Donald Trump has always been at war with women — and it is about to get even worse

Trump, the politician, apparently only feels like a real man if he gets to beat up on a woman.

The bizarro world of Steven Seagal — Putin’s special diplomatic envoy to President Trump

Considering that he was just appointed to be a special diplomatic envoy to the United States, the tale of his villainy and pathetic lack of self-awareness could have genuine historical significance.

Trump freaks out at New York Times for reporting White House counsel McGahn is turning into a ‘John Dean type RAT’

President Donald Trump attacked the “failing” New York Times, on Sunday, calling their report that White House counsel Don McGahn is talking to Robert Mueller’s investigators a “Fake piece,” while admitting that the White House attorney is talking to them.

John Dean sees ‘good reason’ for McGahn to suspect ‘Trump would throw him under the bus’

Former White House Counsel John Dean, the man who flipped on Richard Nixon and helped end his corrupt presidency, has been in the news today given the obvious parallels to the situation of Don McGahn, Trump’s White House Counsel.

Trump responds to report about WH counsel Don McGahn cooperating with Mueller with rage tweets about ‘Witch Hunt!’

President Donald Trump has responded to the New York Times report that White House Counsel Don McGahn is cooperating with Robert Mueller and has sat for 30 hours of interviews.

GOP leader threatens Twitter with ‘censorship’ hearings after he bungles his own account settings

House majority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) embarrassed himself with a complaint about Twitter “censorship” that was actually a function of his own account settings.

White House counsel McGahn has spent the past nine months sharing private Trump information with Mueller investigators: report

The White House counsel reportedly shared information that investigators would not have otherwise learned.

South Carolina bar manager allegedly fired for refusing to dump black employees because owner wanted a whiter crowd

Manager Sutton claims the bar owner told him the business was becoming “too dark.”

Paul Krugman explains exactly why it’s hopeless to expect the ‘spineless’ GOP to ever stop Trump

If you’re still hoping moderate Republicans step up to stop Donald Trump’s worse impulses, it’s time to stop, according to New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.

White House counsel calls Trump ‘King Kong’ behind his back due to his unpredictable fits of rage

President Donald Trump is known for creating nicknames to belittle those around him, but the commander-in-chief’s notorious temper has now reportedly earned him a nickname — from his own White House counsel.

‘My business is my business’: Florida man lashes out at neighbor who called police on him for burning raccoon alive

An elderly Florida man is showing no remorse after being arrested for burning a caged raccoon alive.

Justice Department steps in to block whistleblowers from seeing Trump’s Washington DC hotel financial records

Justice Department lawyers stepped in late Friday and asked a judge to hold off on letting outsiders review financial data related to President Donald Trump’s hotel in Washington D.C.