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New poll finds that the most devout Christians are more likely to fall for QAnon

Although QAnon isn't a religious movement per se, the far-right conspiracy theorists have enjoyed some of their strongest support from White evangelicals — who share their adoration of former President Donald Trump. And polling research from The Economist and YouGov shows that among those who are religious, White evangelicals are the most QAnon-friendly.

The Economist explains, "One prominent theory is that Americans who have no religious affiliation find themselves attracted to other causes, such as the Q craze. Another, posited by Ben Sasse, a Republican senator from Nebraska, is that modern strains of Christian evangelicalism which 'run on dopey apocalypse-mongering' do not entirely satisfy all worshippers — and so, they go on to find community and salvation in other groups, such as QAnon. Using The Economist's polling with YouGov, an online pollster, we can test both of these theories."

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The Christian nationalist assault on democracy goes stealth — but the pushback is working

In April 2018, researcher Frederick Clarkson exposed the existence of Project Blitz, a secretive Christian nationalist "bill mill" operating below the radar to shape and enact legislation in dozens of states, using a network of state "prayer caucuses," many of which had unsuspecting Democratic members. Its plan was to start with innocent-seeming bills, such as requiring public schools to display the national motto, "In God We Trust," and to culminate with laying the foundations for a "Handmaid's Tale"-style theocracy, enshrining bigotry in law under the guise of "religious freedom."

This article first appeared on Salon.

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These 10 thought processes trip up former Bible believers

Perhaps it's been years or even decades since you left biblical Christianity behind. You may have noticed long ago that there are human handprints all over the Good Book. It may have dawned on you that popular Christian versions of heaven would actually be hellish. You may have figured out that prayer works, if at all, at the margins of statistical significance—that Believers don't avoid illness or live longer than people who pray to other gods or none at all. You may have clued in that Christian morality isn't so hot and that other people have moral values too. (Shocking!) You may have decided that the God of the Bible is a jerk—or worse.

But some habits of thought are hard to break. It is a lot easier to shed the contents of Christian fundamentalism than its psychological structure.

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Texas pastor tells congregation: Critical race theory is 'against the word of God'

Pastor Dr. Byron McWilliams explained to his congregation on Sunday that God condemns critical race theory -- an academic movement that seeks to provide a greater understanding of racial justice.

In his sermon at First Baptist Church in Odessa, Texas, McWilliams reported on his attendance at the recent Southern Baptist Convention.

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The real reason why Juneteenth is a point of contention for the GOP

While many are celebrating the long-overdue acknowledgment of Juneteenth, some Republican lawmakers have completely opposed the federal holiday and the educational value behind it. Although Juneteenth commemorates the emancipation of enslaved Black Americans, and it should be a day of celebration, there are a few reasons why the symbol of freedom ruffles the feathers of some.

Axios highlights that Juneteenth is an "annual reminder" of how Black Americans were denied opportunities to create generational wealth. The publication describes that denial, which remains an issue for an overwhelming number of Black families today, as the "economic security that many white families take for granted."

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Why the Southern Baptist Convention finally rejected Trumpism

On Tuesday, June 15, some supporters of former President Donald Trump were bitterly disappointed when the Southern Baptist Convention chose the Rev. Ed Litton, an Alabama pastor, as its president and rejected some of the more extreme Trumpians who were competing for the position — including the Rev. Mike Stone, who was supported by the far-right Conservative Baptist Network. Journalist Molly Olmstead analyzes this development in an article published by Slate on June 17. As Olmstead sees it, Litton's narrow victory shows a move away from Trumpism among Baptists.

"The SBC has been going through something like an identity crisis this year," Olmsted explains. "Southern Baptists, like most White evangelicals, voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump, but in the run-up to the 2020 election, critics began to chafe at the frequently conspiracy theory-laden partisan politics within their churches. After last summer's racial unrest, many of the denomination's Black pastors — actively courted by a Convention uncomfortably aware of its overwhelming whiteness and deeply racist history — began to protest the SBC's unwillingness to recognize the extent of modern-day racism. At the same time, an organized group of Southern Baptists has pushed for a second conservative resurgence to correct what it sees as a loosening of the core Southern Baptist identity."

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Jerry Falwell Jr.: I had no responsibility to tell Liberty University about my personal life

Jerry Falwell, Jr. is asking a court to dismiss a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed against him by his former employer, Liberty University, the Christian conservative evangelical college founded by his father.

The suit, worth more than $40 million, is merely a tool to embarrass and publicly shame him, Falwell says. He claims university officials are using it as a vehicle to keep his affairs in the public eye.

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Liberty University in turmoil as students revolt against continuing relationship with Trump: report

According to a report from Politico, Liberty University is becoming ground zero in the fight among a segment of evangelical Christians who want to distance themselves from former president Donald Trump and those who want to mix his style of pugnacious conservatism with Christianity.

While Trump-supporting Jerry Falwell Jr. has been ousted by the university following a sex scandal involving a former pool attendant and Falwell's wife, some trustees at the school are still in the Trump camp and that has some school administrators and students up in arms.

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Lauren Boebert's request for 'favorite Bible verses' did not go well -- at all

Taking a break from her usual trolling of Democrats on Twitter, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) made a request from her followers to share their favorite verses from the Bible and -- as you can probably guess -- she was flooded with comments calling her out for her own transgressions while being urged to live the teaching of Jesus for a change.

After a simple "What's your favorite Bible verse?" ask, the gun-toting conservative lawmaker was deluged with an assortment of critical comments and creative non-Biblical responses.

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Diner patron tells Fox News: 'Like it says in the Bible... America is supposed to be the city on the hill'

A patron at a diner in Marshfield, Missouri told Fox News on Wednesday that the Bible says "America is supposed to be the city on the hill."

Fox News host Will Cain talked to a group of men at the diner who are in a Bible study group together. A customer named Mitch spoke on behalf of the men.

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Christian finance guru runs company like a 'religious cult' and mocks employees for COVID-19 concerns: Lawsuit

A former employee claims Christian financial guru Dave Ramsey ran his company as a "religious cult" and purposefully put workers at risk from the coronavirus.

The personal finance adviser and radio host was named in a lawsuit against his Tennessee-based Lampo Group, which provides Financial Peace University materials to churches across the country, filed by former video editor Brad Amos that alleges he was fired for objecting to Ramsey's views on the COVID-19 pandemic, reported Religion News Service.

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Americans are increasingly fleeing organized religion -- and it's not just college-educated white liberals

American society has recently seen a rise in people who don't have any specific religious affiliation, and a new analysis from FiveThirtyEight finds that it's not just college-educated white liberals who are fleeing the church.

In the past, Americans who count themselves as religiously unaffiliated have typically been college-educated whites, but FiveThirtyEight finds that the rise in non-affiliated Americans cuts across all demographics.

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Mike Lindell's 'free speech' social media site bans swearing, porn and taking God's name in vain

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced this week that so-called "free speech" on his new social media site will not include swearing, porn or taking God's name in vain.

In a video posted on what appeared to be a placeholder page for the new site, Lindell explained some of the membership rules for

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