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Sky Palma

Growing chorus of Senate Republicans rebuke Trump over his Syria pullout

Bob Brigham

Feds investigating whether Rudy Giuliani was a victim of foreign spy effort targeting Trump

Travis Gettys

Internet recoils at Trump’s latest ‘insane’ news conference: ‘Maybe this guy shouldn’t be president’

Tana Ganeva

Trump lashes out at Lindsey Graham over Syria criticism: ‘He wants to stay in the middle east for thousands of years’

Brad Reed

Trump goes on insane conspiratorial rant accusing Obama of being behind the ‘corrupt’ 2016 election

Eric W. Dolan

Trump rants about Christopher Columbus during press conference with Italy’s president

David Edwards

Biden finally unloads on Trump for smearing his son: ‘Release your tax returns or shut up’

Brad Reed

EU ambassador Sondland described as ‘potential national security risk’ by ex-Trump official: report

Tana Ganeva

‘Not true’: Fox News calls out Trump for lying about keeping US soldiers out of harm’s way

Igor Derysh, Salon

Ohio voter purge targets state’s League of Women Voters head

Alex Henderson, AlterNet

‘God help us’: Paul Krugman explains how Trump and Barr are using ‘religious bigotry’ to distract from president’s ‘unsuitability for high office’

David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement

Trump claims abandoning US allies in Syria is ‘strategically brilliant’ despite bipartisan condemnation amid ethnic cleansing

Sky Palma

Florida man wanted in case involving Giuliani associates gets arrested at New York airport




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