie?' Stormy Daniels tears into 'sideshow master' Michael Avenatti for alleged criminal fraud
Stormy Daniels (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Friday, adult film star Stephanie Clifford, a.k.a. Stormy Daniels, opened up about the criminal trial against her former attorney Michael Avenatti, who is accused of stealing money from her while representing her against former President Donald Trump.

"I know you are anxiously awaiting the outcome here," said anchor Brianna Keilar. "I wonder if you have any idea why you think the jury is, you know, struggling to come to an answer."

"I honestly have no idea," said Daniels. "I figured this was such a cut-and-dry straightforward case. My testimony shouldn't even really matter. The evidence is rock-solid. And, you know, I have dozens and dozens of text messages, I found out that he had also texts and had correspondence with people from the literary agency and from the publisher, telling them lies. There was a bank account I didn't know about. And he spent that money on other things.

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"Now his whole argument is good faith, and he was entitled to it," she said. "Well, if you were entitled to it, then why did you lie about it, why didn't you say, hey, I got this money, or why didn't you send a bill to me? It just — I'm absolutely flabbergasted that this is happening right now. I figured the jury would be out for 20 minutes and come back, you know, guilty."

"The evidence, like I said, speaks for itself," continued Daniels. "Avenatti is a sideshow master, all these other crazy things about my work on a paranormal TV show and the fact I worked at — a bunch of stuff that didn't matter. And it is really truly upsetting and heart breaking that somebody I trusted to take care of me and to work for me lied to me every single day for five or six months. And he was so brazen about it that he put it all in writing."

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