CNN issues an ominous warning about the Mueller report

On Monday, CNN reporter Pamela Brown detailed that President Donald Trump might have the opportunity to “edit” special counsel Robert Mueller’s report before it reaches the public.

Internet ridicules ‘snowflake’ Devin Nunes for suing parody accounts for ‘extreme pain and suffering’

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) was the butt of the joke online Monday, after it was revealed he was suing Twitter and several parody accounts on the social networking site.

BOMBSHELL: Trump asked Deutsche Bank to overstate his wealth to NFL in failed attempt to buy Buffalo Bills

When President Donald Trump placed a bid to buy the Buffalo Bills franchise in 2014, he did so with the help of longtime lender Deutsche Bank.

Trump tried to renege on a promise he made to take Deutsche Bank staff to Mar-a-Lago: report

President Donald Trump’s relationship with Deutsche Bank was exposed in all its glory in a shocking, new bombshell report. According to the New York Times, Trump was dealing with a bank team led by Richard Byrne in 2003.

REVEALED: Trump told Deutsche he was worth $3 billion — but the reality was a whole lot less

An explosive new report from the New York Times claims that Deutsche Bank employees determined that President Donald Trump was lying to them about his personal wealth, which was vastly less than what he’d claimed.

Republicans revolt against conservative senator for his national emergency vote — and show why the GOP is terrified to stand up to Trump

On Monday, the Kansas City Star reported that Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) has been disinvited from an upcoming GOP event in Christian County, one of the most conservative parts of the state, in retaliation for his vote to affirm the House resolution canceling President Donald Trump’s national emergency to build a border wall:

Gun Store asks social media followers: Was New Zealand shooting a tragedy or was it ‘f*cking great?’

A gun supply store in St.Louis named Tactical Sh*t posted a disgraceful remark about the New Zealand mascara on social media, reported River Front Times. The death toll is at least 50 people according to CNN. A person running the Facebook page asked followers to answer the following poll:

Donald Trump is not well — and the nation isn’t safe: analysis

Trump’s continuing attacks on John McCain reveal a troubled mind -- and the United States is no longer safe.

Congressman posts meme advocating civil war – deletes it after mockery shows his own state would lose

U.S. Congressman Steve King is stirring up division once again – or at least trying to.

Deutsche Bank execs repeatedly ignored major ‘red flags’ around Trump’s shady finances: NYT

A major new report from the New York Times indicates that executives at Deutsche Bank saw major “red flags” surrounding President Donald Trump’s financial dealings — but they kept funding him anyway, in part because he helped bring prestige to their institution.
devin nunes defeat

Devin Nunes sues Twitter for parody account pretending to be his mom and cow

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is furious at parody accounts on Twitter claiming to be his mom and one of his cows. According to Fox News, Nunes is sick of being mocked and ridiculed on Twitter and is striking back.