Trump went golfing during Barbara Bush’s funeral — here’s just how much golf he’s played compared to Obama

Donald Trump spent a beautiful spring Saturday on his Florida golf course while his wife and every other living president traveled to Houston to pay their respects to former first lady Barbara Bush, who died Tuesday at age 92.

Trump got stuck with Rudy Giuliani because every big-time lawyer was taken: MSNBC analyst

It’s been a long time since former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani was involved in a high-profile criminal case. Depending on how you define it, it could be 30-plus years since Donald Trump’s new lead lawyer was in the trenches on a major case like this.

Fusion GPS founders explain Trump’s biggest fears for the New York Times — it’s not Stormy or Russia

Money laundering isn’t especially sexy compared to porn star payoffs or clandestine contacts with shadowy foreign intelligence agents in Prague. But the founders of Fusion GPS—the people who hired “pee tape” dossier author Christopher Steele—think that’s what Trump is fearing right now.

Ohio mom with concealed carry permit accidentally shoots and kills 2-year-old daughter

An Ohio mom who had a permit to carry a concealed handgun accidentally killed her 2-year-old daughter.

‘The most over-aggressive policing I’ve ever seen’: Reporters at Georgia Neo-Nazi rally document cops brutalizing counter-protestors over bandanas

A Neo-Nazi rally happened in tiny Newnan, Georgia today. According to some reports, as few as 35 Nazis showed up to hear their leader mock men wearing skinny jeans. To protect them, the state had to send 400 heavily armed law enforcement officers in full riot gear.

Internet outraged after Trump used Bush memorial to promote Mar-a-Lago as the ‘Southern White House’

"God you are so gross. 'Southern White House' just makes it sound like a plantation."

‘He was iced out’: New report details Michael Cohen’s fall from fixer to feared snitch

Was the White House not big enough for Ivanka, Jared and Michael Cohen? That’s one allegation in a new in-depth Washington Post feature that details Cohen’s evolution from trusted fixer to feared snitch.

Trump-loving pillow baron has a surprising take on Fox News boycotts — he claims they’re bad for you not him

Don’t expect Mike Lindell, the owner of My Pillow, to back away from his support of embattled Fox News host Laura Ingraham. In an email interview with Raw Story, he claims that the boycott will only hurt consumers.

NYT’s Haberman reveals identity of Trump’s ‘drunk/drugged up loser’ — and who else the president fears

Following an early Saturday morning Twitter rant by President Donald Trump, palace intrigue centered upon which former staffer was accused of being a “drunk/drugged up loser.”

‘Helping this president is akin to treason’: Here is why Trump can only hire unknown lawyers and Giuliani

Twelve partners from seven top-tier white-collar criminal defense attorneys turned down President Donald Trump before former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was brought on.

‘Too little, too late’: Attorney Avenatti accuses ‘panicky’ Trump of ‘kissing Michael Cohen’s a**’ with flattering tweets

Never one to miss an opportunity to needle both President Donald Trump and his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, the lawyer representing adult film star Stormy Daniels responded to Trump’s ode to Cohen in a series of tweets Saturday morning, saying the president is kissing his lawyer’s ass in effort to keep him from flipping.