Senate Dems sue to block Trump’s ‘unconstitutional’ appointment of acting AG Matt Whitaker: report

A group of Senate Democrats is suing to block the appointment of acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker on the grounds that his appointment violates the Constitution.

Trump’s $12 billion bailout of farmers hurt by his trade wars has been a massive bust: NYT

President Donald Trump’s $12 billion bailout of farmers who had been hurt by his trade wars has been a massive bust politically — and a New York Times report has found that very little of it has gone to the struggling farmers who need it most.

Major chickenpox outbreak hits North Carolina town where many claim religious exemptions from vaccines

A North Carolina town known as a stronghold of anti-vaccination activists is dealing with the largest outbreak of chickenpox in two decades.

‘Profound betrayal of our military’: Retired army colonels shred Trump for using troops for political stunts in scathing op-ed

Retired army Cols. Lawrence B. Wilkerson and Isaiah Wilson III are not happy with President Donald Trump’s plan to send troops to the Southern U.S. border to deal with a caravan of Central American migrants.

‘Congress is going to rain down subpoenas like hellfire’: Trump biographer explains how ‘the the walls are closing in’ on the president

Author Tim Weiner discusses the Showtime series based on his book and the rule of law in the Trump age.

Anti-vaxxers claim loophole in Texas law allows them to place unvaccinated kids in day care

Anti-vaxxers in Texas are trying to exploit a loophole in state law to allow conscientious exemptions to vaccines for children in day care.

Defiant White House vows to once again suspend CNN’s Jim Acosta: report

President Donald Trump’s administration has threatened that it will again suspend CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass, the network reported Sunday evening.

Finns ruthlessly mock Trump’s claims they ‘take care of the floors’ of forests

President Donald Trump received a transatlantic smackdown after bizarre statements he made while touring the devastation of the Camp Fire in Paradise, California.

Here are all the ways Democrats can investigate Trump’s shady businesses next year

House Democrats will gain the power to subpoena records from President Donald Trump’s businesses next year, and Bloomberg has written a lengthy article detailing how they can answer key questions about the president’s finances.

Iowa Democrat loses race by 7 votes — but officials refuse to count 29 absentee ballots from left-leaning county

Democratic state House candidate Kayla Koether lost her race by just seven votes. But according to Slate editor Kavin Senapathy there are still 29 outstanding absentee ballots that officials are refusing to count.

Nate Silver says media missed massive ‘blue wave’ while covering ‘stories about Trump voters in truck stops’

President Donald Trump and members of the Republican Party have tried to downplay the 2018 midterm election and the successes Democrats have had. But the blue-wave cannot be denied.

‘Adam Schitt will have subpoena power soon’: Internet laughs at Trump’s misspelled attack on Rep. Adam Schiff

President Donald Trump drew chuckles from the internet again after an attack on Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), though it was a misspelled attack. The internet light up with hysterics and punny mockery.