Georgia GOP wants more control over prosecutors just as charges are being weighed against Trump

As Donald Trump is facing possible indictment in Fulton County, some of Georgia's most powerful Republicans want to give the state more power to control and remove district attorneys.

A pair of bills introduced Thursday by state Reps. Houston Gaines and Joseph Gullett follow up on calls from Gov. Brian Kemp and Lt. Gov. Burt Jones to bring "accountability" to local prosecutors, but the legislators insist the bill has nothing to do with the criminal investigation by district attorney Fani Willis into the former president's efforts to overturn his election loss in the state, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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Author of new Trump book could get disbarred

The author of the highly anticipated forthcoming book 'People vs Donald Trump' is facing serious consequences for his in-depth recount of the attempted prosecution of the former President.

Mark Pomerantz is the author and former Manhattan District Attorney Special Prosecutor who gained national notoriety when he resigned after the Manhattan District Attorney didn't perform up to his standards, as he has already caused a stir by expressing his opinion that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg made many mistakes in prosecuting Trump.

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Woman ripped off immigrants by posing as government agent: feds

A Texas woman has been charged with impersonating a federal employee to defraud immigrants.

Ana Hernandez was charged with 10 counts of wire fraud and one count of impersonating an employee of the U.S. government after she allegedly posed as a Citizenship and Immigration Services worker to rip off at least 20 victims, reported Border Report.

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'Burn bags,' logs and personal emails: Supreme Court security even worse than leak investigation showed

Supreme Court employees raised security concerns that were not made public when an internal investigation was completed following the leak of a draft opinion reversing abortion rights.

Multiple sources familiar with the court's operations told CNN that justices often used personal email accounts for sensitive communications, employees used printers that didn't produce logs and "burn bags" to collect sensitive materials for destruction were often left open and unattended in hallways.

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Ohio corruption trial texts reveal AG Yost in bed with powerful utility company

CINCINNATI — In June of 2019, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost thought a proposed utility bailout was a bad law, but he didn’t publicly oppose it because of support he’d received from the bailout’s primary beneficiary, FirstEnergy, according to lobbyists’ text messages displayed in court on Friday.

Prosecutors displayed the messages as part of the racketeering trial of former House Speaker Larry Householder and Matt Borges, a former Ohio Republican Party Chairman who was acting as a lobbyist at the time the utility bailout was debated and passed. They are accused in a scheme to use $61 million to make Householder speaker in 2019 so he could pass and protect a $1.3 billion bailout that mostly went to protect FirstEnergy’s failing nuclear and coal plants.

In another development Friday, FBI Agent Blane Wetzel revealed the origin of the investigation and how Householder’s bad timing played into it.

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'Get Weisselberg': Legal expert explains new pressure point in Manhattan case against Trump

Manhattan prosecutors are putting new legal pressure on Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg, who is currently serving a sentence in jail for tax fraud.

The district attorney's office has warned that Weisselberg could face new fraud charges as prosecutors begin presenting evidence to a grand jury about Donald Trump's involvement in a scheme to pay off porn actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign, and former federal prosecutor Michael Zeldin told MSNBC's Katie Phang that his testimony is crucial.

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Ethics complaint against Sinema urges investigation into possible 'abuse of taxpayer dollars'

If you are hired to work in Senator Kyrsten Sinema's office on Capitol Hill there is a 37-page memo you'll want to read detailing all the responsibilities her staffers are required to perform, from getting her groceries, calling Verizon and going to her D.C. home to wait for a repair person if the internet goes out, scheduling massages, and ensuring her very detailed airplane requirements are met.

“It is your job to make her as comfortable as possible on each flight,” the memo says, as The Daily Beast first reported in December.

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Longtime GOP strategist demands Republican presidential hopefuls be honest 'where they stand' on Trump

Former Republican National Committee spokesman and GOP campaign strategist Tim Miller demanded in an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Friday that potential Republican challengers to former President Donald Trump be upfront and honest about what they really believe about his behavior.

This comes shortly after Trump published a racist attack on Michael Byrd, the Capitol Police lieutenant who shot insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt as she tried to force her way into a barricaded area of the Capitol complex where members of Congress were located.

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Scientist who edited babies' genes acted 'too quickly' but has no regrets after release from prison

A Chinese scientist involved in the first instance of editing babies' genes admits he moved "too quickly" with the unprecedented procedure.

He Jiankui was fired by his university in Shenzhen, found guilty of conducting "illegal medical procedures" and sentenced to three years in prison after announcing in 20218 that he had edited the genes of twin girls Lulu and Nana before their birth, but he stopped short of expressing regrets in an interview with The Guardian.

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Revealed: Hobby Lobby founder behind $3 billion effort to 'rebrand Jesus'

A mysterious commercial called "He Gets Us" that is set to air during the Super Bowl and promotes faith in Christ has been linked to the founder of Hobby Lobby — and a three-year-long campaign he has funded to "rebrand Jesus," according to Christianity Today on Friday.

"For the past 10 months, the 'He Gets Us' ads have shown up on billboards, YouTube channels, and television screens — most recently during NFL playoff games — across the country, all spreading the message that Jesus understands the human condition," reported Bob Smietana. The ad shows pictures overlaid with text like "Jesus called huddles, too," and "Jesus confronted racism with love,"; and "Jesus was a refugee."

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Gunmaker fined $19K for illegal donation to pro-gun super PAC

Gun manufacturer Sig Sauer was fined a $19,000 "civil penalty" by the Federal Election Commission for an illegal 2020 donation to Gun Owners Action Fund, a pro-gun industry super PAC that spent in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat current Georgia Democratic Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

Although the fine was for the 2020 election, it was handed down by the Federal Election Commission in April and just made public in January.

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Arizona GOP proposal would dramatically increase signature requirements for ballot measures

Lawmakers are seeking to place a measure on the 2024 ballot that critics say could further hamstring Arizonans’ efforts to pass their own laws.

Since it was ratified in 1912, Arizona’s Constitution has given citizens the right to put changes to state law and the constitution on the ballot, as long as they gather the required number of signatures in support.

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School reeling after ‘disturbing’ act of racism during Black History Month

Students, parents, teachers, and school administrators at John Knight Middle School in Dixon, California are reeling after a racist Instagram post on social media targeted the school, according to KCRA.

The incident comes just as Black History Month began this year.

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