Right-wing 'Project Blitz' wants to do for Christian Nationalism what ALEC does for big business

Religious freedom has been much in the news as the Trump administration has rolled out policies providing an earthly answer to the prayers of the Christian Right. It‘s a central issue in the Masterpiece Cakeshop vs Colorado Civil Rights Commission currently before the Supreme Court, and it’s no secret that the Christian Right has been busy taking their religious freedom agenda to the states.

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Christians started the war on Christmas nearly 400 years before Fox News even existed

Note: This article was originally published December 21, 2015

Another Christmas, another string of outrages about the supposed “War on Christmas.”

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Here's how a ruling for anti-LGBT Masterpiece Cakeshop could embolden white nationalists

While deploying “religious freedom” arguments to push back on progressive social change is hardly new, the explicitly anti-LGBT premise of the upcoming Masterpiece Cakeshop suit is a relatively novel iteration of this bedrock principle’s adjudication at the high court, according to Tisa Wenger, associate professor of American religious history at Yale and author of the new book Religious Freedom: The Contested History of an American Ideal.

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How supernatural thinking empowered the Nazis and helped build the Third Reich

What inspired you to write Hitler’s Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich?

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