‘Trump is our president’: Russian politicians ‘arranged a champagne party celebrating’ the 2016 election outcome

In 2016, Russian political figures had a slogan saying, ‘[Donald] Trump is our president,’ and “arranged a champagne party celebrating” the outcome of the election, a former editor at Russia’s largest state media company claimed this month.

GOP Congressman threatened to report woman to the Capitol Hill Police if she exposed his illicit photos

Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) threatened to report a woman to the Capitol Hill Police if she exposed him for sending explicit photos and videos, the Washington Post reports.

Trump may have destabilized the whole Middle East by blurting out Israeli intelligence to Russians: report

When President Donald Trump blurted out code-word protected Israeli intelligence to Russian officials in the Oval Office, he not only undermined other nations’ trust in the U.S. to keep secrets, the president may have further destabilized the already uneasy relationship between Israel and Iran — and by extension the entire Middle East.

LISTEN: British journalist details the ‘constellation of Russian connections circling around planet Trump’

The former Moscow bureau chief for the British newspaper The Guardian revealed to NPR host Terry Gross that Soviet and Russian intelligence agencies had targeted President Donald Trump for decades.

Baltimore detective was killed with his own gun the day before he was set to testify in case against indicted officers

Slain Baltimore homicide detective Sean Suiter was gunned down the day prior to scheduled testimony before a federal grand jury investigating a squad of previously-indicted police officers.

Two more women accuse Al Franken of groping while at Democratic Party events during his 2008 campaign

United States Senator Al Franken is facing further accusations of groping women after two additional women came forward and told their stories...

Everything the Trump campaign told you about the connections between Trump and Russia was a lie: Bill Moyers

The news is coming so fast and furious, from so many sources and in so many fragments, that it takes more than a scorecard to keep up with the Trump-Russia Connection. It takes a timeline — a “map,” if you will.

Cops charge mom with felony after she planted recorder in child’s backpack to collect evidence of bullying

A Virginia mother who placed a recording device in her 9-year-old daughter’s backpack to help prove to school officials that she was being bullied has been charged by police with a felony.

Roy Moore’s spokesman John Rogers suddenly quits — just weeks before Alabama election

Roy Moore’s communications director has resigned as sexual misconduct allegations continue to pile up against the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate

Nazi SS officer donated thousands to the RNC after being exposed for war crimes: report

Michael Karkoc made three contributions to the RNC after the Associated Press revealed he was a SS officer.

Texas GOP congressman Joe Barton sorry for graphic nude photo of him on social media

“While separated from my second wife, prior to the divorce, I had sexual relationships with other mature adult women,” he said.

‘We’re doing zilch’: State Dept. officials quit and say Trump admin. prevents fighting Russian propaganda

Ahmed Younis, who worked in an office of the State Department tasked with combatting Russian propaganda, said this week that “nothing” is being done on the issue because of “incompetence” inside President Donald Trump’s administration.