Sandy Hook dad who killed himself was under a constant attack by conspiracy theorists: NYT reporter

The death of a child is horrific and barely manageable, but Sandy Hook dad Jeremy Richman was bullied every day by conspiracy theorists who claimed his daughter was still alive.

Internet burns Mitch McConnell for barring Americans from seeing Mueller report: ‘He just told us Trump is guilty’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has decided that Americans should not see the full report from special counsel Robert Mueller and the internet let him have it.

‘Ticking like time bombs’: This is how tyrants are made

Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D., MPP explained how people evolve into becoming a tyrant in a report for Psychology Today It explained that if we knew what caused people to become cruel and oppressive rulers then maybe they might be able to be stopped.

BUSTED: Gunman caught toting assault rifle and bump-stock because it wouldn’t fit in his suitcase

A Brooklyn, New York man was arrested after he was caught with an assault rifle and a bump stock hanging out of a small rolling suitcase.

Black police chief forced to resign after trying to rid the department of systematic racism

Former Portsmouth Police Chief Tonya Chapman claimed she was forced to resign after attempts to eradicate systematic racism within the department.

Avenatti posted this tweet about Nike — one hour later SDNY announced the extortion charges against him

Attorney Michael Avenatti is being charged with attempted extortion, allegedly threatening Nike with reputational and market cap harm if they did not pay him $20 million.

Trump pal Felix Sater accused of ‘international criminal conspiracy’ to launder money through Trump Tower Moscow

New York developer Felix Sater was accused of ‘international criminal conspiracy’ after he allegedly stole money in an effort to help build Trump Tower in Moscow.

‘An embarrassed nation’ aches for a president that is ‘normal’: Conservative columnist

Conservative Washington Post columnist George Will is grateful that 2020 won’t be a repeat of 2016, but his most important observation is that Americans are desperately searching for someone that doesn’t humiliate them.

Pennsylvania officials demand ‘emergency removal’ of students from school after shocking abuse claims

Pennsylvania state officials ordered the “emergency removal” of students at Glen Mills School, a residential educational facility for juvenile delinquents, according to the Associated Press.

Brownback killed the Kansas economy — and the state’s GOP-led legislature just tried to do it again

Former Gov. Sam Brownback (R-KS), who quit before his term was up, tried a grand experiment of trickle-down economics. His policy was such a failure that the S&P downgraded the state’s credit rating.

Department of Education opens up probe into 8 schools after college bribery scandal

On Monday, The Department of Education launched an investigation into 8 universities after a college admission bribery scandal was brought to light, reported Politico.

Trump entertains Russian hockey player and Putin ally in the White House

It has only been a few short days since Attorney General Bill Barr released his summary of the special counsel’s report about Russia interference into the 2016 election, and President Donald Trump is already entertaining “prominent” Russians at the White House.