Witnesses say Russian forces opened fire on peaceful protesters in Ukraine

Video has emerged from the Ukrainian city of Kherson, showing an outbreak of explosions and gunfire at what witnesses described as a peaceful protest. According to CNN, one person has been injured in the incident.

"What you just saw was terror," CNN's John Berman said while reporting on the the video, which starts out with an explosion going off in the midst of a crowd of people, followed by continuous gunfire and people fleeing. While it's not known what the source of the explosion was, CNN says it's previously been reported that Russian forces have used "stun grenades."

"Looks like Russian soldiers used tear gas to disperse the protest in occupied Kherson today, in addition to live fire," tweeted Wall Street Journal Chief Foreign-Affairs Correspondent Yaroslav Trofimov, who shared video which shows people fleeing while troops runs after them carrying assault rifles. "If so, it is a war crime and a clear violation of the 1925 Geneva protocol, ratified by Russia, that forbids the use of riot control gas by military forces."