The great 'mystery' of Black voters actually has a simple explanation

Lately, Black voters have confounded the political commentariat. Whether it was the narrow victory of Eric Adams in New York's mayoral primary, or concerted efforts by the Congressional Black Caucus in support of Shontel Brown over Nina Turner in an Ohio special election, Black voters have been giving political observers the vapors.

Across the spectrum, the commentariat has questioned and queried how a former cop could win in one of the most liberal cities in the country a year after the George Floyd protests, or why Black political actors would put in tremendous effort to push back on progressive policies. The answers—like many delivered about Black voters before—emerge from a political segregation as deep as any in our economy or our culture.

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Matt Gaetz mocks Delta variant and calls Fauci 'sniveling little twit' amid record Florida outbreak

Rep. Matt Gaetz kicked off his "Florida Man Freedom Tour" today in an apparent quest to see how low a human being can descend.

Turns out it's pretty low.

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British vegans having a row over COVID vaccine 'jab' rules — and the issue could come to America

Vegans who object on ethical grounds to receiving COVID-19 vaccines in the United Kingdom have raised the issue loudly enough that it has recently garnered coverage from several top media outlets there.

The issue is whether British employment law would shield employees from being forced to take a "jab" over their objections -- possibly linked to animal testing of vaccines -- that mirror the views of those taking exception on religious grounds. It could affect American companies in that country and possibly those in the U.S. if the issue is raised here.

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'Uniquely disturbing': Cop who stormed Capitol assembled 'arsenal' while awaiting trial

A federal judge has ruled that a Virginia police officer who breached the Capitol on January 6th must remain in detention after the FBI discovered he placed orders for 37 rifles valued at more than $50,000 following his indictment, and agents later found silencers, pipe-bomb materials and a M-4 rifle during a search of his property in rural Franklin County on June 29.

A 26-year law enforcement veteran, Robertson and another officer, Jacob Fracker, took part in the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol while they were off duty from the Rocky Mount Police Department. Robertson served in the US Army from 1991 to 1994, when he graduated from ranger and sniper school, according to a motion filed by his lawyer. Later, in 2008, he deployed as an Army reservist to Iraq, where he conducted IED and sniper training for the Iraqi Army, and then in 2011 trained Afghan National Security Forces, sustaining severe wounds from gunshot and mortar shrapnel in Logar Province.

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Trump's support begins melting like a snowball in hell

Donald Trump's influence is melting like a snowball left on the kitchen table.

In a special election to replace a Texas congressman who died, voters rejected Donald Trump's chosen candidate, the widow Susan Wright.

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'A hitman sent them': Trump broadly hints at trying it again as Capitol riot hearings begin

The formal Jan. 6 investigation by Congress kicked off Tuesday and was, of course, made almost secondary by fighting over who's doing the investigating.

The first hearing of the new, select, 13-member House committee heard from four police officers who made clear that:

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St. Louis brings back masks amid COVID surge -- and Republicans who failed to contain pandemic are furious

A new mask mandate was enacted in St. Louis on Monday and received unintended validation: Its most vocal critics are the state Republican leaders who have presided over the state's abject failure to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones and County Executive Sam Page have issued orders requiring the wear masks in indoor public spaces and on public transportation by those 5 and over. "As of yesterday, the CDC is considering doing the same," Jones said.

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Inside observers say the Arizona 'auditors' are backtracking — and the reality only supports Biden's win

The "big lie" that President Joe Biden was not legitimately elected is not going away. One reason is Americans who care about their democracy are not learning how votes for president in 2020 were counted and verified — neither from the big lie's promoters nor from most of its fact-driven critics.

Most visibly, the absence of a clear and accurate explanation can be found among former President Donald Trump's ardent supporters. As seen in a July 15 briefing in Arizona's legislature, the contractors hired by the state Senate to assess the 2020 election's results unleashed a new thicket of finger-pointing and innuendo that fans doubts about Maricopa County's election administration and votes for Biden.

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Bumbling MAGA rioter busted after boasting of his violent exploits on popular dating app

Andrew Quentin Taake was arrested Friday by the FBI, which has accused him of pepper-spraying officers and striking them with a metal "whip-like device" at the January 6 Capitol riot.

And apparently it was Taake's online dating foray that helped get him in trouble.

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Long-haired MAGA rioter thought shaving his head would help him avoid being identified -- it failed miserably

Matthew DaSilva had a signature black-and-gold scarf that he wore every day. But when he sashayed with it at the Capitol riot on January 6, it led two people who know him personally to identify him off on an FBI wanted poster.

DaSilva, from Texas, also was notable for his wildly unruly locks and facial hair. According to the witnesses, upon returning from the Capitol, DaSilva apparently thought a new fashion aura would be a wise idea, as he shaved his long hair and beard.

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'Moderate' GOP pick for riot commission yelled profanities at Capitol cops over metal detectors in Congress

When Rep. Rodney Davis, was named to the Capitol riot commission Monday, what stood out most was the fact that he hadn't voted to overturn the election of President Joe Biden.

But recent media descriptions of Davis as a "moderate" are belied by his 88.8 percent pro-Trump voting record and the fact that he voted against both impeachments.

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REVEALED: 'Unindicted co-conspirator' in pivotal Proud Boys case is former VP of the Philly chapter -- and may be an FBI informant

An unindicted co-conspirator involved in the Proud Boys' planning for the Jan. 6 gathering that led to the siege of the US Capitol is Aaron Whallon-Wolkind, the former vice president of the nationalistic pro-Trump street gang's Philadelphia chapter.

Whallon-Wolkind's identity as the unindicted co-conspirator was first reported by Alan Feuer, a reporter for the New York Times, on Twitter on Thursday. A knowledgeable source speaking on condition of anonymity provided the same information to Raw Story.

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Florida cop indicted alongside Proud Boys -- after he was spotted celebrating with them at Capitol riots

A Florida man who was recently forced out of his position as a police officer and his son rallied alongside the Proud Boys during the Jan. 6 siege on the US Capitol.

Kevin A. Tuck, who resigned from the the Windermere Police Department, and his son Nathaniel Tuck, formerly employed with the Apopka Police Department, have been indicted alongside Proud Boys Paul Rae and Arthur Jackman, who were previously arrested in March. The superseding indictment also includes Edward George Jr., who was arrested in North Carolina on Thursday.

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Anatomy of an insurrection: How military veterans and other rioters carried out the Jan. 6 assault on democracy

More than six months after the storming of the US Capitol, more than 550 people have been arrested, with an estimated 800 people surging into the building during the hours-long assault. Members of the Oath Keepers, a loosely organized right-wing paramilitary, and Proud Boys street fighters galvanized by then-President Trump's call to "stand back and stand by" have been indicted on conspiracy to disrupt Congress, which delayed the certification of Joe Biden as president by almost six hours.

"Every single person charged, at the very least, contributed to the inability of Congress to carry out the certification of our presidential election," prosecutors wrote in memorandum filed with the court on Tuesday.

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'Losers': Donald Trump makes a stunning confession

In an astonishing admission, Donald Trump said Thursday that instead of hiring only "the best people," as he promised voters, he hired "garbage."

Trump also complained Thursday that these former appointees didn't follow his version of omerta after a new book revealed that he wanted to execute an unidentified White House leaker. Omerta is the ancient Sicilian mob tradition of killing those who talk outside their criminal gang.

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White evangelical support for Donald Trump wasn't about partisanship -- it was about animus toward minorities

In the wake of the Pew Research Center's findings that 84 percent of the white evangelical Protestant vote went to former President Donald Trump in 2020, it is more important than ever for the American public to face the uncomfortable truth about the authoritarian Christian right's deleterious impact on society, culture and politics.

Some of us have been pushing for this conversation for years, with various iterations of relevant data and scholarship helping to elucidate key points. During the 2016 primaries, a few political scientists drew attention to a link between authoritarian personality traits and support for Trump. For Religion Dispatches, I wrote at the time, "if 'a desire for order and a fear of outsiders' predicts Trump support, the question of why white evangelicals are backing a trash-talking billionaire can be easily answered."

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BIG VALLEY: Rumbling of insurrection continues in California's far-right MAGA world where the Proud Boys are revered

When thousands of people surged around the US Capitol, some of them fighting with police and pouring into the building, many believed they were acting on an authority vested in them as citizens to halt what they falsely believed to be a fraudulent election process.

Their conviction was reinforced by a swirl of other false beliefs, including that the incoming Biden administration was a Chinese Communist takeover, and that leading Democratic figures were part of a global pedophile ring that would soon be exposed by Trump and put on trial. Many rioters, most notably the Oath Keepers, hoped Trump would invoke the Insurrection Act and deputize them to mete out violence against left-wing resisters.

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BIG VALLEY: How California Proud Boys forge alliances with anti-gay crusades to gain 'attention and recruits'

Founded by Gavin McInnes as pro-Trump men's drinking club in 2016, the Proud Boys transformed into the paramilitary vanguard of the MAGA movement in late 2020, providing security for campaign rallies and then playing an outsized role in the Capitol insurrection.

One thing hasn't changed since Jan. 6: Members of the self-proclaimed "Western chauvinist" group whose professed values provide a soft cover for thinly veiled white supremacy, remain an intimidating presence in cities across the country, further polarizing local struggles around issues of race, sexual orientation and police accountability.

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Weisselberg out in Scotland: First indication that indictment affects Trump Organization operations

Allen Weisselberg, the indicted Trump Organization executive, was removed today as a director of Donald Trump's golf resort in Aberdeen, Scotland, public records show. The move is the first to indicate how the indictment is affecting operations of the Trump Organization.

His removal comes as Scottish lawmakers and Avaaz, a global do-gooder organization, are pushing for an "unexplained wealth" inquiry into how Trump got the money to buy and refurbish both of his money-losing Scottish golf courses.

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BIG VALLEY: Proud Boys turned on the cops -- but members are rebuilding ties with rank-and-file officers

In December 2020, the Proud Boys, a nationalist street gang that surged in popularity with Donald Trump's order to "stand back and stand by," began to turn against the police.

Up to then, the relationship had been cordial, with police amplifying the group's false claims and providing an escort to the Proud Boys as the gang meted out violence against antifascist adversaries, among other favors.

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Yet another Trump scheme to cajole supporters into giving him money

America's panhandler in chief, Donald Trump, just proved beyond all doubt that he has no idea what is in the Constitution he took an oath to defend.

Trump today sent me and millions of others a text begging for money to finance federal lawsuits filed in Florida against Facebook, Google, Twitter and their chief executive officers for "UNCONSTITUTIONAL CENSORSHIP."

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New Oath Keeper arrest: David Moerschel joined Capitol riot 'stack' and stashed rifle at 'QRF' hotel in  Ballston

A 12th member of the Oath Keepers military-style "stack" formation that ascended the east steps on Jan. 6 and entered the US Capitol has been charged with conspiracy in the government's widening investigation of the militia group.

David Moerschel, a 43-year-old resident of Punta Gorda, Fla., was arrested by an FBI task force officer in Fort Myers on July 2, according to court documents. He went before a magistrate judge in Fort Myers on the same day, and was released on condition that he not possess any devices that allow communication, with an exception for work.

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BIG VALLEY: California Proud Boys use secretive network to promote 'their white supremacist agenda' -- and go largely unscathed

Nationally, the Proud Boys organization is being tested by the ongoing prosecution of some of its top leaders for conspiracy in the assault on the US Capitol and internal dissension over the revelation that its chairman is a longtime federal informer.

But as the weight of state prosecution and media scrutiny bears down on the national leadership, the organization remains active and viable in many parts of the country — an indication that the future of the violent nationalist gang in the Biden era might focus on deepening engagement with local fights rather than highly publicized national-scale operations. California's Central Valley, where a 275-mile span of Highway 99 from Sacramento to Bakersfield allows members from various Proud Boys chapters to reinforce each other in varied local confrontations with leftist adversaries, provides one example.

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This MAGA-rioting teacher left a trail of poorly spelled rage messages on the web -- read them here

Kenneth John Reda took time from shaping young minds as a high school teacher to attend the January 6 Capitol riots, where he was arrested.

But his Q-inspired posts on Parler were what was most educational about him.

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Trump: ‘One law for hungry pizza thieves, another law for me’

The extraordinary indictment of the Trump Organization Thursday prompted an extraordinarily awful response from its sole owner and its lawyer.

Trump asserted that he can pick and choose which laws he obeys. His lawyer, Alan Futerfass, says that prosecutors should have settled the Trump Organization tax fraud allegations in secret negotiations, not with criminal charges filed in public.

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