Trump-appointed judge forces White House to reinstate press pass of CNN’s Jim Acosta

Judge Timothy Kelly found Friday morning that the U.S. government must give Acosta due process before revoking his press pass — which he ordered must be reinstated.

Ex-Trump adviser turns LA man’s life into ‘living nightmare’ with conspiracy theories on Las Vegas massacre

A retired CIA agent and a former National Security Council official in the Trump administration are among a small group of former government insiders pushing conspiracy theories about the Las Vegas music festival massacre.

‘Incredibly disturbing’: Former reserve deputy gets probation for child porn — after facing potential life term in prison

Jonathan Hazer was sentenced Wednesday in Cleveland County court after pleading guilty last month to one count of aggravated possession of child pornography and possession of child pornography, but he won’t have to spend any time in prison.

What happens when the intelligence community decides that Trump is too dangerous to be president?

A surge of public activism by former CIA personnel is one of the most unexpected developments of the Trump presidency, and it is accelerating.

Former Alabama trooper shoots Democratic district attorney in the face in ambush

In a strange and gruesome incident, Greg Griggers, the district attorney for Alabama’s 17th Judicial Circuit, was shot in the face by a state trooper early Thursday afternoon.

Betsy DeVos costing taxpayers nearly $20 million for armed security after she was greeted on the job by hecklers

After two protesters blocked her path during a visit to a Washington, D.C., middle school, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has been receiving round-the-clock security from the U.S. Marshals Service.

FBI found hollow-point bullets, body armor and images that depicted execution of Jews at home of DC neo-Nazi

When the FBI raided the home of a self-described “Nazi” arrested earlier this week on federal gun charges, they found a noose, body armor and hollow-point bullets.

Conservative journalist with a history of stalking women roasted after posting ‘creepy’ photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

On Thursday, Eddie Scarry, the media reporter for a conservative outlet the Washington Examiner, was blasted on Twitter after posting a candid image of Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) attempting to criticize her outfit.

‘Indictments are coming’: Ex-prosecutors say Trump’s Twitter tirade is a sign Mueller is making a major move

On Thursday, President Donald Trump went on Twitter to rant about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Even though Trump often releases his fury on the social media platform, this latest attack against Mueller could be revealing.

‘Stunning’: Historic victory for a Democrat in Maine after federal judge rejects GOP lawsuit

Maine’s 2nd congressional district made history Thursday afternoon as it named Jared Golden the winner of his race for incumbent Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s (R-Maine) seat, after the state used ranked-choice voting for the first time.

‘Hero’ security guard killed by police was working extra shifts to save for his son’s first Christmas

A black security guard who stopped a gunman in a bar only to be killed by police who mistook him for the assailant was reportedly working shifts to save up money for his son’s first Christmas.

Here’s why the campaign to take down Nancy Pelosi is sexist — and a genuinely terrible idea

There is nothing progressive about the push to stop Nancy Pelosi from regaining her seat as speaker of the House when Democrats regain the majority in the new Congress that will convene in January.