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David Hogg demands young voters vote out NRA shills in Washington: ‘You can hear the people in power shaking

In a fiery speech to the Washington, D.C. March For Our Lives, Parkland, Florida, student-turned-activist David Hogg went off on politicians who choose the NRA over Americans.

See the massive crowds at #MarchForOurLives all over the world demanding action on guns

March for Our Lives events are drawing massive crowds throughout the east coast as citizens gather to seek policy solutions to America’s epidemic of gun violence.

Why is the religious right attacking UNICEF? You might not believe the answer

On Tuesday, people walking by UNICEF’s headquarters in Manhattan were met with a strange sight: A group of protesters accusing the venerable United Nations children’s welfare organization of harboring a shadowy pedophile agenda.

What fresh hell? Multiple puppeteers are pulling Trump’s strings edition

Welcome to another edition of What Fresh Hell? -- Raw Story’s roundup of news items that might have become controversies under another regime, but got buried – or were at least under-appreciated – due to the daily firehose of political pratfalls...

Here are the top 3 theories for why Trump used back-door stairs to board Air Force One

As President Donald Trump arrived at Joint Base Andrews to depart for another weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, the White House press corps noticed two fascinating details.

“You can’t put a silencer on the voice of the people’: The most profound #MarchForOurLives protest signs

As hundreds of thousands of Americans take to the streets to advocate for gun control, many are posting pictures of their favorite signs on social media.

Trump claims he celebrates protesting students — but still refuses to support the laws they demand

There are no public events scheduled on the White House calendar for President Donald Trump Saturday. However, the White House press pool arrived at the golf club awaiting the president.

The first school shooting was more than 150 years ago — and changed the way courts see the Second Amendment

More than 150 years ago, in Louisville, Kentucky, William Butler was murdered by Matthews F. Ward. It was the first ever school shooting and it was merely 1853.

‘We’ll do the work where adults haven’t been willing to’: How Parkland students are preparing for the #MarchForOurLives

While the streets of D.C. will be full of those supporting the Never Again movement, students across the country are also coming together in their own communities.

‘We’re in trouble’: Malcolm Nance sounds the alarm on ‘democracy under attack’ by conservatives ‘owned by the Kremlin’

Author and security expert Malcolm Nance sounded the alarm on a growing existential threat on liberal democracies across the globe and the increase of conservative parties that are “owned by the Kremlin.”

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe pens shocking op-ed schooling Jeff Sessions on definition of ‘candor’

In a shocking op-ed that was posted Friday night, former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe schooled Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the proper definition of “candor.” “

Coal baron mocked by John Oliver sends rambling, self-pitying letter to judge

Bob Murray was labeled “a geriatric Dr. Evil” in an episode of Oliver’s HBO show, which highlighted incidents like a 2007 collapse caused by unauthorized mining practices in Utah which killed six miners.