Writer Max Brooks explains military procedures in place ‘to give the grownups time’ to stop Trump for nuclear war

Max Brooks, who’s currently serving as the non-resident fellow at the Modern War Institute at West Point, explained that the frightening possibility of a nuclear holocaust would never happen despite President Donald Trump’s trigger finger.

Trump’s abysmal job approval drops for the third straight month in a row

President Donald Trump’s approval rating dropped dramatically over the past three months in a poll that previously showed a much higher rating than seen in other widely regarded national surveys …

WATCH: Alabama voter malfunctions when asked to prove conspiracy theory on Moore accusers

An Alabama voter suggested Roy Moore’s accusers were part of an orchestrated campaign against the Republican candidate — but she suffered a brief malfunction when asked to identify the choreographers.

Indiana GOP councilman charged with 3 counts of child molestation after allegedly assaulting two ten-year-old girls

Republican Indianapolis city councilman Jeff Miller has been charged with three counts of child molestation...

‘Planet Nibiru’ expected to trigger apocalypse this Sunday warns Christian numerologist — once again

After the apocalypse did not occur on September 23 as Christian numerologist David Meade predicted, some now claim we can now expect the End Days to occur this Sunday, November 19th.

‘Wild carny freak sh*t’: Internet loses it over ‘Take a Knee, My Ass’ anthem tantrum country song

Yesterday, country singer Neal McCoy dropped his latest single — an apparent protest song against athletes “taking a knee." The internet let him have it....

Trump’s treasury chief goes on Fox News to sell GOP tax plan — but ends up getting crushed by host

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin offered a feeble explanation on Fox News for CEOs saying they would not boost wages if Republicans cut their taxes.

BUSTED: Michigan lottery sellers caught stealing winning tickets from customers

Employees at stores that sell lottery tickets in Michigan have been caught scamming customers out of winning tickets...

Donald Trump’s White House staffers have completely given up on trying to control his Twitter mania

In interview after interview, President Donald Trump’s own supporters have complained that they want to see him stop tweeting. But White House aides are done trying.

‘Absolutely unacceptable’: Navy apologizes after aircrew members draw a penis in the sky

Officials at the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island on Friday acknowledged that members of their aircrew were responsible for skywriting a picture of a penis.

Trump-supporting intern for homophobic congressman sent racial slurs to a veteran on a gay dating app: report

After receiving messages using racial slurs on Grindr, the popular gay dating app, a Washington, D.C. man and his friends uncovered the identity of a Trump supporter who interns for homophobic congressman Joe "You Lie" Wilson.

Google’s algorithm is bringing fake news to searches about mass shootings

A Google engineer once dubbed those nasty, lie-filled conspiracy theories that pop up from time to time “evil unicorns.” Now, they’ve begun cropping up higher and higher in searches after major news events.