Here’s what happens if Roy Moore never concedes to Doug Jones

Roy Moore is refusing to accept that he was defeated by Doug Jones in Tuesday’s Senate race in Alabama, but some lawmakers feel his denial is likely a publicity stunt that won’t affect the outcome of the election.

Corker’s last-minute ‘yes’ on GOP tax bill could be related to addition benefitting his businesses: report

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) on Friday switched his “no” vote on the GOP’s tax bill to a “yes” — and new reporting shows it could be related to additions that will benefit his businesses.

Drunk racist chases and attacks a 15-year-old black boy for glancing at him

A drunken bigot with a history of criminal offenses was forced by a court to compensate a black teen he followed and attacked earlier this year...

Sean Spicer had a surprising response when asked why Omarosa was hired by President Trump

Everyone knows it, but only Sean Spicer is actually saying it.
evangelical christian church girl

Ex-evangelicals recount leaving the church after realizing it sanctions white supremacy

Two former evangelical Christians recounted that it was racism, rather than a crisis of faith, that led them to cut ties with their fundamentalist churches.

Words like ‘fetus, transgender, science-based’ and others have been barred from Trump’s Center for Disease Control

Analysts at the Center for Disease Control’s offices in Atlanta were told on Thursday that they are not allowed to use seven words in official documents pertaining to the next year’s budget.

Female Fox News staffers threaten to ‘go public’ unless Rupert Murdoch stops lying: ‘I’m sick of this sh*t’

The billionaire owner of Fox News is facing outrage from female staff after dismissing the company’s sexual harassment scandal as “nonsense" -- and they're ready to strike back.

Ivanka Trump’s well-wishes for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle backfired

Ivanka Trump took to Twitter today to wish Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a happy marriage following the official announcement the royal couple would marry on May 19, 2018.

Creator of ‘Pepe the frog’ meme wins another copyright battle — and the alt-right comes completely unglued

After Matt Furie’s “Pepe the frog” character was co-opted and turned into a meme by Donald Trump supporters, the illustrator decided to fight back. Now he's winning -- and the alt-right is having a meltdown.

Internet roasts Ann Coulter for her bitter tirade against ‘happy families’ — and her own ’empty’ life

Ann Coulter on Friday lashed out against Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) plan to boost the child tax credit as part of the GOP’s revised tax bill.

Mueller set to confront White House lawyers in pivotal meeting ‘as soon as next week’

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is set to meet with President Donald Trump’s lawyers next week as the probe into possible Russian collusion continues.

Chicago-area churches work with police on defense during church shootings: ‘I’d rather you be prepared’

After the shooting at a Baptist church in Texas, Elmwood Park police officials met with local church leaders to talk about security and protection -- because this is the new reality.