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'Can't you just shoot them?' Trump Pentagon chief says former president wanted to open fire on BLM protesters

Former President Donald Trump angrily demanded to know why he couldn't order the U.S. military to shoot protestors who filled streets around the White House in June 2020 in the aftermath of George Floyd's murder.

That's the explosive revelation contained in former Defense Secretary Mark Esper's soon-to-be-released memoir, according to Mike Allen of Axios.

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A fuming Trump woke up military officials in the middle of the night after protesters toppled a Confederate statue: book

One consistent thread through many of the post-Donald Trump presidency books is that he was so furious about the news he was rushed to an underground bunker during the Black Lives Matter protests that he spent the remainder of the summer desperately searching for something to make him look tough again.

Mary Trump detailed extensively in her book that the psychology in the Trump family surrounded the necessity of men looking strong. Weakness was the worst possible sin in the eyes of Fred Trump Sr.

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Mark Esper details 'yelling match' where Mark Meadows told him not to make announcements about the Navy

Among the stories former Defense Secretary Mark Esper tells in his new book is that he and chief of staff Mark Meadows got into a lot of screaming matches.

Detailed in A Sacred Oath, Esper recalled work he did with Congress to free up cash for a certain military program that would have negated the need to ask for another appropriation.

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Mark Esper may think Donald Trump is nuts — but he's still all-in on Trumpism

One question in wake of Mark Esper's tell-all book is why he never came forward while President Donald Trump was in office in an effort to voice his concerns.

Speaking to Nicolle Wallace while promoting the book, titled "A Sacred Oath," Esper said that, as a Republican, he did not want to undermine some of the good he believed Trump and his administration were doing.

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Trump wanted 107 planes over the White House and military equipment on the South Lawn for his July 4 event: new book

In 2019, former President Donald Trump made news because he wanted to have tanks rolling through Washington, D.C., like what happens in North Korea, or what was recently on display for Russia's Victory Day celebration. It's something Trump wanted since witnessing the grand display of arms at the 2017 Bastille Day event in Paris.

Each time it drew swift condemnation and Trump was told why it was a bad idea. It was criticized as partisan and an attempt to politicize the day by celebrating himself and his MAGA supporters. In 2019, he got as close as was possible with his "Salute to America" event at the Lincoln Memorial. It poured with rain that day, drawing mockery.

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Gen. Mark Milley 'this close' to quitting over Trump demand for troops to shoot protesters: book

Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, nearly quit on the spot over former President Donald Trump's order to use military troops to violently crack down on protests over the police murder of George Floyd.

Former defense secretary Mark Esper, in his new book A Sacred Oath, revealed Trump's request to Milley for "10,000 troops" to put down the demonstrations -- or possibly even shoot protesters -- and the general was "shaken" by the former president's suggestions, reported CNN.

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Mark Esper: Trump was 'biggest leaker' in his own administration and it was 'bad for the country'

Former President Donald Trump has a long history of both complaining about and being the source of "leaks" within his own administration.

In a new excerpt from his forthcoming book, former Defense Secretary Mark Esper says that "leaks were a chronic problem" in the Trump administration and asserts that the former was the "biggest leaker of all."

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Trump slammed by former Pentagon chief: 'He believes he has Putin-esque like powers'

Former Defense Secretary Bill Cohen said Friday that he was not surprised by new claims from former Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who is alleging in his book that former President Donald Trump once proposed launching a missile attack on Mexico.

“I must say I'm not surprised," Cohen said during an appearance on MSNBC. "We saw evidence of this, that former President Trump has no respect for the rule of law. He believes he has Putin-esque like powers.”

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