Former president Trump made his first return to Washington D.C. on Tuesday since he left the White House prior to Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony in 2021. Trump was a keynote speaker for the America First Agenda Summit at the D.C. Marriott Marquis Hotel on Massachusetts Avenue.

Another conference was held on the second floor of the hotel by the SEIU, or Service Employees International Union, a labor union representing almost 2 million workers across the U.S. According to one of the attendees, hired security by the America First nonprofit group came onto their floor and removed their banners and told the SEIU to leave. You can see the men in green shirts with military resembling patches in the footage below.

Trump security clash with protesters at his return to D.C. Tuesday | RawStory.TVTrump security clash with protesters at his return to D.C. Tuesday | RawStory.TV

At least two white men in green shirts, beards and man-buns grabbed the "Indict Trump" banner and stormed off while hotel security also ran toward the scene. The videos sent by Mackenzie showed a third man in the Army green shirt with a quasi-military-looking insignia on the left breast of his shirt and an American flag on the left arm.

Mackenzie described the men as "hired goons" of Trump's, but SEIU was able to confirm from the hotel that the "security" were actually hired by the America First nonprofit group to run "security" for their event.

At no point did the SEIU conference attendees go downstairs to the America First conference, they remained in their own area that was paid for by SEIU. However, prior to the video footage, attendees there for Trump’s speech at the America First conference came through the breakfast buffet laid out and purchased by the SEIU, despite signs notating it was for SEIU only.

The police ultimately stepped in to separate the groups. The hotel tried to encourage the SEIU group to remain in their own conference room and shut their doors, but they refused, saying that they paid for the whole area.

Many saw Trump’s return to Washington D.C. as a possible soft launching of a rumored 2024 presidential run, but the clashing between groups at the hotel may have overshadowed his return and any political implications.

TMZ noted that while Trump was speaking, "what was happening right outside, however, was far more interesting."