Trump’s lawyers gave Mueller list of ‘key moments under investigation’ in effort to limit scope of Russia probe

Lawyers for President Donald Trump have turned over some documents requested by special counsel Robert Mueller in hopes of limiting the scope of his investigation.

Oregon banker out at Wells Fargo after he’s revealed to be a Nazi who marched at Charlottesville

A Portland-area Nazi has been fired from his banking job at Wells Fargo after his ties to alt-right extremist groups.

Ted Cruz also worked with Cambridge Analytica in 2016 — and now Texas Democrats are using it against him

Before they ran shady data operations for Donald Trump’s campaign, Cambridge Analytica worked for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) during his presidential bid.

Jealous Corey Lewandowski leaked info about Rob Porter’s abuse because he wasn’t over Hope Hicks: report

Who was behind the leak of information about Rob Porter’s alleged abuse of his two ex-wives?

Christian website editor: Stephen Hawking was kept alive by Satan to counter Billy Graham’s gospel

According to the lead editor of the conservative Christian PNN News website, the late physicist Stephen Hawking was kept alive by Satanic forces to oppose Rev. Billy Graham’s teachings.

Don Jr. was so cheap that Vanessa Trump had to ask her mom for money: report

According to friends, Trump Jr.’s soon-to-be ex-wife is divorcing him because he “treats her like a second-class citizen,” and kept her on a much “tighter budget” than one would expect. “He gives her very little help."

Trump is moving into a more dangerous phase of his madness

Before, he was constrained by a few “adults” – Rex Tillerson, Gary Cohn, H.R. McMaster, and John Kelly.

Oops: Jim Carrey’s portrait of Sarah Sanders goes viral after Fox News freaks out about it

A Fox News obsession with actor Jim Carrey’s portrait of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders may have propelled the painting into viral stardom.

Trump to hire lawyer who peddles conspiracy theories about ‘deep state’ framing the president: report

President Donald Trump is reportedly set to hire a Washington lawyer who has pushed the view that officials at the FBI and Department of Justice engaged in a conspiracy theory to frame Trump.

FAA records reveal Trump plans to flee to Mar-a-Lago when thousands of student rally against guns in DC

President Donald Trump is expected to abandon the White House when thousands of students come to Washington, D.C. on Saturday to participate in the March for Our Lives anti-gun rally.

White supremacist prison gang grows stronger as Colorado officials try to prove conspiracy in corrections chief’s assassination

Authorities in Colorado are still trying to prove a conspiracy by a white supremacist prison gang that continues to grow stronger behind bars.