Arkansas man admits raping girl from age 4 to 12 — and then tells her to ‘get over it’ on Facebook

45-year-old Ronnie Lynn Gipson appeared before District Court Judge Don Bourne on Friday after being charged with rape.

Trump campaign was urged to alert FBI to suspicious foreign contacts — but neglected to report Don Jr’s meeting

Donald Trump got the same warning as Hillary Clinton after becoming the presidential nominees last year about attempts by foreign adversaries, including Russia, to spy on or infiltrate their campaigns.

Disgruntled conservative imagines how GOP would react if Hillary did half the things Trump has done

Naval War College professor Tom Nichols, a disgruntled conservative who has regularly lambasted President Donald Trump, wrote about how inexplicably Republicans have behaved to cover up for Trump’s assorted scandals.

White House scrambles after Tillerson decides to snub major Trump speech: ‘He had a scheduled event’

The White House communication department on Monday worked quickly to put out a statement explaining why Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would be skipping a major foreign policy speech by President Donald Trump.

Here are 9 things you think you know about Jesus that are probably wrong

You might be surprised that some of your most basic assumptions about Jesus are probably wrong.

Federal employees have found ingenious ways to thwart Trump’s absurd anti-Obama agenda

Pundits have joked that President Donald Trump has a list of accomplishments from Barack Obama’s administration and is going through them one by one in efforts to destroy them.

‘Another amazing milestone’: Ivanka claims ‘no president’ gave national security speech before Trump

White House adviser Ivanka Trump asserted on Monday that her father President Donald Trump had hit “another amazing milestone” by being the first president to openly discuss national security policy with the American people.

Florida official steps down after telling black residents they were ‘lucky’ to be brought over as slaves

A Florida community official who told black residents that they should feel “lucky” that their relatives were brought into the country as slaves has resigned.

Kentucky’s GOP governor has Twitter-blocked the only black woman in the state legislature

Gov. Matt Bevin (R-KY) generally avoids talking to the media but instead, like President Donald Trump, uses his social media account to communicate with the public.

Ohio man plans to end zombie nativity scene after four years of controversy

An Ohio man is ending his zombie nativity scene after this year. Jasen Dixon said he wasn’t planning to set up the Christmas display this year but bowed to popular demand for one last holiday.

SC preacher arrested on sexual misconduct charges after video busts him touching underage girls — again

A rural South Carolina preacher was arrested this week on sexual misconduct charges after several videos suggested that he had sexually harassed members of his congregation and inappropriately groped underage girls.

Cop’s wife gets in trouble for Facebook rant about ‘filthy n*ggers’ — but she insists she was hacked

Local news station NBC 2 reports that the Lee County Sheriff’s Department is investigating whether Linda Deverso-Pakulis, the wife of the department’s Lt. Chip Pakulis, was really behind a racist post that appeared on her Facebook account over the weekend.