Students serve weekend detentions for Parkland protest in silence, holding names of victims

The Philadelphia suburb of Pennridge tried to head-off student protests over inaction in the wake of the Parkland massacre by scheduling a school assembly at the time of the walkout. It did not got as the superintendent hoped.

Texas cop loses job after allegedly drunkenly assaulting 12-year-old girl petting a puppy at an Austin barbecue restaurant

A sheriff’s deputy has been fired after a March 3 incident in which he allegedly assaulted a 12-year-old girl who was petting a dog at a barbecue restaurant in Austin.

Elderly man thrown off flight after hurling racist abuse at black flight attendant

An 70-year-old man headed for a Spanish vacation island was reportedly pulled off the flight after hurling racial abuse at a black flight attendant.

Trump’s data firm, Cambridge Analytica, is trying to stop broadcast of an undercover expose: report

Cambridge Analytica has had a rough week. Now, it's suing to stop a documentary featuring undercover footage of its executives.

‘Chilling and scary:’ Ivy league prof rips Trump’s unprecedented White House nondisclosure agreements

Donald Trump forced White House aides to sign nondisclosure agreements that will prohibit them from speaking about his actions even after he’s out of the White House, the Washington Post reported today.

Police academy drop-out going to jail for cuffing, slamming kids during bootleg ‘Scared Straight’ gone awry

An Ohio man is headed for jail after pleading guilty to charges including impersonating a police officer and kidnapping. After being forced to withdraw from a police academy because of a problematic Soulja Boy Challenge video that he filmed he got a job as a security guard.

Former Kentucky Creation Museum employee busted for possession of C-4 explosives and arms cache

A Florida man who recently left his job as a public safety officer at the Kentucky Creation Museum has been taken into custody by law enforcement officials for possession of a cache of military grade explosives.

Multiple witnesses tell Mueller: Jeff Sessions lied under oath about opposing Russia outreach during campaign

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony that he opposed a proposal for President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign team to meet with Russians has been contradicted by three people who have spoken about the matter with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump’s unhinged attacks on Comey pushes fired FBI director’s upcoming tell-all book to #1 best seller spot

The president’s attacks on the FBI, former FBI Director James Comey and the recently fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe have apparently helped the sales of Comey’s upcoming potential tell-all.