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Improved child care could boost US employment: Fed's Jerome Powell

The US has lagged behind other advanced economies in providing child care options, and improvements could help more women return to the job market, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said Wednesday.

"I do think that's an area that's worth looking at," Powell told lawmakers when asked if helping families find affordable child care could help the economy get back to full employment more quickly.

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Biden moving quickly to fire Postmaster General as DeJoy tells Dems to 'get used to me'

President Joe Biden is moving quickly to fire Louis DeJoy. Or rather, since the President does not have the power to fire a Postmaster General, he is moving quickly to have him terminated.

Biden is set to nominate three candidates to the Postal Service's Board of Governors, giving Democrats a majority, The Washington Post reports.

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US says patience on Iran talks not 'unlimited'

US President Joe Biden's administration said Wednesday that its "patience is not unlimited" with Iran as it renewed an offer for talks on its nuclear program.

The United States on February 18 offered to meet with Iran under the auspices of the European Union in a bid to revive a nuclear deal trashed by former president Donald Trump.

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AOC smacks down QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene over LGBTQ Equality Act

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-NY) just slammed "QAnon Congresswoman" Marjorie Taylor Greene over her opposition to the LGBTQ Equality Act. The House will vote on the legislation this week, and is currently engaged in determining the rules for the vote.

Rep. Greene, Republican of Georgia, has been waging war against the bill, falsely claiming it "destroys women's rights and religious freedom," and is "evil."

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'Do not book liars on the air': Soledad O'Brien calls out Lou Dobbs during hearing on 'media extremism'

In testimony on Wednesday, Anchor Soledad O'Brien called on news organizations to ban known liars.

At a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on "extremism in the media," O'Brien began her testimony by recalling that then-anchor Lou Dobbs had falsely reported about the number of case of leprosy among undocumented immigrants when both journalists were working for CNN in 2005.

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Manhattan DA ramps up investigation of Steve Bannon's alleged border wall crowdfunding scam

The investigation into Steve Bannon is ramping up after the Manhattan district attorney's office subpoenaed financial records related to his crowd-funding border-wall effort, CNN reports.

Subpoenas were issued after former President Donald Trump pardoned Bannon in January for federal conspiracy crimes related to the southern border-wall project.

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Why QAnon followers have become fixated on a new date: March 4

The startling impacts of former President Donald Trump's presidency and conspiracy theories reach deep into the lives of many families. With the disgraced president out of office, many people are sharing how the QAnon conspiracy theory — built with him at the center and with his support — has torn apart close relationships. And despite the fact that Trump has lost the presidency, which many QAnon believers never thought would happen, many have moved the goalposts and started hoping for his return. In this way, adherents to the delusion believe its vindication is always just a little further in the future.

According to The Washington Post, family members feel that relatives who fall for QAnon become like "cult members or drug addicts, sucked in by social media companies and self-serving politicians who warped their views of reality."

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'It's not up to him,' respond critics as DeJoy says he plans to remain Postmaster General for a 'long time'

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said during a House Oversight Committee hearing Wednesday that he intends to remain in his role "for a long time" and added, "Get used to me."

But critics were quick to note that how long DeJoy remains postmaster general is ultimately up to the Postal Service Board of Governors, which is composed of nine Senate-confirmed officials who have the authority to remove and replace DeJoy. The postmaster general does not serve a fixed term.

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WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s attack on anti-LGBT discrimination bill gets blown apart in just 30 seconds

Responding to Democrats' legislation to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, Georgia GOP Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene attacked the bill, saying that it stands to "violate religious freedoms."

"It says so directly here in the bill in these sections," Taylor said. "It's a shame we aren't reading the exact text because it's the text that matters. It's doesn't matter what you have to say or what I have to say. It's the actual wording."

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Connolly destroys Jim Jordan: ‘I didn’t vote to overturn an election and I will not be lectured by people who did’

U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) slammed his Republican colleagues for "gaslighting" during Wednesday's House Oversight Committee hearing on the USPS, which featured testimony by embattled Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Connolly spoke following U.S. Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Jody Hice (R-GA). Hice defended DeJoy to the hilt, falsely attacking Democrats for what he said was their "nonsensical, insane, rabid rhetoric."

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US report on journalist Jamal Khashoggi's murder expected 'soon': White House

A US intelligence report on the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul will be out "soon," the White House said Wednesday.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that President Joe Biden was also "soon" due to speak with Saudi Arabia's King Salman.

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Anti-masker throws a racist tantrum after cashier refuses to ring him up – and it’s all caught on video

A video going viral on TikTok shows an anti-masker verbally abusing a cashier during a confrontation over mask wearing.

TikToker @izakthejoker explained that the incident began when a couple "came into the store refusing to wear masks and being racist to everyone who asked them to wear a mask. So what did I do? Refused to ring them up."

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Trump will try to use his impeachment defense if he’s prosecuted — but here’s why it won’t work

Former president Donald Trump has already signaled he'll try to use his impeachment defense if he's prosecuted in New York, but an acquittal is anything but assured there.

The twice-impeached one-term former president issued a statement this week after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that his accounting firm must turn over his tax records and other related documents to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr., and Trump's statement suggests he'll try the same defense he used in his Senate impeachment trial, according to The Atlantic's David Graham.

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