‘Putin’s favorite congressman’ and the latest Russian bombshell: Maria Butina case looks bad for Dana Rohrabacher

Will the indictment of a Russian femme fatale bring down a famously pro-Putin Republican congressman?

Here are 16 tips for shaming and harassing Trump’s bullies — anywhere you can, while you still can

Trump's remaining supporters aren't just living in a bubble. They’re a rolling fortress encircled by trump-card landmines, crushing and detonating everything in their way.

Trump peddles Kremlin talking points by accusing ‘fake news media’ of pushing for World War III

President Donald Trump on Thursday lashed out at critical news coverage of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin by claiming that his critics only want to start a massive war with Russia.

The dark plan a bigoted Trump ally is pushing to change the meaning of American citizenship

Michael Anton is pushing an idea that would make life harder for immigrants' children.

Trump had irrefutable texts and raw evidence Putin ordered Russian hacks as early as January 2017: NYT

According to the New York Times, two weeks prior to the Presidential Inauguration in Jan. 2017, Donald Trump was shown raw evidence including data and text messages about the Russian hack and that Vladimir Putin knew about it. He has since been trying to cloud the evidence for reasons still not yet know.

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre ‘shaking in his boots waiting for Mueller to come knocking’: Ex-DOJ official

Two former top Department of Justice officials predicted that Maria Butina was not the only Russian operative to penetrate conservative political organizations with close ties to the Republican Party.

Here’s the perfect plan to troll Trump’s ridiculous military parade

The best thing about Donald Trump’s visit to England and Scotland was the protests—or Carnival of Resistance, as some called them.

Trump’s own diplomat calls him a ‘p*ssy’ for not being brave enough to stand up to Putin

Both current and former American diplomats are calling out President Donald Trump for even entertaining the idea that Russia would be allowed to question U.S. ambassadors.
Senior Pastor Ryan Broers at Cave City Baptist

‘You’ve broken fellowship with God’: Kentucky Baptist church kicks out members when they don’t attend every Sunday

Some members of Cave City Baptist church got a letter in the mail accusing them of letting God down, but not because of their sins or behavior, because of their attendance.

‘Trump is no longer our leader’: Texas GOP lawmaker says it’s time to impeach Trump after Putin meeting

"Our president has mocked and belittled our immigration laws, our intelligence agencies, our foreign policy strategy and even the American people."

Trump desperately tries to change the message from his sellout to Putin to comparing Dems to MS-13

In his latest tweet storm, President Donald Trump desperately tried to change the message from his international flub back on Democrats.