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On the Podcast: Investigative journalist declares Georgia Senate race ‘stolen’

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Episode 4: A ‘stolen’ Senate race and the legal landscape

Deep breaths. It’s now Election Day+9 and Trump has still not accepted the will of the American people. Join Mike and Shannyn in conversation with former Federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti (Twitter) about the legal status of the presidential race. Investigative reporter and best-selling author Greg Palast (Web, Twitter) joins us to explain how fraud has changed the result of two elections… in the same state!

Episode 3: Florida Redux?

It’s Election Day+2 and predictions are looking good as Mike and Shannyn chat with Yahoo! News’s chief investigative correspondent, Michael Isikoff. What does a post-Trump era look like look? Will Trump leave the White House? Will he attend Biden’s inauguration? If you thought 2000 was close, fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be a bumpy road until the end of this election. With results coming in by the minute and vote totals swinging wildly, we’ll take a look at the future under all the scenarios.


Episode 2: Mark Cuban: Trump as Political Chemotherapy

Episode 2, October 29, 2020: Listen to today’s episode during which Shannyn and Mike give their latest take on progressive news and spend some time chatting with Shark Tank star and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban. We’ll talk about the theft of a Supreme Court seat and what Roberts should do to save his Court. Mark, Shannyn and Mike chat about solutions to political problems of the day, the ways we conduct elections and why Mark holds a special place in the hearts of Alaska kids.


Episode 1: Carter vs. Trump

Join Mike Rogers and Shannyn Moore for the first episode of The Raw Story Podcast. The hosts will kick off with top stories of the week and new ways to look at them. In Correcting the Record, author Jonathan Alter talks about the legacy of President Jimmy Carter. Often misunderstood, many of Carter’s accomplishments are unknown. We also talk to Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead from the road where she is engaged in the fight against those who make it their mission to ban abortion. We’re warming up the microphones and creating a show we’re proud of and one that you will enjoy. Shannyn and Mike will put the stories of the day in a new perspective. And where else will you find out how the price of chicken and how it is connected to the Purdue Pharma settlement?

(The Raw Story Podcast is a production of Raw Story Media and is editorially independent from RawStory.com.)