Kentucky student swears he did nothing wrong while standing in face of Native American veteran

The Kentucky student who stood inches from a Native American veteran’s face releases a statement Sunday swearing he did nothing wrong.
Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford while Joe Davidson laughs

Trump supporter who laughed at Dr. Ford as president mocked her swears he’s a good person

“I’m a softy. I care. It’s just the way I was raised,” Joe Davidson told the Washington Post for an extensive profile on him. Davidson was one of the many old, white men standing behind President Donald Trump when he mocked and ridiculed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

He’s ‘ripping the nation apart’: Trump friend explains — ‘I don’t think there’s a plan’

President Donald Trump ran on the idea of being an experienced businessman and notorious deal-maker. Sadly, however, the president has been no match for the experts in Washington.

Conservative columnist has five epic reasons Trump could be a one-term president

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin wrote Sunday that she knows of five reasons Trump might not make it to re-election.

President admits Trump Tower Moscow deal was ‘going from the day I announced to the day I won’: report

President Donald Trump told his lawyer Rudy Giuliani that he “may” have spoken to Michael Cohen before his Congressional testimony but doesn’t recall what was said.

Legal scholar explains what to expect from Mueller’s ‘potentially most explosive investigation in U.S. history’ — and why he’s ‘incapable of saving us’

Will special counsel Robert Mueller indict President Trump for any of the numerous crimes the latter has plausibly committed? Almost certainly not. Will Mueller file a report with the Justice Department — likely meaning Trump’s incoming attorney general, William Barr — that forms the basis for impeachment?

Trump is so obsessed with cable news screen headlines he demands staff print them out for him

White House schedules have shown the president tends to skip his daily security briefings, but when it comes to cable news headlines, called chyrons, President Donald Trump wants to see them all.

Here’s how Pelosi and Schumer called Trump’s bluff — and hung the shutdown around his neck

The frustrated Trump blurted he would be "proud" to shut the government down -- and it has haunted him ever since.

‘Be careful, Nancy’: Trump threatens to deport 11 million immigrants unless ‘irrational’ Pelosi approves wall

President Donald Trump launched a furious attack at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday morning in a series of tweets filled with threats and invective.

It’s time for a national general strike against Trump

The pretender-in-chief has got to go and we have to rise up and do it.

Trump tweets warning about record setting cold with baffling joke about global warming

President Donald Trump started off his Sunday morning by tweeting about the cold snap that is hitting the U.S. that showed off his complete inability to understand climate change.