‘Shirtless’ Roy Moore tried to pick up teens at YMCA — and local voters ‘treated it like a joke’: report

“It was a known fact: Roy Moore liked young girls,” recalled one retired Alabama policeman.

Democrats planning on hanging accused teen sex stalker Roy Moore around GOP candidate’s necks

As if Republican’s don’t have enough problems distancing themselves from unpopular President Donald Trump, the continuing U.S. Senate candidacy of Alabama’s Roy Moore could have huge negative repercussions for GOP candidates looking at 2018’s midterm elections.

Top Alabama papers turn on Roy Moore citing ‘pathological fixation on sex’ and sexual abuse of children

"The steps he’s taken to actively diminish other people’s freedoms, is more than enough to have disqualified him from this office long before these women stepped into the public eye.”

Trump might not last four years — and here’s why

It’s only been a year since Donald Trump was elected president, but some people already want him out of the White House. The past 12 months have been long, dramatic and full of developments that critics say could lead Trump to end his term early—and they may be converging.

Oklahoma Republican pleads guilty to child sex trafficking after getting caught with 17-year-old boy

Former Oklahoma state Sen. Ralph Shortey (R) pled guilty this week to federal child sex trafficking charges after he was caught in a motel room with an underage boy in March.

‘If it’s at Mar-a-Lago, we’re not going’: Charities and socialites shun Trump’s ‘winter White House’

President Donald Trump’s so-called “winter White House,” Mar-a-Lago Resort, has lost the vast majority of its charity bookings for the year and Palm Beach’s upper crust have moved on from the once-glamorous mansion and club.

Fox Business host Bartiromo goes on Twitter blocking rampage after false claim about Trump accusers

On Saturday, Fox Business Channel host Maria Bartiromo blocked multiple members of the media from viewing her Twitter account after they corrected a false claim she made Friday.

‘We’re not stupid’: Nuclear general says he would shut down any ‘illegal’ Trump order to attack

The top U.S. nuclear commander said on Saturday that he would resist President Donald Trump if he ordered an “illegal” launch of nuclear weapons.

‘More women are sexual predators than men’: South Carolina pastor blames ‘war on men’ to defend Roy Moore

“Women are chasing young boys up and down the road, but we don’t hear about that ," Rev. Franklin Raddish alleged.

Blue states practice the ‘family values’ that red states preach: new survey

The New York Times‘ Nicholas Kristof reported Saturday on the results of the annual Youth Risk Behavior Survey, which found that people living in so-called blue states have lower rates of teen pregnancy, divorce and prostitution than their counterparts in conservative states.

Roy Moore debacle leaves Bannon de-fanged and looking like a ‘delusional guy at his desk’ to GOP

The deepening scandal around accused child sex predator Roy Moore has shown the limitations of once-feared former White House adviser Steve Bannon’s power in Washington.

Ohio judge who boasted about sex conquests apologizes if he offended ‘the wonderful women in my life’

Ohio Democratic candidate for governor and sitting state Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill issued an apology on Saturday for boasting about his bedding of “50 very attractive females."