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Bob Brigham

Lawrence O’Donnell aired hard-hitting expose on Trump, Jr — and the president tweets ‘presidential harassment’

Sarah K. Burris

Robert Mueller subpoena isn’t a ‘friendly’ one: Intelligence Committee Chair tells Maddow

Matthew Chapman

Mueller agrees to testify in public about Russia investigation after House Democrats issue subpoena: report

Matthew Chapman

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson attacks rape survivors for not reporting their rapes promptly enough

Matthew Chapman

Prosecutors offered indicted GOP congressman a deal to keep his multiple taxpayer-funded trysts quiet — but he refused

Bob Brigham

Soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe profanely rips Trump and vows she won’t go to the White House

Bob Brigham

Ted Cruz slapped down at Senate hearing for ‘working the refs’ to keep extremist content on social media

Sarah K. Burris

‘Squish brained’: Trump brutally mocked for claiming Medal of Honor recipient killed insurgent ‘wearing a wardrobe’

David Edwards

Trump elicits unintentional laughter in Oval Office meeting: My wars ‘don’t need exit strategies’

Brad Reed

Republican humiliates himself at Senate hearing as his attempt to nail Instagram for liberal bias falls apart

Travis Gettys

The View erupts when Meghan McCain complains her dad suffered worse than migrant kids while held as war prisoner

Alex Henderson, AlterNet

‘A nightmare’: Even ICE agents are fed up with Trump’s ‘dumbsh*t’ political stunts

David Edwards

Video busts white man ‘literally stalking’ and calling cops on black women ‘just cause we were at the pool’



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Trump endorses killing journalists, like Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. Online ad networks are now targeting sites that cover acts of violence against dissidents, LGBTQ people and people of color.

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