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Fox News' Lara Trump is worried Biden won’t be tough enough in his meeting with Putin this week

Donald Trump's daughter-in-law Lara has her own show on Fox News where she can promote talking points from the campaign. But her discussion Sunday about President Joe Biden stressed her fears that the new president would be overtaken by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The statement is ironic given Trump was easily rolled by Putin. It's even been reported that evidence suggested Trump was even a foreign asset to Russia.

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Mark Meadows helped endanger lives to make money off his book: Ex-Homeland Security aide to Pence

Former President Donald Trump has been mocked over the past several days for his bizarre rant while crashing a wedding and a grammatical error in a press release that ultimately called himself an idiot.

Speaking about the "pathetic" Trump, former Homeland Security aide and adviser to Vice President Mike Pence, Olivia Troye, also spoke out against chief of staff Mark Meadows for knowing that Trump was endangering staff in the White House.

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Charlie Sykes stuns MSNBC host with lewd description of Thomas Massie’s gun photo as like pic of his privates

Speaking to MSNBC on Sunday, conservative commentator and Bulwark editor attacked Rep. Tom Massie (R-KY) after he posted a Christmas photo of him with his family in their pajamas with a bunch of guns.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, generally known as the "prince of peace."

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The Republican civil war begins in Georgia as David Perdue launches bid against Brian Kemp

Former President Donald Trump has managed to recruit David Perdue into running against Gov. Brian Kemp, which the Daily Beast described as ushering in a civil war in the GOP.

The former president has publicly stoked his grudge against Kemp after he refused to overturn the 2020 election, won by Joe Biden in 2020. He also secretly recorded Trump during a call in which the disgraced former president demanded Kemp commit voter fraud by finding the votes necessary to overturn the will of the people.

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QAnon cultist who abandoned her family is now in a behavioral health center

Over the course of 2021, QAnon cultists have flocked to Dallas, Texas believing that former President John F. Kennedy and his son, will be resurrected from the dead. There was a belief that the younger Kennedy would show up in Dallas on Nov. 2. As packed crowds met in Dealey Plaza, no one showed. The date changed to Nov. 17, but there was still no John-John. Then the 59th anniversary of the shooting of JFK, on Nov. 22. Still no Kennedy. Many are still there, waiting.

Earlier this week, some held a guided meditation and influencer Michael Protzman (aka Negative48) indicated that those waiting in the area are exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

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Pardoned Trump ally will only agree to hand over documents if he can testify publicly to Jan 6 committee

Bernie Kerik, a former New York City police chief and friend to Rudy Giuliani, has agreed to hand over documents to the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack, but only if they agree to let him testify publicly. The committee wants information about the "command center" that was stationed at the Willard Hotel during the attack, reporter Betsy Woodruff Swan wrote Thursday.

When Kerik was first called his lawyers sent out a letter to the committee saying that he wasn't even there. The problem is that President Donald Trump's campaign gave $225,000 in payments to the firms owned by Kerik and Giuliani. Those funds include more than $50,000 for rooms and suites at the Willard. The committee also cited the book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, which discusses Giuliani's attendance, but doesn't mention Kerik.

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Trump sold his Beverly Hills mansion for twice its value to an Indonesian media baron he was in business with: Book

Among the many things that David Cay Johnston ties together from former President Donald Trump's finances, is the strange profit he was able to obtain for his Beverly Hills mansion where he had the affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels.

In his new book The Big Cheat, Johnston explains that Trump bought the 5,400-square-foot property in 2007 for $7 million. In 2016 he hired a property lawyer to argue for a $6 million evaluation. Suddenly, however, in 2019, Trump sold the home for $13.5 million, nearly twice what he was hoping to get for it.

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Trump biographer details how being elected to the presidency made it hard for him to conduct 'business as usual'

Biographer of former President Donald Trump, David Cay Johnston, wrote in his new book that the kind of business practices in the Trump Org. couldn't exactly happen under the radar if he was the president.

"Maintaining such long-term business relationships required Trump to restrain his grasping instincts," wrote Johnston in The Big Cheat. "And it exposed him to a whole new kind of risk from partners smarter and more devious than he. He could no longer stiff or cheat his business partners and move on to the next victim, which had always been his modus operandi."

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Trump hired Pam Bondi when she was also working for a lobbyist for Qatar

The new book, The Big Cheat by David Cay Johnston discusses the shocking revelation that while Pam Bondi was being paid by taxpayers, she was also working as a lobbyist.

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi already had a scandal involving former President Donald Trump when she accepted a $25,000 charitable donation from his foundation for her political campaign. After the donation, Bondi shut down the Florida investigation of Trump University, which settled with "students" over fraud after they claimed they were scammed.

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Legal experts fear conservative Supreme Court justices are ready to take away women's rights

As the Supreme Court hears an important reproductive rights case, legal experts lined up to criticize some of the questions and arguments in the right's efforts to end medical abortions in the United States.

Among the arguments facing criticism were that women are doing well enough and that they can simply offer children up for adoption, as an alternative to abortion.

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Ivanka's financial disclosures reveal just how much money she lost from the toxic Trump brand: book

David Cay Johnston's new book "The Big Cheat" brings together the financial scandals of former President Donald Trump and his family, drawing a link between everything the family ultimately grifted.

In one section of the book, Johnston compares Ivanka Trump's financial disclosure statements, which awkwardly reveals just how much money the Trump family lost from its properties during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

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Here's how Arizona profits from conspiracy theorist tourism

The first alien invasion may have been in Roswell, New Mexico, but it's Arizona that is profiting off of conspiracy tourism like UFOs, vortexes, lost gold mines and QAnon.

The Phoenix News Times explained that Arizona is able to profit off of the "special energy in Sedona," which some believe is "a kind of inter-dimensional portal." The so-called vortex even appears on Sedona's tourism website.

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How Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump scored a sweet DC real estate deal from a Chilean billionaire

David Cay Johnston's new book, "The Big Cheat," was released this week, and connects the dots between all of the financial stories around former President Donald Trump, his business, and children who served in the White House.

One piece of his book reveals that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump not only made millions while working for the American people, they also got a sweet real estate deal for their Washington, D.C. home.

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