GOP-appointed regulatory council shoots down Arizona vaccination program after anti-vaxx parents complain

“I’m not sure why providing ‘information’ is seen as a negative thing.”

Evangelist scalds fellow pastors for abandoning their ‘moral core’ to support Trump and the GOP in brutal op-ed

"Why are so many white evangelicals dead-set on supporting the Trump administration and current Republican Congress?"

‘God help us’: Paul Krugman warns Trump just tipped off what he’ll do if Dems take the House — and it’s infuriating

"If you don’t think this is going to happen, you haven’t been paying attention.”

Will the ‘Blue Wave” sweep Democrats into Congress and kill Trumpism forever?

But the “Democratic Autopsy” report creators maintain that the problem is much deeper than Trump, and it started long before the 2016 election cycle.

Saudi Arabia official offers new explanation of how journalist Jamal Khashoggi died

As Saudi Arabia faced intensifying international scepticism over its story about the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a senior government official laid out a new version of the death inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul that in key respects contradicts previous explanations.

Here are the 5 Midwestern states where Democrats expect to oust GOP governors in the midterms

Democrats are anticipating picking up five governorships in the industrial Midwest as voters tire of the Republican Party and President Donald Trump.

Trump ‘annoyed’ at Jared Kushner’s ‘misjudgment’ on Saudi Arabia: report

White House senior advisor Jared Kushner’s “misjudgment” on Saudi Arabia has incensed his father-in-law.

Longtime GOP female voters reveal what Trump did to make them finally bail on the party: ‘I hung on until I couldn’t’

“Republicans: It’s time to abandon ship. There has to be something better than this.”

‘Bodes well for Dems’: First day of early voting in Nevada is staggeringly high

Veteran Nevada political report Jon Ralston reports on a surge of voting during the first day of early voting. The final voter registration numbers released today show Democrats with 598,174 registered voters to the Republican Party’s 523,251 — a registration advantage of nearly 75,000.

Paul Krugman’s prediction about the Republican Party was just vindicated

Republicans have been lying through their teeth.

BUSTED: Republican Attorney General in Nevada caught lying to State Bar about his criminal past

The Attorney General of Nevada — who is the Republican Party’s nominee for governor — may be facing disbarment for not disclosing an arrest while applying to practice law.