Did Marjorie Taylor Greene 'let the truth slip' about George Santos’ departure from committees?

MSNBC News' Chris Hayes recently broke down remarks made by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) that suggest Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) did not willingly make the decision to step down from his committee assignments.

Just one day after Santos met with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), reports circulated about the freshman representative's decision to resign from the committees.

McCarthy claimed Santos made the decision. Sharing details about his conversation with the newly-elected lawmaker, McCarthy said, “We had a discussion and he asked me if he could do that. So, I think it was the appropriate decision.”

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During his segment on Tuesday, Hayes offered a comparison of the contradictory remarks made by Greene and McCarthy. According to Hayes, Greene painted a very different picture than McCarthy about Santos’ committee departures.

“McCarthy made it seem like stepping down was entirely Santos’ idea,” Hayes said. “But then Marjorie Taylor Greene let the truth slip about what really motivated Santos to step aside.”

Hayes then shared a clip of Greene speaking with CNN where she insisted that McCarthy actually had Santos distance himself from the committees due to the Republican efforts being made to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“He just felt like that there was so much drama, really, over the situation, and especially what we’re doing to work to remove Ilhan Omar away from the Foreign Affairs Committee,” Greene stated.

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Hayes then shared his reaction to the far-right lawmaker's claims.

“Ahhh, yes,” Hayes reacted. “There you have it! Republicans wanted to clear the decks, get rid of this annoying argument, like, ‘You’re gonna let George Santos serve on committees?’ So now, they can move to kick Congresswoman Omar off Foreign Affairs for absolutely no valid reason because George Santos, who should never have been put on any committees in the first place, really, when you think about it, has given up his assignments.”

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New details on Fani Willis' potential indictment of Donald Trump revealed: report

The walls may be closing in on former President Donald Trump as the investigation in Fulton County, Ga., continues to progress.

According to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ is moving closer toward indicting the former president in connection to his infamous call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R).

Per CREW's Brie Sparkman, "the special purpose grand jury has reportedly heard testimony from crucial witnesses, including Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, former national security advisor Michael Flynn, Senator Lindsey Graham, former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, and former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows."

According to Sparkman, Trump is at the center of a string of alleged crimes that are both election-related and non-election related. Some of the potential charges include solicitation to commit election fraud, making false statements, and potential violations of Georgia’s RICO Act.

Sparkman also explained the basis of the investigation and the allegations against Trump.

"Trump is alleged to have repeatedly lied about the 2020 election to Georgia officials and to have used that misleading conduct, as well as intimidation and threats, to push them to change the election outcome," Sparkman wrote. "Trump may have committed the crime of false statements and improperly influencing government officials when he repeatedly told Raffensperger that he won the election as well as when he listed numerous inaccuracies and falsehoods about the election."

To face charges, Sparkman pointed out that there also has to be a "'pattern' of misconduct as shown by violations of two or more specified crimes, including the false statements or improper influence crimes mentioned above."

Sparkman noted that legal experts believe there is a consistent enough pattern for Trump to face indictments due to his "repeated calls to election officials, false statements, and alleged coordinated attempts to provide fraudulent electoral certificates."

Despite Trump's repeated attempts to wave off the severity of the investigations he's facing, Sparkman argued that it is "very likely" the former president will "be charged with multiple crimes in Georgia."

He added, "While he may try to raise specious defenses, like claims of his immunity or bias on the part of prosecutors, they are unlikely to – and should not – succeed. No one is above the law, not even Donald Trump."

Top Oversight Republican torched for his double standard on classified documents

A new analysis is criticizing Rep. James Comer's (R-KY) blatant double standard regarding former President Donald Trump's classified documents.

Like many Republican lawmakers, Comer has had difficulty seeing Trump and President Joe Biden's situations through an unbiased lens. However, MSNBC's Steven Benen is explaining how the two cases differ vastly.

"There are obviously a handful of ongoing controversies surrounding national officeholders and alleged mishandling of classified materials, but by any sensible measure, the controversy surrounding Donald Trump is qualitatively different," Benen wrote.

He continued:

After all, the former president, unlike President Joe Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence, ignored requests to return the relevant documents, and failed to comply with a federal subpoena," he explained. "And stands accused of obstructing the retrieval process. And reportedly proposed a possible trade in which he said he’d consider returning materials, but only if officials gave him something else in return. And launched a months-long crusade against federal law enforcement, literally equating the FBI with 'the Gestapo.'

Despite Trump’s track record of misconduct, Benen notes that the House Oversight Committee, chaired by Comer, does not appear to have any interest in investigating the former president.. Expounding on the issue, Benen wrote, "The Republican chairman of the panel, Rep. James Comer of Kentucky has not only defended the former president’s actions, he’s also dismissed the scandal’s importance."

"Comer is, however, deeply interested in pursuing the Biden story, despite the fact that it appears far less serious. How does the GOP chairman explain the double standard? He’s still working on that," Benen wrote.

Referencing Comer's Sunday night discussion with CNN’s Pamela Brown, Benen noted that the Republican lawmaker was asked one compelling question: "Does he have evidence of influence peddling surrounding Biden and classified documents?"

Comer responded saying, “We don’t know. We want to look.”

To that answer, Benen offered a critical assessment, writing, "It was like watching a snake eat its own tail."

Following that interview with CNN's Brown, Comer appeared the National Press Club while in Washington, D.C. where he explained his reason for not putting energy into the Trump classified documents investigation.

“Well, there’s a special counsel,” Comer explained. “There’s a special counsel and I am confident that that special counsel is looking into everything.”

However, Benen has pushed back with a detailed argument explaining why Comer's explanation falls flat. "It was not a good point," Comer noted.

"As the chairman of the House Oversight Committee really ought to know, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to scrutinize the Biden matter, too," Benen wrote. "If the existence of a special counsel investigating Trump leads Comer to believe he should focus his attention elsewhere, then the existence of a special counsel investigating the Biden story should lead him to the same conclusion."

'People have moved on': Grim number of potential 2024 Trump endorsements suggests nightmare scenario for GOP

The New York Times recently conducted a poll of the Republican National Committee's 168 asking whether or not they'd be willing to endorse former President Donald Trump for president.

According to the news outlet, only four members of that 168 expressed interest in backing Trump — an analysis that appears to be a grim foreshadowing of how the former president could fare in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

RNC members' refusal to support Trump's presidential campaign is a distinct about-face from their support of him in 2020, an era Mediaite describes as one "in which his stranglehold on the GOP could be reasonably described as a personality cult."

The Times reports:

"The New York Times called, emailed or texted all 168 R.N.C. members. Just four offered an unabashed endorsement of Mr. Trump’s 2024 campaign. Twenty said the former president should not be the party’s nominee."

The report added, "An additional 35 said they would like to see a big primary field or declined to state their position on Mr. Trump. The remainder did not respond to messages. In interviews, some R.N.C. members estimated that between 120 and 140 of them preferred someone besides Mr. Trump to be their party’s presidential nominee."

Speaking to the Times, Kentucky national committee member Mac Brown made it clear that times have changed, saying, “This isn’t 2016. People have moved on.”

Others also echoed similar sentiments.

“I’ve been a supporter of Donald Trump in the past,” said Arkansas RNC member Jonathan Barnett. “I just think that we need choices this time. We’ve got to look at all of our options.”

The Times reports, “Trump’s subsequent refusal to accept the results and his endorsements of G.O.P. candidates in 2022 who stressed their devotion to him — and then lost seats in key battleground states including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — have some saying they are ready for a divorce."

Read the full column at The New York Times.

Columnist issues clear warning about DeSantis

A labor columnist is warning against giving Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) the space and opportunity to continue his efforts to promote fascism in his state.

In a piece published by "In These Times," Hamilton Nolan highlighted some of DeSantis’ most problematic goals and how he's setting the tone for a 2024 presidential run.

"The entire state of Florida, home to 22 million people, is currently being run as a giant Fox News campaign ad for the Ron DeSantis 2024 presidential campaign," Nolan warned. "As a method of crafting responsible public policy, this approach has a number of drawbacks."

“Ron DeSantis wants to break the unions and make a temporary advantage permanent,” Nolan wrote.

He went on to express concern about the Democratic Party's lack of political muscle in the state and how it could ultimately lead to a grim outcome for the state's residents.

"If the state’s incompetent Democratic Party can’t rally itself to cut through the torrent of performative bulls--t and bigotry, we will soon wake up and find that this whiny, bullet-headed ex-jock has done to Florida’s workers what former Republican Gov. Scott Walker did to Wisconsin’s."

Nolan pointed to the series of events that transpired this week as he wrote, "This week, DeSantis announced that he is proposing legislation designed to decimate the power of Florida’s teachers unions. It would prohibit dues checkoff, making it excruciating for the unions to collect dues, and outlaw teachers doing union work or handing out union materials on the job."

While it may seem like outnumbered Democrats might be unable to contain DeSantis, Nolan argues otherwise.

"People in Florida of all political persuasions often talk of Ron DeSantis as if he is a formidable juggernaut that Democrats can’t hope to restrain," he wrote. "This is false."

Nolan later added, "He is just as immoral as his rivals, but he lacks the polished presentation of Ted Cruz and the magnetic insanity of Donald Trump. Though, as a rule, I do not make electoral predictions, it would not be surprising to see him crash and burn when faced with a presidential campaign that depends, above all, on charisma. It is easy to imagine him as the latest in a long line of media-hyped red-state governors whose self-importance crashed and sunk against the rocks of a competitive primary."

According to Nolan, the split in the state is "not as wide as it seems."

"Nor is he some sort of king whose hold on Florida should be taken for granted," Nolan warned. "Florida is, in essence, a 50/50 state that should be extremely competitive in every election."

He concluded with a warning for Democrats and DeSantis-opposing residents in the state.

"Pulling this together requires a strong labor movement, and it requires the Democratic Party helping to build that movement. There is nothing impossible about any of this," he wrote.

"The threat here is bigger than one teachers union, or one state," Nolan continued. "Ron DeSantis intends to make Florida a stepping stone that he will use to walk into the White House and prove that America is still a racist, oppressive nation at heart. Stop him before he gets there. As a native Floridian, I politely call on the Florida Democrats, unions, teachers, and people of all stripes who don’t prefer life in a dystopia: Get your s--t together, before it’s too late."

Read the full column at In These Times.

Legal experts urge 'expeditious action' by California Bar Association to punish notorious Trump lawyer

Two legal experts have penned an op-ed for The Sacramento Bee challenging the California Bar Association to take action in an effort to hold former Trump lawyer John Eastman accountable for his involvement in former President Donald Trump's coup to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Eastman, like many other Trump allies, made extended efforts to undermine the United States' election integrity, often spinning baseless conspiracies and unfounded claims of voter fraud. Now, some time has passed, and although the California Bar Association has vowed to investigate, very little action has been taken.

Norm Eisen, former U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic, and Dennis Aftergut, a former federal prosecutor and Chief Assistant City Attorney in San Francisco, are appealing to the association in their new piece.

Eisen and Aftergut noted that the bar association began its investigation 16 months ago and insisted that its “goal and policy” is to “dismiss a complaint, admonish the attorney or have the State Bar Office of Trial Counsel file formal charges within 12 months after it receives a complaint.”

But the writers note the bar's lack of action thus far against Eastman.

"It’s been nearly a year since the California bar announced it was investigating Eastman, a former faculty member at Chapman University Law School in Orange, Calif," Eisen and Aftergut wrote. "We were among the first lawyers filing complaints in California; the first in October 2021 by the States United Democracy Center."

They added, "But since March, when the state bar’s investigation was announced, there’s been radio silence about its investigation. To our knowledge, Eastman continues to practice law using his California license."

At one point in their piece, they noted Eastman's expertise and argued that he was well aware that the legal advice and suggestions he offered were, indeed, unlawful.

"Eastman wrote memos saying that Pence had the unilateral power to reject Biden’s certification or otherwise tamper with it," they wrote. "Luckily for us, Pence had better legal advice and followed it."

They continued, "Eastman himself apparently knew he was giving unlawful advice. Pence has written that 'Eastman had conceded . . . that rejecting electoral votes was a bad idea and any attempt to do so would be quickly overturned by a unanimous Supreme Court.' This guy didn’t even believe what he was telling the president.'”

The two are urging the bar association to take "expeditious action" due to the severe nature of Eastman's actions and the threat he and others posed to the United States voting system.

"Participation in an attempted coup requires expeditious action," they insisted. "In January of 2021, a group led by Lawyers Defending American Democracy filed a disciplinary complaint against Rudolph Giuliani. Just five months later, in June, a New York court suspended his law license. Giuliani committed ethical violations in making false and misleading statements about the 2020 election to courts, lawmakers and the public."

'Highly misleading': CNN brutally fact-checks Kevin McCarthy's latest series of unfounded claims

It's only been two weeks since Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was elected House Speaker and already, CNN is taking swift action to correct inaccurate claims he's shared.

On Tuesday, January 24, CNN's Don Lemon aired a brief clip of the top-ranking Republican lawmaker's remarks about the debt ceiling.

In the clip, McCarthy could be heard saying, "Listen, when Trump was president and Nancy Pelosi was speaker, they became a debt ceiling agreement. And it was a cap agreement for two years to cap the spending and make those decisions."

Lemon turned the segment over to CNN Daniel Dale who broke down the claims and pushed back against McCarthy's arguments.

The video player is currently playing an ad.

"John McCarthy is wrong in two ways here. First of all, House Republicans didn't actually repeal anything they did vote to repeal. They passed a bill to repeal more than 70 billion in new IRS funding," Dale explained. "But that bill is not going to get through the Senate or President Biden. So they have not changed the law. Second of all, this frequent Republican talking point you hear about how Democrats are hiring 87,000 new IRS agents is just not true. It's an exaggeration.

He went on to discuss President Joe Biden's legislation to combat inflation.

"The inflation reduction act that Biden signed into law last year includes 80 billion in additional funding for the IRS that will very possibly allow the IRS to hire tens of thousands of additional employees," he said. "But not even close to all these employees, Don, will be agents. The people who conduct audits and investigations sometimes frighten people. Non-agents make up the vast majority of the IRS workforce."

He continued, "And many of the newly hired employees we know will be in things like customer service and operations in it. And experts tell us that many of the new hires will be making up for attrition filling posts left by tens of thousands of retirements departures, not taking newly created jobs."

Dale added, "So the image McCarthy and other Republicans are trying to conjure, Don, of this army of 87,000 new agents coming to get you is not based on the facts."

Lawrence O’Donnell points out the 'strangest' vow Kevin McCarthy has made to Marjorie Taylor Greene

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell has a critical opinion of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's (R-CA) sense of loyalty to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

In fact, the news anchor went a step further insisting McCarthy had earned “another entry in the record books for the strangest and most stupidly phrased things said."

During his recent segment of "The Last Word" on Monday, January 23, O'Donnell slammed McCarthy describing him as possibly "the weakest and least smart man to ever serve as speaker of the House."

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He added, "That title goes to this guy who was very quickly convicted by a jury today on all eight criminal counts, including four felonies that he committed while sitting in that chair. He stupidly thought he was sitting in Speaker Nancy Pelosi's chair in her office, but he was actually sitting at the desk of Emily Barrett, who served as Speaker Pelosi's Director of Operations and now works for House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries."

At one point during the segment, O'Donnell also referenced an article published by the New York Times that included a quote where McCarthy reportedly spoke to a friend about Greene saying he "will never leave that woman," adding, "I will always take care of her.”

O'Donnell emphasized that McCarthy was not “talking about his wife of 31 years, the mother of his two children.”

The host also noted that McCarthy's loyalty to Greene is likely due to her impact in him securing the House speaker seat; something that did not come without an uphill battle.

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As part of his sense of loyalty to Greene, O'Donnell noted some of the tasks that will likely be carried out much sooner than later.

"In his political marriage to Marjorie Taylor Green and other Republican extremists in the House is that he will fire Congressman Adam Schiff, Congressman Eric Swalwell, and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar," he said.

O'Donnell also said, he “can only hope no one back home in Bakersfield, California, was reading The New York Times” article.

Watch the video below or at this link.

New clip captures Ted Cruz falling flat with blatant contradictions in just 30 seconds

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) latest remarks highlighted his double standard regarding President Joe Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence.

Although both have been found to have classified documents in either their private homes or offices, Cruz only believes one of them should be investigated: Biden.

On Tuesday, January 24, Cruz appeared on Fox Business with host Larry Kudlow where he shared his opinion of the classified documents reports.

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At one point during the segment, the Texas senator called for an investigation into Biden saying, “The FBI needs to search the University of Delaware archives, and they need to search Hunter Biden’s home and business address."

Kudlow then asked Cruz about the reports of classified documents being found at Pence's home in Indiana. The Republican senator was far less concerned about those documents.

“Oh, look, the Mike Pence story ― it’s still early,” Cruz said. “He is a good friend and a good man. He’s explained where these came from.”

The remarks on both situations were made within 30 seconds and now the clip is circulating on social media as Twitter users criticize the double standards. One Twitter user tweeted, "It's like 'hypocrisy' punches him square in the face and Ted simply responds with 'Thank you sir, may I have some more?'"

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Another user tweeted, "It’s always ok or just a mishap when it’s a Republican who gets caught with their pants down. Yep well it’s still early days - what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Pence will also have to answer for his papers as well."

"The rule of 'It's okay when our guy does it' is revered on both sides," another user tweeted. "Unfortunately, members of each side only notice it when the other side does it. Democrats should be outraged that their top guy threw a wrench in the MAL docs case, instead of pretending it doesn't matter."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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'Divorced-from-reality political stunts': Kevin McCarthy mocked for caving to Republicans who opposed him

Stepping into his new leadership position, a new analysis is explaining how House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is attempting to improve the areas of contention with far-right Republican lawmakers.

The road to speakership was not an easy one for McCarthy due to opposition he faced from nearly two dozen House Republican lawmakers who voted against his bid for House speaker. Now, things are a bit different.

In a piece published by The New Republic, Tori Otten breaks down the series of events currently unfolding in the House of Representatives.

Otten began with a brief overview of McCarthy's battle with the 21 opposing Republicans. "McCarthy made no secret of his ambition to be speaker, apparently no matter the cost, and the California Republican made us all sit through 15 agonizing votes before finally making enough deals to win," Otter wrote. "But it seems that the many changes to the rules package were not the only concessions he made."

But despite his struggles, she noted what he is currently doing to appease his political adversaries.

She added, "Representative Lauren Boebert kept her seat on the Committee on Natural Resources and received a new post on the powerful House Oversight Committee. She is joined there by Scott Perry, Anna Paulina Luna, and Paul Gosar. Gosar was previously stripped of all committee assignments after he shared an animated video showing him killing Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and attacking President Joe Biden with swords."

"McCarthy also rewarded his allies: Jim Jordan, who consistently voted for McCarthy even when the holdouts nominated Jordan for speaker, is the new chair of the House Judiciary Committee," Otten continued.

In wake of McCarthy's incoming decisions, he's facing criticism as Republican strategists express concern about the level of power being given to MAGA-aligned Republicans.

She noted: "The White House slammed the assignments, with spokesman Ian Sams telling Axios, 'It appears that House Republicans may be setting the stage for divorced-from-reality political stunts, instead of engaging in bipartisan work on behalf of the American people.'

He added, “Republicans are handing the keys of oversight to the most extreme MAGA members of the Republican caucus who promote violent rhetoric and dangerous conspiracy theories."

'Stop with the stupid': Ex-RNC chair torches Marjorie Taylor Greene with fact check and brutal words of advice

The former chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) has a blistering response to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-Ga.) recent remarks about debt.

According to HuffPost, Michael Steele was not pleased with Greene's adamant pushback against the proposed initiative of raising the debt limit. Her remarks came as Democratic lawmakers push for what is described as a "clean" bill to increase the debt limit for financial flexibility.

The U.S Department of Treasury could benefit from Congress raising the debt limit so it can borrow the funds needed to cover the cost of the country's financial obligations. Although there is a legitimate reason for the initiative, Greene has publicly disapproved of it.

During a recent appearance on Fox News, Greene declared, “I for one will not sign a clean bill raising the debt limit.”

Steele appeared for an interview with MSNBC News' Stephanie Ruhle and the two offered critical reactions to Greene's remarks. Ruhle pointed out that members of the House technically do not "sign" bills. Steele wasted no time sharing his opinion as he agreed with Ruhle.

With a look of disbelief, Steele said, “She doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about. This woman has no clue.”

The former Republican leader went on to offer hard facts with a direct statement to Marjorie Greene as he explained how legislation actually works. He also offered her a blistering word of advice.

“If you understand how this works, Marjorie, then you know that this is about bills that have already been created, not new spending. So this is not a spending question. This is just paying the damn credit card of the country for the $8 trillion your president ran up between 2016 and 2020. So stop with the stupid.”

Watch the video below or at this link.

McCarthy holdouts get spots on key committees www.youtube.com

Jared Kushner had 'knock-down, drag-out screaming matches' with Donald Trump about 2020 election: book

A new book is shedding light on the behind-the-scenes arguments that took place between former President Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner during his time in the White House.

During the days leading up to the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, Trump spent a substantial amount of time pushing baseless claims and conspiracy theories questioning the integrity of the presidential election he lost to President Joe Biden.

According to Mediaite, details about Trump and Kushner's clashing are included in the new book, "The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House," written by author Chris Whipple.

Although many of Trump's supporters and allies echoed his claims, Kushner, according to Whipple, was not in agreement with many of the former president's attempts to overturn the election. Whipple even highlighted some of the “knock-down, drag-out screaming matches” Kushner actually had with Trump.

“With all due respect, I’m not going to like what you are doing, and you’re going to be screaming at me,” Kushner reportedly told the former president during a heated exchange about the claims of voter fraud.

According to Whipple, there was also a time when Kushner warned Trump of what his future might look like based on the conspiracy-driven path he was on.

“Look, when you’re out of here, a lot of people will scatter,” Kushner reportedly said, adding, “I’m with you until you hit the dirt — so you may want to listen to what I’m saying."

Per the news outlet, The Forward’s Jacob Kornbluh also highlighted key takeaways from the book with a brief overview of what happened prior to Biden's inauguration, which Trump did not attend.

"Since election day, Kushner and Ivanka Trump had kept telling themselves that Trump would eventually come around and accept his defeat, but 'just needed to nurse his wounds,' Whipple writes," Kornbluh reported. "Even after supporters of Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Kushner reportedly told friends he still hoped Trump would invite Biden to the White House on inauguration day. 'That image of the two presidents together, he thought, was what America wanted to see,' Whipple writes."

“It just shows he’s got many different layers,” Kushner told Whipple.

The author's book has garnered lots of attention and received praise from The New York Times’s John Gans, who described the piece as a “feat of a book.”

“Writing a book that quickly — and especially on these past two years — is no easy task,” Gans wrote, adding:

"The titular fight may be Biden’s, but Whipple must himself exhaustively cover President Donald Trump’s lame-duck struggle and accused sedition. At its best, Whipple’s comprehensive approach adds dimension to the news stream — for example, Biden’s discomfort with the Secret Service is both deeper and more dramatic than is widely understood. At its worst, the book’s iterative structure feels like scrolling a dated Twitter timeline in which the vaccination drive is defeating Covid-19, and Biden’s effort to curb climate change is doomed to failure."

Mike Huckabee's bizarre new children’s book might ignite Trump's rage

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) is likely to ruffle former President Donald Trump's feathers with the release of his new book.

According to a new analysis published by HuffPost, the former president may not be pleased with the content of the book as it appears to be another sign of Trump's declining popularity among far-right religious voters.

"Huckabee’s 'The Kids Guide to Ron DeSantis' appears to offer a glowing take on the Florida governor, a potential 2024 rival to Trump who is already beating the former president in some polls," HuffPost's Ed Mazza wrote.

He added, "Trump is reportedly unhappy with former protege DeSantis as a result and likely to be less-than-thrilled with Huckabee’s claim that DeSantis 'may be our next Commander-in-Chief,' as the ad below shows:"

The release of the book comes as Huckabee's daughter, current Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders made headlines over the weekend when she refused to publicly endorse Trump's 2024 presidential bid.

Mazza also noted, "The elder Huckabee’s side hustle has been hawking right-wing children’s books, including one that lavishes praise on Trump, one that pushes the notion that the United States is a Christian nation, and a series of Bible-based books."

The group of voters Huckabee's books appeal to haven't been as enthusiastic about Trump's announcement of his next presidential bid. And Trump recently shared a critical opinion of evangelicals insisting they haven't been loyal enough to him. The former president's remarks came as many well-known evangelicals have expressed apprehension about him running for office again.

Although Huckabee's new book has garnered attention, the publishing company behind the piece addressed the speculation. In a statement to The Daily Beast, a spokesperson for Huckabee's publisher EverBright Media said the book is “by no means an endorsement of Governor DeSantis from the company or Governor Huckabee or anybody else.”

The spokesperson also offered an explanation for DeSantis being selected. He insisted that DeSantis is “just the first of many people who are becoming prominent players on the national stage that Americans are evaluating and wondering about.”

Some 'well-connected' Republican figures were aware of Santos' reputation prior to him being elected: analysis

Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) is currently facing an onslaught of calls for his resignation amid incriminating reports that have uncovered his checkered past.

Although more reports are coming to light now, a new analysis has revealed many well-connected Republicans were aware of Santos' questionable behavior and actions prior to his being elected.

According to a report from New York Times metro desk reporter Nicholas Fandos, multiple individuals with knowledge of the turmoil behind the scenes of his campaign have shed light on the concerns his vendors expressed following the release of a research analysis on him.

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In fact, the individuals speaking about the campaign noted that the research findings were so startling that Santos was urged to drop out of the race before the information was made public.

Fandos wrote, "Some of Santos’ own vendors were so alarmed after seeing the study in late November 2021 that they urged him to drop out of the race and warned that he could risk public humiliation by continuing. When Santos disputed key findings and vowed to continue running, members of the campaign team quit, according to three of the four people The New York Times spoke to with knowledge of the study."

The alarming report includes details of "Fraudulent academic degrees. Involvement in a firm accused of a Ponzi scheme. Multiple evictions and a suspended driver’s license" and more.

Fandos continued, "All of it was in the report, which also said that Santos, who is openly gay, had been married to a woman. The report did not offer conclusive details, but some people briefed on the findings wondered whether the marriage was done for immigration purposes."

READ MORE: Watch: Candidate George Santos told news outlet that 'my parents were both down there' on September 11th

According to Fandos, these types of reports are so significant because "Campaigns frequently rely on this kind of research, known as vulnerability studies, to identify anything problematic that an opponent might seize on."

While it is unclear exactly what Republicans may have known about Santos, the report suggests that many had caught wind of who he was and how potentially harmful he could be long before he was elected.

READ MORE: George Santos staffer accused of impersonating Kevin McCarthy’s chief of staff in calls with donors

Trump meltdown during his sexual assault deposition earned him a lawyer's rebuke

Former President Donald Trump was not pleased with the line of questioning he was confronted with by a lawyer representing one of the women accusing him of sexual assault. Now, details about his intense interaction with a lawyer during the deposition are coming to light.

On Friday, January 13, a New York federal judge delivered a ruling to allow for a deposition to be unsealed.

According to Mediaite, the deposition was part of the lawsuit filed against Trump by E. Jean Carroll. The judge's ruling was a response to a request by Trump's legal team to have the case dismissed.

READ MORE: Judge 'smoked' Donald Trump 'and his counsel' over 'inexcusable' requests for delays in defamation case

The news outlet highlighted one aspect of the deposition where Trump was questioned about a Truth Social post where he mocked Carroll describing her as "Ms. Bergdorf Goodman” and labeled the accusation as a “complete con job.”

“And, while I’m not supposed to say it, I will,” he added. “This woman is not my type!”

During the deposition, Trump was asked, "Why did you decide to issue the statement on Truth Social on October 12th?"

Rattled by the question, Trump fired back saying, "Because I was offended at this woman’s lie. Because I was offended that she could just make up a story out of cold air, refuted by her testimony on CNN, but that she could make up a story just out of nowhere and that I get a phone call asking me about this ridiculous situation."

He went on to criticize his accuser insisting there is "something wrong" with her.

"The woman — there’s something wrong with her in my opinion. Okay. But it’s a false accusation," Trump said. "Never happened, never would happen. And I posted and I will continue to post until such time as — and then I will sue her after this is over, and that’s the thing I really look forward to doing. And I’ll sue you too because this is — how many cases do you have? Many, many cases, and I know the statements that were made — that you made. Keep Trump busy because this is the way you defeat him, to keep him busy with litigation. So I will be suing you also, but I’ll be suing her very strongly as soon as this. But I’ll be suing you also."

After listening to the former president's rant, the lawyer asked, "Are you done?"

Trump replied, "Yeah."

"Is there anything in particular that prompted you to make this statement last week?" the lawyer also asked.

"Yeah," Trump said, adding, "Her false story and that I have to waste a whole day doing these ridiculous questions with you."