Donald Trump Jr. pushes article that tries to slut shame Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser

Donald Trump Jr. on Thursday promoted a tweet by right-wing propagandist Dinesh D’Souza that explicitly endorses a blog post whose sole purpose is to slut shame the woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape.

Conservative columnist has perfect solution for Kavanaugh accuser to avoid GOP bullying and state her case

A conservative columnist for the Washington Post wants to see the truth about a possible sexual assault committed by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh come out.

Has the anonymous author behind the explosive New York Times op-ed finally been revealed?

On Aug. 10, 2017, Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen of Axios wrote a story about a close group of Washington insiders — senior officers who sought quietly to restrain President Trump from his worst inclinations, and thereby shield the nation from disaster.

GOP donor busted for calling Obama a ‘Muslim n*gger’ — then repeatedly uses racial slurs to justify himself

A Republican donor complained that black comedians can use racial slurs but he can’t — despite his repeated use of the N-word on social media and during interviews with reporters.

Trump-loving Ron DeSantis hit with another racism scandal after his wife hangs out with notorious ‘birther’

Ron DeSantis, the Trump-loving Republican candidate for governor in Florida, has found himself involved in yet another racism controversy.

Grassley aide who could question Dr. Ford deletes tweets after suggesting he’s ‘unfazed’ by sexual assault claims

An aide for Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) reportedly deleted a series of tweets this week after he was caught suggesting he was “unfazed” by sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

CNN spots Brett Kavanaugh huddling at White House for fourth day in a row

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday was spotted at the White House for the fourth day in a row.

GOP insider ‘paranoid’ that ‘another shoe is about to drop’ in Kavanaugh sex assault investigation

Speaking with a White House correspondent from Axios, a GOP insider who is privy to discussions between the Oval Office and Republican leaders says there is tension that another “shoe may drop.”

Trump built ‘Moscow’s dream team’ of advisers as Russia started campaign to undermine Clinton: NYT report

When then-candidate Donald Trump announced his team of foreign policy advisers in March 2016, many establishment national security officials expressed bafflement at some of the obscure names listed.
Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh

Former Georgetown Prep classmate calls Kavanaugh accusations ‘story I know was repeated dozens of times’

One fellow classmate of Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge is calling out a history of incidents he heard about while at Georgetown Prep.

Manafort’s plea deal signals we may be ‘in the fourth quarter’ of Mueller’s probe: James Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey this week told St. Louis Public Radio that special counsel Robert Mueller’s successful bid to get former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to cooperate with his investigation shows that he may soon wrap up his probe.

Yale student said she was warned Brett Kavanaugh liked his law clerks to ‘look a certain way’

Another incident has come to light about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.