Mike Lindell is furious because everybody is ignoring his sketchy $5 million election bounty

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell complained on Thursday that he has failed to attract attention to his cyber symposium after offering a $5 million bounty to anyone who can prove that his data is not from the 2020 election.

Lindell has repeatedly claimed that the data captured from the 2020 election will prove that Donald Trump defeated President Joe Biden.

During an interview on Real America's Voice, host Steve Bannon asked Lindell why the mainstream media has ignored his $5 million challenge.

"Are they afraid of your data or are they afraid of your money?" Bannon wondered.

"It's probably both," Lindell complained. "I think it scared the mainstream media because now they don't want to give it any publicity at all. They don't want to talk about it. But I've got news for them. One of the things yesterday, we started sending out invites and it's been an amazing response, especially by the politicians."

But Lindell refused to reveal the names of the people attending his August cyber symposium.

"The media is going to have to come around, Steve," he insisted. "They're just very afraid, going, 'Now what are do we going do? He's actually going to show the evidence we knew he had all along.'"

Lindell also predicted Trump would be reinstated as president in September despite previously saying there would be a new inauguration in August.

"We have a replacement system for the machines that we're going to unveil at the symposium," he told Bannon. "Let's fix the problem of the 2020 election, Donald Trump will be back in by the fall, and then we have a whole solution for the 2022 election."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.

'Burn slow and hang high': Rep. Cori Bush reveals slew of white supremacist death threats

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) on Thursday revealed some of the death threats she has received because she has been fighting for racial justice.

The threats on Bush's life escalated after the lawmaker said that the July 4th holiday celebrates "freedom for white people."

Bush shared some of the threats on Twitter.

"Tone it down, bitch," one person said. "You're going to get yourself murdered if you keep running off that big old gorilla mouth."

"Instead of police reform, how about N****r reform," the message added. "As they say in the country, 'The only good n****r is a dead n****r."

Another racist threat said that Bush would "burn slow and hang high."

Read some of the threats below.

Lara Trump says she's 'thrilled' when her child gets sick from not wearing a face mask

Fox News contributor Lara Trump on Thursday explained that she is against face masks because she is "thrilled" when her 3-year-old child gets sick.

Trump made the remarks during a rant opposing masks on Fox & Friends.

"The idea that we're going to make our children sit in school masked up all day long I think is absolutely ludicrous," she opined.

Trump went on to complain that children are "not coming in contact with germs that they need to develop an immune system."

"My daughter, Carolina, last week had a cold," she revealed. "Every parent knows that's a nightmare. I have to tell you, I was so thrilled because I know that she is actually getting in contact with viruses and germs and bacteria that will allow her to develop an immune system."

"This is absolutely insane," Trump added. "As a parent, I can tell you I'm not going to be masking up my children. It is not going to happen."

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Mike Lindell offers $5 million election 'bounty' in desperate attempt to hype 'cyber symposium'

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell claimed on Wednesday that he will pay $5 million to anyone who attends his cyber symposium and can prove that data in his possession did not come from the 2020 election.

During an appearance on Real America's Voice, Lindell presented strict rules for winning the $5 million bounty. He said that participants would need to be invited to his August "cyber symposium" in Sioux Falls to be qualified.

"I want it to be the most-watched event ever," he told host Steve Bannon.

Lindell, however, did not say that he would pay the award to anyone who can disprove his claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.

Lindell revealed that he has reserved 800 hotel rooms for the August event -- but few elected officials have said that they will attend. Earlier this year, the MyPillow CEO was forced to leave a Republican Governors Association event.

It was not immediately clear who will judge Lindell's $5 million challenge.

Marjorie Taylor Greene rages at Dr. Fauci for 'creating' COVID-19 with 'disgusting evil science'

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) suggested on Wednesday that Dr. Anthony Fauci is responsible for using "disgusting evil science" to create the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greene made the remarks after Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) grilled Fauci during a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

"We all know he has lied," Greene told Real America's Voice host Steve Bannon. "He's the one that has been running his own personal human experiment with COVID-19 because gain of function [research] is his baby and then he paid for it with our tax dollars."

"How dare he use our tax dollars to create some sort of disgusting evil science that has killed so many people all over the world," she continued. "This man is an enemy to our nation, he's an enemy to the world because he played a major role in creating a bioweapon, which is COVID-19."

According to Greene, Fauci "deserves to go to jail."

The Republican lawmaker also blasted Fox News because Sean Hannity and other hosts have promoted COVID-19 vaccines.

"You know what bothered me? When we saw the DOW started to tank the other day because COVID cases are rising, that's when we saw a big narrative change," she said. "You saw Fox News going crazy. 'We've got to get everyone vaccinated.' Sean Hannity: 'We've got to get everybody vaccinated.'"

"You know what that has to do with? "Wall Street!" Greene remarked. "Vaccines, guess what? People that have gotten vaccines are getting COVID again, testing positive. So here's what will work. We have to fight this government out of controlling our lives. They want full control because if they can shut you down if they can force you to vaccinate your kids, they can force you to vaccinate at work, at school, at church, and wear masks again, they're controlling you and that's how America becomes a communist country."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.

'That boggles my mind': Fox News host claims Russian jet can fly 'twice the speed of light'

Fox News host Jillian Mele mistakenly reported on Wednesday that Russia has a military fighter jet that can fly at nearly "twice the speed of light."

"The jet features stealth characteristics and the ability to cruise at supersonic speeds," Mele said of Russia's new technology. "The new aircraft is smaller than other Russian fighter jets but can fly at a speed of almost twice the speed of light."

"The new design can also be converted into an unpiloted version," she added.

"Unpiloted," co-host Steve Doocy weighed in, "so you would control it by a computer or a person running it just like a video game."

"That boggles my mind," Mele admitted.

Albert Einstein's theory of relativity concluded that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

According to Fox News's online reporting, Russia's new fifth-generation stealth fighter can fly "at a speed of 1.8-2 times the speed of sound."

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Dr. Fauci shouts down Rand Paul at COVID hearing: 'If anybody is lying here, Senator, it is you'

Dr. Anthony Fauci angrily suggested on Tuesday that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was lying about the origins of COVID-19.

The confrontation occurred during a Senate Health Committee after Paul said that Fauci could be punished with jail time for allegedly false testimony to Congress about the funding of a lab in Wuhan, China.

"Senator Paul, I have never lied before the Congress," Fauci said. "And I do not retract [my previous] statement."

"You take an animal virus and you increase its transmissibility to humans," Paul interrupted. "You're saying that's not gain of function?"

"That is correct," Fauci continued. "And Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly. And I want to say that officially. You do not know what you are talking about."

Paul interrupted again: "They took animal viruses that only occur in animals and they increased their transmissibility to humans. How you can say that is not gain of function."

"It is not," Fauci insisted.

"It's a dance and you're dancing around this," Paul argued, "because you're trying to obscure responsibility for four million people dying around the world from a pandemic."

"Now you're getting into something," Fauci complained. "If the point you are making is that the grant that was funded as a sub-award from EcoHealth to Wuhan created Sars-CoV-2, that's where you are getting. Let me finish."

"We don't know," Paul remarked. "All of the evidence is pointing that it came from the lab and there will be responsible for those who funded the lab including yourself."

"I resent the lie that you are now propagating," Fauci replied. "Because if you look at the viruses that were used in the experiments that were given in the annual reports that were published in the literature, it is molecularly impossible."

"No one is saying those viruses caused the pandemic!" Paul shouted. "What we're alleging is gain of function research was going on in that lab and NIH funded it. It meets your definition and you are obfuscating the truth."

"I'm not obfuscating the truth!" Fauci shot back. "Are you are implying that what we did was responsible for the deaths of individuals. I totally resent that and if anybody is lying here, Senator, it is you."

Watch the video below from C-SPAN.

Mike Lindell: I talked to Trump and 'he's very positive' about being reinstated

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Monday insisted that former President Donald Trump feels "very positive" about the 2020 presidential election being overturned.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones asked Lindell if Trump was positive about the prospects of being "reinstated."

"Mike, when you talk to Trump -- and he's come out and said I may be reinstated, evidence is coming out -- I know you talk to him," Jones explained. "What is he saying? Does he seem positive or where is Trump in all this?"

"He's very positive," Lindell replied, "because he sees other things happening in other fronts like, you know, Arizona, that audit coming out, all the stuff they're finding in Georgia. We have new audits starting in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin."

"This is all going to come crumbling down like dominoes," he added. "And you know, he's getting validated for everything he said in November, December -- of course this election was stolen. So he's just getting validated and proven right."

Lindell noted that Trump believes "there's not going to be a 2022 or a 2024" election unless the 2020 election is overturned.

Watch the video below.

Insurrectionist Paul Hodgkins sentenced to 8 months in prison after judge cites Trump flag

Paul Hodgkins, a supporter of President Donald Trump, received the first felony sentence on Monday for the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Prosecutors in the case sought an 18-month sentence for Hodgkins, who breached the Senate chamber for 30 minutes.

District Judge Randolph D. Moss noted that Hodgkins was carrying a Trump flag instead of a U.S. flag.

"The symbol of that act was unmistakable," Moss said.

The judge concluded by sentencing Hodgkins to 8 months of jail time and 24 months of supervised probation.

'They made up ballots': Rudy Giuliani rages at Fox News for participating in election 'conspiracy'

Former Trump election attorney Rudy Giuliani on Monday raged at Fox News host Bret Baier and other reporters, claiming that they are the "most incompetent in the history of the country" because they have refused to agree that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent.

During an interview on Real America''s Voice, host Steve Bannon called Giuliani a "gentleman" because he has not forcefully responded to author Michael Wolff, who claimed that the Trump attorney was often drunk.

"You think attacks in these books are bad, you haven't seen anything," Bannon opined. "Rudy Giuliani was under relentless attacks to back off, essentially I think even some bribes if you backed off."

"We would not be here today if it was not for Rudy Giuliani," he added. "By the way, every anonymous person leaking that stuff are the gutless cowards that stabbed Trump in the back and did not step up."

Bannon then asked about Baier's reporting on the so-called audit of ballots in Arizona.

"Bret Baier and Fox and the news show at six o'clock, when they saw the Arizona hearing last week, they said nothing to see here, it's a couple of hundred votes, this is a waste of time, essentially Rudy Giuliani is way off the reservation," Bannon claimed.

Giuliani replied by blasting Baier and Fox News.

"I say the level of reporting was the most incompetent ever in the history of the country or in some cases totally corrupt," Giuliani said. "I mean, much of the media was in a conspiracy to make sure Trump didn't win. Basically, we've got to do anything and everything to defeat Trump."

"And when they couldn't defeat him on election day, they went ahead and they made up ballots," he remarked. "That's what those 78,000 pieces of paper that are phony are all about and that's why the [Arizona election official] wanted the Sharpie pens."

Giuliani concluded: "To miss this, you have to be either stupid or part of it."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.

'People think you're a pedophile!' Matt Gaetz accidentally poses with prankster for beach photo

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was tricked into posing with a man who pointed out that he has been accused of being a pedophile.

The incident was said to have occurred on a California beach, while Gaetz was in the state with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) over the weekend. Video of the confrontation was shared on Twitter by MeidasTouch.com.

"Oh, my God! I'm so excited," the man exclaims. "Everybody thinks you're crazy. I don't think you're crazy."

"People think you're a pedophile!" the man tells Gaetz. "I don't think you're a pedophile. I don't think you're a pedophile at all. The charges against him are totally false."

At that point, a man who appeared to be a security guard forced the man to move away from Gaetz and Greene.

Watch the video below.

'God has to be involved!' Lauren Boebert says she's fighting communism because she's like Moses

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) suggested on Sunday that she is like Moses because God has given her "perseverance" over communism.

While speaking to the Turning Point USA Student Action Summitt, Boebert credited God for allowing her restaurant to succeed.

"I put my faith and trust in God and I said if I commit my actions to the Lord, my plans will be successful," the congresswoman told the crowd. "And now Shooters Grill has been open for eight years."

"And this has never been about me," Boebert continued. "This is about liberty, this is about freedom, the American dream. This is about you. And that's why this movement is not slowing down. And that right there is where boldness becomes perseverance."

The Colorado Republican insisted that she perseveres in Congress every day by pointing to a Bible verse in which she claimed God said, "He will fight for you."

"When I have a bold idea, I am able to persevere because that idea is usually bigger than me," she continued. "And I know if it's bigger than me, God has to be involved!"

"Right after God said that to Moses, he said, why are you crying out to me, tell the people [to] go forward with what is in your hand," Boebert remarked. "So I'm telling you all now, be bold, persevere, and go forward with what is in your hand right now."

Boebert said that similarities to Moses allow her to "take on" Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and communists in Cuba.

Watch the video below from Turning Point USA.

'Hell yeah, I would leave': Lindsey Graham threatens to flee Capitol to block infrastructure bill

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Sunday threatened to flee Washington, D.C. to prevent Democrats from passing a massive infrastructure bill.

Graham made the remarks during an appearance on Fox News with host Maria Bartiromo.

"You've got to have a quorum to pass a bill in the Senate," Graham explained. "I would leave before I would let that happen. So, to my Republican colleagues, we may learn something from our Democratic friends in Texas when it comes to avoiding a $3.5 trillion tax and spend package. Leave town."

"Wow," Bartiromo said. "They were effective in not giving the Republicans a quorum. You'll do the same thing on a $3.5 trillion tax and spend [bill]."

"Hell yeah, I would leave!" Graham exclaimed. "I will use everything lawfully in my toolbox to prevent rampant inflation, a $3.5 trillion infrastructure package that's got nothing to do with infrastructure, that is a tax and spend dream of the socialist left."

He added: "If it takes me not showing up to stop that, I will do it. Because if we pass that bill, you're going to have inflation through the roof. And if they put legalizing illegal immigrants in that bill, you're going to have a complete run on the border."

Watch the video below from Fox News.

Ted Cruz compares Joe Biden to Nazi 'stormtroopers' for fighting COVID lies on social media

Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) compared President Joe Biden's administration to Nazi "stormtroopers" because of efforts to curb dangerous misinformation about COVID-19 that is being spread on social media.

During an interview on Fox News, host Maria Bartiromo asked Cruz about reports that the Biden administration had worked with companies like Facebook to flag suspected falsehoods that could endanger the public.

"Let me give you an example," Cruz told Bartiromo. "Imagine if the Biden administration went to, say, a private paramilitary organization and said we're going to ask you to knock down people's doors and take their guns."

"Nobody in their right mind would argue that private organization behaving essentially as stormtroopers trying to confiscate guns -- nobody would argue that is not state action and that doesn't violate the Second Amendment," he added. "What the Biden administration is doing with Facebook and Twitter and Google is the same thing. They are going to monopolies you are our tool to censor views we disagree with."

Watch the video below from Fox News.

'I said everything accurately': Kayleigh McEnany slams Jen Psaki over 'misinformation' at press briefings

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Sunday criticized Press Secretary Jen Psaki for explaining why the Biden administration opposes COVID-19 "misinformation" that is being spread on social media.

During a segment on Fox & Friends, host Pete Hegseth asked McEnany about reports that the Biden administration has flagged Facebook posts that contain misinformation about COVID-19 or the vaccine.

"You have such unique perspective having stood at that podium," Hegseth noted. "What's it like to watch Jen Psaki stand there and openly state we are working with Facebook? At one of the press conferences with the surgeon general, they used the phrase 'misinformation' 35 times over the course of that briefing."

"Can you imagine a counterargument where you would stand up there and say because of misinformation, whether it's on the life issue or Second Amendment, we're going to suppress views from the left because we're going to call them misinformation?" he continued. "I mean, it's Orwellian. And it's happening right out in front of our eyes."

McEnany agreed by suggesting that she was more truthful than Psaki has been at press briefings.

"Imagine if I had stood at that podium, Pete, and said we're censoring the lies about Lafayette Square that President Trump gassed protesters for a photoshoot," McEnany said. "That never happened. Imagine if I had said we're censoring that. We're censoring information that, you know, doesn't agree with the [COVID-19] lab leak theory. We're censoring information on Russia bounties. All those things were lies!"

"But guess what? In this country there's the First Amendment," she added. "You're allowed to say what you want with very few exceptions. I would have never said that from the podium. She got her administration in a lot of legal trouble. I'm telling you this."

McEnany concluded: "I just tried to make sure I said everything accurately. She's managed to stumble into a legal morass and I guarantee you there are a few people at the DOJ, at social media who are very unhappy with the things that were said at that podium."

Watch the video below from Fox News.

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