Trump fans howl in rage after Ivanka defends Malia Obama: ‘She’s fair game’

Ivanka Trump defended Malia Obama after conservative websites circulated photos of the former president’s adult daughter blowing smoke rings.

GOP strategist Rick Wilson predicts ‘Orwellian’ fate for Flynn if he turns on Trump

Republican strategist Rick Wilson predicted President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” brigade will turn on Mike Flynn now that he may be cooperating with investigators.

Russell Simmons gets brutally mocked for saying he can’t be guilty of rape because he’s a vegan yogi

Music and media impresario Russell Simmons got pounded by The Root’s Michael Harriot on Friday for Simmons’ vaguely-worded denial of rape allegations leveled against him by model Keri Claussen Khalighi.

‘Chess club narc’: Internet piles on after conservative sites out Malia Obama for ‘doing normal college things’

Malia Obama, who began at Harvard this fall after deferring her acceptance for a year, appears to be enjoying her time at the prestigious university.

‘Jared will flip like a pancake’ on Trump after Flynn gives him up, predicts Obama’s ethics czar

Mike Flynn looks to be cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation — and that spells big trouble for President Donald Trump, his son and son-in-law.

Ex-US Attorney explains how Flynn can tie the Mueller probe threads together to trip up Trump

Writing for the Daily Beast, a former U.S. Attorney for Michigan explained the legal maneuvers she believes special counsel Robert Mueller is using on former National Security Director Michael Flynn.

Trump-loving police union chief ousted after black members revolt

Steve Loomis, the former president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, was ousted this week.

Mueller set a legal trap to prevent Trump from pardoning Flynn: ex-prosecutor

A former federal prosecutor explained why President Donald Trump should be worried about Mike Flynn’s possible cooperation with the special counsel — and why he may not be able to pardon his former national security adviser.

Russian journalist: We got ‘clear instructions’ to ‘show Trump in a positive way’ during 2016 campaign

A former editor at Russia’s biggest state-run media company has admitted that he and his colleagues got direct orders from above to give President Donald Trump positive coverage during the 2016 presidential campaign.

‘I despise so many of you’: Youth soccer ref quits and leaves brutal message for ‘entitled’ Beverly Hills parents

A youth soccer referee in Beverly Hills resigned earlier this month over what he says is his own personal disgust with the parents of the children he is refereeing.

Town rallies around shop owners after they’re threatened with Christian boycott for staying open on Sundays

Earlier in November, Tweed Tastic owner Leona Rawlinson got an interesting package — a Bible, accompanied by a letter warning her that if she remains open on Sundays, some Christians in their tiny town may boycott them.

Tomi Lahren brutally roasted on Thanksgiving for photoshopping Colin Kaepernick into D-Day

Fox News host Tomi Lahren on Thanksgiving Day took yet another shot at Colin Kaepernick. But her message on Twitter Thursday left many bewildered.