‘They should give it to Mueller’: Internet pokes holes in Trump’s claim that he turned down TIME Magazine’s ‘man of the year’ distinction

After President Donald Trump trashed TIME magazine on Twitter earlier Friday evening, he swore he earned their “Person of the Year” for 2017 but turned it down. The internet couldn't help themselves...

Trump claims he turned down TIME ‘Man of the Year’ in 2016

In a Friday afternoon tweet, President Donald Trump claimed that in 2016 after winning the U.S. presidency he turned down being named “Man of the Year.”

April Ryan’s charge that Sarah Sanders tweeted a fake Thanksgiving pie proves truth never takes a holiday

April Ryan took truth-seeking to a whole new level when she accused Sanders of tweeting a stock photo of a pecan pie and falsely claiming she cooked it.

‘The Mueller effect’: How the special counsel might be ‘draining the swamp’ better than Trump ever could

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s appointment in May to investigate Russia’s interference in the American presidential election and potential collusion with Donald Trump’s campaign may already have achieved an unintended consequence — “draining the swamp”

Obama trounces Trump’s Thanksgiving tweets

Even on Thanksgiving, Donald Trump could not escape his worst nightmare: 10 months into his presidency, his predecessor Barack Obama remains significantly more popular.

‘Tiger Woods has officially hit rock bottom’: Golfer roasted for playing with Donald Trump

Pro-golfer Tiger Woods was blasted on Twitter Friday after President Donald Trump boasted the two would be spending the morning on the golf course together.

‘They don’t want to bolster Ivanka’: State Dept snubs first daughter’s India trip in growing rift between Trump and Tillerson

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is declining to send high-level State Department staffers with Ivanka Trump to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India next week, CNN reports.

Trump fans howl in rage after Ivanka defends Malia Obama: ‘She’s fair game’

Ivanka Trump defended Malia Obama after conservative websites circulated photos of the former president’s adult daughter blowing smoke rings.

GOP strategist Rick Wilson predicts ‘Orwellian’ fate for Flynn if he turns on Trump

Republican strategist Rick Wilson predicted President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” brigade will turn on Mike Flynn now that he may be cooperating with investigators.

GOP consultant and anti-pot advocate sues former opponent for disclosing his medical marijuana card

A Republican consultant whose firm represents a number of anti-marijuana clients filed suit against his former political opponents for allegedly disclosing his medical marijuana card.

‘Jared will flip like a pancake’ on Trump after Flynn gives him up, predicts Obama’s ethics czar

Mike Flynn looks to be cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation — and that spells big trouble for President Donald Trump, his son and son-in-law.

‘Chess club narc’: Internet piles on after conservative sites out Malia Obama for ‘doing normal college things’

Malia Obama, who began at Harvard this fall after deferring her acceptance for a year, appears to be enjoying her time at the prestigious university—as first year students are wont to do. Conservative and tabloid sites on Friday, however, appeared to have a different take on the former first daughter’s campus life.