Trump’s adult sons are costing taxpayers a fortune as they gallivant around the world doing private business deals

Eric and Donald Trump Jr. cost taxpayers $250 000 in one month of travel last year in Dubai.

There are 3 theories that explain why Trump sucks up to Putin — but which one makes the most sense?

When given a variety of possible explanations for something happening, usually the most simple and direct answer is the correct one. And there’s one huge, simple, straightforward explanation for Donald Trump’s perpetual unwillingness to even hint at a direct criticism of Putin. And it’s not the pee-pee tapes.

Black Home Depot employee fired after altercation with Trump supporter offered job back

A black man who was fired from Home Depot after being accosted with racial abuse by a customer has gotten his job back.

Mueller subpoenas ‘Manhattan madam’ Kristin Davis who worked for Trump ally Roger Stone: TMZ

The “Manhattan Madam” made famous in the sex scandal that toppled former Governor Eliot Spitzer has been subpoenaed by special counsel Robert Muller’s investigations.

Woman who called cops on sleeping black Yale student: I’ve ‘done absolutely nothing wrong’

The white Yale graduate student who made national news for calling police over the presence of black people who turned out to be fellow students says her life has been ruined.

Pennsylvania elementary school teacher busted for side job as Nazi-themed pro wrestler who teaches kids ‘Sieg Heil’ salutes

An elementary school teacher who also performs as wrestler “Blitzkrieg the German Juggernaut," is under investigation by school authorities.

White Florida man shoots and kills a black man over a parking dispute — and may not face charges for it

A white man in Florida shot and killed a black man who came to the defense of his girlfriend in a parking spot dispute — and may not be charged due to the state’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law.

Home Depot fires 60-year-old black man after Trump supporter screams racist abuse at him (UPDATED)

Maurice Rucker, 60-year-old black man, was let go from a job he’s held for 10 years because he politely asked a customer to leash his dog in the store.

‘Lordy, there were tapes!’: Internet taken aback over revelation that Cohen recorded Trump talking about ‘hush money’

Moments after the New York Times reported that the FBI has a recording of Donald Trump and his longtime “fixer” Michael Cohen discussing a “hush money” payout to Playboy model Karen McDougal, Twitter went into a virtual meltdown over the news.

White woman whines after Florida university takes down statue of her slave-owning ancestor

In a Facebook post, a white woman who counts slave-owning Florida State University founder Francis Eppes as an ancestor bemoaned the school’s decision to remove a statue of him after public outcry.