Snoop Dogg slams ex-cop who encouraged recruit to shoot black teens — and donates $10K to Colin Kaepernick’s pledge

Rap legend Snoop Dogg put his money where his mouth is this weekend by donating $10,000 to Mothers Against Police Brutality as part of footballer Colin Kaepernick’s pledge to match $1 million of donations in his name.

Trump will tap billionaire who pushed for overseas private armies to lead intelligence agency: report

President Donald Trump is expected to choose the billionaire co-founder of Cerberus Capital Management — who has pushed for turning over the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan to mercenary armies and the CIA — to lead the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.

Ivanka reportedly takes charge in firing Chief of Staff John Kelly after Trump calls him ‘nut job’

John Kelly’s time as President Donald Trump’s chief of staff may be coming to an end. On Monday, author Gabriel Sherman reported that Ivanka Trump had been put in charge of finding a replacement for Kelly.

Atlanta gay bar faces backlash over owner’s racist Facebook posts calling Obama a ‘n**ger’

The owner of a gay bar in one of the most racially diverse cities in the United States is under scrutiny after racist Facebook posts he made in recent years re-surfaced.

Neo-Nazi back in jail after stabbing person at Oregon birthday party while on probation for synagogue attack

In the past year, Laskey’s profile in the region has grown alongside that of Pacific Northwest antifascists, whom he has gone on a crusade against. He reportedly burned “hundreds” of copies of Eugene Weekly in protest of their portrayal of him.

Trump staffers are fed up with John Kelly’s nagging — and are now calling him ‘The Church Lady’: report

White House chief of staff John Kelly has been credited with bringing a certain level of discipline to an otherwise chaotic West Wing — but apparently some members of the administration are growing tired of his style.

WATCH: San Diego cop body-slams handcuffed 17-year-old girl to cement for refusing to leave high school campus

A La Mesa police officer  is under investigation after he was filmed body-slamming a 17-year-old student onto the cement at a local charter school in San Diego.

Trump voters think ‘word-vomit’ president has been a total embarrassment — but they’d vote for him again

After spending a month in heartland Muncie, Indiana, a Guardian journalist found Donald Trump voters who don’t care much for the way the president conducts himself, but say their lives have not been changed since the election and they would vote for him again.

Trump voter fraud commission asked Texas to flag voters with Hispanic-sounding names

President Donald Trump’s election fraud commission singled out voters who may be Hispanic for extra scrutiny in at least one state.

Illinois woman faces felony drug charge after cops mistake pistachio shells for marijuana: lawyer

A woman from Round Lake Beach, Illinois is facing a possible felony drug charge after police found a narcotic pain medication in her coat pocket — which they only discovered because they mistook pistachio shells in her car for marijuana.

Mike Pence says allegations Trump had affair with adult film star are ‘baseless’

Vice President Mike Pence on Monday pushed back against allegations that adult film star Stormy Daniels had a year-long affair with President Donald Trump.

‘You’re really big’: Kellyanne Conway begged Trump not to obsess over crowd size by praising him, book says

White House aide Kellyanne Conway reportedly tried to convince President Donald Trump not to lie about the size of his inauguration crowd by telling him he is “really big.”