3 men arrested for attempted homicide after Richard Spencer’s speech gave Nazi salute before shooting at protestors

According to police, the trio argued with and threatened a group of protestors demonstrating against Spencer, who was addressing a small crowd at the University of Florida Phillips Center for Performing Arts.

Joy Reid warns Trump and Kelly: Rep. Wilson is the wrong woman of color to make your new scapegoat

“By now, Trump’s lack of human empathy is no longer news,” said Reid, particularly with regard to people of color. To say, “Donald J. Trump does not care about black people” would be an understatement, she added.

Fox News’ pro-Trump ‘war hero’ admits he completely fabricated his service — including two Purple Hearts

A pro-Trump Navy veteran who appeared on Fox News earlier this month has admitted that he lied about his service — including a completely false claim that he received two Purple Hearts. Developing…

Winston Chruchill’s grandson thinks Donald Trump is a ‘daft twerp’

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s grandson slammed U.S. President Donald Trump on Twitter Friday.

‘Butt out’: British hammer Trump for falsely claiming UK crime rise caused by ‘radical Islamic terror’

President Donald Trump on Friday falsely claimed that a recent rise in crime in the United Kingdom was because of the country’s refusal to fight “radical Islamic terror.”

Parents infuriated after football coach directs players to mock student with gay parents

A high school football coach in Maine has stepped down after he allegedly encouraged his players to make fun of a rival player because he was raised by a gay couple.

Putin tells the United States it needs to stop making fun of Donald Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on U.S. citizens to stop disrespecting President Donald Trump, a trend that the Russian leader called a symptom of a poor political system in the U.S.

Cub Scouts kick out 11-year-old boy after he asked Colorado Republican ‘hard’ questions

An 11-year-old Cub Scout in Colorado has been kicked out of his den after he asked a local Republican lawmaker about controversial remarks she made about black people.

Massachusetts elementary school apologizes for posting picture of black girl held on a leash by white kids

A Massachusetts elementary school found itself on the defensive after posting a picture on Facebook of a small black girl at the end of a leash held by two white children.

Trump doubles down on attacks against Rep. Wilson for ‘secretly’ listening to his call with the family

President Donald Trump doubled down in his attacks on Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL), despite facts being against him.

Paul Ryan begs House Republicans not to resign as his allies drop like flies: report

With many of his biggest power players resigning, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) may be losing his grip on the lower Congressional chamber.