Rudy Giuliani appears on Fox News Sunday (Fox News/screen grab)

‘Bullsh*t!’ Rudy Giuliani goes on angry rant after CNN busts him for false Trump Tower Moscow claims

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani went on an angry rant to the New York Daily News late Tuesday after learning CNN had busted him for making false claims about Trump Tower Moscow.

New details emerge in secret grand jury case tied to Mueller — but it’s not what anyone expected

The case required an entire floor of a D.C. courthouse to be cleared.

The GOP is already vastly miscalculating its prospects for 2020 — here’s why

Despite Trump's unpopularity, the Republican Party will tie itself even more closely to the embattled prez in 2020.

Hacked emails show European diplomats mocked Trump after bizarre Helsinki meeting with Putin

Hackers broke into the European Union’s diplomatic communications networks for years, and dumped hundreds of messages online that reveal their concerns about the Trump administration, Russia, China and Iran.

‘It will be beautiful’: Trump tweets Democrats should fund his wall — because he’s not really building a wall

President Donald Trump has just changed his concept of "the wall" once again. This time, it's not really a wall.

Hometown newspaper blasts Missouri Republican Senators for claiming they’ll fix something they intentionally broke

The Kansas City Star editorial board blasted Sen. Roy Blunt and Senator-elect Josh Hawley for flip-flopping on health care after eight years of trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.

James Comey expertly shot down Republicans’ ‘deep state’ conspiracy theory — to their faces

Towards the end of his lengthy second hearing before the House Intelligence Committee, former FBI director James Comey shot dock right-wing conspiracy theories about the so-called “deep state” — right to the faces of some of the GOP lawmakers promoting the claims.

‘Small and weak Trump’ suffered ‘worst blow yet’ to his presidency in court today: conservative commentator

A conservative columnist for the Washington Post said Tuesday’s events might be a turning point for Trump — and not a good one.

‘He’s acting like a nut’: White House aides worried about Trump going on Christmas vacation ‘unsupervised’

Senior White House aides are reportedly “unnerved” by Donald Trump’s increasingly erratic public behavior — and are worried by the prospect of him spending weeks “unsupervised” during the holidays.

GOP busted again with no plan to replace Obamacare — and Paul Krugman rips them apart in only 6 words

Responding to report that President Donald Trump is now open to working with Democrats on a replacement for the Affordable Care Act, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman blasted Republicans.

Bank calls cops on black man because they thought his paycheck was too high

A black Ohio man said bank tellers refused to cash a paycheck from his new job, and then called 911 on him, because they were suspicious that he earned so much.

Alan Dershowitz ruthlessly mocked after his pro-Flynn talking points get destroyed at sentencing hearing

After disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn walked back his comments defending his lying to FBI investigators and threw himself at the mercy of the court for sentencing, Twitter users piled on legal scholar Alan Dershowitz.