‘Did you misspeak about your treason?’: Internet hammers Trump for claiming Putin meeting was a great success

On Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump’s irrepressible urge to Tweet important matters of statecraft reared up again and the internet unleashed.

Trump calls it ‘fake news’ that Helsinki summit with Putin wasn’t perfect — then tries to change the subject

The event went so badly that Trump was forced out in front of cameras to run back his comments Tuesday, but that didn't stop him from declaring victory.

Trump himself gave the go-ahead to Rod Rosenstein to hand out 12 Russian hacker indictments prior to Putin meeting

Republican leaders and the Wall Street Journal‘s Michael Mukasey attacked deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein for the 12 indictments of Russian hackers last week as politically motivated. It was ordered by Trump.

Ex-Republican George Will knocks Trump’s complete lack of precision in epic takedown

George Will authored an opinion piece in the Washington Post entitled “This sad, embarrassing wreck of a man” mocked President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian President Putin.

‘Traitor!’: Internet unloads on Trump-defending Kentucky Republican

Few analysts or lawmakers were convinced by Trump's word-play. For those who defended the President, the Internet’s reaction was brutal and fast. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) found out the hard way.

‘Dumbest person on the planet’: Trump slammed for claiming he ‘misspoke’ about trusting Putin over US intel

President Donald Trump is now claiming he “misspoke” during his Monday press conference in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace smokes Trump’s attempt at damage control as a ‘flagrant lie and shameless lie’

During her Tuesday opener, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace called President Donald Trump’s statement an outright “lie.”

The White House gave the GOP talking points about Trump and Putin— but nobody used them

In what may have been an attempt to regain control of the agenda in the wake of Donald Trump’s disastrous meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the White House issued talking points to Congressional Republicans.

Mueller is seeking immunity for 5 mystery witnesses against Paul Manafort

Special counsel Robert Mueller filed court documents Tuesday requesting immunity for five potential witnesses in the case against President Donald Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort.

White Americans humiliated themselves by supporting the racist stooge of a foreign tyrant

Making excuses for racism never ends well. It hurts people on both sides of the color line. In the case of Donald Trump, racism helped him to win the White House and, as now appears evident, betray the United States to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Here’s the overlooked irony of the Sarah Huckabee Sanders incident at Red Hen

Recently, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave the Red Hen, a small farm to table restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. After exiting quietly, Sanders unleashed a very uncivil right-wing outrage machine.

‘A total F-ing disgrace — the President’s lost his mind’: Sickened conservatives turned off TVs as Trump sucked up to Putin

According to a report on Axios, the reaction to President Donald Trump’s now infamous press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin by conservatives was one of disgust and angst.