Anti-abortion Dem Alabama Gov. nominee also supports plans to 'cut the pecker off' rapists

Yolanda Flowers, the Democratic Party's nominee for governor in Alabama, recently revealed that she is personally against abortion, although she does not believe that victims of rape or incest should be jailed if they do get abortions.

However, as columnist Kyle Whitmire reports, Flowers has also signaled a willingness to consider extreme punishments against convicted rapists.

While discussing her views on abortion, Flowers suggested that male genital mutilation would be an appropriate remedy to any man who forces himself on a woman.

“If the man commits such acts towards women, castrate him, dog gone it!!” she wrote. “Cut the pecker off!!”

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Whitmire also reports that Flowers has been critical of Democrats who have suggested separating person religious beliefs from political positions.

"Let’s remember our brothers and sisters in Illinois and in Ohio and all across our country who are suffering from death because of gun violence,” she wrote on Facebook recently, per Whitmore. “Civil war is beckoning to come in. What can we do to stop it? And just to hear people say things like, ‘God or religion is not to be in politics;’ this mindset makes me believe they are not human and aliens have invaded our planet!”