Bob Mueller’s office requests wide array of documents from Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office made a sweeping document request from the Justice Department regarding the investigation as to whether President Donald Trump’s attempts to halt investigations into his administration constitute the crime of obstruction of justice.

Germany bans ‘smartwatches’ for kids — and tells parents to smash the ones they already have

The German government agency that regulates telecommunications — “Bundesnetzagentur” aka the Federal Network Agency — has banned the sale of children’s “smartwatches” in the country and urged parents to smash the ones they already own.

Scientists predict strong earthquakes will double in 2018 as Earth’s rotation slows

A team of scientists presented a research paper to the Geological Society of America revealing some ground shaking information. The paper has warned that there could be a big increase in numbers of devastating earthquakes around the world next year caused by the slowing down of the Earth’s rotation.

KGB started watching Trump in 1977 and made first move to recruit him as an asset in 1986: report

President Donald Trump was first approached by Russian operatives in 1987 when the man who would go on to become Soviet ambassador Yuri Dubinin opened discussions with Trump about a Moscow real estate project, but started tracking him in 1977.

Moore accuser coldly turns down Hannity’s interview request: ‘He is not known for journalistic integrity’

One of the women accusing ousted Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore flatly declined an opportunity to be interviewed by Sean Hannity on Fox News, saying through her attorney that she is not interested in feeding his narrative.

White House riven by fear over Mueller probe: Aides anxiously greet each other, ‘Good morning, are you wired?’

Some officials in President Donald Trump’s White House believe the president’s attorney Ty Cobb when he says that there’s nothing to fear from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Others are less sanguine.

Alabama media company to Roy Moore: Go ahead, sue us — we’d love to air your dirty laundry in court

Alabama Media Group (AMG) — which operates three newspapers and the AL.com website — came out swinging against a lawsuit threat from ousted Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore on Sunday.

‘Fake’ Apollo moon landing photo causes new conspiracy buzz on social media

Almost 50 years after man walked on the moon, the “giant leap for mankind” is under the microscope once again – with conspiracy theorists convinced they have proof one of the moon landings was fake.

Hannity loses it after CNN promotes adverstiser boycott: ‘They are the most anti-free speech, pro censorship’

Fox News host Sean Hannity lashed out on Sunday after CNN host Brian Stelter accused him of being obsessed with Hillary Clinton so he did not have to talk about the daily scandals coming out of President Donald Trump’s White House.

Trump’s Mar-A-Lago is a loser: report

People are ditching Donald Trump’s Palm Beach resort for a competitor he once ridiculed for getting “the leftovers.”

‘Shirtless’ Roy Moore tried to pick up teens at YMCA — and local voters ‘treated it like a joke’: report

“It was a known fact: Roy Moore liked young girls,” recalled one retired Alabama policeman.

‘I should have left them in jail’: Trump ramps up petulant Twitter war with father of UCLA basketball player

President Donald Trump — who has yet to address the on-going sex abuse scandal engulfing GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore — took time out from his busy Sunday schedule to rant at the father of a UCLA basketball player.