‘Mrs Trump #4?’ The internet roars with laughter after Trump tweets a shout-out to Tomi Lahren

After Fox News pundit Tomi Lahren got a drink thrown on her in a Minneapolis restaurant, President Donald Trump took to Twitter in her defense.

Trump taunts ‘Criminal Deep State’ in unhinged early morning rant on ‘major SPY scandal’

President Donald Trump on Wednesday issued an angry rant against his enemies in America’s law enforcement agencies by referring to them as the “Criminal Deep State.”
Derrick Roberts

Texas doctor won’t treat paraplegic man because he once filed a lawsuit against his son-in-law

A Texas doctor is choosing to ignore a physician oath of “do no harm,” because a patient once sued his son-in-law.

Trump’s presidency is riddled with corruption — and most of it’s perfectly legal

If there has been one overarching theme of the Trump presidency, it has been that of corruption. After less than a year and a half in office, Donald Trump’s White House is on pace to becoming the most corrupt and scandal-ridden administration since at least Richard Nixon’s — and perhaps in the entire history of the country.

President Trump touts his commitment to life — Twitter swiftly points to the hypocrisy

On Tuesday evening, Donald Trump addressed anti-choice audience at the Susan B. Anthony List 11th Annual Campaign for Life Gala, an event celebrating the group’s mission to reduce access to abortion.

Here’s how the media protects white people who racially profile black people

The presumption of innocence is supposed to protect those accused of a crime, in law and in the press. In corporate media, that rule also seems to apply to white people who report people of color to the police for doing innocuous things.

Former Fox News Host accidentally leaked private messages slamming Fox News

Oops! Political pundit and Former Fox News Host, Bob Beckel, accidentally went on Twitter and bashed his former show The Five.

Here’s why you shouldn’t kill spiders in your home — according to science

Spiders are an important part of nature and our indoor ecosystem – as well as being fellow organisms in their own right.

A 30-year-old man is refusing to leave home — so his parents slam down an eviction notice

A free loading 30-year-old man, Michael Rotondo, refused to leave his parent’s home, so they took legal action.

Hero Wisconsin man tackled by cops after frustratedly emptying lost backpack to prove it wasn’t a bomb

A frustrated Milwaukee man was detained after he proved cops were overreacting to a lost duffle backpack.

Mueller is following the money to Israeli social media firm that met with Trump Jr into a Cyprus bank: report

Despite assurances by Trump surrogates like Rudy Giuliani that the Mueller probe is wrapping up, the investigation appears more sweeping than ever.

Cohen’s business partner just made a plea deal with Mueller and is cooperating with investigators

The misfortunes of President Donald Trump’s personal  attorney Michael Cohen continue to pile up.