California prosecutors ramp up investigation of Trump as Mueller report is reviewed

Along with investigators in New York, Los Angeles prosecutors have also joined in on probes into President Donald Trump.

George Conway bashes ‘stupid’ Trump in furious tweetstorm the morning after Mueller report submitted

The husband of Donald Trump’s top advisers is once again blasting the president on Twitter in a brutal attack the morning after Robert Mueller's report was submitted.

Trump aides prep for worst case scenario ‘contingency plans’ as they await Mueller revelations

While White House aides to President Donald Trump breathed a sigh of relief that there would be no additional indictments coming directly from special counsel Robert Mueller’s office -- but they are still preparing for damaging revelations.

The evangelical belief that Trump is the messiah is more rampant than you think — and dangerous

One well-supported explanation is that the president keeps his base loyal by keeping them fearful.

Defeated Scott Walker appoints himself the Republican Party savior

Scott Walker was finally defeated. But he refuses to go away

Conspiracy and collusion: Here’s what we know about Robert Mueller’s investigation — so far

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has remained silent for nearly two years about his Russia meddling and collusion investigation, which wrapped up on Friday.

Trump has sold out the farmers who voted for him — and now they’re racing toward calamity

Farmers tend to be optimistic pessimists. They know the odds are against them — the bankers, bugs, monopolists, violent weather and sorry politicians. Yet, they keep at it as long as they can.

How one of the most popular Evangelical ‘miracle’ stories was exposed as a fraud

Many Evangelicals think of Lee Strobel as the man who can cure your doubts about their religion.

Ted Cruz denounces ‘rabid attacks’ against Chick-fil-A after Texas city bans anti-gay restaurant

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz took to Twitter to defend anti-gay fast food restaurant chain Chick-fil-A, and to denounce what he describes as “rabid attacks” against it.

Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign has already funneled $1.3 million into his businesses

Trump's campaign has made a number of unexplained payments to his businesses. His lawyers say it's all fine

Arizona college Republican club busted by former members for racist and anti-semitic texts

Leaders of a conservative student club at Arizona State University used anti-Semitic symbols, made racist and homophobic comments, and appeared to advocate for eugenics, report former members appalled by the attacks.

New Zealand came to its senses and banned assault rifles while American dead pile up

It’s like a Publisher’s Clearinghouse giveaway for killers.