Racism at Chandler, Oklahoma Public Schools

Oklahoma teen demands answers after her brother is called a ‘n**ger for auction’ in racist Snapchat post

Ashley Dawn Warner’s brother was in a school skit dressed in a black and white striped prison uniform. The skit was all in good fun as part of a mentorship program, but then someone took a photo and turned it into a racist meme.

GOP senator won’t vote to protect Mueller because he thinks it’ll create ‘a new fourth branch of government’

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) thinks it’d be “disastrous” if President Donald Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller — but that it’s more dangerous still if a bill is passed to protect the investigator.

Trump once embarrassed Michael Cohen at his son’s bar mitzvah: report

In a profile on the strange relationship between President Donald Trump and his FBI-raided personal attorney Michael Cohen.

This guy posted a dumb rant about disabled parking permits — she had the perfect response

An Australian ableist named David Lawson posted some very dumb thoughts about disabled people to Twitter. It didn't go well.

An Idaho church whined about being on hate group list to sympathetic reporter — then someone read their sermons

In August, Idaho’s Lordship Church landed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s annual list of hate groups. The label was decried by the church’s leaders, who denounced the SPLC as a “biased, liberal hate group” and said that their anti-Gay, Anti-Muslim, pro-gun, pro-homeschooling church was not that far outside mainstream Christianity.

Convicted rapist Bill Cosby ‘exploded’ in courtroom and screamed obscenities at prosecutor

Just after being found guilty on sexual assault, comedian Bill Cosby reportedly had an outburst at his prosecutor and screamed obscenities while his potential incarceration without bail was discussed.

Diamond and Silk busted for lying under oath about Trump payments as their House hearing goes off the rails

Lynnette Hardaway, a.k.a., “Diamond” of the Trump-loving social media duo Diamond and Silk, told a blatant falsehood during a congressional hearing on Thursday when she said she and her partner were never once paid by President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Right-wingers lose it after infamous swing voter Ken Bone says his son was suspended for posing with a gun

2016’s infamous swing-voter-for-Trump Ken Bone resurfaced Thursday evening when he claimed his son was suspended from school for a photo of him doing target practice with what appears to be an assault rifle.

Trump just gave a batsh*t crazy Fox News interview — here are the 6 most bonkers moments

President Donald Trump on Thursday called in to “Fox & Friends” for an interview — and things went completely off the rails right from the beginning.

Feds pounce on Trump’s crazed ‘Fox & Friends’ rant — and use it against him in Michael Cohen case

Lawyers for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York on Thursday used President Donald Trump’s early-morning rant on “Fox & Friends” to undercut claims being made by attorneys representing his longtime attorney, Michael Cohen.

Fox News reporter calls out Pruitt for lying to his network — and gets yelled at by angry Trump supporters

Fox News reporter John Roberts on Thursday reacted with incredulity when Trump EPA boss Scott Pruitt admitted to Congress that he had full knowledge of two massive raises that were handed out to two loyalists at his agency.

Internet freaks out over ‘surreal’ photos of Pompeo and Kim Jong-un: ‘He looks taller in the propaganda murals’

The White House on Thursday released photos of now-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during the former CIA director’s clandestine trip to the country over Easter weekend — and Twitter can’t handle how weird the whole scene is.