After bashing FBI — Trump celebrates their work catching Austin bomber

President Donald Trump has spent weeks assailing the FBI but Wednesday he celebrated them.

Jake Tapper shuts down NRA’s Loesch for claiming CNN isn’t covering hero officer who confronted Maryland school shooter

NRA TV, the video propaganda arm of the National Rifle Association, received a brutal fact check by CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday.

‘Sell that man a bridge’: Trump advisor goes down in flames for insisting the president didn’t know about Stormy Daniels payout

CNN political commentator and Donald Trump Hispanic Advisory Council member Steve Cortes on Tuesday insisted he doesn’t believe the president knew about a payout made by his personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

Internet aghast after Trump ignores advisers’ warning in call to Putin: ‘Can’t trust this guy with a can of paste’

President Donald Trump ignored an all-caps warning in Monday’s Presidential Daily Brief, choosing to congratulate Russian President Putin for prevailing in an election with it’s legitimacy is in doubt.

Trump-connected lobbyist says he was targeted for murder after hiring a former Marine to investigate Seth Rich’s death

A GOP lobbyist investigating the murder of former DNC staffer Seth Rich hired a former Marine to help his endeavor — only to be assaulted and nearly killed by his old employee after the work relationship turned sour.

Bannon oversaw Cambridge Analytica’s 2014 effort to collect Facebook data on millions of Americans: report

Former chief White House strategist Steve Bannon led Cambridge Analytica’s efforts to collect Facebook data on millions of Americans, a former company employee said.

EPA head Scott Pruitt has spent more than $100K on taxpayer-funded first class flights: report

Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt spent over $105,000 on first-class flights during his first year as the department’s secretary.

Former GOP Senator admits he donated to Conor Lamb in PA-18: ‘Too many Republicans have drunk Trump-Aid’

Gordon Humphrey, a former two-term Republican senator from New Hampshire, said he donated to Democratic candidate Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district special election held last week—the first time in 50 years he’s given money to the opposing party.

‘People care that he broke the law’: Stormy Daniels slams another pro-Trump troll insisting she’s an irrelevant ‘sl*t’

Stormy Daniels on Tuesday responded to yet another Twitter troll insisting her story is irrelevant to Americans.

Trump ignored the all-caps warning not to congratulate Putin written in his presidential daily briefing

Despite an all-caps warning in his daily briefing on Monday, President Donald Trump ignored his national security advisers and congratulated Russia President Vladimir Putin for winning an election many consider a “sham.”

The RNC spent over $250K at Trump’s properties in February — and is still bankrolling his longtime personal bodyguard

The Republican National Committee spent at least $270,000 at Trump properties in February, the group’s latest fundraising filings show.

California’s lieutenant governor called the head of ICE an ‘A-plus prick’

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) referred to the acting director of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement as an “A-plus prick” in an email acquired by the apparent media arm of a Republican opposition research firm.