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Trump lackeys tried to get Barr to replace FBI head with their loyalist — and Mark Meadows didn't even know: new book

In his newly released tell-all book, Bill Barr recalled a bizarre meeting he walked out of before it even started. According to the passage in One Damn Thing After Another, Barr was called to a meeting at the White House that top aides to Donald Trump lied to him about.

According to Barr, it was April 2020 and he was called to a meeting in Mark Meadows' office. Meadows wasn't there and they moved to the Roosevelt Room.

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Mark Meadows bows down to Trump after book blowup

Mark Meadows is staring down possible criminal contempt charges if he doesn't show up for a scheduled interview with the House select committee.

The former White House chief of staff has already turned over key documents to Jan. 6 investigators but has backed out of a face-to-face interview in an apparent attempt to stall until next year, when a potential Republican congressional majority would take over the probe, reported CNN.

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Mark Meadows calls Gen. John Kelly a liar in new book

President Donald Trump's chiefs of staff appear to conflict with each other over the tales from their time in the White House.

In Mark Meadows's new book, he claims that Trump never said that "Hitler did great things, as was printed in Michael C. Bender’s book Frankly, We Did Win This Election. I knew that he hadn’t."

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Mark Meadows passes off QAnon followers as fringe kooks in new book

President Donald Trump has attracted a number of conspiracy theorists and people dedicated to the belief that an operative known only as "Q" was delivering messages from inside his administration. Over the past several months, however, those Q followers have turned against several Trump allies. Now his former chief of staff is coming out against the QAnon group.

In his new book, Meadows implies that the supporters are essentially nothing more than kooks

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Mark Meadows 'botched' book rollout completely blew up in his face: GOP operative

On CNN Monday, former House GOP communications staffer Brendan Buck outlined how Donald Trump's former chief of staff Mark Meadows ended up hurting his own position by releasing a tell-all book about the administration.

"Brendan, you've known Mark Meadows for a long time, from when you worked in the House of Representatives and he was a congressman from North Carolina," said anchor Jake Tapper. "The more evidence that comes out about what Meadows knew and did and didn't do, all there in black and white. One would think that would make more House Republicans who have supported the Big Lie reluctant to stay on that train, I would think, no?"

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Trump bellowed at Mark Meadows to go 'bust some heads' of protesters: new book

Writing in his new book, Mark Meadows recounted an incident in which President Donald Trump had ordered that protesters be cleared out of a public park in Washington, D.C.

"Upstairs in the Residence, President Trump was growing anxious," the book describes. "He had given an order for the park to be cleared, and it was not being followed. The various law enforcement agencies that were supposed to be under the command of Bill Barr were clearly not communicating with one another, and it did not seem that a single arrest had yet been made."

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Mark Meadows rages at Kellyanne Conway in new book for seeming to believe Trump lost the election

Polling and messaging-meister Kellyanne Conway reportedly believed that President Donald Trump may have lost the election and that the numbers displayed on election night were consistent with reality. It led former chief of staff Mark Meadows to rage about her in his new book about his time in the White House.

As Trump assembled aides in the Oval Office, all he wanted to talk about was that it appeared he was losing the election, even in Georgia.

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Congressional officials read Mark Meadows' new book — and they have questions about what he revealed: report

It has been less than a month since former chief of staff Mark Meadows published his tell-all book about his time in the White House. According to a new report from the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack and the lead-up to it, some of those passages in his book have prompted questions.

The 52-page report details many of the communications Meadows had with Jan. 6 event organizers, elected members of Congress he pushed for contacts in their state who could help former President Donald Trump and more.

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