Omarosa became worthless to Trump after she launched F-bomb tirade at black lawmakers: report

The former Apprentice contestant and White House staffer had to be walked away from black lawmakers after cursing at them.

Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump slammed for Oval Office photos

On Friday, President Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric, shared their pictures from the White House Oval Office on Twitter, a gesture that did not go down well with the social media users.

Exec at opposition research company hired by EPA has been investigating employees who are critical of Trump: report

An executive working at an opposition research firm specializing in digging up dirt has been researching Environmental Protection Agency employees looking at staffers who oppose the policies of President Donald Trump.

Trump unaware Omarosa had been ousted until he saw it on TV: report

The report claims that former director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison was unceremoniously removed from the administration by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly after meeting in the Situation Room.

The constitutional case against Donald Trump

The 25th Amendment to the Constitution may define the conditions for suspending a president’s authority, but it does not constrain the reasoning behind it.

Donald Trump Jr. likes Mike Cernovich tweet claiming pedophilia isn’t a crime

Donald Trump Jr.’s twitter account turned up an odd “like” Friday night.
Mitch McConnell and Roy Moore

A Republican civil war has erupted into an angry blame game over Roy Moore defeat

The upset victory of underdog Democrat Doug Jones in conservative Alabama has brought out a Republican firing squad gathered in a circle.

Police open fire in room full of people at swingers costume party — despite being told ‘The Joker’ wasn’t a threat

Two revelers at a swingers’ costume party who were shot by police while engaged in an “intimate act” are speaking out about the ordeal for the first time.

Sean Spicer had a surprising response when asked why Omarosa was hired by President Trump

Everyone knows it, but only Sean Spicer is actually saying it.

Here’s what happens if Roy Moore never concedes to Doug Jones

Roy Moore is refusing to accept that he was defeated by Doug Jones in Tuesday’s Senate race in Alabama, but some lawmakers feel his denial is likely a publicity stunt that won’t affect the outcome of the election.
evangelical christian church girl

Ex-evangelicals recount leaving the church after realizing it sanctions white supremacy

Two former evangelical Christians recounted that it was racism, rather than a crisis of faith, that led them to cut ties with their fundamentalist churches.

Words like ‘fetus, transgender, science-based’ and others have been barred from Trump’s Center for Disease Control

Analysts at the Center for Disease Control’s offices in Atlanta were told on Thursday that they are not allowed to use seven words in official documents pertaining to the next year’s budget.