Yogurt shop employees ‘scared’ of black man supervising mother-son custody visit — so cops ask him to ‘move along’

The owner of a frozen yogurt shop called police on a black man overseeing a custody visit between a woman and her son, and the U.S. Air Force veteran said he’s more sad than angry.

Donald Trump isn’t our president — he is the Jefferson Davis of a new red state confederacy in a slow-motion civil war

Like a blind squirrel who found an acorn, Steve Bannon was right that Trump’s remarks after Charlottesville were a defining moment in his presidency.

GOP senator under fire for racist comments accepts $2,700 donation from notorious white supremacist

A Republican senator already under fire for apparently racist remarks accepted a donation this week from an out-of-state white supremacist.
evangelical christian church girl

This book was beloved by evangelical Christians — but the author now says it’s harmful bunk

The anti-sex puritanism of the religious right has done serious harm to a generation.

Republicans were humiliated 3 times in federal court this week — all by judges Trump appointed

One of the only major accomplishments Republicans can claim in the past two years was their transformation of the federal judiciary.

Here are 5 signs extreme wealth deadens the ’empathy’ and ‘honesty’ parts of the brain

The wealthy give plenty of excuses for our outrageously unjust society. They just go to show that extreme wealth can destroy your brain.

‘Raging conservative’ teen accused of killing his mom over bad grades and burying her body at church

A Florida teen accused of killing his mother and burying her body at a nearby church bragged about being a “raging conservative” and visiting Trump Tower on his Facebook profile.

Trump’s attorney general appointment Matt Whitaker challenged at Supreme Court

The fight over President Donald Trump’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general has reached the U.S. Supreme Court, with lawyers in a pending gun rights case asking the justices on Friday to decide if the action was lawful.

Trump advisers growing alarmed as president keeps asking about Pence’s loyalty: New York Times

President Donald Trump has been asking in “one conversation after another” if his vice president, Mike Pence, is loyal to him, according to sources who spoke to the New York Times.

Sarah Sanders issues petty and false statement after CNN humiliates the White House in court

CNN thoroughly and fittingly embarrassed the White House Friday when a federal judge ruled that it must return reporter Jim Acosta’s press pass after it was summarily taken away last week.

This is the only strategy that Donald Trump understands– and it’s going to backfire on him spectacularly

Trump is escalating his attacks on Mueller and the DOJ because he believes that is how he will get out of this mess.

Trump won’t visit troops in war zones because he doesn’t believe they should be there

President Donald Trump has not yet visited troops in war zones, after nearly two years on the job and despite his apparent love for military pageantry.