Donald Trump charges Democrats with making ‘false acquisitions’ against Brett Kavanaugh

President Donald Trump made an ironic and awkward typo in his Monday evening Twitter-defense of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh accomplice Mark Judge is hiding from publicity in a beachside hotel in Delaware: report

Brett Kavanaugh’s friend and alleged accomplice Mark Judge was hiding from publicity in a beachside hotel in Delaware when reporters tracked him down.

Trump supporters blow up at Fox News reporter after he admits Kavanaugh’s nomination now ‘lacks the votes’

Senate Lader Mitch McConnell might be blaming Democrats for “obstruction,” but he likely lacks the votes in his own party to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, since the GOP has the majority.

Kavanaugh backer sexually demeaned by nominee in high school yearbook — and she just learned about it

A woman who backed Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination was referred to disparagingly in the nominee’s high school yearbook.

Rod Rosenstein wanted to resign so he wouldn’t have to testify about Trump to Congress: report

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein suggested resigning so he wouldn’t have to testify to Congress about claims that he wanted to remove Trump from office.

Washington Post media critic bashes Brett Kavanaugh as ‘desperate’ for interviewing with Fox News

Media Critic Erik Wemple, wrote in The Washington Post that “statements apparently aren’t doing it for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh,” since the judge decided to appear on Fox News.

Russian-born novelist explains how America’s Orwellian right-wing has learned how to weaponize chaos, racism and truth — just like Putin

In 2016, Russian born novelist Gary Shteyngart took a bus ride. It was an uncertain time in American culture and politics, and Shteyngart, who’s won a devoted following for his bestsellers “Absurdistan, “Super Sad True Love Story” and the memoir “Little Failure,” didn’t know what would come of the journey.

Trump supporters are sharing a fake photo of him personally rescuing hurricane victims

Trump supporters in recent days have been going the extra mile to depict their favorite president as heroic — and have gone so far as to share a fake photograph of him personally rescuing people dealing with floods left by Hurricane Florence.

Convicted Trump foreign policy advisor announces he’s ‘uncovered a massive plot’

A former foreign policy advisor to President Donald Trump who pleaded guilty to making false statements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation is now alleging he has uncovered a “massive plot” against him.

Trump’s entire presidency is threatened by one document Rosenstein signed — which explains why he has to go

A heavily-redacted document signed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein could be the key to Donald Trump’s increasing attacks against him.
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This Trump cabinet official plans to resign soon to run against him in 2020: report

Jennifer Rubin, an opinion writer for The Washington Post, predicted that there is one Republicans who still has the guts and smarts to face President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Liberal activists slam Fox News’ MacCallum interview with Kavanaugh family: ‘One of Roger Ailes’s most vocal defenders’

The People for the American Way issued a strong statement against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh Monday before his Fox News interview aired.