‘Flummoxed’ Trump thought he’d ‘shown strength’ in Helsinki until watching cable news: report

Donald Trump thought that he performed well at his summit with the Russian dictator who worked to install him in office and only learned that he’d flopped after watching cable news, according to a new report by the Washington Post.

Trump staffers whine to Fox News about being exiled from DC dating scene: ‘We now all date one another — it’s safer that way’

Young Republicans haver been thoroughly exiled from the mainstream Washington, D.C. dating scene and have taken to hiding their political affiliations on first dates or only dating people from work, according to a new report from Fox News.

Harvard Bible scholar uncovers evidence that passage condemning gays was rewritten — original specifically said gay sex was fine

The original version of Leviticus expressly permitted gay sex, a Biblical scholar writes in the New York Times.

White Georgia student accidentally texts racial slur to new black roommate then attempts lamest excuse ever

A white student at Georgia Southern University sent racist text messages to her new roommate, who is black, reports BuzzFeed News. The white student, who was not identified, was intending to text comments about her new roommate to a friend named Hannah.

Rand Paul spent his political contributions on lavish Italian vacation with limo service and luxury hotel: report

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is a fierce critic of government spending. But the Kentuckian also has a taste for the good life and is not opposed to having a nice vacation on his donor’s dime, according to information reviewed by the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics.

Revealed: Pre-election FBI memo says Carter Page was ‘collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government’

President Donald Trump’s claim is that the Russian investigation was launched by “sore losers” in the political establishment. A memo newly released says otherwise.

Julian Assange will ‘immediately’ be ejected from embassy to face possible prosecution: Glen Greenwald report

Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange will be “immediately” forced out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, according to a new report from close Assange ally Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald reports that the president of Ecuador traveled to London on Friday ostensibly to give a speech—but actually to finalize negotiations on Assange’s fate.

Neighbor calls police on black businessman opening new spot in San Francisco: report

A black businessman in San Francisco explained the hardships of trying to open a business in gentrified neighborhood. Vicktor Stevenson is the proprietor of Gourmonade, a permanent lemonade stand that recently opened on Valencia Street in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Sheriff’s deputy fired after posting selfie where she wore hate group’s hoodie

A sheriff’s deputy in Washington state has been fired for wearing a hooded sweatshirt bearing the logo of alt-right group Proud Boys. The female deputy, Erin Willey, posted a selfie of herself wearing a hoodie bearing a logo for a female offshoot of the Western Chauvinist” organization which claim to stand up for “traditional values.”

What Fresh Hell? Our Manchurian President shows his true colors

What a long, tough year this past week has been.

Trump snarled at aides after AP reporter asked him embarrassing question in front of Putin: report

President Donald Trump fumed that a reporter asked the one question on everyone’s minds during his joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Who the hell is Bill Browder — and why does Putin want to get his paws on him so badly?

Anyone who has intermittently tried to follow the shadowplay narrative of Russian history and politics during the Putin era heard alarm bells going off, and perhaps felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up at teh mention of Browder.