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Republican Martha McSally absolutely destroyed by GOP consultant for her defense of Trump

Interim-Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) was shut down on Twitter on Friday by a top Republican as she tried to defend President Donald Trump on Twitter.

Mike Pompeo screamed at reporter she couldn’t find Ukraine on a map — she did and the interview was shut down

Internet mocks Trump for stealing Star Trek Starfleet logo for his Space Force


Mitt Romney whines he’s bored and doesn’t care about impeachment because ‘no one is watching’

Sky Palma

GOP senator denies knowing Lev Parnas: ‘Rudy gets around and he has some cosmopolitan friends’

Bob Brigham

Trump lawyers ‘opened the door’ for him to testify — here are the questions George Conway would ask

Eric W. Dolan

Mike Pompeo flails as NPR radio host grills him over the Ukraine scandal and Marie Yovanovitch

Alex Henderson, AlterNet

Republican lawmakers personally made millions from their giant tax cut: report

Sarah K. Burris

LISTEN: Ex-Democrat turned Republican promised to never vote for Trump — right before pledging his ‘undying support’ to him

Igor Derysh, Salon

Trump displays ‘serious signs’ of cognitive deterioration as his impeachment trial ramps up

Common Dreams

In open letter to Brazilian authorities, 40+ rights groups condemn ‘attempt to intimidate and retaliate against’ Glenn Greenwald

David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement

Pentagon triples number of US troops with traumatic brain injury after Iran attack – Trump said they were just ‘headaches’

Agence France-Presse

Trump at anti-abortion rally as Democrats wrap impeachment case

Gary M. Kramer, Salon

Tommy Chong waxes philosophical about his stoner persona, jazz music, and dealing with Trump

Brad Reed

Trump’s spiritual guru claims prayer ‘statistically proven’ to reduce crime

Agence France-Presse

Ohio vice police officers fired for wrongfully arresting Stormy Daniels

Sky Palma

Man begged for his life as he was beaten to death for over an hour in disturbing racial hate crime

Terry H. Schwadron, DCReport @ RawStory

The absurd antics of Trump’s lawyers have turned the Senate trial into a bad episode of the Twilight Zone

Terry H. Schwadron, DCReport @ RawStory

Trump’s infuriating sham of an impeachment trial confirms our worst fears

Sarah Okeson, DCReport @ RawStory

Get ready for Enron II: Republicans are re-opening the energy market to underhanded dealing

Bandy X. Lee, DC Report @Raw Story

A psychiatrist explains the disturbing truth about how Trump’s madness infected Alan Dershowitz

Terry H. Schwadron, DCReport @ RawStory
devin nunes hold up

What about Devin Nunes? Trump impeachment trial begins today — but shouldn’t Nunes be in trouble, too?

Phil Mattera, DC Report @ Raw Story

These corporations are spending the most to undo our democracy — thanks to Citizens United

Terry H. Schwadron, DCReport @ RawStory

Trump’s obsession to wipe out all of Obama’s achievements is without bounds – even at the cost of children’s health

Terry H. Schwadron, DCReport @ RawStory

McConnell is surely preparing a minefield of procedural moves to save Trump’s skin

Dana Kennedy, DCReport @ RawStory

It looks like the Donald Trump-Boris Johnson honeymoon is finally over — thanks to China

Phil Mattera, DC Report @ Raw Story

Federal prosecutors target foreign corporations for illegal activities US companies commit all the time

Terry H. Schwadron, DCReport @ RawStory

Trump just started the new year with a dangerous new push

Bandy X. Lee, DC Report @Raw Story

Yale psychiatrist explains how Trump’s psychosis has spread to his rank-and-file supporters — and much of the GOP

Sarah Okeson, DCReport @ RawStory

Wall Street superpower Goldman Sachs just set up a new Cayman Island company — and they have a plan



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