Trump-appointed judge utterly crushes Russian firm for trying to squirm out of Mueller election indictment

U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, has denied a Russian firm’s attempt to have charges of election interference dropped.

‘Time to worry about the next crash’: Former labor secretary explains why America’s next economic meltdown is just around the corner

Sorry to deliver the news, but it’s time to worry about the next crash. The combination of stagnant wages with most economic gains going to the top is once again endangering the economy.

‘Forest fires cannot melt steel beams’: Deadly California disasters give birth to new QAnon conspiracy theory

As wildfires continue to rage in California—raising the death toll to 58—a QAnon conspiracy theorist raised questions about whether laser weapons and public transportation were behind the deadly flames.

Trump rages against Mueller and ‘his gang of Democrat thugs’ as his Twitter meltdown continues

President Donald Trump continued his Twitter storm as snow continued to fall on the nation’s capital Thursday.

Reminder: HGTV ‘Fixer Uppers’ slated to take over Discovery channel attend anti-LGBT church and never feature same-sex couples on shows

Joanna and Chip Gaines, the couple behind “Fixer Upper,” a popular TV home remodeling show, are poised to get their own channel vertical via Discovery.

QAnon’s true believers devastated as the conspiracy theory goes down in flames — and now they’re at each other’s throats

The Republican midterm loss and the firing of Jeff Sessions blew up the narrative of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Want proof that voting matters? Trump and his forces don’t want you to do it

Donald Trump, movement conservatives and the Republican Party exist in their own distorted reality. As such, they have twisted an exhortation to democracy into a modus operandi where democracy is snuffed out.

Trump’s latest ragegasm promises everything in the White House is fine and that he’s not having a meltdown

President Donald Trump began his morning promising that everything was fine and there was nothing to see after every major news outlet published stories citing his “mood” and stability.

‘It’s OK to be white’: A new insidious white supremacist conversion tool is spreading across US colleges and universities

The grammatically incorrect phrase “Its OK 2 B White” was recently spray painted on a wall in Long Beach, California.

‘Falling apart’: British prime minister Theresa May battles to save Brexit deal as five ministers quit

Prime Minister Theresa May battled on Thursday to save a draft divorce deal with the European Union after her Brexit secretary and other ministers quit in protest at an agreement they say will trap Britain in the bloc’s orbit for years.

Washington Post columnist reveals how Trump’s Twitter account ‘exposes his ignorance’

President Donald Trump is no stranger to Twitter. The president has used the social media platform to bypass traditional communication routes and talk directly to his supporters.

Washington Post columnist warns release of Trump’s tax returns will open ‘a Pandora box of scandals’

President Donald Trump’s White House has been criticized this week for his chaotic leadership style and multiple scandals unfolding every day. One looming scandal is Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns.