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Dem Congressman reveals some GOP lawmakers expressed 'glee' and 'were having a good time' during Capitol riot

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) revealed some details about his experience on Jan. 6 when the Capitol was under siege.

According to the Congressman, while the Capitol was being torn apart, an attacker was being shot and terrified congressional staffers were hiding afraid for their lives, some Republicans were filled with "glee."

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'The cowboys are there to protect your family!' Lindsey Graham throws a fit over 'inhumane' criticism of border agents

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Fox News that the Border Patrol agents whipping Haitian refugees were just "cowboys" who are
"trying to protect you." Graham didn't downplay the beatings by government employees, instead, he celebrated them and those doing it.

"A man on horseback is there to protect your family!" Graham insisted. "The people rushing our border have put us all under siege!"

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MAGA rioter denied responsibility for breaking into Capitol -- and pointed the finger at Antifa instead: feds

Law & Crime reported Thursday that one of the Jan. 6 attackers on trial for breaking into the Capitol explained that it wasn't so much breaking into the Capitol as "breaking into the Capitol," with air quotes.

Alleged MAGA rioter Mick Chan told the court this week that he "called the FBI because he believed the Trump rally [at the Ellipse] was infiltrated and the breach of the Capitol was carried out by members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter."

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This debt ceiling crisis for Republicans is one of their own making: MSNBC analyst

Writing for MSNBC, producer Steve Benen noted that in 2010 it was the GOP that threatened then-President Barack Obama with an ultimatum of, "Give us trillions of dollars in spending cuts, or we'll crash the economy on purpose."

It happened again in 2013 when Republicans threatened not to allow the debt ceiling to increase. In that battle, they said they'd raise the debt ceiling but only if Democrats stopped the Affordable Care Act from taking effect, approved the Keystone XL pipeline, mandated a "means testing" structure for Medicare, took the Wall Street regulations and made them more friendly to Wall Street, increased oil drilling and stopped any and all efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency to stop the climate crisis.

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'Do you think pregnant women pose a big threat?' Jen Psaki mocks Peter Doocy's latest claim

On Thursday, Fox News' White House reporter Peter Doocy ran into the Jen Psaki brick wall during the daily press briefing.

Doocy asked the White House about the situation at the border where a slew of migrants continue to be desperately trying to enter the U.S. According to Psaki, those migrants aren't being allowed into the country. Doocy disagreed.

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Biden is leaning toward releasing information about Trump and aides on Jan. 6 to the public: report

The Washington Post is reporting that President Joe Biden is leaning toward releasing any information involving former President Donald Trump and his aides during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

According to the report, it could have some "significant political and legal ramifications."

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Speaker Pelosi calls out McConnell for trying 'to hold the economy hostage'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called out Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) during her Thursday briefing, recalling his previous statements about the debt ceiling being necessary.

Previously, McConnell had said that America always pays its debts. According to Pelosi, McConnell is now shirking that responsibility.

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Did Trump just admit in his lawsuit that the original NYT's report on his taxes is actually true?

Former President Donald Trump announced this week that he would be suing his niece Dr. Mary Trump, the New York Times and some of its reporters for "stealing" his personal tax documents. But as Business Insider explains, it wasn't that long ago that Trump's lawyers were threatening to sue, saying the documents were false.

Trump inadvertently confessed that his tax documents were real in the lawsuit he announced this week. It put Trump in the position to decide, are the tax documents fake and he wants to sue the Times, or are they real and "stolen?" While the new lawsuit doesn't make an argument about the documents' authenticity, one wouldn't likely sue if they were fake documents.

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Conservative columnist says no one is buying the claim the Supreme Court isn’t partisan

Speaking to a group of supporters of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Justice Amy Coney Barrett tried to claim that the Supreme Court isn't staffed with a slew of partisan hacks. Many found it to be a strange claim since McConnell mocked Democrats when Coney Barrett was approved by GOP members.

Writing for the Washington Post on Thursday, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin explained that no one is buying the claim. She cited "a raft of recent polls" showing that the High Court lost its luster with the public.

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Here's the actual study that inspired Mike Flynn's crazed rant about putting COVID vaccine on salad dressing

Former Trump National Security Adviser and admitted felon Michael Flynn went off on a rant about vaccines being put in salad dressing as a means for the left to force the vaccine on those refusing to get it.

Fact-checker Mike Rothschild noted that the study he's talking about is actually an effort by scientists to create an mRNA vaccine that doesn't have to be stored in a deep freeze. The mRNA vaccines like Moderna and Pfizer all have to be stored in extremely cold locations, which is why when they open one vaccine bottle they have to throw it away if it goes unused.

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Trump could be hit with lawsuits from Dominion employees after documents expose his 'obvious' lies: MSNBC legal analyst

This week, it was revealed that court documents obtained in the case from Dominion Voting Systems showed President Donald Trump, his staff and lawyers should have known that they were making false claims about election fraud.

While these internal Trump campaign memos are likely to heavily factor in the Dominion lawsuits, one MSNBC analyst noted that employees for the company may also have an opportunity to sue Trump and his lawyers as well.

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Judge who advised Pence on election certification says Trump lawyer John Eastman was 'incorrect at every turn'

The new book Peril by Robert Costa and Bob Woodward details how, in the final weeks ahead of the Jan. 6 vote to certify the election former Vice President Mike Pence consulted with Judge J. Michael Luttig, who is now speaking out about the role he played in saving American democracy.

Pence was getting pressure from President Donald Trump to refuse to certify the election results and send the vote back to GOP-run state legislatures. John Eastman, a Federalist Society figure who clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas, penned a two-page memo outlining the legal argument for overturning the election. Pence didn't take the memo as gospel and reached out to Judge Luttig.

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Watch Ted Cruz get repeatedly schooled by voting rights experts

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was part of a hearing involving voting rights laws on Wednesday when he asked the expert panel whether the Texas voting laws or voter identification laws were racist. One by one, each expert explained to him that it was.

Franita Tolson, a professor at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law, began by telling the senator that one major thing is that people shouldn't treat all voter I.D. laws the same. Understandably there are laws that allow for all forms of I.D. from student I.D.'s, utility bills, cell phone bills, or any other possible way to prove identity. Other states restrict voter I.D. to only being a driver's license. Technically, because driver's licenses cost money, that could be considered a poll tax.

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