Trump let Ryan Zinke keep his job until after he threw Christmas party for lobbyists: report

President Donald Trump reportedly wanted outgoing-Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke fired weeks ago but the White House allowed him to keep his job until after he threw a Christmas bash at his office for lobbyists and cronies.

‘Nearly every organization’ Trump ran in the past decade is under investigation: Washington Post

An analysis of Donald Trump’s ever-mounting legal trouble revealed a shocking number of entities he’s associated with being under investigation.

Jerome Corsi’s apparent scam ‘cancer’ fundraiser exposed by conservative website

The conservative Daily Caller website investigated a cancer surgery fundraiser run by Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi — and found that it doesn’t appear to be what he claimed.

Republican who justified shooting cops will take part in event for Las Vegas officer slain by ex-Bundy militants

A former Nevada assemblywoman will take part in groundbreaking ceremonies for a park named to honor a Las Vegas police officer slain by a couple who had taken part in an armed standoff she actively supported.

Global grift: Inauguration probe may uncover evidence could bring down Trump — and his family business

For anyone who’s followed Donald Trump’s long, sordid business career, it’s long been clear that one could characterize him in any number of ways, but “a guy who doesn’t commit crimes” isn’t among them.

Here’s how Trump’s ridiculous presidential dreams turned into a real legal nightmare

He just wanted to be president, and now look at him; Trump is going to be a defendant

Trump and Rudy Giuliani tweeting bogus claims about missing texts from ex-FBI agents Strzok and Page

President Donald Trump tweeted out a blatantly false claim intended to undermine the federal investigation of his campaign ties to Russia.

Black trash collector finds ‘slave’ doll lynched in his truck — along with racist warning

A black couple in Florida were shocked to find a “slave doll” with a seemingly threatening message for them at their shared place of work — and say their employer has yet to find out who left it.

Ryan Zinke’s oil lobbyist deputy likely to replace him at Interior — but environmentalists say he’s ‘even worse’

Newly-resigned Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s “man behind the curtain” is likely to become his replacement — and is loved by Donald Trump and loathed by environmentalists.

Trump’s worst legal nightmare isn’t Robert Mueller: Meet Letitia James

The president isn't prepared for what's coming.

Paul Ryan’s disgraceful last act: Providing cover for Trump

Just as Republicans find some spine on foreign policy, Paul Ryan bids farewell to D.C. by doing Trump’s bidding

Here are all the embarrassing ways Republicans wriggled out of talking about Trump — this week

During a week filled with bombshells about Donald Trump’s alleged wrongdoing, Republicans bent over backward to avoid talking about crimes involving the president.