'Tyranny grows': MAGA fans meltdown after YouTube pulls plug on one of Trump's biggest boosters

Fans of Donald Trump reacted with dismay on Wednesday after YouTube permanently banned conservative gadfly Dan Bongino for his attempt to circumvent their terms of service after receiving a temporary ban for spreading Covid misinformation.

In a statement to the Daily Beast a spokesperson for the video platform explained, “We terminated Dan Bongino’s channels for circumventing our Terms of Service by posting a video while there was an active strike and suspension associated with the account. When a channel receives a strike, it is against our Terms of Service to post content or use another channel to circumvent the suspension. If a channel is terminated, the uploader is unable to use, own or create any other YouTube channels.”

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Civil war expert recoils in horror at interviews with Trump fans: 'They don’t want democracy anymore'

The U.S. recently fell out of the rankings of democratic nations, and one expert worries that it will happen again -- and tip the country into civil war.

Barbara Walter, a University of California professor and an expert on civil conflicts, recently wrote about the political volatility in the U.S. since the Jan. 6 insurrection, which dropped the country into the anocracy zone, and she told CNN the riot had made the deadly risks from Donald Trump's lies "impossible to deny and ignore."

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Trump supporters launch ‘unprecedented’ attack on sitting GOP governors: report

Incumbent Republican governors in multiple states are facing primary challenges for being viewed as insufficiently extreme in the GOP's era of Donald Trump.

"Months away from their primary contests in this 2022 midterm election, a number of Republican governors nationwide are under siege," The Daily Beast reported Thursday. "Of the 15 GOP chief executives who are running for re-election, eight are facing at least one primary challenger running a real campaign. That number stands in stark contrast to the number of credible primary threats faced by the eight Democratic governors running for re-election: zero. It’s an unprecedented phenomenon for the party, Republican operatives say."

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Dan Crenshaw sends mail-in ballot applications to voters after Texas banned the practice for local election officials

U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Houston, is taking heat this week for sending out campaign mailers containing unsolicited mail-in ballot applications to voters who are 65 and older.

Last year, Texas Republicans in the Legislature passed an elections law that banned local election officials from that very same practice under the banner of protecting election integrity. However, the law made an exception for candidates and political parties to continue the practice, which has long been a popular get-out-the-vote tactic typically employed by both parties, but especially by Republicans.

Democrats this week said Crenshaw’s mailer highlights hypocrisy in the new voting law and shows that Republicans who railed against vote-by-mail expansion efforts last year were only concerned about the ways it could benefit Democrats. Crenshaw’s mailer includes a prefilled mail-in application and instructions that tell the recipient to “simply sign, stamp, and mail” it and to “be sure to vote for Dan Crenshaw” when the ballot comes.

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Retiring Republican: Texas violated voting rights law during redistricting

EL PASO — In a sworn declaration submitted as part of an ongoing federal court challenge, a senior Republican state senator with redistricting experience said he believes his party violated federal voting laws when it drew new boundaries for state Senate District 10 in the Fort Worth area.

“Having participated in the 2011 and 2013 Senate Select Redistricting Committee proceedings, and having read the prior federal court decision regarding SD10, it was obvious to me that the renewed effort to dismantle SD 10 violated the Voting Rights Act and the U.S. Constitution,” state Sen. Kel Seliger said in a declaration signed in November.

The statement from the Amarillo Republican emerged this week as part of a dayslong hearing before a three-judge panel considering a lawsuit that claims the district was intentionally reconfigured to discriminate against voters of color in Tarrant County.

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Joe Rogan's wildest interview yet

Spotify's $100 million dollar man, Joe Rogan, has found himself at the wrong end of a number of controversies recently for the scientifically questionable content being put forward on his wildly popular program, "The Joe Rogan Experience." First, he hosted an anti-vax scientist who compared U.S. public health authorities promoting COVID-19 vaccination to the Nazis — comments that inspired a fierce backlash and calls for a boycott of Rogan's show.

Then came a feud with legendary artist Neil Young, who pulled his music from Spotify after an ultimatum: You can have me or Rogan's COVID-19 misinformation, but not both.

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Gun-maker slammed for 'children's assault rifles' based on AR-15

Gun control advocates on Wednesday sharply condemned an Illinois-based company for recently unveiling the JR-15, a long rifle inspired by the AR-15 but marketed for children.

"The marketing of children's assault rifles... can only increase the threat of gun death and injury to children."

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Jimmy Kimmel mocks Eric Trump for going on Fox News: 'The closest he can get to a Zoom with his dad'

Jimmy Kimmel mocked Eric Trump on Wednesday night for claiming on Fox News that his father "sat there 24 hours a day" working while in the White House.

"Speaking of dumb people, Eric Trump — are you familiar with his work? — he was on Fox last night," Kimmel said during his monologue. "That's the closest he can get to a Zoom with his dad, and in some ways you really have to hand it to this family, because what they say is in no way affected by what's true."

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Oath Keepers 'life member' facing possible expulsion from Alaska House: report

A Republican state lawmaker who is a "life member" of the Oath Keepers could face expulsion from Alaska's House of Representatives.

Rep. David Eastman, R-Wasilla, attended former president Donald Trump's Stop the Steal rally on Jan. 6, but it's unclear if he participated in the subsequent riot, and he has not been charged with any related crimes.

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Seth Meyers rips ‘lobotomized’ Trump allies who ‘feigned outrage’ over Biden’s hot mic moment

Seth Meyers on Wednesday night took aim at Trump-loving Republicans who reacted with "feigned outrage" over President Joe Biden calling a Fox News reporter a "stupid sone of a b*tch" on a hot mic.

“The GOP’s reaction to Biden’s hot mic moment has once again proved that in order to be a Trump supporter, you have to lobotomize the part of your brain responsible for shame," the Late Night host said. "That’s why Rudy Giuliani always looks like he just woke up mid-brain surgery."

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WATCH: Woman calls Marjorie Taylor Greene 'embarrassment to the state' as she takes live callers

On Wednesday, during an appearance on a live call-in show on UCTV, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was sharply chastised by one caller, who called her an "embarrassment."

"I just want to say thank God for Joe Biden," said the caller. "She is an embarrassment to the state of Georgia." As The Independent noted, "The criticism caused the Republican to tilt her head and purse her lips and force a smile in front of the camera."

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Oath Keeper leader's estranged wife releases photographic evidence of his 'elaborate escape tunnels'

Tasha Adams, the estranged wife of Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, is providing photographic evidence of the "elaborate escape tunnels" he allegedly constructed in their backyard.

On Wednesday, a federal magistrate judge cited Adams' testimony about the escape tunnels in an order denying Rhodes bond on seditious conspiracy and other charges related to the Capitol insurrection.

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Iowa parents sue school over students' racist video where they wore blackface and conducted a mock execution

On Wednesday, TV6 News reported that parents in Pleasant Valley, Iowa are suing their local school district over a racist video involving local students that appeared on TikTok two years ago.

"The video, which TV6 will not air or post, shows two white teenagers. One of whom is dressed in a blackface mask, while the other pretends to beat him. The video goes along to background music that repeats racial slurs," reported Darby Sparks. "In the end, the teenager pretends to shoot the one in blackface execution style. Now, parents of a Black Pleasant Valley student are suing for emotional damage after they say the student was made aware of the video."

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