Former FBI agent scorches Fox’s Brit Hume for trying to justify Trump’s firing of McCabe

Fox News' gruff and most plausibly reasonable political analyst Brit Hume went to bat for Trump in a tweet on Friday, arguing that the fact that the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility found fault with Andrew McCabe made his firing an easy and obvious call.

‘WITCH HUNT!’ Trump’s regularly scheduled Saturday night Twitter meltdown starts early

Not much is consistent about the presidency of Donald Trump, but one thing that is are his frequent Twitter meltdowns in the wee hours of Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Grifter California deputies allegedly ripped off elderly woman then put her on a plane to the Philippines

Two sheriff’s deputies in Sacramento County are on leave pending an investigation into allegations that they stole money from a 75-year-old woman with dementia, listed her home for sale and put her on a plane to the Philippines.

Top Mormon thinkers: Conservative Christians will never again be able to claim the moral high ground after Trump

Two prominent Mormon opinion leaders published a scathing rebuke of the loyalty conservative Christians have shown to Trump in today’s Salt Lake City Tribune.

‘They rape, kill, destroy:’ Montana Green Party candidate participated in hate-fueled anti-immigrant rally

A Montana Green Party candidate is an anti-immigration activist who has referred to former president Obama as a Muslim.

Bombshell new report says British data firm that promoted Trump worked for Russians in 2014

Controversial British firm Cambridge Analytica is back in the news this week after being kicked off Facebook for misusing personal information culled from users. They got another black eye today.

Idaho priest busted with massive trove of kiddie porn, allegedly had ‘desires to rape and kill children’

A retired Idaho priest is facing more felony charges as prosecutors say he had 2,000 images and videos, including images that depicted the rape and torture of kids.

‘Call me’: Dem lawmaker trolls Trump and Sessions by offering job to McCabe so he can qualify for his retirement

Responding to a comment by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that fired former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe might still be eligible for his retirement, a Democratic lawmaker from Wisconsin offered McCabe a 2-day temp job.

Prosecutor took huge donation from police union just before clearing union boss in killing of unarmed pregnant teen

A new report from the East Bay Express calls O’Malley’s motives by pointing out that she received a $10,000 campaign donation from the police union.

Firing McCabe was a dangerous ploy to discredit the Mueller probe — but it could backfire on Trump

Donald Trump has hailed the firing of a veteran FBI agent as a “great day for democracy,” a move his attorney said he hoped would bring an end to a probe into alleged collusion between the president’s campaign and Russia.

Trump freaks out about 'fake news' after reports emerge that McCabe kept detailed memos on their meetings

President Donald Trump lashed out on Saturday at the harsh criticism he has received for firing FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe late Friday night, shortly after the Associated Press reported on the existence of contemporaneous memos written by the former lawman.