‘This is over’: CNN’s Cuomo ends debate when conservative Steve Cortes tries to claim Antifa is worse than MAGABomber

A CNN debate went completely off the rails when conservative Steve Cortes blamed Antifa and liberals for attacks on the media. "Is that who sent a bomb to my office?" Cuomo asked.

Homeland Security’s Kirstjen Nielsen snaps at judges who quashed Trump’s campaign stunt: It’s a ‘dangerous ruling’

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen wasn’t happy with the judge who shut down President Donald Trump’s political stunt on the border.

‘His AG is a f*cking crook’: Author Stephen King says it’s time to impeach ‘chickensh*t’ Trump

Bestselling author Stephen King declared on Tuesday that it is time to impeach President Donald Trump.

Republican Mia Love ultimately loses Utah Congressional race to Democrat Ben McAdams: AP

Democrat Ben McAdams beat out Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) in his bid to flip Utah’s 4th Congressional district, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday evening.

Special counsel Robert Mueller just filed a new 3,000-word sealed motion in secret subpoena case

Special counsel Robert Mueller just filed a new and extensive motion that is being kept under seal for the grand jury, according to Politico reporter Darren Samuelsohn.

Donald Trump wanted Justice Department to prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey but was told he’d be impeached: report

President Donald Trump sought to use the Department of Justice to prosecute political enemies, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Trump says troops on border are ‘tough people’ and don’t need to spend Thanksgiving with their families

President Donald Trump on Tuesday dismissed the idea that U.S. troops were suffering by spending time away from their families on Thanksgiving.

Here’s how a right-wing political party devolves into murder and assault when it doesn’t get its way

These stories are hard to write about. There are too many of them, and there is too much to say about them.

Philly police corporal and officers accused of anti-Semitism after discovery of Nazi symbols on cop locker: lawsuit

Two Jewish police officers in Philadelphia have filed a federal lawsuit against their department after their colleagues allegedly discriminated against them by etching Nazi symbols inside lockers and using anti-Semitic slurs against them.

Trump-loving artist hilariously mocked for new painting depicting president as a muscle-bound football player

Jon McNaughton, the Trump-loving artist whose worshipful portraits of the president have drawn comparisons to North Korean propaganda, has revealed his latest work just in time for Thanksgiving.

White House staffers launch ‘vicious’ campaign to stop John Kelly’s replacement: report

With the midterms behind him, President Donald Trump is expected to force out chief of staff John Kelly and Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen.

White woman cries racism after being fired for fantasizing about anti-racist protesters being mowed down

A Pittsburgh woman claimed the Bank of New York Mellon fired her for being white — after she made Facebook comments opining about crowds of anti-racist police brutality protesters being killed.