CPAC panelist needed security to exit conference after ripping GOP for endorsing ‘sexual harassers and abusers’

Right wing pundit Mona Charen had to be protected and escorted by security officers when leaving the CPAC stage Saturday afternoon.

Internet mocks conservative defending male privilege with blitz of photoshop ridicule

Conservative gadfly Steven Crowder set up a booth at Texas Christian University (TCU) challenging people on campus to sway him from his position that “Male privilege is a myth." It didn't go well.

Here are the companies that reacted to public outcry over shootings — and kicked the NRA to the curb

A number of huge brands are making moves to distance themselves from the National Rifle Association after the gun-owners’ organization came under fire following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Trump calls Fox’s Judge Jeanine to ramble incessantly about guns, parades and ‘bad guy’ Adam Schiff

Trump opened with a broadside of Schiff, who he accused of being “a leaker” who engaged in behavior that was “probably illegal.” “He’s a bad guy,” Trump said.

Two simple laws could solve America’s epidemic of violence

Two simple changes to U.S. law, both things based in other laws that we already know and like, could solve most of America’s gun violence problem: Treat all semi-automatic weapons in a similar way under the same laws as fully-automatic weapons.

WATCH: Kentucky lawmaker in the heart of Trump country sides with students — and gives up his A rating from the NRA

Rep. Chris Harris represents Pike County, where Donald Trump won 80 percent of the vote. He previously had an A rating from the NRA.

WATCH: Gun dealer who sold weapons to Las Vegas killer blames bad parenting for mass murder

An unrepentant firearms dealer who sold weapons to Las Vegas mass murderer Stephen Paddock went on Van Jones‘ show today to say that bad parenting is to blame for incidents like the recent Parkland police shooting.

Fire and Fury author: Trump and Jared will throw each other ‘under the bus’ to avoid Mueller indictments

"I think now until the midterms may well be the bloodiest time in this administration.”

High profile Wall Street law firm swept up in Mueller probe — and the lawyers there are nervous

The firm now finds itself embroiled in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian influence in President Donald Trump’s White House.

New clearance report shows why Trump may be forced to fire Jared Kushner

As it turns out, Jared Kushner may be on his way out the door at the White House.

Is the armed teacher ‘debate’ America’s lowest and dumbest media moment?

It is dumb, shameful and internationally embarrassing that our country is having a serious discussion about why arming teachers is a bad idea.