Trump's gaslighting $400 bait-and-switch scheme does nothing for out-of-work Americans: report

Trump and his administration have institutionalized bullshit by disconnecting actions and rhetoric from fact and truth. Their willingness to say anything so long as the results trick the gullible and advance their interests is shocking. Now, congressional inaction on further pandemic economic relief has compounded the Trump con game and opened the door to a cynical political ploy that could bury millions.

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Wall Street's big banks are going to need another government bailout

The Wizards of Wall Street are back with a blast from the Great Recession past: repackaging and selling off debt.

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How Republicans are using technology to deny your right to vote

How do you win an election? You could gain a majority of votes. Or you can cheat—as Republicans have been doing in force since 2010—with gerrymandering and other forms of suppression across the country so the minority party can gain and hold power even as its numbers shrink.

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It's much worse than lying: Trump is trying to drown you in BS

Many call Donald Trump a liar because he's made it so obvious and easy to do so. But the reality is even worse than lying. What Trump & Co. have done is attack the very existence of fact and truth.

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Inside the radical Republican war on the Post Office

In the weeks ahead America’s daily mail delivery may come to a complete halt because the U.S. Postal Service is running out of cash—though Donald Trump may take last-minute action so he can proclaim himself the hero who saved the post office.

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Big banks undercut the small-business COVID-19 loan program after Trump waved away layers of oversight

Practically everyone's looking for a bailout in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial havoc that was the result of largely shutting down the economy.

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The Federal Reserve is 'money washing' billions of dollars to bail out corporations as it panics over Trump's crashing economy

Money laundering is a dirty word. Shady characters move illicit wealth to make it look legitimately gained. Think "Breaking Bad," but for embezzlers, extortionists and tax evaders as well as drug traffickers.

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