White House staffers accelerate plans to bail after Trump’s Helsinki debacle: ‘People are just depressed’

“Nobody wants to take on the public heat of resigning right now, but there are a bunch of people who were thinking maybe they’d leave after the midterms who are very seriously starting to consider accelerating their timetable.”

Fox’s Jeanine Pirro whines Whoopi Goldberg treated her ‘like a dog’ in F-bomb attack after she was kicked off ‘The View’

"She told me ‘get the F out of this building’ and she was screaming at me and I’m walking out of the building like a dog who was just kicked off."
Donald Trump

Trump staffers freaking out because DNI head Coats laughed at president’s invitation to Putin to visit White House: report

“Coats appeared to be laughing at the president, playing to his audience of the intellectual elite in a manner that was sure to infuriate Trump.”

Here are 5 of the craziest Christian fundamentalist cults that feel empowered in the Trump era

President Donald Trump—despite his alleged sexual activity with porn star Stormy Daniels, two divorces, lack of Biblical knowledge and a reputation for having a very foul mouth at times—has, ironically, become an icon of the Christian Right in the United States.

WATCH: White woman tells biracial family to ‘get out of Berkeley’ and then plays the victim when cops show up

A biracial family in Berkeley, California, was out for a walk when a white woman began following and harassing them.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign strategist Tad Devine turns up 16 times in evidence against Paul Manafort

Tad Devine, who helped run the Vermont senator’s Democratic primary campaign, shows up 16 times in a list of nearly 500 evidence exhibits published Wednesday evening by prosecutors in the Manafort case.

‘Needs to inspect his newly annexed territory’: Trump invites Putin to the US and Twitter explodes

"I hope there's a picture taken when Putin sits at the desk in the Oval."

27-year-old Bristol Palin announces she is joining cast of ‘Teen Mom OG’

Bristol Palin, the daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, will star on Teen Mom O.G.

WaWa gas station clerk falsely accuses black woman of shoplifting because of her ‘big afro’

Wawa’s, that great purveyor of gasoline, snacks and sandwiches, may owe a customer an apology after an employee accused her of stealing because of her hair.

These are the key witnesses the GOP wouldn’t allow Dems to question for Russia investigation — including NRA officials

Maria Butina was not the only person that Republicans wouldn’t allow Democrats to subpoena or question for the House investigation into the Russia hack of the 2016 election.

LEAKED: Putin pitched Trump on Crimea deal — and promised him it wouldn’t go public

A new report from Bloomberg claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin made a proposal to President Donald Trump to resolve the dispute over the annexed territory of Crimea.

Ohio city comes together to scrub away racist ‘Hail Trump’ graffiti on victims’ home

47-year-old Patricia Edelen was arrested and charged with ethnic intimidation and criminal mischief and property damage after she vandalized a house on her street.