Here are tawdry financial crimes theories contained in Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation — so far

We may come to think of Trump’s inner circle as more of a bunch of opportunistic grifters who saw an opportunity to make a buck off deep-pocketed Russian oligarchs – and others! — and then found that they’d gotten themselves in way over their heads when the FBI came around and started asking questions.

Trump rambles about ‘ENERGY on the Right’ that the ‘fake news’ won’t report on in Twitter outburst

President Donald Trump finally got down to business on Saturday afternoon. Twitter business.

North Carolina Republican who won due to voter fraud needs to drop out of new election: WSJ

“When the do-over arrives, Mr. Harris ought to sit it out.”

Kushner family seeking massive billion dollar federal loan to purchase real estate properties: report

President Trump appointed Joseph Otting to oversee the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which regulates Fannie and Freddie. Otting previously served as CEO of OneWest Bank, founded by now-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, an ally of Kushner’s in the West Wing.

If Trump is worried about the end of Mueller’s investigation, he’s worrying about the wrong thing

The witch hunt is over, but Donald Trump is about to be burned at the stake.

All of Mueller’s files will be handed over to Congress whether the Justice Department likes it or not: ex-DOJ official

“The FBI set a precedent in the Clinton case by turning over nearly the entire case file to Congress within three months."

CNN crushed by conservative website for habit of hiring Trump ‘hacks’ like Jeffrey Lord and Lewandowski

"CNN wasn’t paying Lewandowski to improve its product by giving the audience valuable, candid insights. The network was paying him to make it look like it was being ‘fair’ to the Trump campaign.”

Tax the rich? Most Americans think it’s a great idea

“Who else is tired of an economy and a tax code that benefits the wealthy and corporations while working Americans are left behind?” the national economic justice movement Tax March asked on Wednesday. According to recent polling, the answer is “Most Americans.”

‘Outstanding subpoenas and sealed cases’: Here is why the Mueller report isn’t coming as soon as rumored

In January, Mueller extended the grand jury for an additional six months, and many pieces of the probe will continue well past its conclusion, be it two weeks or two months from now.

Meet the new UN ambassador nominee – a billionaire GOP donor and science denier who gave Trump millions

President Donald Trump promised he’d always hire the “best people” during his presidential campaign, but not only has that turned out to be false, he’s had more turnover than any president in modern history, if not ever.

The Republicans dumbest idea yet

It’s one thing to oppose the grandiose “Green New Deal” as gratuitously imprecise or for its full-throated attack on all-things-ozone and carbon release in our global community.

Here’s why Trump’s team is lying about the release of the Mueller report

On Friday, The Department of Justice announced that special counsel Robert Mueller’s full report is not going to be released next week, leaving many skeptical about when the nearly two-year investigation will come to close.