Trump continues digital war against James Comey with absurd legal conspiracy theory

President Donald Trump was up late Friday night expressing his anger at former FBI director James Comey.

Trump biographer reveals Trump has been lying his whole life: ‘He was named the ladies man at a school that had no women’

A biographer of Donald Trump said the president deserves credit for the “audacity” of the lies that he has been telling his entire life during a Friday appearance on CNN.

Trump lost his battle with Comey in the one of the most humiliating ways possible

In the midst of the longest run of self-inflicted wounds known to man, Donald Trump caught a huge break. And then, of course, he tossed it away.

‘Who the hell is Wendy?’: Internet unloads on Trump after he attacks the wrong Wasserman Schultz

Apropos to nothing, President Donald Trump on Friday evening tweeted in an apparent attack on Democratic operative and Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz — but got her name wrong, and instead called her “Wendy.”

Lawyer who represented two Trump mistresses cooperating with FBI in Michael Cohen probe

A lawyer who formerly represented two women who allegedly had affairs with Donald Trump is cooperating with the FBI in their investigation of the president’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen.

‘Smallville’ star arrested by FBI for ties to secretive sex-trafficking cult

An actress best known for her role on the Superman-themed series “Smallville” has been arrested by the FBI for her alleged role as a recruiter in a secretive “sex cult” that reportedly trafficked women.

Pennsylvania Republican slams Dems and calls them ‘lying homosexuals’ and ‘liberal losers’

In response to attacks last week, Pennsylvania State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe took to Facebook to voice his frustrations on Friday...

Michael Cohen has a chance for revenge against Trump — after years of being treated ‘like garbage’: report

Trump attorney Michael Cohen has long been assumed to be fanatically loyal to his boss — but a new report from the New York Times casts doubt on just how loyal Cohen would be if he came under legal pressure.

School bus driver whines about freedom of religion after being caught forcing kids to pray — again

A pastor moonlighting as a school bus driver in Minnesota who has twice been caught proselytizing to children complained that being taken off his route for leading children in prayer violates his First Amendment rights.

It’s time to admit the ‘grotesque caricature’ of white evangelicals is the reality

The Trump era does not create a new problem for evangelicals and their image; it’s simply casting a very bright light on what has always been there, at least for the past forty years or so.

Trump ambassador’s office tracking primary news stories of Nikki Haley’s chances in 2020

This week, a New York Times report revealed President Donald Trump is paranoid that Vice President Mike Pence or United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley might run against him in 2020. Now it seems he might have a reason to be afraid.

Kim Jong-un promised to release jailed Americans during his meeting with Trump: report

During a clandestine meeting earlier this month in Pyongyang, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un told CIA director and secretary of state nominee Mike Pompeo that the country would release three detained American citizens during the upcoming summit with President Donald Trump.