Arizona GOP candidate for Secretary of State chickens out on public debate — with one day’s notice

The Republican nominee running to be Secretary of State in Arizona bailed on debating his Democratic Party opponent on Monday.

Bomb discovered near home of elderly Jewish man targeted by Republican conspiracy theories

As President Donald Trump campaigned in Texas while warning of Democratic Party mobs, federal and state authorities responded to an explosive device discovered near the home of billionaire philanthropist George Soros.

‘We care about Nevada’: 12 members of candidate’s own family pen scathing editorial destroying GOP nominee

Twelve family members of Nevada’s Republican nominee for governor slammed his candidacy during in a newspaper column published in the Reno Gazette Journal on Monday.

John Kelly almost beat up Corey Lewandowski outside the Oval Office: report

During a February argument between former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and White House chief of staff John Kelly because a physical altercation that required Secret Service intervention.

Trump supporter warns refugee caravan could take over Republicans’ summer homes in northern Minnesota

In a story on President Donald Trump’s racial fear mongering over a refugee caravan making it’s way north from Central America, The New York Times provided a fascinating anecdote explaining how the commander-in-chief’s efforts are succeeding with some in his base.

BUSTED: GOP congressional nominee reportedly ‘violated several tax and election laws’

Republican congressional nominee Elizabeth Heng, “appears to have violated several tax and election laws."

Christian author suggests pro-Trump evangelicals are doing the work of Satan

In an op-ed published Monday, a Christian author suggested that pro-Trump evangelicals are doing the work of Satan by supporting a president with so many “moral failings.”

Facebook prank tricks dozens of angry Trump supporters into protesting outside North Carolina store

Dozens of right-wing, pro-Trump protesters showed up to a North Carolina Outdoors store Saturday. They brandished Confederate flags, pro-Trump regalia, and vowed to defend the shopping center from Antifa.

California Democrat lost competitive race after being targeted by cyberattacks: FBI

A California Democrat lost his primary race earlier this year after being targeted by significant cyberattacks.

Tech bro threatens to kill Middle Eastern Uber driver because he ‘hates all brown people’

A Bitcoin entrepreneur threatened to kill a Middle Eastern Uber driver because he claims to “hate all brown people.” The Denver Post reported that the “belligerent” 29-year-old Sean Scappaticci was riding in an Uber around 4 AM last Friday when he began threatening the driver...

Community lashes out at a ‘disgusting display of racism’ over Tiger Woods blackface Halloween costume at parade

A traditional Halloween dog parade in Ohio received massive backlash after one of the participants dressed in blackface to portray Tiger Woods.

Comedian Aida Rodriguez schools conservative host Liz Wheeler over her ‘tone deaf’ response to what ‘true racism’ is

Comedian and activist Aida Rodriguez destroyed conservative host Liz Wheeler after she made unbelievable comments about racism during a political convention.