Mysterious ‘John Doe’ files court brief to keep Jeffrey Epstein documents from being released to the public

The Miami Herald filed legal action to unseal court records in the legal case of New York financier Jeffrey Epstein and his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Notorious Florida spa owner denies Donald Trump was a client — and comes up with an implausible excuse

The Florida spa owner embroiled in prostitution and campaign finance scandals defended President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

Trump’s meddling in American businesses would ‘appall’ Abraham Lincoln: USA Today editorial board

The USA Today editorial board wrote a scathing rebuke of Donald Trump‘s insistence on interfering in American businesses based on his own whims and anxieties.

Hope Hicks may be forced to send her diary to the House Judiciary panel for document review

Former Trump aide Hope Hicks plans to send the House Judiciary Committee documents after they requested information from her — including and up to her personal diaries and journals.

‘This clearly shows no collusion!’: Twitter has a field day with photo of Trump holding up a map

President Donald Trump, trying to convince reporters in Washington, D.C. that the terrorist organization ISIS (Islamic State, Iraq and Syria) has been defeated under his watch, held up two maps of ISIS territories on Wednesday—and the maps have been inspiring a lot of responses on Twitter.

Trump goes off the rails at Ohio tank factory with tirade bashing McCain: I gave him the kind of funeral he wanted

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump delivered remarks at the Lima Army Tank Plant a few hours away from Lordstown, Ohio.

The Federal Reserve just trampled on Trump’s boasting of an economic boom

President Donald Trump got a mixed bag Wednesday from the Federal Reserve. On the one hand — economists always have two hands — it signaled clearly that it doesn’t plan on raising interest rates in the next quarter, or at all for 2019.

Here’s why Trump is showing more ‘mental strain’ in public than ever before: WaPo columnist

President Donald Trump has shown more “mental strain” in public than ever before — and as one Washington Post columnist noted, there appear to be multiple reasons for it.

Justice Clarence Thomas breaks three years of silence on Supreme Court to challenge discrimination case

Thomas made his first remarks on this court since 2016 while hearing a case which alleges the state of Mississippi attempted to exclude black jurors from a black man’s murder trial.

Devin Nunes’ widely mocked Twitter lawsuit suffers its greatest humiliation yet: ‘His epic self own is complete’

Rep. Devin Nunes’ (R-CA) lawsuit against two Twitter troll accounts has now massively backfired, as one of the accounts has just blown past the California Republican’s total follower count.

George Conway epically responds with just 3 words after Trump calls him ‘jealous’ and a ‘husband from hell’

President Donald Trump ratcheted up the emotionally unstable hate in his escalating feud with George Conway, a prominent conservative attorney who is also the spouse of Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway.

‘We expect charges to be filed’ against Trump-loving Jacob Wohl for bogus death threat report: Michael Avenatti

Attorney Michael Avenatti on Wednesday announced that he and his new client, Aaron Delgado, were “cooperating” with police in Minneapolis after notorious Trump supporter Jacob Wohl stole Delgado’s photo.