Woman who torched Wyoming abortion clinic busted by feds
Arsonist lights suspicious fire (Shutterstock)

Federal authorities have arrested a Wyoming woman for setting fire to an abortion clinic in Casper, reported the Casper Star Tribune this week.

"Lorna Green, 22, was formally charged with arson of a facility engaged in interstate commerce. She was booked into Natrona County Detention Center on Tuesday afternoon, jail records show. She was arrested the same day," said the report. "Green spoke with authorities on Tuesday after they searched her family home in Casper. She told investigators that she was in fact the suspect from the videos and photos, the federal complaint filed in her case states. Green knew the clinic was going to offer abortions."

According to the complaint, “Green stated she did not like abortion and was having nightmares which she attributed to her anxiety about the abortion clinic, so she decided to burn the building.”

She bought gas cans and aluminum cans from the Walmart in Laramie, where she was living at the time, per the complaint, then drove to Casper. Surveillance video shows her setting up materials for the arson in the lobby of Wellspring Health Access at 3:30 in the morning. The building and medical equipment inside sustained damage from the blaze.

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Jeff Bullard, a Casper police lieutenant, stated last month that the arson "callously placed in harm’s way" people living in the immediately adjacent apartment complex.

Wellspring Health Access, which has still not opened, is intended to be the first facility in central Wyoming providing abortion care along with other OB/GYN services. The building's purpose was originally kept secret from the public and even from the contractors building the facility, but according to the report, "information leaked on social media and protests began out front of the facility with over a hundred people."