‘Military Dictatorships for Dummies’: Internet appalled after Huckabee Sanders says generals can’t be questioned

Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday made a stunning remark about the appropriateness of questioning a four star Marine general, lambasting members of the press -- the internet is striking back:

Federica Wilson says Trump admin is ‘full of white supremacists’ — and that she ‘feels sorry’ for John Kelly

Commenting on a feud that began in defense of a grieving widow, Rep. Frederica Wilson had harsh words for both White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and the president he serves.

Cops Taser 86-year-old unarmed black man for his own safety — leaving him in intensive care

Kingstree Police Officer Stephen Sweikata said he deployed a Taser on Chatfield because he was worried for the man’s safety.

3 men arrested for attempted homicide after Richard Spencer’s speech gave Nazi salute before shooting at protestors

According to police, the trio argued with and threatened a group of protestors demonstrating against Spencer, who was addressing a small crowd at the University of Florida Phillips Center for Performing Arts.

Tom Price’s lawmaker wife wants people with HIV quarantined and their partners surveilled

Georgia Republican state Representative Betty Price — wife of disgraced former Health and Human Services Sec. Tom Price — has called for HIV-positive people to be quarantined and for their sexual partners to be logged and tracked by the government.

Colorado Republicans forced to discount tickets to see Mike Pence due to low sales

Not even Republicans are willing to pay big money to hear Vice President Mike Pence.

Joy Reid warns Trump and Kelly: Rep. Wilson is the wrong woman of color to make your new scapegoat

“By now, Trump’s lack of human empathy is no longer news,” said Reid, particularly with regard to people of color. To say, “Donald J. Trump does not care about black people” would be an understatement, she added.

Cub Scouts kick out 11-year-old boy after he asked Colorado Republican ‘hard’ questions

An 11-year-old Cub Scout in Colorado has been kicked out of his den after he asked a local Republican lawmaker about controversial remarks she made about black people.

Parents infuriated after football coach directs players to mock student with gay parents

A high school football coach in Maine has stepped down after he allegedly encouraged his players to make fun of a rival player because he was raised by a gay couple.

Fox News’ pro-Trump ‘war hero’ admits he completely fabricated his service — including two Purple Hearts

A pro-Trump Navy veteran who appeared on Fox News earlier this month has admitted that he lied about his service — including a completely false claim that he received two Purple Hearts. Developing…

Winston Chruchill’s grandson thinks Donald Trump is a ‘daft twerp’

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s grandson slammed U.S. President Donald Trump on Twitter Friday, calling Trump a “daft twerp” ...