Biden administration restoring housing rules Trump bizarrely tweeted would destroy the suburbs

On Tuesday, POLITICO reported that President Joe Biden's Department of Housing and Urban Development is moving to restore a fair-housing rule that former President Donald Trump attacked with a dog-whistling set of tweets about saving the suburbs.

"The agency will restore the original versions of a 2015 rule requiring cities to address residential segregation in order to access federal funds and a 2013 rule cracking down on unintended discrimination," reported Katy O'Donnell. "The 2015 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule would have required local governments to track patterns of segregation and poverty with a checklist of 92 questions to receive federal housing grants. The Trump administration suspended its implementation in 2018. Officials then proposed a watered-down revision before scrapping it [all together] last summer as former President Donald Trump campaigned on the warning that Democrats were trying to ruin the suburbs by shoving low-income housing down their throats."

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Joe Biden and the Democrats have the media in a panic

Maybe it's just me, but I'm detecting a whiff of panic from the Washington press corps. For one thing, the Biden administration is, so far, running pretty smoothly. Sure, there are serious border problems to manage. One of the vaccines is proving a bit problematic. But otherwise, public servants dedicated to government of, by and for the people under the law and with reverence for the United States Constitution seem to be delivering. After four years of trumpery, White House reporters must be jonesing.

For another, the press corps is having difficulty seeing, understanding and, therefore, reporting the fundamental shifts that have taken place in the last six months alone. The Republicans, it goes without saying, have declared massive resistance to all things Biden even when all things Biden are Godsends to constituents back home who are impatient for the day when the government finally starts delivering for the people. The president and the Democrats, meanwhile, seem nonplussed. They knew they weren't going to get help from the Republicans. They have majority numbers to do without.

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New scandals have exposed a disturbing fact about Trump’s lingering impact on our society

Donald Trump is a bored old man whose main entertainment these days is making a fool out of Republican fundraisers with his unhinged rants, but, sadly for the rest of us, his impact will be long-lingering, from the mainstreaming of white nationalist rhetoric to the size of the lies Republican politicians feel emboldened to tell. One of the oddest, most annoying legacies Trump leaves behind has the potential to impact not just Republican politicians, but Democratic ones as well: that all they need to do when faced with a scandal, no matter how serious, is to dig in their heels and refuse to resign. Eventually, as Trump's time in office demonstrated, the press will get bored and move on.

The two current examples of this phenomenon come from different sides of the aisle but have a surprising amount in common with both each other and Trump: New York's Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo, and Congress' most "Florida man" member, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz.

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Joe Manchin beats his chest for DC elites while struggling West Virginia waits for help

Jeanne Peters moved to Wood County, West Virginia, from Atlanta more than two decades ago seeking to launch an e-commerce business while breathing in some of what has kept families in the isolated Mountain State for generations: some of the most scenic vistas in America, and the freedom promised by its wide open spaces. Since then, Peters' enthusiasm for her adopted state has been tempered both by West Virginia's economic struggles — with layoffs and closures costing good-paying union jobs in the chemical plants along the Ohio River — and its political far-right turn toward the politics of ret...

There’s a disturbing motive hiding behind the GOP’s attacks on transgender youth

The GOP's latest culture war is focused squarely on the nation's transgender community, specifically transgender youth. It isn't a new war, simply a new front in an old war that can be traced back to the famed "bathroom bills" from some years ago that spread across dozens of states. Those bills were introduced in tandem with former President Donald Trump's targeted federal government-led attacks that included the overturning of anti-discrimination statutes protecting trans people and an outright transgender ban in the U.S. military.

Now, in the wake of Trump's humiliating electoral loss, Republicans have accelerated the state-level attacks to a breathtaking level. In just the first three months of 2021, GOP-led state legislatures introduced more bills aimed at transgender people, especially youth, than they did over the entire previous year. There are now more than 80 bills introduced this year alone that, according to Alphonso David, president of the Human Rights Campaign, "are not addressing any real problem, and they're not being requested by constituents. Rather, this effort is being driven by national far-right organizations attempting to score political points by sowing fear and hate."

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A potential fix to police violence is staring us in the face

Look, I'm no expert on, well, pretty much anything! But there is one thing I do know. There is one thing anyone can know if they are willing to see. It's that the people we all trust to keep the peace in this country aren't doing a good job of it. What's more, the people we entrust to keep the peace are often themselves responsible for the violence. It's getting to the point where I'm thinking it's a good idea to take away their guns.

This article was originally published at The Editorial Board

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Tucker Carlson and his white supremacist allies are going to be replaced -- by a generation repelled by his ideology

Tucker Carlson's at it again.

As Salon's Kaity Assaf reported last week, the unctuous Fox News host delivered more grotesque, racist commentary last week, this time explicitly endorsing the hardcore white supremacist "great replacement" theory on his top-rated TV show. Throwing it out there in a discussion of the assault on voting rights around the country Carlson said, "the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate" with "new people, more obedient voters from the Third World." It's a line Carlson has been called out for before.

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Capitol rioter named after Andrew Jackson makes his ‘patriotic’ stand

If you're named for Andrew Jackson and you're a QAnon guy and you're a self-styled "law-enforcement auditor" who posts traffic stops and other arrests on YouTube, why wouldn't you go the January 6 Capitol riot?

Meet Andrew Jackson Morgan Jr. of Maxwell, Texas. The FBI charged him April 8 with the usual charges of unlawful entry, obstruction of an official proceeding and violent entry or disorderly conduct in connection with the riot. But there's also one for "aiding and abetting" that would suggest an active role in "encouraging" others in the crowd.

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Don’t be fooled: The basic deal between the GOP and corporate America is still very much alive

For four decades, the basic deal between big American corporations and politicians has been simple. Corporations provide campaign funds. Politicians reciprocate by lowering corporate taxes and doing whatever else corporations need to boost profits.

The deal has proven beneficial to both sides, although not to the American public. Campaign spending has soared while corporate taxes have shriveled.

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Republicans snivel back from being OK with Trump's close pal Xi Jinping

Just for kicks, President Joe Biden should try to see if he could make Republican heads explode by acting soft on China. It wouldn't take much effort.

Biden could say that he "loves" Chinese President Xi Jinping. He could declare that Xi is a "great gentlemen" and that the two men "will always be friends" even if there's a trade war between their countries.

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Why the case against abortion is weak

Abortion rights are under attack. But ethics education can help — and defenders of abortion rights should recognize this, before it's too late.

This article first appeared in Salon.

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Newly revealed Trump administration emails show depravity and conspiracy against the country

The select subcommittee in the United States House of Representatives that is now investigating how the federal government managed the country's response to the covid pandemic released emails Thursday showing top officials in the Trump administration knowingly, carefully and deliberately sabotaged public understanding of the disease.

According to the Post's Dan Diamond, "The documents provide further insight into how senior Trump officials approached last year's explosion of coronavirus cases in the United States. Even as career government scientists worked to combat the virus, a cadre of Trump appointees were attempting to blunt the scientists' messages, edit their findings and equip the president with an alternate set of talking points."

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Blame John Boehner for the 'Crazytown' afflicting the Republican Party

John Boehner is clearly worried about his legacy. The former Republican speaker of the House is on a mission to rehabilitate his image and position himself as a noble, principled conservative who is at odds with the current slate of bug-eyed Donald Trump enthusiasts and lying Dr. Seuss trolls. He's recently published "On the House: A Washington Memoir" and is on the media circuit, both heavily promoting the book and this cockamamie notion that Trump and other trollish Republicans like Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas or Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida represent some big departure from a more dignified conservatism that Boehner claims to represent.

This article originally appeared at Salon.

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