'Is this an insurrection?' Second Amendment hearing goes off the rails as protesters interrupt GOP chair

Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) became angry on Thursday and gaveled a hearing into recess after protesters repeatedly interrupted him.

At a hearing on the so-called weaponization of government, Pallon was interrupted by a protester as he spoke in defense of the Second Amendment.

"Oh, ma'am, ma'am," Fallon said before asking for the woman to be removed. "Please remove that woman, please. Yes, officer, please. You're removed."

The chairman then read a statement demanding decorum. But he was interrupted again only moments later.

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"See, this is exactly what we have to avoid, which is some minority of folks trying to silence dissent," he complained. "I believe a lot of the time differing, but there's a decorum that should be adhered to."

"Is this an insurrection?" the lawmaker asked. "So will they be held to the same, I don't want another January 6th, do we?"

Moments later, Fallon abruptly decided to call a recess in the hearing.

"Does the Capitol Police not do their jobs? What in the hell's going on?" he remarked.

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Lauren Boebert brings photos of human fetuses to hearing on endangered species

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) on Thursday presented photos of human fetuses at a hearing on endangered species.

During Water, Wildlife and Fisheries Subcommittee hearing, Boebert was recognized to present her bill to remove the Gray Wolf from the list of endangered species.

"I appreciate this time today and thank you so much for everyone who's attending here and traveling so far to be here," Boebert began. "I do want to say before my opening remarks, you know, since we're talking about the Endangered Species Act, I'm just wondering if my colleagues on the other side would put babies on the endangered species list."

The lawmaker held up photos of fetuses as she spoke.

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"These babies were born in Washington, D.C. full term," she added. "I don't know, maybe that's a way we can save some children here in the United States."

Boebert then launched into her presentation on the gray wolf.

"For far too long, the Endangered Species Act has been weaponized by extremists, extremist environmentalists, to obstruct common sense multiple-use activities that they disagree with," she said.

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Alvin Bragg slaps down Jim Jordan: No 'legitimate basis for congressional inquiry'

Manhattan District Attorney fired back at House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) after a request to testify in Washington, D.C. over an investigation into former President Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, Jordan sent letters asking two of Bragg's former prosecutors to testify before the committee as a grand jury edges closer to indicting Trump regarding hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels. Republicans have also asked Bragg to testify.

In a letter to Jordan on Thursday, Bragg argued that his investigation into Trump was legitimate.

"Your letter dated March 20, 2023 (the 'Letter'), in contrast, is an [unprecedented] inquiry into a pending local prosecution. 'The Letter only came after Donald Trump created a false expectation that he would be arrested the next day, and his lawyers reportedly urged you to intervene. Neither fact is a legitimate basis for congressional inquiry."

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Jan. 6 investigation at 'crossroads' as Trump attorney set to testify on Pence subpoena

Special counsel Jack Smith's investigation into former President Donald Trump is said to be at a "crossroads" ahead of attorney Evan Corcoran's testimony on a subpoena for former Vice President Mike Pence.

CBS correspondent Robert Costa first reported the news.

"Two sources tell CBS today is likely a crossroads in the Jan. 6 special counsel investigation, in terms of whether former VP Pence will be forced to testify about that day/conversations with Trump," Costa tweeted on Thursday. "That's why Corcoran, Trump's attorney in that case, is there. A hearing on Pence subpoena."

ABC investigative reporter Katherine Faulders confirmed that the hearing was about a subpoena for Pence.

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"Corcoran at court today for sealed arguments about Pence subpoena challenge related to special counsel investigation of efforts to overturn the 2020 election," she wrote.

Pence has previously asked a judge to block the special counsel's subpoena.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that Corcoran, an attorney for Trump, must testify and turn over documents.

Watch: Fed Chair Jerome Powell dismantles Fox Business reporter's inflation claims

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell pushed back against a Fox Business correspondent who tried to link inflation to government spending.

At a Wednesday afternoon press conference, Fox Business reporter Edward Lawrence suggested President Joe Biden's budget added to inflationary forces.

"Inflation has been rather sticky, so do you need help from the fiscal side to get inflation down faster?" Lawrence wondered.

"We don't give advice to the fiscal authorities, and we assume that we take fiscal policy as it comes to our front door, stick it in our model along with a million other things, and we have responsibility for price stability," Powell replied. "And we will get inflation down to 2% in time."

Lawrence followed up with a leading question.

"But the spending that's happened is working against what you are doing, right?" he asked. "So it's prolonging inflation?"

Powell, however, argued that government spending was not a top driver of inflation.

"You have to look at the impulse from spending, because spending was, of course, tremendously high during the pandemic, and then as the pandemic programs rolled off, spending actually came down," he pointed out. "So the sort of fiscal impulse is actually not what's driving inflation right now."

"It was at the beginning, perhaps, part of what was driving inflation, but that's not really the story now," he remarked.

At the same press conference, Powell signaled the Fed would soon end its regime of rate hikes.

"We no longer state that we anticipate that ongoing rate increases will be appropriate to quell inflation," he explained. "Instead, we now anticipate some additional policy firming may be appropriate."

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'It's the Antichrist': Mike Lindell warns AI will take 'control' if voting machines are not destroyed

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell expressed the fear artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems would take control of humankind if voting machines are not destroyed.

During an interview on Wednesday, Lindell and War Room host Steve Bannon discussed why A.I. could be the "Antichrist."

"Mike Lindell, you've got some thoughts on artificial [intelligence] and, look, I'm telling people, hey, this is the Antichrist," Bannon prompted. "I hate to be so blunt about it, right? It's not going to be a human."

For his part, Lindell linked the danger of A.I. to voting machines.

"We're at this apex in history now," the pillow executive opined. "If we don't get rid of these electronic voting machines, if we don't get rid of the machines and get back to having elections and not selections, we have to elect the people that are going to regulate this artificial intelligence."

"We're going have artificial intelligence regardless," he continued. "But you better have the right people regulating it. You could frame people for anything. You could do anything with that, and we're going to just be controlled."

"And you're right!" Lindell agreed. "It's like the Antichrist, but that's why it's so important what we're doing right now to get elections back instead of selections because the people you're going to be regulating something that's so powerful that something man has never seen."

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Rand Paul stunned by Moderna CEO: Less risk of myocarditis for people who take vaccine

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel surprised Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) by explaining that the risk of myocarditis decreased in boys who took the company's Covid-19 vaccine.

"Is there a higher interest or a higher incidence of myocarditis among adolescent males 16 to 24 after taking your vaccine?" Paul, a vaccine critic, asked the CEO at a Senate hearing on Wednesday.

"First, let me say we care deeply about safety and we are working closely with the CDC and the FDA," Bancel replied before being interrupted.

"Pretty much a yes or no," Paul said. "Is there a higher incidence of myocarditis among boys 16 to 24 after they take your vaccine?"

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"The data I've shown, actually, I've seen, sorry, from the CDC, actually shown that there's less myocarditis for people who get the vaccine versus who get COVID infection," Bancel explained.

Paul sounded shocked: "You're saying that for ages 16 to 24 among males who take the COVID vaccine, their risk of myocarditis is less than people who get the disease?"

"That is my understanding, Senator," Bancel confirmed.

"That is not true," Paul griped. "And I'd like to enter into the record six peer-reviewed papers from the Journal of Vaccine, the Annals of Medicine that say the complete opposite of what you say."

According to the CDC, myocarditis and pericarditis "have rarely been reported" after Covid-19 vaccinations.

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Newsmax will return to DirecTV despite claims of cancel culture

Newsmax will reportedly return to DirecTV after being removed from the satellite provider's lineup.

The channel was removed from DirecTV's packages earlier this year after Newsmax officials demanded millions of dollars in carriage fees despite low ratings.

"Put simply, this is a typical business dispute that has nothing to do with ideology, politics or censorship — despite unfounded accusations to the contrary by Newsmax, its CEO, its commentators and others," a statement from DirecTV said at the time, responding to allegations of censorship.

On Wednesday, the network revealed that it would again be broadcast on DirecTV's platform.

"NEWSMAX and DirecTV will be announcing that our channel will return to their systems, including DirecTV, DirecTV Stream and U-verse, per statement from NEWSMAX CEO Chris Ruddy," Newsmax anchor Shaun Kraisman revealed on Twitter.

“Newsmax recognizes and appreciates that DirecTV clearly supports diverse voices, including conservative ones,” Ruddy's statement said. “As a standalone company, DirecTV helped give Newsmax its start nearly a decade ago as it continues to do with upcoming news networks, which is why we are pleased to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.”

Newsmax caters to a decidedly conservative audience, offering a programming lineup that competes with the larger Fox News.

Former President Donald Trump, who is running again for the presidency, in January declared Newsman's removal from DirecTV a "disgusting move."

Fox News host rips House GOP for doing Trump's 'bidding' with move to 'intimidate' Alvin Bragg

Fox News host Neil Cavuto warned that House Republicans risk being seen as "doing the bidding of Donald Trump" because they are targeting Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

During an interview on Tuesday, Cavuto reacted to news that House Republicans are demanding Bragg's testimony as he is said to be nearing an indictment of Trump.

"I mean, everyone is entitled to their opinion whether he's overreaching his legal hand," Cavuto told former federal prosecutor Kevin O'Brien, "but in this case here, if you're talking about a guy who you say is weaponizing and going way beyond the legal areas that he should as a local prosecutor, then surely the House risks doing the same if it tries to drag him before them to argue the point and essentially to intimidate him."

"Right, as my mother used to say, two wrongs don't make a right," O'Brien agreed. "And this certainly does escalate the situation in ways that aren't helpful."

"I don't have an axe to grind in all this, Kevin," Cavuto said. "But I do wonder if the House risks looking like it's doing the bidding of Donald Trump by creating an even bigger circus that they hope to avoid when they talk about Alvin Craig's circus."

"And that this perpetuates the notion that whatever Donald Trump wants, he gets," he added. "And Republicans will do his bidding."

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Bomb threat called in to New York courthouse moments before Trump hearing begins

A bomb threat interrupted proceedings at a New York courthouse where a hearing was held on Tuesday for New York Attorney General Letitia James' lawsuit against former President Donald Trump.

Bloomberg reported that the bomb threat came moments before a judge was set to gavel in the hearing.

State court spokesman Lucian Chalfen said that a 911 call was investigated and deemed not credible.

The courthouse at 60 Centre Street was temporarily closed while it was searched, Chalfen noted.

James filed the $250 million lawsuit last year. It alleges Trump and his family committed real estate fraud over a period of 20 years.

The New York City Police Department is reportedly preparing as Trump edges closer to an indictment in a separate New York case related to hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Harris Faulkner scolds Trump defender: 'The Bible talks about it, you can't be a philanderer'

Fox News host Harris Faulkner warned attorney Phil Holloway that his defense of former President Donald Trump went against biblical rules.

During a Tuesday discussion about a possible indictment against Trump, Holloway argued that the former president had not broken any laws by paying hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels.

"These types of arrangements are made on a regular basis," he explained. "These non-disclosure agreements, they're matters of contract. They are not at all uncommon, not for celebrities, not for politicians. They are commonplace, and there's nothing illegal about them."

"There's nothing illegal, for that matter, about being a philanderer, and you can actually legally pay people to not talk about that if, in fact, it happens," he added.

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Faulkner cautioned that Holloway's legal argument violated biblical rules.

"Well, the Bible talks about it," Faulkner said. "You can't be a philanderer, but I don't think they'll bring that in court."

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Kevin McCarthy says Trump indictment unfair because Hillary Clinton 'didn't get arrested'

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) rambled about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday to deflect from former President Donald Trump's legal problems.

At a House Republican retreat near Orlando, McCarthy was asked about the possibility that Trump would be indicted over hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels.

"You guys have raised a lot of concerns about the prosecutor, but what about the actual allegations here that the former president may have falsified business records to cover for hush money payments to cover up this alleged affair with an adult film actress?" CNN's Manu Raju told McCarthy, "Do you have any concerns about that?"

McCarthy quickly pivoted to Clinton.

"Remember when the DNC and Hillary Clinton paid the law firm a million dollars and said that it was for something else, and we found out later it wasn't," the Speaker said. "And so they went through, and they got investigated. A million dollars they spent, and you know what, at the end of the day, they didn't get arrested. They got fined."

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"So, I look at it from this perspective. We live in America, and it should be equal justice," he continued. "This was personal money. This wasn't trying to hide. This was seven years ago."

McCarthy insisted the reporter knew in his "heart of hearts.. that you think this is just political."

"And I think that's what the rest of the country thinks, and we're kind of tired of that," he said.

Earlier this week, McCarthy opposed Trump's call for protests if an arrest occurs.

"I don't think people should protest this, no," he said. "I think President Trump, if you talked to him, he doesn't believe that either. I think the thing that you may misinterpret when President Trump talks, when someone says they can protest, he's probably referring to my tweet. Educate people about what's going on. He's not talking in a harmful way, and nobody should."

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Stephen Miller defends Trump's hush money payment to porn star as 'alimony'

Former Trump administration adviser Stephen Miller defended former President Donald Trump by comparing hush money payments for a porn star to "alimony."

During an interview with right-wing host Charlie Kirk, Miller reacted to Trump's claim that he will be indicted in connection to payments to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Miller compared Daniels to an ex-wife even though Trump claimed he did not have an affair with her.

"Under this theory, if the candidate is running for office and there's a dispute over, say alimony with his ex-wife," Miller offered, "and the ex-wife requests a different amount of alimony based on, you know, years-long disputes, that the candidate would be legally obliged to turn all the alimony payments over to his campaign."

"And from now on, his wife will get all of her alimony payments from his election campaign," he continued. "But to not do that would be a crime that if you tried to pay alimony with your personal funds, you're a criminal."

Miller concluded: "That is what this would mean if it was taken seriously. But again, the whole point is the whole point is that they are Marxist, and the truth is nothing to them."

Earlier this month, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office signaled that charges were likely for Trump. The former president is expected to face a misdemeanor for fraud related to the payments. The charge could be elevated to a felony if Trump is found to have violated campaign finance law.

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'Not acceptable': Steve Bannon attacks 'weasel' Ron DeSantis for refusing to stop Trump arrest

MAGA podcaster Steve Bannon on Monday lashed out at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) after he indicated that he would not stand in the way of extradition if former President Donald Trump is indicted in New York.

Over the weekend, Trump claimed that he would be arrested on Tuesday in connection to hush money payments to porn star Stormy. DeSantis broke his silence on the remarks after being asked if he would stand in the way of extradition.

"I don't know what goes into paying hush money to a porn star to secure silence over some type of alleged affair," DeSantis quipped.

Bannon responded to DeSantis on his Monday program.

"That's, that's not, that's, that's not an acceptable — that's just not an acceptable response," he said.

Bannon's guest, radio host John Fredericks, offered his take.

"This is one of the most unbelievable, feckless, weasel, consultant-driven responses in a crisis you've ever heard," Fredericks remarked. "And Ron DeSantis has hid [sic] for 72 hours since this thing broke. Finally, the pressure, his consultants are telling him, hey, your poll numbers are dropping, you gotta make a statement."

"Oh, what about the fact that the former president of the United States is being arraigned, indicted, and arrested on charges that don't make any sense, on basically a string of misdemeanors strung together," Fredericks added. "It's not about Trump. It's about us, Steve, because today they do it to President Trump, tomorrow they do it to Steve Bannon, Wednesday they do it to me, and Thursday they do it to DeSantis."

Bannon agreed with his guest.

"Governor DeSantis, you're better than this," he opined. "That was a weasel approach."

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who was also on the program, took a shot at DeSantis.

"Well, first of all, DeSantis is the Trojan horse we thought he was," Lindell insisted. "I just want to put that out there, how disgusting he is."

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Right-wing broadcaster calls for Barack Obama and others to be executed if Trump is arrested

Right-wing broadcaster Pete Santilli recently argued that the U.S. military should execute former President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and former National Security Advisor Susan Rice if former President Donald Trump is arrested.

In a video clip obtained by Right Wing Watch, Santilli pleaded with members of the military to take action.

"Get the military, whatever few are left that are gonna side with the people," he said. "That you military personnel and you people with guns and badges and law enforcement will succumb to the will of the people."

"And ultimately, we demand, we absolutely demand that the criminals, the criminals in this country, if you want them held accountable, the criminals are Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Susan Rice," he continued, "this entire criminal cabal that came about as a result of the murder of John F. Kennedy, the people that perpetrated the murder of John F. Kennedy, rise up to that."

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"Military, join us and put all of them up against a concrete wall... and do what we must do to save not just our country, the entire world," he implored.

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