Fox News fans melt down after their favorite network supports CNN’s Acosta: ‘You are dead to me’

Fox News fans are not happy that their favorite network is filing an amicus brief on behalf of CNN’s Jim Acosta, who had his White House press pass revoked by the Trump administration last week.

White women saunter around in hoodies to prove Tennessee mall’s policy targets black people

Four white women went to an east Tennessee shopping mall wearing hoodies to test a hunch about racism — and they were disappointed to be proven right.

Fox News files amicus brief on behalf of CNN’s Acosta — and calls out ‘antagonistic’ Trump

Fox News on Wednesday announced that it would be filing an amicus brief on behalf of CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who recently had his White House press pass rescinded by the Trump administration.

Kellyanne Conway’s husband forms splinter group inside conservative Federalist Society to challenge Trump

Conservative lawyers who belong to the rightwing Federalist Society have turned on Trump, the New York Times reports.

Donald Trump becomes even more petulant and erratic after midterms make him look like a loser

President Donald Trump is not himself. And by “not himself” I mean he seems to have lost his swagger. Ever since the midterm elections, he’s been churlish and petulant.

Sarah Sanders: John Bolton’s deputy still works at White House despite being ‘fired’ by Melania Trump

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders revealed on Wednesday that a national security staffer is still working at the White House after reports said that the woman was effectively fired by First Lady Melania Trump.

‘Dead’: California GOP totally collapses — and even its former vice chairperson says the party ‘isn’t salvageable’

The 2018 midterm elections have further endangered the standing of the California Republican Party, which saw many of its Congressional members lose to Democrats last Tuesday.

‘Off the rails’: Former White House aides say infighting has reached unhinged daytime talk show levels

The turmoil and infighting inside the White House drew a comparison to a daytime talk show from a former aide to President Donald Trump.

‘Knife fighter’ Melania grabs more power as White House infighting nears ‘Civil War-like levels’: report

First Lady Melania Trump has been throwing her weight around more when it comes to personnel decisions at the Trump White House, as she has now publicly called for the firing of top national security official Mira Ricardel after the two reportedly fought over plane seating last month.

Media critic rips Sarah Sanders’ response to CNN lawsuit: There’s a reason lawyers want short statements from defendants

In response to President Donald Trump revoking CNN’s White House Correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass,  the network has a filed a lawsuit against Trump and top aides.