Here’s what Rachel Maddow thinks ‘seems like a really freaking-big deal’ that no one is talking about

Rachel Maddow doesn't understand why more people aren't freaking out about the series of scandalous revelations unearthed in the last 24 hours.

‘Deadbeat millennial’ Michael Rotondo is a walking stereotype — but his story is misleading

The tale of Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old man whose parents took him to court to evict him after he refused to get a job or help around the house, is by all accounts the tale of a deadbeat — but who is at fault?

Former NFL player lays waste to the league’s hypocrisy on the American flag with one perfect photo

Former NFL quarterback Sage Rosenfels on Wednesday laid waste to the league’s new policy mandating that players either stand for the national anthem before games or wait inside their locker rooms until the anthem is finished.

Winery partly owned by Republican Devin Nunes held charity yacht party with prostitutes and cocaine: lawsuit

A winery partly owned by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is now in some legal trouble after a charity event allegedly involving cocaine and sex workers, according to a lawsuit from a staff member.

Michael Fynn Jr. issues another dark prophecy: ‘Comey is going down’

Earlier this week, Michael Fynn Jr.—son of US Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn—mysteriously warned “You’re all going down” on Twitter. On Wednesday, Flynn Jr. issued a more specific prophecy of doom.

US ambassador quits — and just exposed the Trump administration on his way out

The former U.S. ambassador to Panama just likened President Donald Trump to a “velociraptor” who destroys any obstacles in his path.
hacker mr robot

The FBI takes over internet router linked to Russian hackers: report

FBI agents interviewed a Pittsburgh woman whose computer had been commandeered by hackers and now the facts are becoming known about what they uncovered.

‘I’ve never been so afraid’: Black Mississippi man demands ‘justice’ action after being beaten by police

James Barnett, a 36-year-old black Mississippi man was brutally beaten by two Mississippi police officers and he's seeking justice.

NY Jets Owner says if any player ‘takes a knee’ he’ll pay the NFL fine

Christopher Johnson has just told his players to feel free to take a knee.

‘I’m done with the NFL’: Fans revolt over sideline protest ban to ‘appease racists’ — and the ‘bully president’

The NFL caved to pressure from President Donald Trump and banned sideline protests by players against police brutality — and social media users were outraged.

Ex-Trump staffer apologizes to America after he allows killing of hibernating bears and their cubs

Former Donald Trump transition advisor A.J. Delgado apologized to America for helping elect the commander-in-chief.

Sarah Silverman thinks Al Franken is innocent — and isn’t happy he ‘got bullied into resigning’

In GQ’s profile of comedian Sarah Silverman, the through line is empathy. She has tons of it: for Trump voters and misogynistic Twitter trolls, for her friends Louis C.K. and Al Franken.