What happened behind the scenes of the infamous Lester Holt interview where Trump admitted obstruction

The nearly 400 pages of political insanity detailed in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report about President Donald Trump and the Russia investigation have become a mining operation for politicos.

Now that Trump thinks he’s ‘vindicated’ — he might let his craziest ideas fly free

President Donald Trump clearly thought that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was the end of his nightmarish first time. It’s unclear if he realized that his hell is just beginning.

Secretary of State desperately tries to separate the White House from Iranian group Bolton and Giuliani advocated

While President Donald Trump’s lawyer and National Security Advisor are speaking to a controversial Iranian resistance group in Iran, the State Department is trying desperately to separate itself.

Meghan McCain has gone from respected senator’s daughter to cocktail party joke — but she doesn’t care

Political commentator Meghan McCain has gone from the daughter actively involved in father’s presidential campaign to a brooding co-host of “The View” easily offended and quick to blame others.

Trump now blames Democrats for the Russia scandal and obstruction of justice

President Donald Trump seems to have decided on the “I know you are but what am I,” strategy of politics.

Why is pot banned in some states? The real reasons are worse than you think

Across the world, more and more people are asking: Why is marijuana banned? Why are people still sent to prison for using or selling it?

A professor of astrophysics explains why humans are on the path to self-destruction: ‘Not the first time there’s been a civilization in the universe’

The planet is transitioning under our onslaught to a new era called the Anthropocene. This era is the product of violent conquest, warfare, slavery, genocide and the Industrial Revolution, which began about 200 years ago and saw humans start to burn a hundred million years of sunlight stored in the form of coal and petroleum.

Comrades in arms: Russian state media is running Sean Hannity Fox News clips defending Trump

Russian state media has taken to running Fox News clips of host Sean Hannity defending President Donald Trump from allegations contained in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

‘Destitute’ Roger Stone schedules speaking engagement at strip club in desperate bid to pay legal fees

Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone is deeply in debt due to legal fees he has incurred and is finding it harder and harder to raise cash.

George Conway perfectly destroys Jim Jordan’s pathetic attempt to blow off Trump’s criminality

The husband of Kellyanne Conway burned Jordan and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) to the ground.