Ex-Trump ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen has entered into a plea agreement with the feds: report

Former Trump attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen has reportedly entered into a plea agreement with federal prosecutors in Manhattan.

‘It’s all your fault!’ Trump screamed at Giuliani — and blamed him for putting Don Jr. in legal jeopardy

A new report from Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman claims that President Donald Trump is now blaming attorney Rudy Giuliani for supposedly putting his own son in legal jeopardy.

Racist man escapes hate crime charges because victim is so injured he can’t remember the vicious attack

A Washington man has been offered a plea deal that spares him hate crimes charges in a racist attack on a black man.

Actress Asia Argento denies sexually assaulting young actor — and says Anthony Bourdain paid him off

On Tuesday, actress and director Asia Argento issued a statement categorically denying all accusations that she had sexually assaulted actor Jimmy Bennett.

He survived concentration camps in Bosnia — then he was gunned down in a WalMart parking lot in Georgia, USA

A man shot dead in a Walmart parking in Snellvile, Georgia, was a survivor of concentration camps in Bosnia and had immigrated to America for a better life.

Here are 33 jaw-droppingly stupid multiple-choice test questions used by Christian homeschoolers

This is what happens when you leave education to people for whom religious conversion is everything and learning is a distant afterthought.

Judge tosses defamation suit against dossier author Christopher Steele filed by Russian oligarchs

A federal judge dismissed a defamation suit filed by three Russian oligarchs against former British spy Christopher Steele over his infamous dossier linking the Trump campaign to the Kremlin.

Ex-cult member explains how she got sucked into a right-wing group — and her ‘beyond terrifying’ experience of trying to flee

Lisa Kohn, a former member of the Unification Church cult led by self-proclaimed Messiah Sun Myung Moon, has opened up about her “beyond terrifying” experience of leaving the church.

Affluenza teen’s mom back in jail after being busted with meth

Couch is the mother of Ethan Couch, who drunkenly killed four people and severely injured several others in a 2013 car crash.

Here’s how Scientologists tried to sell shady meat to poor people — to pay for their outrageous membership fees

The Church of Scientology is normally associated with Hollywood, thanks to big movie star promoters like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. But a new report in the Daily Beast claims that many rank-and-file members partook in less glamorous industries.

Trump suggests critics can retain security clearances by being ‘nice’ to him

President Donald Trump again threatened to use his executive power to punish his critics.
Phil Mudd and Donald Trump

Donald Trump threatens to take away security clearance for CNN commentator Phil Mudd after debate with Paris Dennard

After watching a debate on CNN between former CIA officer Phil Mudd and Paris Dennard, President Donald Trump took to Twitter.