Trump’s ambassadors are turning into uncontrollable tweeters like the president

Government regulations prohibit "political appointees from exploiting public office by using their official title to build a massive social media presence."

WATCH: US Naval officers reveal 2004 encounter with possible UFO in extraordinary New York Times interview

In an interview with the New York Times, two former US Naval pilots described an encounter with what they believed to be a UFO during an exercise in 2004 that left one pilot saying he “felt weirded out."

Trump least popular first-year president ever: poll

According to President Donald Trump, his administration has been one of the most successful in American history. But the public strongly disagrees.

Judge who refused to hear adoption cases for LGBT couples refused to appear at his disciplinary hearing

A judge in southern Kentucky skipped his Friday disciplinary hearing examining allegations that he refused to hear adoption cases involving gay, lesbian or bisexual adults.

It’s Ayn Rand’s America now: How the GOP stripped the country of its last shred of morality

The GOP has been the party of cruelty for decades. In Trump, it's found its champion.

Omarosa became worthless to Trump after she launched F-bomb tirade at black lawmakers: report

The former Apprentice contestant and White House staffer had to be walked away from black lawmakers after cursing at them.

Trump plugs book claiming he downs a dozen Diet Cokes a day and suffers ‘wild mood swings’ as ‘real knowledge’

President Donald Trump hyped a book full of embarrassing revelations about himself during a Saturday morning tweet.

Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump slammed for Oval Office photos

On Friday, President Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric, shared their pictures from the White House Oval Office on Twitter, a gesture that did not go down well with the social media users.

This is when you should unfriend someone on Facebook — according to Aristotle

What are we to do when a cranky uncle or an otherwise pleasant old friend persists in populating our news feeds with a stream of posts that can run deeply contrary to our own values?

Here’s what happens if Roy Moore never concedes to Doug Jones

Roy Moore is refusing to accept that he was defeated by Doug Jones in Tuesday’s Senate race in Alabama, but some lawmakers feel his denial is likely a publicity stunt that won’t affect the outcome of the election.

Trump unaware Omarosa had been ousted until he saw it on TV: report

The report claims that former director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison was unceremoniously removed from the administration by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly after meeting in the Situation Room.
evangelical christian church girl

Ex-evangelicals recount leaving the church after realizing it sanctions white supremacy

Two former evangelical Christians recounted that it was racism, rather than a crisis of faith, that led them to cut ties with their fundamentalist churches.