Former Army lawyer rips Trump’s scheme to pardon war criminals: ‘This makes me sick’

Former U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Glenn Kirschner on Saturday ripped President Donald Trump after The New York Times reported President Donald Trump was considering pardoning war criminals.

RNC chair absolutely freaked out after Republican congressman explained why Trump must be impeached

The chair of the Republican National Committee publicly lashed out at a GOP congressman on Saturday after he detailed why President Donald Trump must be impeached.

Impeachment crosses bipartisanship threshold after GOP congressman admits ‘Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct’

Efforts to impeach President Donald Trump crossed an important threshold on Saturday after a Republican member of Congress admitted that Trump has “engaged in impeachable conduct.”

Trump labeled Democrats as ‘crazy’ for obeying federal law and treaties

President Donald Trump on Saturday lashed out at Democrats with a Twitter rant that was unhinged enough to be partially written in all capital letters.

Kellyanne Conway’s husband celebrates the first Republican to back Trump’s impeachment

The first Republican to back the impeachment of Donald Trump was praised by prominent GOP attorney George Conway, who is married to White House councilor Kellyanne Conway.

Republican Congressman backing impeachment praised as ‘the first crack in the armor’ for Trump

Republican Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan was praised on Saturday for being the first GOP member of Congress to back impeachment.

America was never a Christian nation: Constitutional attorney demolishes right-wing myths about the Founding Fathers

It’s not an idea that is based on facts or history or reality. It is revisionist, and it is, I think, one of the greatest threats our country faces right now.

GOP spokesperson repeatedly calls nurse-turned-Democrat lawmaker a ‘fake nurse’ — and gets buried on Twitter

On Friday, National Republican Congressional Committee spokesperson Carly Atchison took aim at freshman Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-IL), claiming that her prescription drug pricing bill “has no chance of passage in the Senate” and is only intended to “score her political points!”

Former Indiana lawmaker: Pete Buttigieg can’t be president because ‘homosexuals’ die young

He once proposed a twelve-year jail sentence for the "crime" of being gay.

Actor Jim Carey argues Alabama’s Republican governor should have been aborted

Actor Jim Carey on Saturday blasted Alabama Governor Kay Ivey for signing an abortion ban.

Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize? Japan’s nomination is part of a strategic plan

On May 3, North Korea, a nuclear power, launched short-range missiles off its east coast, uncomfortably close to neighboring Japan. It is not the first time North Korea has shot ballistic missiles over, near or into Japanese territory in recent years.

Ocasio-Cortez joins billionaire Warren Buffet to wage war on overpaid CEO’s of failing banks

"It still blows my mind that the CEOs who crashed our economy + caused millions of people to lose their homes not only escaped handcuffs; but got bonuses, too."

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