'Putin's chef' boasts about US election interference: 'Carefully, accurately, surgically and in our own way'
Vladimir Putin (AFP)

A Russian businessman known as Vladimir Putin's "chef" admitted to ongoing efforts to interfere in U.S. elections.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, whose Concord catering firm operates Kremlin contracts, has been formally accused of sponsoring "troll farms" that spread Russian propaganda aimed at influencing American politics, and he is the first such figure to admit to interfering with U.S. elections, reported Reuters.

"We have interfered (in U.S. elections), we are interfering and we will continue to interfere," Prigozhin said on Russia's Facebook equivalent VKontakte. "Carefully, accurately, surgically and in our own way, as we know how to do."

"During our pinpoint operations, we will remove both kidneys and the liver at once," Prigozhin added without explanation.

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The U.S. State Department offered a $10 million reward for information on Prigozhin's efforts to interfere in U.S. elections, and he has been sanctioned by the U.S., U.K. and European Union.

Prigozhin admitted in September to founding the Kremlin-aligned Wagner Group mercenary force, which is active in Africa, Syria and Ukraine.