Donald Trump speaks to ABC News (screen grab)

What? Donald Trump says he can make waterboarding not a war crime by ‘declassifying it’

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump asserted on Sunday that he could legalize waterboarding — and even harsher forms of torture — simply by declassifying the tactics.
Marco Rubio robot meme via Twitter

Marco Rubio’s disastrous debate performance leads Twitter to conclude he’s a ‘glitchy’ robot

"Rubio is a conservative, but fortunately the Three Laws of Robotics will keep him from harming us all."
Author and "neomasculinist" Daryush "Roosh V" Valizadeh

Legal rape activist now on the receiving end of harassment after anti-woman meetings collapse

The online vigilante group Anonymous circulated Roosh’s address and phone number, and the Daily Mail published photos of him in the doorway of a house in the Washington DC area , where the supposed globetrotting lothario apparently lives with his mother.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) (WMUR)

Ted Cruz’s former roommate trolls the #GOPdebate in his most hilarious performance yet

Twitter users took to social media to hilariously weigh in on the debate, from its awkward opening to the content.
Marco Rubio and Chris Christie square off during the GOP debate (ABC/Twitter)

Christie hammers Rubio during NH #GOPdebate: The memorized speech doesn’t solve one problem

GOP candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie slammed rival, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, accusing him of memorizing speeches but having no grasp of how to actually govern during Saturday evening’s GOP debate.
Ted Cruz (Screenshot/YouTube)

Neurologist explains why it’s hard to look at Ted Cruz’s creepy ‘unsettling’ face

As he has risen in the polls, more attention is being paid to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s overall electability as a man who looks, as one fellow Princeton classmate described him: “about as telegenic as an undertaker.”
Defaced GSA poster (Facebook)

Anti-gay parents compare LGBT student group at rural Tennessee high school to ISIS and drunk drivers

Anti-gay parents at a Tennessee high school are planning a rally Monday against a school club for LGBT students and their straight allies.
Young Ted Cruz - Campaign handout

Ted Cruz college classmates ‘horrified’ he might become president: ‘He called my mother a wh*re!’

“I was stunned that he would be the one that ended up [running for] president out of our class, because he’s about as telegenic as an undertaker.”
Fliers seen at LaVoy Finicum's funeral (Amelia Templeton/Twitter)

Cliven Bundy compares LaVoy Finicum to Jesus at funeral: ‘He was basically crucified’

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy continued to try and paint Robert "LaVoy" Finicum as a martyr at his Friday funeral.
Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley -- Washington State House

Bundy-loving GOP lawmaker loads up gun-rights bill with fake Founding Father quotes

In the bill’s long introductory section is a quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson stating: “Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not” -- which is fake.
Image: Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX (Gage Skidmore, Flickr Creative Commons)

Adult film company offers Ted Cruz $1 million to star in his boyhood fantasy ‘teen t*t film’

Vivid's Hirsch also said he would be amenable to making the sex film in Cruz’s “home country of Canada.”