Unsung Heroes

Last night I was forced to play at centre back for one of my co-rec teams. A combination of my weakened hamstring and a desperate shortage of players meant I was unable to spend the 90 minutes marauding, Lampard-like (but thinner), from box to box, as is my wont.

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If I was a gambling man...

This year will mark the first time I have lived outside of England during a World Cup, and while this should prove beneficial in some regards - particularly in that I can avoid the jingoistic fever and over-hyped expectations for the England team that the British media will stir into a frenzy - it does mean I can't have a punt on the winners, as gambling is (as far as I know) illegal here in the States. Regardless, I thought it might be quite interesting to have a look at what the bookmakers at home think is likely to happen this summer, and see how far we agree with them. Spain are quite clearly favourites to win the competition, and it's difficult to find a strong case to argue against them, even if Brazil currently top FIFA's World Rankings.

Sometimes you have to stop and wonder...

Amid all the glitz, glamour and endless tabloid coverage of every miniscule detail of the Premier League, how come stories such as this http://tinyurl.com/n2dz3s don't get flagged more? Just reading it through makes me mildly ashamed to be so easily swept along watching the top flight.

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Holland 2 England 2

Some quick thoughts on last night's Holland v England friendly, as I don't think it would have been screened in the US.

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Another failed fantasy

With a week to go until the start of the season, experienced armchair managers will slip into the old sheepskin and start seriously thinking about compiling their teams for the 38 games ahead. Much of the summer’s frankly ludicrous spending is over, and with the media poring over every minor footballer’s minor niggles, we have a reasonable idea who will start the season for a lot of teams.

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