‘You could get killed’: National security analyst issues sobering warning to E. Jean Carroll jurors
E. Jean Carroll in the New York state Supreme Court on March, 4, 2020.. - Alec Tabak/New York Daily News/TNS

A CNN national security analyst on Tuesday issued a sobering warning after the judge in E. Jean Carroll’s civil case advised jurors not to identify themselves.

Juliette Kayyem suggested that there are safety considerations for jurors after Judge Lewis Kaplan advised them before their dismissal not to identify themselves although they’re now allowed to.

Kaplan issued the admonition after a Manhattan jury ruled that former President Donald Trump was liable for defamation and sexual abuse and awarded Carroll $5 million.

“My advice to you is not to identify yourselves. Not now and not for a long time,” Kaplan said.

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“If you’re one who elects to speak to others and to identify yourselves to others, I direct you not to identify anyone else who sat on this jury.

“Each of you owes that to the other whatever you decided for yourself.”

Kayyem tweeted: “This is some post-verdict jury instruction: you could get killed or injured, certainly harassed, definitely trolled so don't identify yourself and don't identify anybody else. T

“Trump's strongest legacy will always be violence as an extension of our democratic processes.”