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J6 committee members are 'furious' at Denver Riggleman because they've not had any leaks thus far: former Senator

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) said that she is hearing that the members of the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Congress and attempt to overthrow the election have operated without any leaks thus far. That has changed with the announcement of former Rep. Denver Riggleman's (R-VA) book, which will be released on Tuesday.

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace said on Monday that thus far members haven't shown a lot of frustration when asked about Riggleman. Speaking to NBC News, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that the committee is well aware of the calls that happened between the White House and insurrectionists. Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) told CNN the same thing, noting that the committee has investigated every one of Riggleman's connections detailed in the intelligence he collected.

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Jan. 6 committee 'furious' at advisor Denver Riggleman over 'unauthorized' CNN interview: report

There is drama playing out in the House Select Committee to Investigate the Jan. 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol less than one week before public hearings are scheduled to begin.

"Jan. 6 select committee leaders are furious that a onetime adviser to the panel, former Rep. Denver Riggleman, divulged private details about their work in what they say was an “unauthorized” CNN interview," Politico reported. "In an internal email obtained by Politico that was sent Wednesday night, shortly after the interview aired, staff director David Buckley told colleagues that Riggleman’s appearance was 'in direct contravention to his employment agreement.'"

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J6 adviser: Arizona GOP chair could blow the lid off Trump's election plot

On Tuesday's edition of MSNBC's "Deadline: White House," former Republican congressman and House January 6 Committee adviser Denver Riggleman weighed in on the efforts to gain communications by key allies of former President Donald Trump.

This comes after the Supreme Court shut down a request by Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward, who is suspected of working with Trump's allies to create a list of fraudulent presidential electors, to shut down a subpoena of her phone records — a subpoena which, according to Riggleman, could produce valuable information.

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'Our election system can be manipulated': Republican J6 adviser explains why Trump won't need violence in 2024

This is part 1 in a 3-part series based on our exclusive interview with former Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman who served as an adviser to the Jan. 6 committee.
WASHINGTON, DC — An armed insurrection is risky business. Controlling elections – and their outcomes – is a hard lift. But, if successful, the payoff is incalculable. That’s why former President Donald Trump and his followers haven’t geared up for another armed clash leading up to this year’s midterms or the 2024 election. Their goal is to win from within, according to former Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman, who served as a senior technical advisor to the Jan. 6 committee.

“They've learned a valuable lesson. The local and state precinct level is where the real change happens, not at the federal level. So this could be completely nonviolent,” Riggleman told Raw Story in an exclusive interview this week. “In some places you might not even see it. It could be subtle.”

The proud Virginia native rankled his former Jan. 6 committee colleagues with the release of his new book, “The Breach,” in part, because he went public before they released their official final report. In it, the former Air Force Intelligence Officer pulls the veil back on some of the inner workings of the special panel, while also highlighting the dire state of American politics which he argues goes far beyond Jan. 6, 2021.

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Former Republican Congressman says there are still three dozen GOP House members that must be investigated

Former Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) served as a key researcher in the early days of the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Congress.

After a digest of Rep. Lauren Boebert's (R-CO) role in helping insurrectionists on Jan. 6, Riggleman told MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan that she is one of three dozen Republicans that have never been questioned by the committee about their involvement in the attacks or the attempts to overthrow the 2020 election.

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Former Republican has a plan to combat conspiracy-soaked Trumpism

This is the final piece of a 3-part series based on our exclusive interview with former Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman, who served as an advisor to the Jan. 6 committee. You can read the first installment here and the second installment here.
WASHINGTON, DC — Denver Riggleman is no longer a Republican, even as the former congressman is still a conservative — and he's braced for what he expects to be a Republican sweep this fall.

"It would be a shit show. It would certainly be a lot of committee investigations, whether it's [Dr. Anthony] Fauci, whether it's into the Jan. 6 committee itself or Hunter Biden, you're going to see a massive number of investigations just to stymie whatever could be done by the Biden administration," Riggleman lamented in an interview with Raw Story. "That's where we're at with tribal politics."

While in Congress, Riggleman was a member of the Freedom Caucus, founded as a libertarian-leaning group of fiscal conservatives before it transformed into Trump's loudest cheerleading corps in Congress. After officiating the same-sex marriage of two former campaign volunteers, he was primaried out of office in 2020. And the political party he once cherished, in part, for promoting religious liberty, became one he could no longer associate with.

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'Serious cognitive issues': Former GOP lawmaker accuses colleagues of mental instability

In a new book by former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA), in his last days serving in the House he admits he grew more and more disturbed by the wild ravings of two of his colleagues who were all too willing to believe any conspiracy rumor that came across their desks as they defended Donald Trump.

Riggleman, who left Congress and subsequently accepted a position as an investigator for the House select committee looking into the Jan 6 insurrection, has roiled members of the committee with the book, "The Breach: The Untold Story of the Investigation into January 6th," which is being published today.

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Jan. 6 committee called staff 'uninformed' for attacking Liz Cheney — but former GOP official doesn't buy it

Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) was "stunned" when he read the recent Washington Post report about staffers on the House Select Committee working to uncover the attempt to change the 2020 election and attack the Capitol. According to the Post, the staff said that the committee turned to become the 2024 Liz Cheney presidential campaign and go directly after Donald Trump and not focus the report on a broad effort to uncover all of the people involved from the House to the Senate and White House.

"Fifteen former and current staffers, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations, expressed concerns that important findings unrelated to Trump will not become available to the American public," said the Post.

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