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Agence France-Presse

In one fell swoop, Trump throws US goals in Syria into disarray

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet

US nuclear weapons are now being held as ‘essentially Erdogan’s hostages’ in Turkey: report

Alex Henderson, AlterNet

Conservative columnist: Trump’s enablers have ‘no one to blame but themselves’ for Syria catastrophe

John Stoehr, The Editorial Board

Here’s the disturbing truth about why evangelical leaders will never abandon Trump

Brad Reed

Trump encourages Russia and China to help Syria ‘protect’ the Kurds he betrayed: ‘I hope they all do great!’

Sarah K. Burris

‘Sharpie corrected?’ Internet cracks up as Trump continues to obsess over Fox News impeachment poll 5 days later

The Conversation

Republicans have more political leeway to impeach Donald Trump than they think

Sarah K. Burris

Columnist reveals why Democrats shouldn’t write off Ohio in 2020

Agence France-Presse

Trump demands Ukraine whistleblower testify as impeachment inquiry heats up

David Edwards

‘Tighter’: Actress Ellen Barkin praises women impeachment witnesses who have Trump’s ‘balls in their fist’

Brad Reed

‘Weary and numb’ GOP legislative aide says they’re secretly apathetic about Trump getting impeached

Sky Palma

Bill Barr slammed for his ‘incredibly disturbing’ — and false — attack on secularism

Brad Reed

Trump campaign manager calls impeachment ‘a seditious conspiracy’ against ‘the people’s president’ in bonkers tweet




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