White House scrambles to clarify Trump’s tweet after he declares he’s withdrawing sanctions on North Korea

The White House is scrambling to clarify a tweet by President Donald Trump after said in a post that he’s withdrawing sanctions from North Korea — that had just been announced by his administration the day prior.

‘Idiot’ pseudo-expert Stephen Moore should not be allowed anywhere near the Fed: NY Mag columnist

In an extremely blunt and unrelenting column for New York Magazine, columnist Jon Chait made a compelling case that Stephen Moore — tapped by President Donald Trump to join the Federal Reserve — should not be allowed to be seated there.

Trump just revealed he has no idea what’s going on in the government he’s supposed to run

At many different points in his presidency, Donald Trump has appeared to have no idea what was actually happening in the administration he is supposed to run.

‘Unable even to get basic facts right’: Paul Krugman obliterates the ‘hack’ economist Trump wants to appoint to the Fed

President Donald Trump plans to appoint right-wing “economist” Stephen Moore to the Federal Reserve Board, and people who know anything about actual economics (and basic factual reporting) are livid.
Stephen Moore

Here’s the bizarre sequence of events that led Trump to offer Stephen Moore a Federal Reserve seat

President Donald Trump reportedly offered his adviser Stephen Moore a seat on the Federal Reserve board after reading a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

Trump insists Americans won’t believe Robert Mueller’s report if it makes him look bad

“People will not stand for it,” the commander-in-chief told Fox Business News in an interview.

Financial world stunned as Trump offers Fed job to an ‘idiot’ who called for him to be awarded the Nobel Prize

President Donald Trump has awarded Stephen Moore with the offer of a seat on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors. Moore, best known as a cable news “economic analyst” last year called for Trump to be awarded the Nobel prize for economics.

Yale psychiatrist warns Trump may see only one terrifying escape from Mueller mess

President Donald Trump may soon face the sort of reckoning from special counsel Robert Mueller that he’s never experienced before.

Trump effect: Hate crimes doubled in counties that hosted president’s rallies

Counties that hosted one of President Donald Trump’s rallies saw hate crimes spike more than 200 percent afterward.
Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani buried in ridicule after citing a Wikipedia entry to disprove Trump-Russia collusion

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani was hilariously mocked on Friday after he tried to shoot down the theory that President Donald Trump conspired with Russia.

How one of the most popular Evangelical ‘miracle’ stories was exposed as a fraud

Many Evangelicals think of Lee Strobel as the man who can cure your doubts about their religion.