Pentagon officials are scrambling to stop Trump from pardoning war criminals: report

President Donald Trump’s reported plan to pardon multiple U.S. military service members convicted of or accused of war crimes isn’t going over well with some senior military officials.

Trump sends baffling ‘bat signals’ to friendly GOP lawmakers by retweeting their days-old tweets as impeachment talk heats up

President Donald Trump started off Wednesday morning with a panicked rant against growing talk of an impeachment inquiry, and then he appeared to be signaling important Republican congressional allies by retweeting their days-old posts.

‘Now they say impeach!’ Trump tweets out panicked rant as more lawmakers call for impeachment inquiry

President Donald Trump started off the morning with an extended rant against the possibility of an impeachment inquiry.

GOP forces Trump pollster out of campaign to unseat president’s ally

On Tuesday, Politico reported that President Donald Trump’s pollster, John McLaughlin, has withdrawn from working on the GOP Senate campaign of Garland Tucker amid Republican outcry.

IRS legal memo on Trump’s taxes just got leaked to the Washington Post

President Donald Trump’s efforts to conceal his tax returns from Congress are undermined by a legal memo from his own administration, The Washington Post reported Tuesday after they obtaining the document.

Judge orders DOJ to turn over Michael Cohen search warrant — by tomorrow

U.S. District Court Chief Judge Beryl Howell on Tuesday ordered the Department of Justice to release a redacted copy of the Michael Cohen search warrants.

Trump whines that Obama never had to deal with crap from Congress

President Donald Trump revealed during his rally Monday that he didn’t have anything to do if he wasn’t appearing at the Pennsylvania event. Clearly, Tuesday evening was a similar schedule. I

Joe Biden crushed Donald Trump’s accusation he abandoned Scranton and Pennsylvania

President Donald Trump went after former Vice President Joe Biden Monday night at a Pennsylvania rally. Biden's response, however, just put Trump in his place.

New York legislature passes bill to allow prosecution of anyone Trump pardons

State lawmakers in New York on Tuesday passed a bill aimed at preventing associates of Donald Trump from escaping justice through presidential pardons.

Ben Carson gets buried in ridicule for clueless congressional testimony: ‘It’s not like this is brain surgery’

Trump Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson on Tuesday faced tough questioning from House Democrats in which they showed he lacks knowledge of basic concepts related to housing policy.

Kentucky Gov. Bevin limps to re-nomination against unknown opponent in ominous sign for GOP’s chances in November

On Tuesday night, in an ominous sign for the GOP’s chances of holding a crucial governorship Gov. Matt Bevin (R-KY) only barely win re-nomination for the election that is scheduled to take place in November 2019.

Donald Trump Jr. thinks he can run for New York City Mayor and not humiliate himself

President Donald Trump’s children have high political ambitions.

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