California Republican admits ‘the Grand Old Party is dead’ as Democrats rack up more House seats

A few Congressional races were called in California one week after the midterm election. According to the Los Angeles Times, Central Valley Republican Rep. Jeff Denham lost his seat to Democrat Josh Harder Tuesday evening as counting continued.

NYT critic pens scathing retraction of glowing Jeff Flake book review: 'Class act with a faint heart' that couldn't even convince Flake

A New York Times literary critic issued a scathing retraction of her initially “kind” review of Sen. Jeff Flake’s book given the Arizona Republican’s record on Donald Trump.

Voting machines are overheating in Florida in the middle of the state’s recount: report

Voting machines overheated and stopped working in the midst of the recount in Palm Beach, Florida — forcing staffers to redo a recount of nearly 180,000 ballots.

White supremacists barred from holding a rally at the country’s largest Confederate monument during the Super Bowl

White supremacists were denied a permit to hold a rally at Stone Mountain, Georgia during Super Bowl LII in February 2019 because, according to officials, it would present “a clear and present danger.”

Media critic rips Sarah Sanders’ response to CNN lawsuit: There’s a reason lawyers want short statements from defendants

In response to President Donald Trump revoking CNN’s White House Correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass,  the network has a filed a lawsuit against Trump and top aides.

Marie Claire finds hidden message about Ivanka Trump’s political future — in her hair color

Palace intrigue has gripped this White House, especially surrounding senior advisor and first daughter Ivanka Trump. But some see a hidden warning from Ivanka when it comes not to her leadership style or public comments, but in her hair.

Neo-Nazis harassed Pittsburgh synagogue months before massacre — and then outed themselves in leaked chats

Members of a neo-Nazi group formed in the wake of the deadly Charlottesville rally outed themselves as perpetrating hate crimes and sharing bomb manuals in leaked Discord chat logs.

Self-described ‘Trump troll’ reveals why he stopped listening to GOP pundits — and started voting for Dems

A self-described former “Trump troll” revealed why he stopped listening to conservative pundits and joined the “Blue Wave” during the 2018 midterm elections.

Ousted Republican Congressman warns GOP to ‘wake up’: The party is being held hostage by Trump

Mark Sanford a Republican representative from South Carolina warned that after a devastating midterm lost for Republicans that it’s time for the GOP to wake up in an article for The New York Times.

This psychiatrist believes Trump suffers from a ‘God complex’ and is ‘erotically attached to violence’ — here’s why

"Trump does not need a gun. Words are his bullets. He enables other people to buy their own guns and fill the barrels with his tweets and just shoot people. It’s a very disturbing quality."

White House aides are ‘avoiding’ Trump as he retreats in midst of midterm losses and Mueller Probe

The walls are closing in on President Donald Trump, and he is starting to feel it. According to The Los Angles Times, White House aides are “avoiding” Trump and his “furious” behavior.

Mira Ricardel fired as deputy national security advisor after being slammed by Melania Trump: report

The reported firing comes shortly after First Lady Melania Trump released a statement on Tuesday saying Ricardel no longer deserved to work in the White House.