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Booted Pro-Trump 'influencers' are having trouble building followers on new right-wing networks

After Jan. 6, members of the MAGA community have fled traditional social media sites for right-wing alternatives. However, as the Washington Post reported Thursday, sites like Telegram may have seen a big surge after Jan. 6 but it's barely grown since.

Social media users at the big sites might be happy about the shift of the far-right away from trolling those who critique or mock former President Donald Trump. However, the far-right is now quietly scheming behind closed doors without much observation from their opposition.

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Lara Trump thinks Microsoft Word office assistant 'Clippy' is a real person spying on her documents

Fox News contributor Lara Trump either has a new conspiracy theory, or she is very confused.

Hosting the 5 p.m. EST hour, Trump was ranting about Microsoft Word's Clippy and the suggested changes to words like "postman" into "letter carrier" and "mankind" into "humankind." It's part of the right's latest attack on "wokism," which they define as anything done in polite society that makes them uncomfortable.

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MAGA social media site Gettr bans Black pundit for using the N-word after claiming to be a 'cancel-free zone'

When the social media site Gettr first launched, former Donald Trump campaign aide Jason Miller claimed it would be a "cancel-free zone," allowing people to say whatever they want. The only exception made at the time of the launch was that no one could trash Gettr on Gettr. Now, the site is moving to ban users.

The Daily Beast reported that one right-wing pundit has been banned after using the N-word in his profile. Jon Miller identifies as a Black conservative using the word in his profile.

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Emails reveal how Missouri governor decided to attack a reporter for opening a new tab from a government site

Bloomberg News detailed the specifics of the governor of Missouri's war against a reporter who did nothing more than right-click on a state's website. According to newly obtained emails, the governor's lawyers and staff are being exposed for an attempt to use a report of a security breach as a campaign issue.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Josh Renaud did nothing more than open a website, but Republican Gov. Mike Parson thinks that means he's a hacker. It began when Renaud discovered a massive security breach when he right-clicked on a government site that publicly listed thousands of Missouri educators and their social security numbers. Parson then demanded that a local prosecutor file charges against Renaud.

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Trump explains his new social media company as a thing that gets his message out to a lot of people

Former President Donald Trump told Fox that his new social media site will likely launch officially in the first quarter of 2022.

In an interview, Trump whined that the major problem for him is connecting with the world. Fox asked Trump what the purpose of his company was, and he explained it was about "getting our voice out."

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Mark Meadows' Signal messages might have escaped subpoena — but GOPers he communicated with haven't

Legal analyst Marcy Wheeler noted that White House chief of staff Mark Meadows got a new cell phone after he finished his time in Donald Trump's administration.

One of the text messages revealed by Congress sent to Meadows on Jan.5 encouraged him to check his Signal account. Nothing else was said via text message.

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Neo-Nazi explains when he's kicked off of Twitter how he comes back to beat the algorithm

As part of the new CNN special on Charlottesville, one neo-Nazi revealed that he's been kicked off of Twitter at least three times. But he keeps coming back and he does it pretending to be a Black woman.

Matthew Heimbach spoke to Elle Reeve about his efforts promoting white supremacy and Nazism and that Charlottesville was a big part of that, even if he never made a public speech.

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Josh Hawley claims a man isn't really 'a man' if they play video games and aren't married with children

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is launching a campaign against men who play video games, "watching pornography and doing nothing," and aren't married with children.

The conversation came as part of Axios on HBO's interview between Hawley and Mike Allen, who addressed the recent speech the Missouri senator made at a conservative conference in Florida.

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Facebook refused to remove Breitbart as 'news' because it could anger Trump — employee chats reveal

The Wall Street Journal is among the many news outlets revealing what is being called "The Facebook Papers," exposing some of the controversies that have contributed to the criticism against the company.

It was the summer of 2020 and America was aghast after watching George Floyd being murdered by a police officer as others begged him to let the man breathe. Inside of a Facebook employee chat someone proclaimed, "Get Breitbart out of News Tab."

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Leaked Facebook memo warns employees far worse is coming

Axios reported an ominous warning that they expect more news about the company that will surface over the coming days.

Facebook has come under fire after it was revealed that they had a study revealing that teen girls were more susceptible to suicide after using Instagram.

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Hacks, bugs and vulnerabilities: Trump's new social site plagued by problems -- and it hasn't even launched yet

There was a kind of "soft" launch overnight for former President Donald Trump's new social media site, TRUTH Social, but apparently, there are so many bugs that it may stall the actual launch.

Washington Post tech reporter Drew Harwell wrote an extensive thread on Twitter detailing the problems with the website from the terms of service to security and the accounts.

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Intelligence expert explains how Trump took over Russia's war against the US with his own

Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance spoke to MSNBC about the ways in which the Russian government are able to wage a war against a country without even firing a shot.

Host Maria Teresa Kumar noted that President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans seem to have taken up the playbook of Russia and created their own propaganda machine. As a Russia propaganda expert, Nance agreed, saying that the plot Russia concocted in the early 2000s, the Gerasimov Doctrine, handed Trump and his team the plan.

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Failing to take on Facebook will result in 'grave consequences': tech columnist

Gizmodo editor Brian Kahn penned an editorial in which he argued that if Americans let Facebook get away with their behavior that it will end up like the oil spills that "big oil" gets away with.

Writing Wednesday, Kahn cited whistleblower Frances Haugen, who testified this week about disturbing details involving the Facebook algorithm and the intentional efforts the site made to lead users into extremist groups. At the same time, the site's sister network, Instagram, was outed for knowledge that it was causing psychological damage to teens using their site.

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