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Argument senators using against raising the minimum wage 'is actually silly': expert

Imagine Washington announcing today that for the next three decades your pay will increase each January. You'll get a boost to cover inflation plus 10-cents more an hour. That means your real pay next year, before taxes, will be $4 more per week.

Ask yourself, would you even notice an extra $4 a week in gross pay? Would you feel like playing by the rules and being a good worker was worth it?

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How an Obama-era effort to help small businesses backfired

The Jump-Start Our Business Start-Ups (or JOBS) Act of 2012 was supposed to mean great opportunities for small business owners to raise capital and grow family-controlled businesses. At the time President Barack Obama called it "a potential game-changer" that would give them "access to a big, new pool of potential investors—namely, the American people."

The law was intended to allow small operations to raise money through crowdfunding, pretty much the same way people raise money with a GoFundMe type campaign or how companies use Kickstarter for specific projects.

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Nurses and other healthcare workers face increased violence on the job

Covid-19 is already responsible for killing some 3,500 healthcare workers across the United States. Now America's nurses say they're being subjected to another chilling aspect of the ongoing pandemic — increasing workplace violence.

The National Nurses United (NNU) surveyed 15,000 of its members last fall. As astounding 20% responded said they have been physically attacked on the job.

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Revealed: The vast reach of Trump's failed effort to gut the federal civil service

For the first time, we have a reliable measure of just how deeply Donald Trump's plan to strip federal executives of civil service protection and make them personally accountable to him would have reached.

Trump would have made more than 84,000 federal executives subject to firing on his whim. That's about 4% of the civilian government workforce and most of its top leadership.

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DeJoy strikes again as $4.5 billion order for new mail trucks misses several important opportunities

The multibillion-dollar deal for the shiny new fleet of battery-powered U.S. Postal Service vehicles could be a missed opportunity for addressing climate change and strengthening American manufacturing.

The USPS awarded the 10-year, multibillion-dollar deal to Oshkosh Defense, an American military contractor based in Wisconsin.

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Undoing Trump's threat to endangered North American right whales

Trump's National Marine Fisheries Service was regulating right whales toward extinction as the whales literally starved to death while entangled in fishing gear.

An estimated 356 North Atlantic right whales, including about 70 breeding females, migrate between Florida and Canada. The population has been declining for 11 years.

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There's a sad truth behind some terrific new income statistics

We have stunningly good news today: Wages in 2020 grew at by far the fastest rate in the last 45 years.

The bad news: It's a statistical anomaly caused by Donald Trump's lethal mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. The scourge wiped out almost eight million jobs held by lower-paid workers and only two million better-paying jobs.

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A grim milestone of 500,000 dead

Stunningly, a year into coronavirus, we've reached 500,000 American deaths—and climbing, particularly since November.

That as many people as live in Miami, Atlanta, Omaha or Oakland, all gone in a single year, a disproportionate number of deaths—many avoidable—in the best medically equipped nation on the planet.

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Expert on Trump's real legacy: A mental health pandemic that rages unabated

As U.S. Covid-19 deaths have exceeded 500,000, an article in the Lancet lays much of the responsibility squarely on Donald Trump.

While much has been said about the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, the true scandal is how and why a psychologically dangerous person was allowed to preside over more American deaths in one year than those by all the terrorists and foreign enemies in one hundred years.

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The 1.5 million child slaves behind your chocolate bar

Next time you take a bite of a chocolate bar, consider the small hands that farmed the cocoa beans.

Industrial food heavyweights like Nestlé USA, Hershey and MARS Inc., rely on cocoa grown in Côte D'Ivoire, the Ivory Coast, to make their confections. And the West African nation relies on enslaved child laborers to farm its cocoa crops, a well-known fact in the candy world that keeps the cocoa at favorably low prices for the big companies.

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Yes, Texas is in bad shape -- here's why it's only going to get worse

The misery and death in Texas, where the state electric grid was taken down by unusual but predictable cold weather, underscore the misguided conservative Republican values of less regulation, devil-may-care burning of fossil fuels, dangerous tax cuts and unfettered trust in markets as the universal problem solver.

In Texas, the blame for the unheated homes, the dark urban skylines and winter water shortages is on just one politician—Greg Abbott. He has been governor of the Lone Star state for more than six years.

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The Texas disaster and COVID-19 have made it impossible to deny that the GOP ideology is dangerous mythology

We don't have to look very hard to see some common themes running through the Texas freezes, consternation over school re-opening and the worries over significantly unseen recent cyber-attack on U.S. government agencies and private company networks.

In fact, at a glance, there's a recognizably simple demand on the table that we have a government that can anticipate emergencies, plan for them and stand ready to execute, rather than suffer the talk of lawmakers who insist on throwing the inevitable verbal bombs about ideology. Thinking otherwise, that we can stint on investment and preparation is as effective as sticking your head in an oven and yelling.

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Trump intelligence chiefs hid evidence of Russian election interference

Lost in the news on the day of Trump's Insurrection was a devastating new watchdog report to Congress on the politicizing and distorting of intelligence during Donald Trump's time in office.

The analytic ombudsman, career intelligence community veteran Barry A. Zulauf, determined that under Trump, national intelligence reports had become highly politicized. Important findings were suppressed to appease Trump's refusal to acknowledge Russian interference in American elections,

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