Michael Cohen’s closed-door testimony was just unsealed — here are 6 stunning moments from the hearings

In addition to testifying in public, President Donald Trump’s former and fixer lawyer Michael Cohen has testified extensively behind closed doors to congressional committees. On Monday, we learned what really happened.

Michael Cohen testimony reveals why Donald Trump Jr. is terrified of testifying under oath about Trump Tower Moscow

President Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney testified under oath that the president’s namesake son lied to Congress about the family’s Trump Tower Moscow project.

‘Infuriated’ Trump supporters go nuts when Fox News host Tucker Carlson cuts off rally coverage: ‘Your ratings will sink’

President Donald Trump appeared at a rally in Pennsylvania Monday to support a candidate running in a special election.

Consequences for Trump’s actions are stacking up: Washington Post columnist

On Monday, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank railed against President Donald Trump for preempting Alabama’s abortion ban.

Fox & Friends host is the one who got Trump to consider pardoning war criminals after months of ‘persuasive’ lobbying

President Donald Trump’s reported plan to pardon U.S. servicemembers for war crimes originated with one of the president’s “favorite” Fox News personalities...

How our republic could die in the age of Trump — in a stunning parallel to the fall of Rome

The American republic could die, just like Rome. Wavering for some time on the verge of becoming a complete oligarchy, America is on the verge of flipping from a democratic republic to a strongman or autocratic form of government, something that’s happened to dozens of democracies in the past few decades, but never before here.

‘I never want to be called a loser’: Trump reveals his politically insecurity at Pennsylvania rally

President Donald Trump revealed his insecurities during a campaign rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania on Monday.

West Michigan voters are backing their GOP congressman’s calls for impeachment: ‘Nothing but positive comments’

President Donald Trump’s allies on Capitol Hill are lashing out at the first Republican Congressman to back impeachment. But back home, he's still scoring big among his voters.

Trump may have come up with the idea for a border wall from watching ‘The Sopranos’: reporter

On Monday, a reporter for Inside Defense, Mallory Shelbourne, suggested that President Donald Trump sparked the idea for a wall at the U.S-Mexico border after watching an episode of The Sopranos.

Scathing Washington Post editorial rips GOP for not having the courage to stand up to Trump

On Monday a scathing editorial in The Washington Post ripped the GOP for consistently selling out to President Donald Trump.

Federal judge sides with House Oversight Democrats on subpoena for Trump financial records

A federal judge just handed a huge victory to Democrats. Look for this to go to the Supreme Court.

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