Here are 33 jaw-droppingly stupid multiple-choice test questions used by Christian homeschoolers

This is what happens when you leave education to people for whom religious conversion is everything and learning is a distant afterthought.

Trump considered excluding President Obama from daily intelligence briefings for ex-presidents: report

President Donald Trump’s decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan due to resentment over personal criticism and his role in the Russia investigation was an egregious violation of his office’s power. But as it turns out, Trump has considered an even more...

Trump could be liberalism’s greatest gift ever — here’s why

Just two years ago, proud liberal institutions were bereft, impoverished and hopeless; not anymore

New Russian hacking targets anti-Trump conservative think tanks and Republican groups: Microsoft

The New York Times reported early Tuesday that the Russian military intelligence unit that tried to influence the 2018 election is now targeting conservative American think tanks that broke with President Donald Trump.

Watergate prosecutor would rather have Nixon in the White House than Trump

"[The] substantial character flaws in both presidents appear to have led to serious breaches of the norms of law."
Phil Mudd and Donald Trump

Donald Trump threatens to take away security clearance for CNN commentator Phil Mudd after debate with Paris Dennard

After watching a debate on CNN between former CIA officer Phil Mudd and Paris Dennard, President Donald Trump took to Twitter.

Pizzagate conspiracy theorist wants his fans to pay him $1000 a month so he can ‘retire from public life’

Onetime alt-right provocateur and “Pizzagate” conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich wants to retire from public life — and wants you to pay him $1,000 a month so he can do so.
Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani whines about ‘Meet the Press’ gaffe: Chuck Todd thinks ‘you can just determine the truth like fact’

In another awkwardly worded statement Monday, President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani tried to explain his “Meet the Press” gaffe. It didn't go well.

‘Breathtaking’: Ex-White House counsel Jack Quinn describes how badly Trump ‘dropped the ball’ with McGahn

In a panel interview featuring people on both sides of another presidential special investigation, Bill Clinton’s former White House counsel observed that Donald Trump’s legal team may have made a huge mistake.

Reports about Trump-loving QAnon conspiracy nuts make them look insane — and now they want to sue

Believers in the pro-Trump “QAnon” conspiracy theory have increasingly found themselves feeling isolated from their friends and families.

‘We don’t need the Republicans’: Conservative columnist blisters GOP over Trump’s abuses

Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin blasted the Republican Party for enabling President Donald Trump to use his office to punish political enemies.

Political polling analyst claims the GOP exodus is a much larger story than potential Democratic takeover

Cable news outlets have been glued to the horserace of House seats that might flip from Republican to Democrat in November. However, one analyst argued the larger story is the hemorrhage happening on the other side of the aisle.