Florida woman calls the cops on man who accused her of ‘white privilege’ during parking dispute

A Florida woman called police claiming that a reckless driver was waving a gun, but when police arrived to investigate, they found she was being misleading with her story, the Ormond Beach Observer reports.

The woman was reportedly combative with officers and demanded their information despite refusing to provide them her personal details, only telling them that she was at a local coffee shop when a man called her a "white privileged b*tch" and threatened to shoot her when she followed him to get his license plate information.

When officers spoke to the coffee shop's manager, she provided them with security footage that showed the woman blocked the man in when he was attempting to leave after getting his coffee. He ultimately left after driving around the woman's vehicle.

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When police contacted the man, he told them that the incident began when he made a passing comment at the woman, saying, "It must be nice to have white privilege and park wherever you want," in response to the woman parking on the side of the building instead of a regular parking spot. The man also admitted to police that he said, "If I had a gun, I would've shot you in the head."

"However, the man doesn't own any firearms, and police didn't find any in his car," the Ormond Beach Observer reports. "The man said he shouldn't have called the woman 'privileged,' and police determined the woman had omitted 'major events' in the story."

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