Oklahoma congressman who owns rifle factory blames videogames and lack of Jesus in schools for Florida massacre

Oklahoma Republicans are ready to solve the school shootings—with Jesus and by eliminating violent video games.

Ivanka Trump either had classified info or embarrassed herself to Korean president: MSNBC analyst

Ivanka Trump wasn’t just in South Korea to throw shade at snowboarders. The president’s daughter also “briefed” the president of South Korea on plans for sanctions against North Korea.

Here is how a scrawny misfit turned into Florida’s worst school shooter

How a scrawny misfit turned into Florida’s worst school shooter MIAMI — He was chronically depressed, beguiled by firearms and violence, an oddball ostracized by peers and prone to angry outbursts.

Alabama’s aborted execution was botched and bloody: lawyer

Alabama’s aborted execution last week of an inmate with severely compromised veins led to more than 10 puncture wounds in the man from failed needle placements and left behind a bloodied death chamber, his lawyer said.

‘She has no soul’: Former associate of Dana Loesch accuses NRA spokesperson of auditioning for Trump job

"She is a paid mercenary who is happy to keep cashing a check from the NRA to spread ridiculousness.”

Showrunner reveals Amazon silenced her feminist messages — but still refuses to drop NRA TV

Execs condescendingly told me that feminism was “like someone posting pro Trump messages."

‘I was almost a school shooter’: Following Parkland shooting a ‘family man’ confesses lack of access to guns stopped him

If there is a mental health issue underlying school shootings, it is love—or the lack thereof—says Aaron Stark, who this week wrote an open letter about how he “was almost a school shooter” in the mid-1990s.

Internet mocks conservative defending male privilege with blitz of photoshop ridicule

Conservative gadfly Steven Crowder set up a booth at Texas Christian University (TCU) challenging people on campus to sway him from his position that “Male privilege is a myth." It didn't go well.

Here are the companies that reacted to public outcry over shootings — and kicked the NRA to the curb

A number of huge brands are making moves to distance themselves from the National Rifle Association after the gun-owners’ organization came under fire following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

CPAC panelist needed security to exit conference after ripping GOP for endorsing ‘sexual harassers and abusers’

Right wing pundit Mona Charen had to be protected and escorted by security officers when leaving the CPAC stage Saturday afternoon.

Two simple laws could solve America’s epidemic of violence

Two simple changes to U.S. law, both things based in other laws that we already know and like, could solve most of America’s gun violence problem: Treat all semi-automatic weapons in a similar way under the same laws as fully-automatic weapons.

WATCH: Kentucky lawmaker in the heart of Trump country sides with students — and gives up his A rating from the NRA

Rep. Chris Harris represents Pike County, where Donald Trump won 80 percent of the vote. He previously had an A rating from the NRA.