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There’s a glaring omission in the Mueller report — and the obstruction of justice question hinges on it

Did President Donald Trump obstruct justice in the course of the Russia investigation? According to a new letter from Attorney General Bill Barr, Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not answer that question directly, only providing evidence for and against the proposition. But...

Mueller probably wrote his own summary — and an ex-federal prosecutor wants to know why Barr didn’t release it

Special counsel Robert Mueller likely wrote his own conclusions and summary, according to one federal prosecutor. For some reason, however, Attorney General Bill Barr didn’t release it and opted for something like a White House “press release” instead.

Scathing NY Times editorial calls out Trump for spinning Mueller report in his favor

On Sunday, The New York Times editorial board said that if special counsel Robert Mueller does not hold Trump accountable for these actions, then the American people and Congress will take up the task.

Here’s how Barr avoided charging Trump — which wasn’t Mueller’s decision: National security reporter

Attorney General William Barr released special counsel Robert Mueller’s report about Russia interference into the 2016 elections.

Bill Barr’s ‘troubling and bizarre’ letter ‘raises many questions’: Former federal prosecutor

Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti explained in a Twitter thread Sunday that special counsel’s findings revealed a lot, but that there is still a great deal that Americans still don’t know.

CNN’s Jake Tapper nails leaders for ignoring proof Russia hacked the 2016 election: Will they prevent it again?

Somewhere lost in President Donald Trump’s victory lap chanting “no collusion,” is that special counsel Robert Mueller proved that Russia did interfere with the 2016 elections.

Republicans backpedal on call for transparency of Mueller report: Washington Post columnist

Republicans voted overwhelmingly to release the Mueller report -- but now, they're back peddling on their promise of transparency.

Mueller’s Trump-Russia report: Here are 7 key details you need to know

Congress finally received a summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the Russia investigation Sunday. It did not get the full report, some of which remains confidential, but Attorney General William Barr sent a letter discussing the “principal”

Attorney General Bill Barr: Mueller report ‘does not exonerate’ Trump

President Donald Trump has not been exonerated with regards to the Russia investigation, U.S. Attorney General William Bar is said to have concluded.

Paul Krugman explains the ‘creepy’ and racist assumptions in Trump’s new economic report

Each year, the White House releases an Economic Report of the President, detailing the administration’s view of the country and the administration’s goals to address ongoing economic trends.

‘Your move, Congress’: Obstruction of justice fight moves to Capitol Hill after Mueller punted and Barr refused to prosecute

Attorney General William Barr on Sunday submitted to Congress his summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on his investigations. Barr said that there was not evidence of collusion with Russia.