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Watch: Head of anti-abortion group stuns Democrat by declaring raped 10 year old girl's abortion is 'not an abortion'

The president of the far-right anti-abortion and anti-choice organization Americans United for Life stunned Democratic lawmakers Thursday by claiming that a ten-year-old girl forced to travel to Indiana to obtain an abortion after being raped did not actually get an abortion – suggesting that due to the specific circumstances in that case it does not qualify as an abortion.

"I believe it would probably impact her life and so therefore, it would fall under any exception and would not be an abortion," Catherine Glenn Foster told U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA).

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Abortion as self-defense in the coming age of 'personhood'

Abortion is self-defense. Self-defense should be a defense to the criminalization of abortion. If a pregnant person is arrested for having an abortion, they should be able to claim self-defense.

Obviously, this is currently not an accepted legal defense. But in this new post-Roe era – with the possible codification of personhood and the increased criminalization of pregnant people – activists should start embracing self-defense as a legitimate legal strategy.

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Lauren Boebert slammed for 'disgraceful' abortion remarks

Alan Dershowitz recently offered a critical assessment of Rep. Lauren Boebert's (R-Colo.) latest remarks about abortion. On Friday, July 8, the Republican lawmaker appeared on Fox News' Sean Hannity where she spoke with guest host Gregg Jarrett.

During their discussion, she took aim at individuals who are pro-choice describing them as the "genocide squad." She also falsely claimed that progressives are in support of abortion even when it pertains to "babies who are already born."

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Kansas abortion vote rocks US midterms outlook

The surprise vote in Republican-heavy Kansas to repudiate a push for abortion bans fired shockwaves through the US political landscape ahead of November's midterm elections, with President Joe Biden's Democrats now seeing a glimmer of hope that they may avoid their predicted drubbing.

Ever since the Supreme Court overturned the nationwide right to terminate a pregnancy in June, US conservatives have been nervously asking whether their triumphant push to severely restrict access to the procedure -- a decades-long dream -- has gone too far in the run-up to the midterms.

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Texas abortion clinics weigh whether to relocate or refocus

By Eleanor Klibanoff, The Texas Tribune

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Whitmer subpoenaed to testify in Michigan abortion rights case

A Lansing-area lawyer issued a subpoena Monday requiring Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to take the stand at a court hearing next week on the Democratic governor's legal effort to stop enforcement of Michigan's abortion ban. Attorney David Kallman said Whitmer is the one who brought the case against his clients — Jackson County Prosecutor Jared Jarzynka and Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker — and they should be entitled to put her on the stand as the sole plaintiff in the suit. "We have the right to question her on that and delve into that to get to the bottom of her claims," Kallman said Monday. The...

Biden moves to protect privacy after abortion ruling

US President Joe Biden, under pressure to take a harder line on defending abortion access, will sign an executive order Friday offering fresh but limited measures to bolster women's reproductive rights.

Biden has been criticized from within his own Democratic Party for his perceived inaction since the landmark Supreme Court ruling late last month that overturned the nationwide to abortion.

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Anti-abortion activist dodges CNN host's question about whether women who get abortions deserve punishment

An anti-abortion activist was asked by CNN's Erica Hill whether she favored punishing women who get abortions on Friday, and she twice dodged the question.

During a discussion about the United States Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe V. Wade, Hill asked Mary Szoch of the Family Research Council about the measures she was prepared to take to enforce bans against abortion in the United States.

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