Two men arrested for robbing fire station battling catastrophic California blaze

Firefighters continue to battle the catastrophic “Camp Fire” blaze in northern California that has claimed at least 77 lives and destroyed over 11,900 residences. Meanwhile, these men are doing their part to make things even worse.

Conservative columnist offers stupidly simple advice to the GOP on how not to seem racist

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin offered her fellow Republicans some incredibly simple advice on how to not seem racist.

Special counsel’s office says appointment of acting AG Matt Whitaker ‘has no effect on this case’

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors argued in a new legal brief that President Donald Trump’s controversial appointment of Matt Whitaker will not impact their ongoing investigation.

Charleston Rifle Club refuses to admit first qualified black member while approving 13 more white men

Dr. Melvin Brown and his family were not welcome apparently, shocking Brown, who thought that battling to integrate private clubs was a fight his father had won.

White House releases new ‘rules’ allowing officials to ban reporters who ask more than one question

The White House press office on Monday released new “rules” that they claim will allow the suspension of press credentials if a reporter refuses to yield the floor after asking only one question.

Here’s how the GOP’s tax scam backfired spectacularly and helped Democrats win key midterm races

When Republicans finally passed their tax cuts bill at the end of 2017, the party seemed to genuinely believe that the accomplishment would produce a wave of enthusiasm that they could ride to success in the 2018 midterm elections.

Pro-Trump activist who smeared Mueller now insists he was ‘joking’ when taking credit for Avenatti abuse claims

The pro-Trump activist who hilariously failed in a scheme to smear special counsel Robert Mueller now claims he was kidding when he took credit for the domestic abuse claims against attorney Michael Avenatti. I

Texas fire marshal sporting Confederate flag criminally charges black pastor over brightness of church lights

A Texas fire marshal has been accused of discrimination after a black pastor was criminally charged over the brightness of his church’s parking lights.

White House backs down and reverses plan to revoke Jim Acosta’s press pass for second time: report

The White House has reportedly reversed a plan to revoke a CNN correspondent’s press credentials for a second time.

The GOP has become the greatest threat to American democracy since the Civil War

The transformation of the Republican party from a recognizable centre-right conservative political party to what it has become under Donald Trump began a half century ago.

GOP follows Trump’s lead — and smears McRaven as an alleged shill for Hillary

The official Republican Party Twitter account on Monday followed President Donald Trump’s lead by echoing his attacks on retired Navy Adm. William McRaven.