Extended Pennsylvania recount could help Democrats win in November: analysis

Donald Trump's ongoing "big lie" of election fraud could harm the trust of his supporters in election and potentially depress the GOP's general election support in a battleground Senate race.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, who was endorsed by Donald Trump, is narrowly leading David McCormick by about 2,500 votes.

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Trump thinks perception matters more than reality — because he still hasn't learned his lesson: analysis

Former President Donald Trump appears to believe in the power of positive reality more than empirically verifiable reality, according to a new CNN analysis.

CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza noted Trump's advice that Dr. Mehmet Oz "should declare victory" in the race for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.

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'Don't question Black people's loyalty to this nation': Michael Eric Dyson goes off during CNN interview

Prof. Michael Eric Dyson explained on CNN on Friday why it makes no sense to blame Black Americans for the problems caused by white nationalists.

CNN senior legal analyst Laura Coates interviewed Dyson about Americas racism problem following the shooting massacre in Buffalo.

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Watch: George W. Bush inadvertently calls Iraq invasion 'wholly unjustified and brutal'

Former President George W. Bush confused his 2003 invasion of Iraq with Vladimir Putin's 2022 invasion of Ukraine during remarks on Wednesday at the Bush Center at Southern Methodist University.

Michael Williams reported on Bush's remarks for The Dallas Morning News under the headline, "George W. Bush compares Zelenskyy to Churchill, mistakenly calls Iraq invasion unjustified."

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Prosecution falls flat in 'How to Murder Your Husband' trial after star witness falters

On Wednesday, The Daily Beast reported that the trial of "How to Murder your Husband" author Nancy Brophy for the murder of her chef husband hit a major snag, as the purported star witness put forward by prosecutors — a former cellmate of hers — to claim Brophy had confessed to the killing did not actually say this on the stand.

The trial has been covered by The New York Times, as a bizarre case in which prosecutors allege that she actually committed the act that she referenced in her romance novels.

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Wichita city government in chaos as mayor and ex-police chief accuse each other of misconduct

On Wednesday, The Wichita Eagle reported that the mayor of Wichita, Brandon Whipple, and the former police chief, Gordon Ramsay, are trading accusations of misconduct in an escalating fight that began with allegations of mishandled racial incidents within the police department.

"In a letter hand-delivered Wednesday by a former deputy chief, Ramsay, without offering evidence, accused city officials of wrongdoing and said there was a 'troubled culture' at the top levels of city hall," reported Michael Stavola. "He urged the City Council and mayor to have a forthcoming third-party investigation into police also look into complaints of corruption against human resources director Chris Bezruki and into police discipline cases that Bezruki overturned, without being specific."

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GOP leader targets Peloton in extended House floor 'diatribe' that links exercise benefit to formula shortage

The leader of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives went after an exercise equipment company on Wednesday.

"California Rep. Kevin McCarthy spent nearly 10 minutes on the House floor Wednesday ranting about Peloton, an exercise company that became widely popular early in the coronavirus pandemic," the San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday. "His diatribe came in response to a proposal by House administrators to make Peloton Corporate Wellness benefits available to all House staff, including in-district staff and Capitol Police officers."

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Primary takeaway: Trump's endorsement is only worth about 30 percent — regardless of the race

On CNN Wednesday, political analyst John King laid out how former President Donald Trump's endorsement can impact Republican primaries.

Specifically, he noted, Trump's endorsement consistently seems to net a candidate around 30 percent of the vote — and that may be sufficient to win in some races, but not in others.

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Trump's brand new business partners inadvertently make the case that he's an extremely bad risk

Donald Trump's extensive history of business failures was documented in new legal filings by his new business partners.

"Donald Trump’s business history has been so filled with disastrous ventures that it’s been hard to keep track of them all," wrote Los Angeles Times business columnist Michael Hiltzik. "No longer. Digital World Acquisition Corp., which is the special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, taking Trump’s 'Truth Social' media platform public, has conveniently listed them in a document it is required to file publicly before selling stock. DWAC is aiming to raise at least $875 million."

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Kansas Supreme Court delivers a 'slap in the face to voters'

Voting rights advocates expressed anger and disappointment Wednesday after the Kansas Supreme Court upheld the state's new Republican-drawn congressional map despite claims of partisan and racial gerrymandering.

"As a result of this decision, minority voters and Democratic voters will have their voices diluted for the next 10 years."

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Colorado Republican wants to eliminate 'one person, one vote' and create a system that could give GOP an advantage

On Wednesday, 9NEWS reported that a Republican candidate for governor of Colorado is proposing that the state eliminate the popular vote in statewide races — and instead adopt a quasi-electoral college system that, in his design, would give dramatically more power to less populated, more Republican areas.

"Former Parker Mayor Greg Lopez, who holds the top line on the 2022 Republican primary ballot, says Colorado should create an electoral college system for electing candidates to statewide office," reported Kyle Clark. "The plan, which would be the first of its kind on the state level, would give far more voting power to Coloradans in rural, conservative counties and dilute the voting power of Coloradans in more populous urban and suburban areas. Lopez outlined his proposal at a May 15 campaign stop in Silverton. An audio recording of the event made by a political tracker was provided to 9NEWS."

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Army captain keeps retirement after 'motorboating' subordinate at promotion ceremony: report

The Louisiana National Guard allowed an officer to retire with benefits after a misconduct scandal on an overseas deployment.

"A former Louisiana National Guard officer was allowed to retire after a general court-martial convicted him of charges stemming from 'motorboating' a subordinate soldier during an informal promotion ceremony while deployed to Jordan in May 2021, Army Times has confirmed. Capt. Billy Joe Crosby Jr., a logistics officer who was overseas with the 256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team during its recent deployment, was initially charged with abusive sexual contact and conduct unbecoming an officer, according to court records obtained by Army Times," the publication reported.

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Trump secretly hates far-right Pennsylvania GOP gubernatorial candidate he endorsed: report

On Wednesday, POLITICO revealed that former President Donald Trump never particularly liked Doug Mastriano, the far-right candidate who just secured the Republican nomination for governor of Pennsylvania — even though Trump gave Mastriano his endorsement.

In particular, according to the report, even though Mastriano was a leading figure in the effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election in Pennsylvania, Trump believed that he had given up on the effort.

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