BUSTED: Rudy Giuliani caught undermining Trump sanctions against corruption in the Congo

The corruption surrounding President Donald Trump includes close allies lobbying the administration for foreign governments targeted by US sanctions. Now it seems his own attorney is working to undermine his administration's policies.

‘Furious’ John Kelly left detailed notes on Trump and Kushner in view of his staff: report

Outgoing White House chief of staff John Kelly is reportedly “furious” at Donald Trump and his son-in-law adviser Jared Kushner for pushing him out of the role. So, here's what he did...

Scrambling Trump dusts off past arguments against Russian collusion in desperate tweets

As news about his chief of staff’s exit and the mounting collusion and obstruction investigations reached a head Monday, President Donald Trump decided to resurrect a favorite topic on Twitter.

Trump already gave Nick Ayers an assignment as chief of staff — now he’s ‘humiliated’ and ‘super pissed’ he’s back to the drawing board

CNN reported Monday that President Donald Trump is “humiliated” and “super pissed” that Nick Ayers was going to be his chief of staff but then pulled out at the last minute.

‘Deliverance sequel’: Internet in stitches as Jon Voight throws his name in the ring for Trump’s next chief of staff

Pro-Trump actor Jon Voight was seen cavorting at the White House on Monday — and suggested to a reporter that he’s ready to be the president’s next chief of staff.

Here’s the solution to the Democrats’ impeachment dilemma

If President Donald Trump is brought down, it will be Republicans who finally seal his fate, not Democrats.

Florida’s Frederica Wilson destroys John Kelly on his way out – and suggests he beg America for forgiveness

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) blasted chief of staff John Kelly on his way out of the White House and noted he should beg America for forgiveness for the disastrous treatment of Sgt. La David Johnson’s family after he was killed in Niger.

Ready for President Pelosi? Trump and Pence could both go down in unprecedented impeachment

So, now that we know that Donald Trump and Mike Pence reached the White House through at least two specific and separate criminal conspiracies, what do we do about it?

Ex-Trump campaign staffer ordered to pay $25K for violating NDA when she sued for discrimination

A former Trump campaign official was ordered to pay $25,000 for violating her nondisclosure agreement — which the campaign claims happened when she sued for discrimination.

Conservative columnist nails the one word in Mueller’s Cohen memo that may prove ‘collusion’

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin on Monday explained how one word in Michael Cohen’s sentencing memo may prove collusion between Donald Trump and Russia.

Trump is reaching new heights of self-delusion — and his desperate flailing is clear for all to see

Trump has ended a newsy week with a barrage of what by even his own standards are pretty down-is-up and untrue statements.

Trump whining about low staff morale and disloyal aides as White House scrambles to replace John Kelly: report

President Donald Trump is reportedly angry at his staffers for exhibiting low morale amid the search for a replacement for his  outgoing chief of staff John Kelly.