Fox’s Terry Bradshaw lights up Trump on Sunday broadcast: He doesn’t understand what freedom means

Longtime Fox Sports anchor Terry Bradshaw suggested over the weekend that President Donald Trump does not have a basic understanding of the freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

Entire team takes a knee: Pittsburgh Steelers to stay in locker room during anthem after Trump’s attacks

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said on Sunday that the team was planning the largest protest yet against President Donald Trump.

‘You are stupid as a rock’: Ted Lieu burns down Steve Mnuchin for denying NFL players’ right to protest

Rep. Steve Lieu? (D-CA) took a shot at Steve Mnuchin on Sunday after the treasury secretary defended President Donald Trump’s free speech rights but said that NFL players should be punished for not standing for the national anthem.

WATCH: NFL players, coaches and owner take knees and lock arms at London game in defiance of Trump

#TakeTheKnee Sunday is happening in a major rebuke to President Donald Trump

Colin Kaepernick’s mom responds to Trump: ‘Guess that makes me a proud b*tch!’

Teresa Kaepernick — mother of former San Francisco 49ers player Colin Kaepernick — blasted President Donald Trump’s remarks on Saturday.

Chicago Bulls player Robin Lopez dunks on Trump in hilarious tweet

Chicago Bulls player Robin Lopez chimed in to the controversy raised by President Donald Trump’s remarks in Alabama on Friday night with a sly tweet aimed at friendly rivals the Golden State Warriors.

Trump launches Twitter attack on ‘boring’ NFL with call to ‘fire or suspend’ players who kneel during anthem

President Donald Trump continued his weekend-long obsession with a few football players kneeling during the national anthem by telling NFL owners they need to “fire of suspend” players or face the wrath of fans.

Bodycam video shows New Jersey cops assaulted black epileptic man during seizure

A man who alleges he was beaten by police officers two years ago when he was suffering from a seizure is now suing the borough, police department and officers who arrested him.

‘Tell them to stand!’: Trump lashes out at NFL commissioner, Democrats, Iran and McCain in afternoon rant

President Donald Trump shot out a trio of testy tweets on Saturday afternoon, attacking NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the nation of Iran, Democrats and Arizona Sen. John McCain (R).

Trump: Athletes given the ‘privilege’ of making millions shouldn’t be ‘allowed’ to protest against US policies

Donald Trump continued his war of words against black professional athletes as the president doubled down against those showing insufficient respect -- in his eyes.

Texas lawmaker apologizes for calling black district attorneys ‘f*cking n**gers’ out to get ‘taco eaters’

A lawmaker in Brownsville, Texas has apologized after he was caught on tape calling two district attorneys “f*cking n**gers” while complaining about how they do their jobs.