‘You’re all going down’: Michael Flynn Jr. just made a dark warning

Michael Flynn Jr., son of disgraced former lieutenant general Michael Flynn, is not shy about expressing his political thoughts on. On Monday he issued a warning, though it wasn't clear to whom.

‘That’s insane’: Rachel Maddow just listed all of the ways Rosenstein has been caving into Trump’s demands for months

During her Monday episode, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow connected the dots of the promises made by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, all the way back to the beginning of this series of investigations.

Former Clinton aide comes out against Robert Mueller — doesn’t say he’s now directing a GOP consulting firm

On Sunday, the Hill published an op-ed by former Bill Clinton aide Mark Penn urging an end to the Mueller investigation. While he's worked for Democrats in the past -- now he's working for a new party.

NYPD may have arrested a homeless woman for having a ‘stolen shopping cart’

Officers for the NYPD’s 88 precinct appear to have arrested a homeless woman and confiscated her belongings—because the shopping cart she kept her stuff in didn’t belong to her.

Trump says it’s too ‘inconvenient’ to have security features on his White House cell phone: report

President Trump doesn’t have any advanced security features, or protection on his cell phone because it’s too “inconvenient."

Democratic candidate sues Georgia for kicking her out of House race because of previous citizenship status

A Democrat running for the Georgia House is suing after being disqualified due to her previous citizen status.

Ex-Jehovah’s Witness killed her family and herself after being shunned by the church

There is now more evidence to suggest that an aspiring model shunned by the Jehovah’s Witnesses after she left the church may have killed her family and then herself due to being forcefully separated from her family for leaving.

‘Netflix works with terrorists’: Conservatives go batsh*t threatening to cancel Netflix over deal with Obamas

Some conservatives threatened to drop Netflix on Monday after the cable-cutting service revealed that it had signed a deal with former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

White woman calls cops on credentialed black photographer 'for no reason' during Preakness horse race

A white woman working the press box at the Preakness Stakes horse race in Baltimore called the police on a black photographer in spite of him having credentials to shoot there.

Texas trooper allegedly raped handcuffed black woman and threatened murder if she told her fiancé

Prominent civil rights activists voiced outrage at shocking allegations of police brutality by a Texas State Trooper. But the Texas Department of Public Safety says dashcam video refutes the claims.

John Bolton caught using a ‘shadow’ council to funnel new personnel into the White House

Donald Trump’s third national security adviser John Bolton has a group of associates outside the White House some call the “shadow” National Security Council for their influential role in shaping the adviser’s operations within the administration.

Gay teen says she went to school resource officer after getting bullied — and he told her she’s going to hell

A gay teenager who is graduating from the North Bend High School in Oregon has written an account of vicious bullying she received at school — along with the school administration’s total indifference to how she was being treated.