Broward county sheriff Scott Israel

Broward county sheriff hammers NRA’s Dana Loesch: ‘You’re not standing up’ for Parkland students

Broward county sheriff Scott Israel went off on the National Riffle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch during the CNN town hall Wednesday.

Here are 6 awful details being omitted from Billy Graham’s fawning obituaries

Billy Graham, the firebrand evangelical who helped usher in the rise of the evangelical right, is dead at 99.

‘He brought Cliff’s Notes’: Internet unloads on Trump for reminding himself to show empathy for mass shooting survivors

Amid the White House’s listening session for people directly impacted by mass shootings in schools, an Associated Press photo circulated of President Donald Trump holding a response cue card that included the phrase “I hear you.”

WATCH: Marco Rubio booed by Parkland crowd after angry father rips him for ‘pathetically weak’ inaction on guns

An angry Parkland, Florida father ripped into Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) Wednesday during a town hall debate on gun control in South Florida. When he gave his response, the crowd filled with boos.

He ‘didn’t hear a damn thing they said’: Angry Americans crush Trump demand to arm teachers

Many parents and survivors found problems with his words and some corrected him. Some pointed out it was obvious these parents were all pre-screened so that they wouldn’t be talking about gun control.

GOP senator issues dire warning about Trump triggering ‘one of the worst catastrophes in history’

During a weekend meeting, a Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee warned that President Donald Trump’s increasingly hostile stance towards North Korea may have historically catastrophic results.

Here’s why Trump associates should think twice before accepting presidential pardons in Mueller probe

Some of the president’s top campaign aides have already either pleaded guilty to federal charges or have been indicted in the probe, and his son and son-in-law Jared Kushner also face potential legal jeopardy.

‘These kids hate America’: Fox News fans spit venom at Parkland massacre survivors’ speeches

Shooting survivors at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday rallied their peers to demand tougher gun laws — and Fox News fans were not happy about it.

Church blesses assault weapons because ‘returning Christ’ will pack an AR-15

Parishioners in Pennsylvania are planning to attend church services armed with AR-15 rifles so that they can be blessed.

Chris Rock: ‘The cast of The Apprentice is running the world’

Comedian Chris Rock’s new “Tamborine” special on Neflix presents two controversial theories on President Donald Trump.

Counter-protesters scare off white supremacists in North Carolina

After rumors swirled that white supremacists intended to hold a rally at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill to defend their “Silent Sam” Confederate statue, counter-protesters showed up large numbers to resist their message.

Virginia sheriff’s deputy arrested for beating his son over the head with his work gun

A sheriff’s deputy in Henrico County, Virginia has been arrested for allegedly beating his teen son with his service revolver.