Kellyanne Conway’s husband slaps down Trump’s ‘smocking gun’ denials

Conservative attorney George Conway — the husband of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway — smacked down the president’s latest denial of criminal wrongdoing.

Why doesn’t conservative Ross Douthat like Trump? He prefers his white supremacy to be polite

Douthat’s argument is built on less than a foundation of sand or mud. It floats on swamp gas. His claim of a decline in WASP culture is based on a fictionalized version of benign whiteness and noblesse oblige. This is the worst sort of nostalgia.

‘Impossible for you to escape justice’: Trump torched by former CIA director for latest unhinged Mueller attack

Former CIA Director John Brennan on Monday fired back at President Donald Trump over his latest tweet attacking the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

‘That’s a lot of Russians!’ Reporter lays out stunning evidence linking Trump campaign to Kremlin

Journalist Garrett Graff appeared on CNN Monday to offer a big-picture summary of what we know about the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russian agents — and it does not look good for the president.

Trump frantically insists Mueller has no ‘Smocking Gun’ to prove collusion in misspelled tweet

President Donald Trump on Monday issued a frantic and misspelled tweet attacking Democrats and special counsel Robert Mueller.

‘Nursing while black’: Tennessee deputy ‘interrogates’ home health aide caring for white patient

A Tennessee nurse says a sheriff’s deputy racially profiled her as suspicious after she went into a white woman’s home to care for her.

Washington Post deputy editor unleashes epic mockery on Mike Pompeo’s failed ‘swagger’ campaign at the State Department

In a hilarious editorial titled “Mike Pompeo swaggers his way to failure,” Washington Post deputy editorial page editor Jackson Diehl unleashed an epic syntactic slam of the newish Secretary of State.

‘Extremely unusual’: At least 14 Trump associates interacted with Russians during the campaign and transition

The Washington Post published a stunning analysis on the interactions between members of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia citizens, including those who offered to help is nomination and bolster his real estate business.

Trump tweets he has several other options for chief of staff — but those people don’t want it either

President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday evening that the “fake news” reporting he went all in on Nick Ayers as his chief of staff, but without Ayers, the options are slim. In fact, those Trump is rumored to be considering aren’t interested in the job either.

Trump ‘doesn’t know what to do’ about chief of staff — so he’s thinking about ultra-conservative Mark Meadows

As Gen. John Kelly is being shoved out of the White House doors by President Donald Trump, the rumor was that Mike Pence’s chief of staff Nick Ayers would replace him. But Sunday, Ayers decided to turn down the option. Now, Trump "doesn't know what to do."

Transcript revealed of assassinated Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s final moments as he screamed for his life

The transcript of the horrifying recording of Jamal Khashoggi’s has been released and it's just as horrific as the initial descriptions.

‘A bully and a bigot’: Columnist brilliantly blows up myth John Kelly was the ‘adult in the room’ keeping Trump in check

“Why did political and media elites pretend he would be a sober and moderate figure, a check or restraint on the president, rather than Trump’s nasty and brutish mini-me?”