Eric Trump and Don Jr. are planning to open ‘plantation-style’ luxury hotels in poor black areas

Trump brothers, Eric and Donald Jr. are investing in luxury resorts on one of the poorest corners in America as part of a program they’re calling an “American Idea.”

FBI intercepted and arrested a Russian spy as she closed in on Hillary Clinton in 2010: report

When Hillary Clinton took on her duties as Secretary of State, federal agents watched the Kremlin mobilize multiple initiatives designed to penetrate Clinton’s inner circle including a New Jersey accountant named Cynthia Murphy, a 10-year 'sleeper agent' for the Kremlin.

‘That is wrong’: McCain whacks Trump over ‘bone spur’ excuse to dodge the Vietnam draft

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) swatted President Donald Trump during an interview about the Vietnam War on Sunday — without ever mentioning the former reality TV game show host by name.

Oregon man blows hand apart – gets charged with assault because one of the pieces hit a cop

An Oregon man is facing an assault charge after he detonated a small bomb inside his car that caused part of his hand to blow off and hit a nearby officer.

Einstein’s theory of happy living emerges in Tokyo note from 1922

A note that Albert Einstein gave to a courier in Tokyo, briefly describing his theory on happy living, has surfaced after 95 years and is up for auction in Jerusalem.

Are billionaire GOP mega-donors the Mercers getting ripped off by their poisonous proteges?

Billionaire Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah are known as deep-pocketed patrons of the far-right, but some allies say their support of "alt-right" avatars Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos is wasted money.

Texas death row execution halted as case takes a strange twist

Texas inmate Larry Swearingen has been sitting on death row for 17 years.

Montana Republican: I ‘would have shot’ Guardian reporter who was assaulted by Greg Gianforte

A Montana Republican official boasted this week that she “would have shot” Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs, who was attacked and injured by then-congressional candidate Greg Gianforte.

Right-wingers got duped by phony Facebook post in which grieving widow attacked Rep. Wilson

A widely-shared Facebook post purporting to be from Myeshia Johnson — widow of fallen Green Beret Sgt. La David Johnson — is a fake, according to Snopes.com. The post has been widely shared by conservatives and Trump supporters.

Tom Price’s wife defends HIV ‘quarantine’ remark: ‘Provocative’ statement was taken ‘out of context’

Georgia state Rep. Betty Price (R) — wife of ousted Health and Human Services Sec. Tom Price — spoke out this weekend in defense of her controversial remarks about quarantining people with HIV and surveilling their sexual and romantic partners.

Director James Toback accused of sexual harassment by 38 women

He prowled the streets of Manhattan looking for attractive young women, usually in their early 20s, sometimes college students, on occasion a high schooler. He approached them in Central Park, standing in line at a bank or drug store or at a copy center while they worked on their resumes.

Trump and Kelly have a problem with women of color who don’t know their place

Trump race-baits not just for cynical political reasons—though that's part of it—but because he, too, is deeply racist, so much that his presidency is basically a live-action revenge fantasy against the country’s first black president.