Fox News host flips out on Parkland teens mocking ‘adults’ like Marco Rubio — and the backlash is spectacular

Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Friday echoed a familiar right-wing talking point about the Parkland school shooting survivors, criticizing them for talking—presumably disrespectfully—“to and about adults.”

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill blasts Trump’s plan to arm teachers: ‘Leave it to law enforcement’

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill on Friday took issue with Donald Trump’s plan to arm teachers in order to prevent school shootings, calling the suggestion “not a good idea.”

Florida dad gives teen’s phone to cops over concerns about possible shooting — what the police found was worse

A Florida father who grew concerned about his son’s posts about guns on Snapchat and Instagram, handed his son’s two phones over to police which allowed investigators to find something much more disturbing.

Arizona GOP candidate compares Parkland survivors to Hitler — then asks reporter to put him in touch with teens

A right-wing former lawman running for U.S. Congress compared teenage survivors of a Florida school shooting to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

‘Primary this wimp’: Gun nuts seethe at military vet GOP lawmaker after he comes out for banning AR-15

Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) on Friday published an editorial in the New York Times calling for a ban of AR-15-style rifles, which he says are not weapons that should be used by civilians.

Oklahoma GOP lawmaker finds a sneaky way to bar Jews and Muslims from delivering State House prayers

An Republican lawmaker from Oklahoma has come up with a sneaky way to bar Jews and Muslims from delivering daily prayers at the state’s legislature.

Televangelist Benny Hinn admits he was wrong about the prosperity gospel: ‘Did Jesus live in a mansion?’

A faith-healing televangelist has confessed he was wrong in preaching the “prosperity gospel.” Benny Hinn, who was questioned by U.S. senators over his extravagant lifestyle, said the death of evangelist Billy Graham had caused him to reflect on his own ministry.

Ex-Trump aide Rick Gates to plead guilty to conspiracy against the US and lying to feds in Mueller probe

Former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates — a longtime business associate of Paul Manafort — has pleaded guilty in the special counsel probe of Russian election interference.
Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

Missouri GOP defends governor caught in revenge porn scheme by ranting about George Soros

The Missouri Republican Party is defending its indicted governor by claiming that George Soros is secretly responsible for his troubles.

The Second Amendment was ratified to preserve slavery

The real reason the Second Amendment was ratified, and why it says “State” instead of “Country” (the Framers knew the difference – see the 10th Amendment), was to preserve the slave patrol militias in the southern states, which was necessary to get Virginia’s vote.

Philando Castile’s mom blasts NRA’s LaPierre: ‘If he cared about the good guys, he would’ve stood up for my son’

Valerie Castile, the mother of Philando Castile, slammed National Rifle Association chief Wayne LaPierre for staying silent over the death of her son.

Trump trashes gun-free schools at CPAC 2018 — where people aren’t allowed to bring in guns

President Donald Trump on Friday trashed the idea of keeping guns out of schools during CPAC 2018 — where attendees are barred from bringing in their guns.