‘Suspicious transactions’: Deutsche Bank flags Kushner deals and offers records to Mueller probe

A German bank reportedly has evidence of “suspicious transactions” related to Jared Kushner’s family accounts and is willing to hand the information over to Russia probe special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump administration tries to keep agencies open — but only to deflect bad PR from shutdown

President Donald Trump’s White House is trying to keep key federal agencies running in spite of the government shutdown, but only because they want to blunt the political impact against the administration.

Prominent Russian insiders attended Trump inaugural and mingled with administration officials: report

One Russian pharmaceutical executive had his picture taken with eventual CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Joe Arpaio files to have his conviction reversed again

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has filed, again, to have a contempt of court conviction cleared before he starts campaigning to be Arizona’s next senator.

What Fresh Hell? #TrumpShutdown Edition

Fun fact: this week, federal agencies prepared for such a possibility for the fourth time in Donald Trump’s first year in office. It’s also the first time in history a shutdown has occurred when one party controlled all three branches of government. He did say he’d run the country like a business; he just failed to tell us that the business would be Trump Airlines.

A US city has been shaking for 7 days straight: Why?

In the past month, parts of Reno, Nevada, have experienced a total of 274 known earthquakes.

Trump privately fumed about missing ‘my party’ if the government shuts down: report

Donald Trump spent the lead-up to the government shutdown privately fuming about the prospect of missing his year anniversary party at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump Twitter-rages at Democrats after GOP-controlled House and Senate fail to stop government shutdown

Trump was up early pouting, complaining and blaming Democrats for ruining his one year anniversary.

Senior Kentucky police official instructed recruit to shoot black teens for smoking weed

The former assistant police chief of Prospect, Kentucky once instructed a recruit to shoot black people if he caught them smoking marijuana.

FBI opens inquiry into Missouri GOP governor accused of blackmailing his partner in adulterous affair

The FBI has opened an inquiry into Missouri GOP Gov. Eric Greitens.