Reality TV star-turned-Trump adviser Omarosa to leave the White House next month

Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former “Apprentice” contestant who works as an adviser for President Donald Trump, is reportedly leaving the White House next month.

Our ‘integrity is severely tarnished’: Christianity Today editor says ‘no one will believe a word we say’ after Alabama

The editor-in-chief of Christianity Today posted a provocative editorial that concludes “Christian faith” was the clear loser in the Alabama special election.

Defiant Bannon vows to ‘pour gasoline’ on his war with the GOP establishment: report

A new report suggests that Breitbart boss Steve Bannon is unbowed by the humiliating defeat of his chosen candidate, Roy Moore, in the Alabama Senate race.
Roy Moore's brother Jerry Moore

Roy Moore’s brother warns of God's wrath: ‘Doug Jones will pay for what he’s saying’

In an interview with NPR, Roy Moore’s brother had a slew of people to blame for the loss Tuesday night. None of those, however, were his brother.

John Fugelsang on Jones win: ‘African-American voters did more to help working whites than Trump did all year’

Fugelsang also took several comedic shots at Republicans as the election results were being tallied on Tuesday night.

Trump ‘enraged’ by Ivanka’s condemnation of Roy Moore — and could blame her for Senate loss

Aides expect an angry President Donald Trump to cast blame for Roy Moore’s election loss — and he might even turn on his daughter, Ivanka.

Conservative WSJ editorial sticks a fork in Steve Bannon and his ‘loser’ candidates

The Wall Street Journal’s conservative editorial page has knives out for former top Trump political strategist Steve Bannon.

Democrats are gearing up for a fight in deep red Texas

On the heels of the Alabama election, deep red parts of Texas are also ready to turn.
doug jones victory party

‘Suck it, Bannon’: The world bursts with gratitude into #ThankYouAlabama for ‘making America decent again’

Regardless of whether or not disgraced former Judge Roy Moore will conceded, Doug Jones just pulled out a win in the reddest of red states. And the world rejoiced.

USA Today editorial torches Trump: ‘Not fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library’

A powerful Wednesday editorial by USA Today has blasted President Donald Trump after his sexist tweet against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).

‘Game over’: Internet cheers for Jake Tapper after ‘flabbergasting’ interview with Roy Moore spokesman

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday delivered a knockout punch against Roy Moore spokesman Ted Crockett, leaving him stunned into silence after explaining that lawmakers don’t have to swear on the Bible.

A glaring lie in Trump’s sexual harassment tweetstorm could backfire on him spectacularly

Among President Donald Trump’s Twitter rant calling the twenty-plus women who’ve accused him of assaulting or harassing them liars hid a falsehood that may make the foundation of any legal action they take against the president.