Nancy Pelosi clap

Nancy Pelosi ‘has standing to sue Trump’ in federal court — and a ‘compelling case’: Harvard Law professor

Constitution expert Laurence Tribe on Saturday explained how Speaker Nancy Pelosi has legal standing to sue President Donald Trump over his declaration of a national emergency to build his border wall. Prof. Tribe has taught at Harvard Law for fifty years and has argued three dozen cases before the United States Supreme Court.

Trump ridiculed for claiming he’s building his wall: ‘Even more stupid than the morons at your rallies’

President Donald Trump took a break from his Mar-a-Largo vacation to give an update on his border wall. Trump had famously promised that Mexico would pay for a concrete wall, but that proved false when Mexico refused.

Kellyanne Conway husband trolls Trump for grazing at the golf course omelet bar while the country is in a state of emergency

The husband of White House counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway, continued his sniping at his wife’s boss on Saturday.

Pentagon refusing to say Trump’s border wall is a necessity — even after national emergency declaration

Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said on Saturday he had not yet determined whether a border wall with Mexico was a military necessity or how much Pentagon money would be used.

Author Stephen King offers $10,000 bounty for Trump to debate his border wall — even on Fox News

Bestselling author Stephen King on Saturday offered a $10,000 bounty for President Donald Trump to debate his border wall. During the 2016 campaign, Trump promised a concrete wall across the entire southern border — that Mexico would fund. Mexico refused, which put Trump in a position of having broken his signature policy promise.

Trump served notice to betrayed GOP with emergency declaration — it’s all about him: columnist

“In declaring a national emergency to fund his border wall, the president reminded Republican lawmakers that he feels free to trample on them whenever it suits him.”

Wall Street Journal smacks Trump for listening to Stephen Miller and blowing up earlier border deal

The Wall Street Journal editorial board shredded President Donald Trump for not taking a 2018 deal that included funding for his border wall.

Trump faced with GOP Senate rebellion over emergency declaration putting approval in doubt

Some Republicans in the Senate are angry that President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to get his wall built while circumventing Congress — and may vote against it with Democrats.

Paul Manafort is keeping one big secret — and that’s a ticket out of jail for both him and Donald Trump

Manafort's "accidental" lies will deal American justice a black eye and he'll walk with oodles of Russian cash

The 2018 ‘blue wave’ was not enough — here is how we dump Trump in 2020

When Rep. Rob Woodall, R-Ga., announced last week that he wouldn’t seek re-election next year, it was a timely reminder not to forget about the House of Representatives in the 2020 election cycle. Woodall’s 2018 challenger, Carolyn Bourdeaux, who came within 500 votes of beating him, has already announced she will running again.

Trump’s own lawyers think the president’s ‘national emergency’ is unconstitutional — and impeachable

Prior to Donald Trump taking office, his lawyers railed against unconstitutional presidential overreach that bypasses Congress — but they appear to have changed their tune.