Trump DHS adviser outed as a birther who thought Obama was bringing about ‘Zimbabwe-fication of America’

Frank Wuco, who has served as a White House senior adviser at the Department of Homeland Security since January, is a birther conspiracy theorist who also believed that the United States was transforming into the African country Zimbabwe.

Spielberg and Hanks compare Trump White House to Nixon ‘waging a guerrilla war on the First Amendment’

At the premiere of their latest cinematic collaboration together, actor Tom Hanks and director Steven Spielberg made the case that there is little difference between the current occupant of White House and disgraced President Richard Nixon.

White House worried ‘total press hog’ Omarosa will expose dysfunction and chaos around president

A source who used to work inside the White House claims close advisers to President Donald Trump are frantic.

Roy Moore 2.0: How the GOP could lose Arizona

Following Republican Roy Moore’s historic upset defeat in Alabama, Democrats are giddy at the prospect of stealing another seat in a GOP stronghold.

Trump’s popularity is plummeting among Fox News fans

President Donald Trump loves Fox News, but fans of the conservative-leaning network are starting to like him a lot less.

Mueller asks pro-Trump data firm Cambridge Analytica to turn over all campaign emails

Special counsel Robert Mueller has asked data firm Cambridge Analytica to turn over documents related to campaign work for President Donald Trump.

Why can’t Alabama Republicans just admit Doug Jones won fair and square?

Roy Moore cannot get a recount under state law, a growing chorus of legal scholars said Wednesday, despite what the state’s top election official and the Senate candidate himself might have you believe. So, why won't they give up?
Honestie Hodges, held at gunpoint by Grand Rapids police

Michigan police refuse to answer why they arrested an 11-year-old girl at gunpoint

It’s hard to imagine what threat an 11-year-old girl could possibly pose to a dozen armed police officers. They won't say.

Nazareth cancels Christmas because of Donald Trump

"We're saying merry Christmas again," Trump claimed.

Kremlin releases information on yet another Trump meeting before the White House discloses it

Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear programme with US counterpart Donald Trump in a phone call Thursday, the Kremlin said. The two heads of state …

Trump’s approval rating plummets in Iowa — here’s why that matters

The state that sets the agenda for presidential races and handed Donald Trump a decisive victory in the 2016 general election — Iowa — now overwhelmingly disapproves of his performance and believes the country is on the wrong track, a new poll showed Wednesday.