This is what it's like to have sex for money when you're sick from heroin withdrawal

My boyfriend, John, wordlessly handed me two and a half pills, 25 milligrams of street-bought methadone. I’d been huddled dopesick under the blankets all morning, waiting for him to return to our tiny room in the SRO housing unit, knowing we were broke and hoping he could work some of his resourceful magic to get us something to feed both our habits.

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'Junkie Whore' — What it's really like for sex workers on heroin

She’s the dead hooker in the trunk. A universal cautionary tale, the drug-using sex worker is too wretched to be relatable, too scorned for even countercultural cred. She is repulsive, unclean and immoral. She is pitiable at best, inhuman at worst—dismissed by police lingo about murders whose victims are drug-using street workers: “No Human Involved.”

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