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Former U.S. attorney predicts possible 'surprises' that could come up in a Trump indictment

Over the weekend, the New York Times broke a story that former Donald Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran had recordings that the Justice Department now has.

As a lawyer, Corcoran and Trump enjoyed the attorney-client privilege, but it became clear that Trump used Corcoran while secretly withholding information about the documents he was hiding. A federal court ruled that the crime-fraud exception could be used to breach the attorney-client privilege.

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Special about Ron DeSantis' time at Guantanamo Bay canceled with no explanation

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Showtime pulled a special by Vice News that went into detail about Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and his time working as a JAG officer at Guantanamo Bay.

"The episode, the fourth in Vice’s fourth season, had been slated to air May 28. Showtime pulled the episode, however, and is now referring to the June 4 installment as episode four of the season. Repeat programming aired in place of the shelved episode on May 28," said the report.

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MSNBC host takes down 'Bannon-backed, Tucker-platformed' RFK Jr.

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan began his show by reminding voters who Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is and why they shouldn't be fooled by the far-right Republicans desperate to promote him.

He showed a clip of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talking about the wealth discrepancy that continues to increase and a candidate "willing to condemn the consolidation of corporate power, the evils of environmental racism, and ever-increasing income inequality."

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Former congressman recalls Trump voters saying God chose him to fight liberals guided by the devil

Speaking to former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen for his Sunday podcast, former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) discussed the difference between the dedicated Republican voters and the die-hard MAGA loyalists.

"There's a group of the base — there's a percentage of the base, 30, 35, 37 percent that is not pro-Trump, they're only Trump. Only Trump," said Walsh. "And these people, Michael, believe that the left has destroyed America. They believe the left is guided by the devil. They have told me this, and they believed that God picks, Michael, sometimes flawed dudes to be his warriors. They believe Trump is a flawed human being who God has anointed to destroy the left guided by the devil."

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California AG threatens legal actions against Florida for immigrant flight to Sacramento

Speaking to CNNs Jim Acosta on Sunday, California Attorney General Rob Bonta revealed the state believes the flight of immigrants dropped off in Sacramento is part of another Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) scheme targeting Latinos.

DeSantis has previously paid to have individuals trick immigrants on the border into flying to a different location. The Florida-funded flights never remove Florida immigrants, but only those on the border with Texas.

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Trump's national security adviser thinks Kim Jong Un's 'love letters' to Trump were fake

Donald Trump's former national security advisor, John Bolton, told CNN that watching the former president over the years, it became evident that he was in over his head when it came to international affairs, particularly with dictators like Kim Jong Un.

He began by discussing the Chinese plans for flying close to a U.S. jet and a ship sailing close to a U.S. Navy destroyer. According to Bolton, it's China trying to intimidate the United States and the Taiwanese government.

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Trump's own voice on the documents tape will be 'devastating' in a courtroom: legal analyst

Legal analyst Danny Cevallos walked through the possible charges that Donald Trump could face after a recording of him surfaced last week.

The discussion began with Julia Ainsley of the NBC News Investigative Unit saying, "An indictment, at this point, would set them up well to be able to end a trial before the 2024 election, at least give that 60 to 90-day buffer. You also hear about that the Justice Department takes into account, what they don't want to be interfering in an election. They could see this timeline as being very conducive to trying to wrap up this business before the election."

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Plane crashes in Virginia mountains after military scrambles jets after it

UPDATE: NORAD told CNN reporters that the pilot was unconscious and that there were four people on board.

Reuters is reporting that a Cessna Citation has crashed in the Virginia mountains after flying over the restricted Washington, D.C. airspace. Residents in the DC, Virginia and Maryland metro areas heard a sonic boom, which the DOD later said was the sound of F-16 jets being scrambled to the smaller jet.

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Videos capture large 'sonic boom' across three DC metro states


The FAA reported that the flights were so quickly scrambled because of an unresponsive Cessna Citation.

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Evangelical insider thinks he knows how to break up Trump and the church

Salon columnist Nathaniel Manderson is searching for ways to break up Donald Trump and the evangelical community that followed him. The introduction of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has given some churches the opportunity to support a candidate that isn't tied to over two dozen sexual assault accusations. But some evangelical pastors are refusing to abandon the former president.

Manderson mentioned DeSantis' war against LGBTQ people, which was once a strong link between Republicans and the far-right religious community. But as public opinion has changed, the fight against LGBTQ equality means Republicans risk alienating younger voters.

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New Republic hits Trump for pretending to care about religion as a sexual abuser

The New Republic has never been a fan of Donald Trump, but, in its report of his events in Iowa, something took a dark turn.

Among the things talked about during his visit was the need for more religion in the U.S. Trump announced to a room of faith leaders: “We have to bring religion back into our country.”

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Judge denies bid to derail E. Jean Carroll case because Trump is a persecuted 'white Christian'

Judge Lewis Kaplan dismissed a motion from a Donald Trump ally to dismiss E. Jean Carroll's 2019 defamation case because he's being persecuted for being a white Christian.

Court documents uploaded on Thursday revealed Kaplan's decision to dismiss the demands of far-right Trump pal, James H. Brady. He has been described by the New York Post as "a gadfly who clogs courts with 'vexatious' claims." It goes on to claim that the man "has filed so many repetitive lawsuits he’s been ordered to stop and sanctioned in both state and federal courts..."

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Documents GOP wants from FBI may have roots in Rudy Giuliani's Ukraine conspiracy: reports

Rudy Giuliani could be the source of a document the House Oversight Committee wants the FBI to hand over, reports said Thursday.

Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and Senate Oversight ranking member Chuck Grassley (R-IA) spoke on the phone with FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday about the ongoing efforts to obtain information from him about a $5 million bribe they suspect was paid to President Joe Biden.

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