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Biden Administration hampered in rolling out COVID-19 workplace protections

U.S. workers continue to get sick and die from COVID-19 largely because the Trump White House refused to safeguard them with federally enforceable protections.

That isn't going to change immediately under President Joe Biden's executive order aimed at Protecting Worker Health & Safety because rules made by Congress say it takes time to implement life-protecting policies.

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Trump's Energy Department's granted a last-minute approval to a controversial transmission line

In Trump's last days of office, his minions at the Dept. of Energy approved a presidential permit for a $1 billion project that benefits the world's third-largest utility in what has been erroneously portrayed as a clean energy project to bring electricity from Canada to Massachusetts.

Environmental opponents, including the Sierra Club and Natural Resources Council of Maine, say it's actually "greenwashing," a term coined to describe projects and products that are marketed as being environmentally friendly when they aren't.

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Expert explains why you pay more taxes than corporations -- and the people who own them

Now that we have a seasoned Washington hand in the White House working with a team of competent appointees and a plan to distribute coronavirus vaccines we can begin to rebuild our economy.

But there is a major problem that the Biden administration doesn't appear to be planning to tackle—our hidden welfare system for people who neither need nor deserve a handout, yet Congress lets them scoop up welfare money by the boatloads.

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All that stands between what Americans want and what congress delivers is an absurd rule

How did we find ourselves, despite unified government and a mandate of 81 million Biden-Harris votes, with a Congress so paralyzed that it cannot even pass the organizing resolution to put leaders onto committees? How do popular priorities like immigration reform and vote protection remain frozen?

Because the Senate won't end the filibuster—a bit of parliamentary nonsense that gives a minority of senators a veto over most legislative proposals.

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Democrats are the new senate majority -- so why is Mitch McConnell still running the place?

Days into the new government, it's clear that Joe Biden is running an energetic, activist White House while new Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is still stuck in the same stalled Senate that he served in the ever-victimized minority.

Whatever else you want to say about Schumer, he's no Lyndon Baines Johnson, who dominated as a Senate majority leader, or even Harry Reid.

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The Pentagon could use a course in basic citizenship

The more we look at the Jan. 6 Insurrection at the Capitol, the more we see attackers with military experience.

A National Public Radio (NPR) analysis of the 140 arrested to date says one in five was a military veteran who clearly had sworn in the past to protect the Constitution and democracy. By comparison, veterans represent about 7% of Americans altogether.

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EXCLUSIVE: Sydney Powell and Mike Lindell may be in for a big surprise when they launch their Super PAC

WASHINGTON — Onetime "Stop the Steal" lawyer Sydney Powell and MyPillow founder Mike Lindell will need to look for a new bank for their new Super PAC.

Late Friday, Powell and Jesse Binnall, an attorney who represented the campaign of former President Donald Trump in its attempt to overturn the presidential election results in Nevada, filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission forming the new super PAC called Restore the Republic, which Powell has said also involved Lindell and the brother of Trump's former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

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The pro-Trump Capitol insurrection has exposed a startling fact about America's military

The more we look at the Jan. 6 insurrection attack at the Capitol, the more we see participants with military experience.

A National Public Radio (NPR) analysis of the 140 arrested to date says that one in five were military veterans, who clearly had sworn in the past to protect the Constitution and democracy. By comparison, veterans represent about 7% of Americans altogether.

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'Flying monkeys': Experts reveal how Donald Trump and other cult leaders infect their followers

When we published The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump in 2017, we emphasized that, despite its title, Donald Trump was not our main focus. His presidency was more a statement about the nation and its state of public mental health, of which he was a barometer at the time of election and then the chief accelerant and exacerbator of its defects once in office.

Over the course of the last four years, we have witnessed how his "base" remained consistently at more or less 40% of the population despite continuous scandals and policy failures, including vastly increasing the death toll from COVID-19 through malfeasance and misfeasance and even a deadly assault on the Capitol. We had warned that this unwavering adherence was not a product of healthy, rational and well-informed decision-making, but followed more the pattern of pathological, abusive relationships.

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Defeated GOP congressman appears to be in major financial trouble as he faces DOJ probe

Things continue to look grim for ex-Rep. Ross Spano. The Justice Department is still investigating the Florida Republican for campaign finance irregularities and he ultimately lost his Congressional seat in an August primary.

Now, in a sign that Spano's 2021 might not be much better than his 2020, his campaign revealed that it's heavily in legal debt with close to no money in the bank to pay it off.

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Years of impunity for right-wing extremists began with the Bundys and led to the failed Capitol Hill coup

The Raw Story went to the Bundy occupation five years ago and warned the impunity would "blaze into another firestorm." That's exactly what happened on the US Capitol -- and could happen again.

In January 2016 a heavily armed militia led by Ammon and Ryan Bundy seized the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Eastern Oregon. For 41 days the two brothers used it as a base to carry out their fantasy of sparking a revolt against the U.S. government. They failed, but the impunity the Bundys enjoyed — before, during, and after their insurrection — proved to be a model and a source of inspiration for Trump's self-coup on January 6.

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A troubling trend in America’s ballot voting system

On election day in Canada, no matter where one votes in federal elections, the way ballots are cast is the same. Canadians step behind a privacy curtain to hand-mark a paper ballot by circling a choice. Once the voter emerges, election officials validate the ballot and return it to the voter who then puts it directly in a ballot box.

When polls close, the doors are locked. No one can enter or leave until all votes are hand-counted by paid poll workers who have been trained, vetted and apply the same standard nationwide. The result? Canadian elections are drama-free with people expressing strong confidence in the results.

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Pulitzer winner believes we are now fighting the Second American Civil War

The second American Civil War has begun.

No official announced Trump's Civil War. That's the reason our major news organizations dance around the awful truth using obfuscating language.

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Trump deadenders rush to give Apache sacred land to a mining company

Team Trump is racing to transfer federal land in Arizona that is sacred to the Apache to a mining company just days before the end of his term.

President-elect Joe Biden has not spoken publicly about the project, but he plans to nominate a Native American who participated in a hearing critical of the proposed mine, U.S. Rep.Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) to lead the Interior Department.

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Trump should be hospitalized to prevent his mental pathology from inciting another episode of group violence

Even before the nation could recover from Donald Trump's violent insurrection at the Capitol, a QAnon propaganda video calling for a "great reawakening" in the U.S. ahead of the coming Jan. 20 inauguration was posted—seemingly inciting more violence before it was taken down. A string of social media platforms have banned Donald Trump and his hateful followers.

But will this be sufficient to stop him from being a danger?

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Texas has its own voting machine issues

Texas has 254 counties. Each accepts delivery of computerized vote-counting equipment, trusting that it properly counts votes. It's the Texas Secretary of State who bears responsibility for reliability and for checking that built-in security features safeguard the integrity of the software.

In February 2020, Texas Secretary of State Ruth Ruggero Hughes received a disturbing report about the ES&S election equipment Texas used in some counties. She had assigned Brian Mechler, an expert in electronic data communications systems, to certify the equipment.

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Make no mistake: Trump's insurrectionists were there to kill Pence, Pelosi -- or whoever they could find

The mob Donald Trump sent to sack the Capitol on Jan. 6 intended to assassinate Vice President Mike Pence, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others, admissions by some of those captured, as well as photographs, videos, texts and tweets show.

The attackers came with a gallows and noose, ready to seize Pence, Pelosi and other lawmakers, police and journalists, among others. "Murder the Media" was scratched on a door.

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It's not just Republicans in Congress who share the blame for the failed Trump insurrection

Republican members of Congress who abetted the plot to overturn the election will go down in infamy along with the disgraced 45th President himself. That applies both to the dead-enders who still repeat the lies and those senators and representatives who abandoned the shameful crusade only after a mob whipped up by Trump invaded the Capitol.

There is another group of enablers who should be called to account: Corporate America. Sure, big business is now frantically trying to distance itself from Trump, with the National Association of Manufacturers going so far as to urge that Vice President Pence and the Cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment. Amid the chaos on Wednesday, the Business Roundtable called on Trump to put an end to the violence. In late November, a group of more than 160 chief executives urged the Trump Administration to accept Biden's victory and cooperate in the transition process.

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Donald Trump signals his coup attempts aren't over

The violent mob Donald Trump sent to attack and loot our national Capitol receded during the night, but his efforts to overthrow our government continue. Trump signaled in a Tweet that even after he leaves office his criminally seditious behavior will persist.

This is "only the beginning of the fight to make America Great Again!" Trump declared at 3:49 AM Thursday an aide Tweeted after Twitter locked Trump's own account for spreading dangerous lies.

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Dangerous new right-wing conspiracy theories emerge from Wednesday's Trump-fueled mob violence in DC

The storming of the US Capitol by fanatics in thrall to Donald Trump was the inevitable result of un-checked conspiracy theories. And Trump's enablers and sycophants are wasting no time spinning new conspiracy theories out of the attempted coup.

Jake Angeli, a well-known QAnon evangelist from Arizona, has become Exhibit A in the revisionist effort to frame the mob that overran the Capitol building as an "antifa" false flag. With his buffalo horn helmet and fur bonnet, face paint and bare chest, Angeli created an instantly meme-worthy impression huddling in the hall of Congress and striking a pose behind the dais on the Congressional floor in the Senate chamber.

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'It wasn't stolen': Former t​op Trump aide calls on the president to tell his supporters the truth

As violent, rioting supporters of President Donald Trump smashed windows and broke into the U.S. Capitol in apparent attempts to stop Congress from counting the Electoral certifying President-elect Joe Biden's victory, a former top aide to Trump appears to have had enough.

Alyssa Farah, who has been a top communications aide not just to Trump, but also to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows when Meadows was a member of Congress, tweeted at Trump to "condemn this now" because "you are the only one they will listen to. For our country!"

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President's coup deserves prosecution: Pulitzer Prize-winning Trump biographer

Here is the message Republicans must take from the violent mob that Donald Trump sent to attack our Capitol Wednesday in his failed coup attempt:

Break completely with this crazy, seditious wannabe dictator now. Hold him to account, preferably by prompt removal from office via the 25th Amendment or a rapid impeachment and conviction. He must be arrested and criminally prosecuted for trying to overthrow our government, a crime for which we have executed more than a few traitors.

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'We're gonna kill Congress': Trump's far-right supporters promise violence at today's DC protests

With Congress convening for a joint session today to certify the electoral votes for President-elect Joe Biden, Washington DC is bracing for violence from Proud Boys and other far-right supporters who are feeling legitimized by Donald Trump's refusal to accept the results of the election.

Trump's Dec. 19 tweet promising a "big protest in DC on January 6th" and calling on supporters to "be there, will be wild" galvanized supporters to mobilize for the day, and for the past 24 hours the president has been using Twitter to talk up his appearance at the rally.

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Here's the truth behind those ads claiming David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler will bring partisan 'balance'

The blonde woman, her loose khaki cardigan hanging off her shoulders, nursing a green ceramic mug in her lily-white, naturally lit kitchen, says earnestly into the camera with her slight Southern lilt that she thinks "America needs balance."

That's why, she says, as a Georgian and mother of three, even though she voted for President-elect Joe Biden in last year's presidential election, she's supporting "David and Kelly" — Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, that is — in the Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections that will decide the balance of power in the Senate, and in Washington, D.C.

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'Unstable and dangerous': Trump's unhinged call provides more evidence of his mental deterioration

Donald Trump's behavior is imminently dangerous to the health and safety of all Americans and to democracy. Despite losing the 2020 election, he has been fighting relentlessly to stay in power.

He has called for a protest in DC on Wednesday (Jan. 6), promising it will be "wild", to which the misogynist and violent "Proud Boys" responded. His conspiracy-mongering has enlisted 140 Republican representatives to plot to overturn the election by getting Congress to contest the validity of votes that are unfavorable to him, while Sen.Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has recruited at least 11 other senators to delay election ratification by 10 days, opening room for further disruption and upheaval.

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