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Travis Gettys

‘Let’s have Stormy Daniels week’: MSNBC’s Morning Joe urges Dems to call GOP bluff and expose all of Trump’s crimes

Robert Reich

Who is worse: Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell ?

Alex Henderson, AlterNet

Trump administration has a new excuse for delaying Ukraine aid — but CNN’s Elie Honig isn’t buying it

Bob Brigham

WATCH: Republicans throw tantrum and call Chairman Nadler a ‘dictator’ for announcing Friday vote on impeachment

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet

Mitch McConnell says he’s in ‘total coordination with the White House’ on Trump’s impeachment

Matthew Chapman

‘People died in Ukraine’: Democrat lectures Doug Collins for Trump’s abuse of power costing lives

Bob Brigham

WATCH: Republican Doug Collins storms out of impeachment hearing after angry rant

Sarah K. Burris

Matt Gaetz insists he wasn’t paying ‘much attention’ as he got burned during hearing – but video shows otherwise

Sarah K. Burris

CNN’s Jake Tapper does line-by-line fact check of Jim Jordan’s nonstop misleading statements during impeachment hearing

Brad Reed

‘It’s all distractions’: CNN panel obliterates GOP for totally refusing to discuss Trump’s conduct

Travis Gettys

Rhode Island Dem perfectly explains why Trump should be impeached — and not face re-election

Sarah K. Burris

‘Pot calling kettle black’: Hearing erupts in laughter after Matt Gaetz gets humiliated for attacking Hunter Biden’s drug use

Tom Boggioni

‘Where’s Melania?’ The View hosts blister first lady for ignoring ‘bully-in-chief’ Trump’s attack on Greta Thunberg

David Cay Johnston, DC Report @ Raw Story

David Cay Johnston: Senators have a choice — convict Trump or crown Him

Sarah Okeson, DCReport @ RawStory

Trump’s forest service moves to open ‘America’s Amazon’ to loggers

David Cay Johnston, DC Report @ Raw Story

‘Useful Idiots’: Tonight’s impeachment debate will show how the GOP is now the ‘Grand Old Putin’ party

Terry H. Schwadron, DCReport @ RawStory

A startling trove of documents reveals the truth about Afghanistan

Sarah Okeson, DCReport @ RawStory

Trump’s Interior Department stacks environmental panel with anti-environmentalists

Bandy X. Lee, DC Report @Raw Story

Congress must weigh Trump’s poisonous narcissism — as well as his corruption: Yale psychiatrist

Terry H. Schwadron, DCReport @ RawStory

Mueller Report Redux: Bill Barr is about to undercut a report on the origins of the Trump-Kremlin investigation

Terry H. Schwadron, DCReport @ RawStory

The real DC showdown: Pelosi vs. Trump

Terry H. Schwadron, DCReport @ RawStory

Congress schooled in the Constitution: Impeachment hearing was less about the answers than about the questions

Sarah Okeson, DCReport @ RawStory

The Army just quietly re-opened its infamous germ warfare lab that experiments with Ebola, plague and other deadly toxins

David Cay Johnston, DCReport @ RawStory

A fantasy world of hate, anger, revenge and lies: Junior’s book says a lot more about the Trump family than he knows

Dana Kennedy, DCReport @ RawStory

World to the US: ‘What the hell is going on’ with Trump’s ‘shady cast of characters?’

Terry H. Schwadron, DCReport @ RawStory

Thanksgiving ‘war’ correspondent bravely reports from the front



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