Michael Cohen hits back at allegations in ABC's Christopher Steele interview

In the wake of an ABC News interview with Christopher Steele, Michael Cohen released a special episode of his podcast, "Mea Culpa," where he addressed some of the allegations against him and some claims made against Trump. He was joined on the podcast with Daily Beast editor Molly Jong Fast.

Cohen recalled that last week, Trump told major political donors, unprompted, that he doesn't like to be urinated on. The former lawyer wondered why Trump is so obsessed with this story, that even years later he can't stop talking about it.

"She knows, I don't like to be peed on," Trump told the crowd, pointing to his wife.

"If that in itself doesn't prove that something is psychologically wrong with him, I don't know what does," Cohen said on the podcast. In previous comments, Cohen said that he looked extensively for the tape and he doesn't believe it actually exists. Steele told ABC News host George Stephanopoulos that he believes it does. In fact, Steele said that he stood by his dossier, despite the fact that he doesn't think his entire work is accurate.

"Do you think it hurts your credibility at all that you won't accept the findings of the FBI in this particular case?" Stephanopoulos asked.

"I'm prepared to accept that not everything in the dossier is 100 percent accurate," Steele said. "I have yet to be convinced that that is one of them."

Cohen released a statement responding to Steele, claiming that some claims about him are absurd, as did Barry Meier, author of Spooked: The Trump Dossier, Black Cube, and the Rise of Private Spies.

"Christopher Steele is free to believe whatever he wants, but if Christopher Steele wants other people to believe that he's believable, he needs to show us what evidence he has to support his beliefs," said Meier.

Cohen said that he can't understand why his former boss would walk back into a scandal that bothers him so much. Daily Beast editor Molly Jong Fast, who was also on Cohen's podcast, passed off Trump's obsession as a kind of compulsion, which Cohen questioned.

"What compulsion?" asked Cohen. "What could possibly be the underlying motive? And you're right, I know him better than anybody — I, myself, cannot understand what the f*ck this idiot was thinking when he decided in the middle of a donor meeting to turn around and stay to people, 'By the way, I want you all to know, I'm not into golden showers. I'm not into being peed on.' What point are you trying to make here?"

Jong Fast changed the subject, recalling that the next comments out of Trump's mouth were what she found interesting, that he "saved the Republican Party." She noted that she doesn't think the donors believe he saved the GOP, "I think they're hostages to him. So, the idea that he thinks that these people are going to applaud him, while he's taken them hostage?"

Jong Fast asked who cares what Steele says, and that Cohen and those around him know the truth and that what others think doesn't matter. Cohen, who continues to fight to correct the record on many of the accusations against him and make amends, explained that it matters to him. He's willing to confess to any wrongdoing, but won't admit to anything that he says isn't real.

You can listen to the full Cohen podcast at his website here.

Trump, the Big Lie and Jan 6 is now being mainstreamed by the GOP and interest groups that support them: columnist

In a column by Fred Hiatt, the Washington Post writer explained that Trumpism and all that it entitles is now being mainstreamed by not just the GOP but interest groups like The Japan-American Society of Washington, D.C.

His Sunday column cited the group's embrace of Donald Trump's former Japanese ambassador-turned-senator, Bill Hagerty (R-TN), who was a "featured guest" and "honorary chairman" of the Japan-American Society event gala this week.

Hagerty, who replaced retiring Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN), backed Hagerty "enthusiastically."

"Alexander was such a fervent supporter, in fact, that whenever he was silent in the face of some Trump depredation, the explanation I heard was the same: 'Lamar doesn't want to do anything to make Hagerty's life more difficult on the campaign trail.' Alexander believed that Hagerty would be a credit to the Senate long after Trump was gone," wrote Hiatt.

Hagerty was among those, along with fellow Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn, who continues to say that President Joe Biden isn't the legitimate president of the United States. During the attack on the Capitol, he condemned the violence, and hours later turned around and supported what ultimately caused the violence.

Hagerty isn't the only one downplaying the seriousness of the election lies, Trumpism and the violence that unfolded on Jan. 6. Conservative Alice Stewart tried to downplay the seriousness of the GOP's refusal to accept the 2020 election, saying that there is no "crisis" happening with elections.

This week, Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin similarly attempted to paint the Jan. 6 attack as a "peaceful protest," and led a rally crowd in worshiping the American flag carried through the violence.

Japan-America Society claims that they always ask the former ambassador to events.

"This is an invitation that the Society has presented to every returning U.S. ambassador to Japan in living memory. We're proud of our non-partisan role advancing strong people to people ties between the United States and Japan," the group told Hiatt in an email.

But Hiatt said that "there's an argument to be made that, at times of intense partisanship, it's more valuable than ever that people from across the spectrum can encounter each other in nonpartisan arenas such as the Japan-America Society. Certainly, the harm of the society's invitation is less than the damage inflicted on democracy when Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) welcomes Trump's embrace at a campaign rally, or when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) self-brainwashes to start denying the truth of Jan. 6 — or when Hagerty himself, even though he doesn't have to face the voters again for six years, nonetheless feels the need to indulge Trump's lie."

Read the full column at the Washington Post.

Intelligence expert explains how Trump took over Russia's war against the US with his own

Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance spoke to MSNBC about the ways in which the Russian government are able to wage a war against a country without even firing a shot.

Host Maria Teresa Kumar noted that President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans seem to have taken up the playbook of Russia and created their own propaganda machine. As a Russia propaganda expert, Nance agreed, saying that the plot Russia concocted in the early 2000s, the Gerasimov Doctrine, handed Trump and his team the plan.

Nance explained that it was a tactic Russians used where they combined an information warfare strategy where they flood a country with so much misinformation that a country would welcome an invasion without a war.

"That didn't really happen" in the United States, Nance explained. "What the Russians did in the year 2016 is they created an information bubble in which the Trump campaign was seen as friendly and then, the Trump data team took that information, including stolen information from the Democratic National Committee, and created their own information sphere. Once the Russian bubble was popped after the 2016 election, the Trump team took the ball and ran with it. The Russians barely have to do anything."

Nance explained that the Trump team and their control over conservative television stations like Fox News and OAN enabled them to indoctrinate their own followers into believing some of the most insane things ever crafted, "to the point where they view it."

He talked about a kind of radicalization that gives Trump's supporters the confidence their actions are not only patriotic but that "violence is the only solution and they're carrying out a second Lexington, a second Concord, as your other guests said, 1776 2.0."

"They think they're restoring the United States, despite the fact they are physically attacking the United States, and believe me, the way that ammunition prices went up within the last year on the public market, I think these people really believe they're going to affect the revolution at some point," said Nance.

Earlier in the conversation, Nance addressed Virginia Republican Glenn Youngkin holding up the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol as a "peaceful protest" and treating items used in the attack as their own kind of religious relic or a "talisman" as Nance characterized. "As if it's going to give them some connection deeper to Donald Trump."

"It all flies in the face of their own storyline, their story arc in which it was Antifa and Black Lives Matter that carried out the attack," said Nance. "Now, on some signs, we see them actually not only recognizing that they've carried out this event but, as I said in the video, a peaceful protest at the Capitol and now carrying an American flag, which took part in that. It's absolutely disgraceful that any of this is happening. But what you're seeing, it is a strategy by the Republicans and Trump play out where they're now embracing the popularism of that violence."

See his full take in the video below:

Nance on Russia's Trump war www.youtube.com

Conservative pundit refuses to answer who is still a 'rational Republican' in the GOP that will save elections

Conservative pundit Alice Stewart and Democratic strategist Maria Cardona debated the election bill that Republicans have refused to support even though Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) helped draft and negotiate it.

Stewart attacked the bill saying that it federalizes the election system that has long been run by the states. Still, Cardona cited the far-right Republicans who aim to bypass voters altogether.

"There are rational Republicans out there that believe we do have free and fair elections with and they do believe that Jan. 6th should not have happened and we should have certified election results," said Stewart. "And they do not want to have this be the topic of conversation and there are rational Republicans that say that Jan. 6th is not what we need to be focusing on as we head into the midterms, especially with all that's going on with the Biden administration.

Cardona cut in to ask what she means by "rational Republicans," but Stewart refused to cite who exactly those Republicans are in the contemporary GOP.

"These are Republicans, as I said, that do believe that we have free and fair elections. The more we even question if we should question our electoral process, that's an affront to our democracy," said Stewart, who dismissed the idea that there should still be a focus on accountability for Jan. 6 and preventing another attack. "And we do not even need to be having these conversations in the first place. And there are a large majority of Republicans who are focusing on reassuring people that we need to go out and vote. We do have free and fair elections, and that's what conservatives are doing."

Cardona noted that while there might be an overwhelming majority of Republicans who believe Joe Biden won the 2020 election, they're not the ones in control of the GOP anymore. In fact, few of those are even in office or they're about to be replaced or retire.

"Donald Trump is the reason why this democracy is hanging by a thread," said Cardona while Stewart tried to talk over her. "And the more -- the more -- hang on, the more that Republicans -- you say there are rational Republicans out there, focused on talking about how the election was fair, there are not enough of them."

"Let me just say this, with all due respect to my friend, Maria here, we are not in peril," said Stewart."Our democracy is not in peril. We need to reassure Americans that our election process is free and fair. And the last thing we need to do is light our hair on fire about democracy in peril and federalize our elections, which is exactly what you and our Democratic friends want to do."

Cardona insisted that the elections do need to be federalized because states have made it clear that they can't handle operating a free and fair election.

Stewart explained that there were many Republican officials who fought back against President Donald Trump's demands to overthrow the voters' choice in the election. The problem, Cardona explained, is that those Republicans willing to risk their career to do the right thing are about to be kicked out of office by the Republican Party that Stewart claims is still "rational."

"All of these states have candidates, Alice, who have said, if they would have been in power, they would not have certified this election," Cardona explained. "What happens if all of those people win in 2022 and 2024? What if all of those rational, common sense, thank goodness, Republicans in the 2020 election did not come forward and stand up against the Donald Trump and the Steve Bannons and the Rudy Giulianis. What if they had said, 'Right, this election is not free. I'm not going to certify it.' That is how close we came to losing our democracy. Our democracy is in peril. And it is in peril because people like Donald Trump and people like Steve Bannon and people like Chuck Grassley, who just stood up next to Donald Trump, without the backbone to say what this man is doing is dangerous. We have way too many Republicans that are hell-bent on standing next to Donald Trump, because they are so afraid of not doing that, that that continues to put our democracy in peril."

See the video below:

There are rational Republicans in power? Ok, name them. www.youtube.com

Joe Manchin wants to limit who can get child tax cuts — and block retired guardians from getting any

Sen. Joe Manchin (R-WV) has come out with additional "red lines" he has for President Joe Biden's agenda, according to Axios sources.

Among Manchin's demands is to limit who can get the child tax cut to only those making under $60,000 a year, not adjusted for inflation or the country's region. It is frequently assumed that anyone making over $60,000 a year is wealthy but it doesn't take into account that cost of living in many areas of the country consider that lower class.

People familiar with the matter also said Manchin also wants to block anyone who is retired who may be a grandparent with custody of children or foster or adoptive parents, saying that they must be employed to get the money. There have been many children who've lost parents due to the opioid epidemic or COVID-19, and their families could use whatever funding possible to help.

A study by Pediatrics cited at least 140,000 children under the age of 18 who have been orphaned due to COVID-19 between April 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. According to the United Hospital Fund, 1.435 million children are missing at least one of their parents due to a drug addiction and 240,000 children have had a parent who died due to an opioid overdose. At the same time, authorities have removed 325,000 children from their homes and placed them in foster care or with relatives due to opioids.

In Manchin's home state of West Virginia, 5,081 children enter foster care every year, reports ComfortCases.

Manchin also wants to cut subsidies for child care. That said, Axios claimed Manchin is "less interested in the $225 billion to $450 billion paid family leave proposal or $400 billion for a new program to provide elder care, according to people familiar with the matter."

Read the full report at Axios.com

Republican Senator suggests mandating senility tests for Trump and Supreme Court Justices

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) told Axios chief Mike Allen that a senility test might be a good idea for all elected leaders, even if it was for Donald Trump or justices of the Supreme Court.

Speaking to Axios on HBO, Cassidy explained that as a doctor, he is well aware that "at some point, and statistically it's in the 80s, you begin a more rapid decline." He spoke in general terms but noted that "it's usually noticeable. So, anyone who is in a position of responsibility, who may potentially be on that slope, that is a concern, and I'm saying this as a doctor."

Allen then asked Cassidy if he believes there should thus be limits on those holding public office, which he said was difficult to answer because everyone assumes he's "being political" when he answers. "I've been told that there were senators in the past that at the end of their senate term were senile. I'm told that was true of senators of both parties. Now, you're going to argue, well, they were elected, so, who cares? But, would it be reasonable to have for Supreme Court justices, members of Congress in a leadership position and in the executive branch an annual sort-of evaluation in which they would have to establish, 'Yes. I'm doing OK.'"

Donald Trump's personal doctor released a letter in 2016 proclaiming he would be the healthiest person ever to be in the presidency. It was hyperbole that was not only ridiculed but it drew attention to whether or not Trump or his doctors were hiding something. When Trump got an evaluation from his doctors in the White House, it was not by a professional mental health expert, but by a doctor who ultimately ran for Congress as a Republican supporter of President Donald Trump. Trump's test showed that his biggest problems were with memory, according to his interview with Fox News. So, any mandates on senility tests could easily become part of a politically corrupt system.

At the same time, diseases like Alzheimer's can begin in the mid-60s, and signs of early-onset Alzheimer's begin between the 30s and mid-60s, explained the National Institute of Health. So, age-specific tests for those over 80 would easily dismiss anyone who may also have similar health issues if not worse problems. Elderly officials could also ask why they are being singled out for questions about senility when there are younger members whose sanity could also reasonably be questioned.

Cassidy also made it clear he's not voting for Donald Trump in the upcoming election or any primary election where Trump may be on the ballot.

See the interview below:

Lara Trump triggered by change in Superman’s motto — saying it’s ‘very upsetting’

Adviser to President Donald Trump, Lara Trump, is joining the growing list of conservatives being triggered by the evolution of the Superman comic books. As superheroes are evolving past the white, male, cis-gender, heterosexual identity, it has left the alien character in the dust.

While DC Comics haven't indicated one way or the other about whether the decision for marketing purposes or an effort to appeal to a larger audience, but it caused many on the right to lose faith in comic books they may not have ever even read.

Comics generally have a much more liberal vision for the world, which has attracted a readership that focuses on what is "right" and "good," beyond political ideologies or what is popular. Marvel revealed in July that Captain America likely would have freed Communists in Vietnam during the war.

In March 2020, DC released an animated series that showed how different Superman would have been if he landed in the former Soviet Union as a child instead of his alien ship landing in Smallville, Kansas.

It was just weeks ago that conservatives lost their minds over Superman's son, Jon Kent, coming out as bisexual, falling for reporter Jay Nakamura. Not only did Kent come out, but he saved hundreds of people from a collapsing building, participated in a protest for refugees where the people fleeing a corrupt Gamorra. Kent was one of those who helped save people previously in Gamorra. The refugee story parallels many of those feeling Central America for the United States.

The new Superman film has also removed the "American way" from the motto of "truth, justice and the American way." The reason for removing the motto might be to appeal to a readership outside of America.

Lara Trump didn't indicate whether she'd ever read a Superman comic book or if she reads the new adventures with Superman's son.

See the video below:

Lara Trump triggered by Superman's son www.youtube.com

'No one is above the law': Alexander Vindman demands Trump be 'brought to justice' for Ukraine bribery scandal

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman spoke to CNN's Jim Acosta Sunday, saying that he wants former President Donald Trump to be brought to justice for all of his illegal behavior around the Ukraine bribery scandal.

Trump asked for "favors" if Ukraine wanted the money and weapons the U.S. had allocated to them. He later claimed it was a "perfect" call and that he did nothing wrong, releasing the accounting of the call that was previously classified. It instead proved the scandal was real.

Declassified text of Trump's Ukraine call notes Photo: Scren capture

Trump was impeached the first time for the scandal but was never held accountable by the Republican Senate. Outside of impeachment, however, there are charges that Vindman wants to see so that Trump ultimately receives the justice Vindman believes he deserves.

"The president should be brought to justice, he's not above the law. I felt that was the case when I reported a presidential wrongdoing and presidential abuse of power," said Vindman. "And if he lies in front of the commission, then he should suffer the consequences."

He also wants to see Trump subpoenaed before Congress to answer for the Ukraine scandal and the coverup that followed.

See the full interview below:

Vindman justice www.youtube.com

Christopher Steele dishes on dossier in new interview: Trump pee tape 'probably does' exist

The investigator of the infamous Donald Trump dossier, Christopher Steele, sat down with ABC News reporter George Stephanopoulos where he revealed what he knew was true and what wasn't.

"Do you think it hurts your credibility at all that you won't accept the findings of the FBI in this particular case?" Stephanopoulos asked.

"I'm prepared to accept that not everything in the dossier is 100% accurate," Steele said. "I have yet to be convinced that that is one of them."

According to a release from ABC, there were parts of the dossier that he admits aren't true, but one major point is true. According to Steele the salacious "tape" of Trump with prostitutes in a Russian hotel room urinating on a bed once used by former President Barack Obama is real.

"So how do you explain if that tape does indeed exist, why hasn't it been released?" asked Stephanopoulos.

"Well it hasn't needed to be released?" said Steele.

"Why not?"

"Because I think the Russians felt they got pretty good value out of Donald Trump when he was president of the U.S.," Steele said.

"While Steele acknowledged that no corroborating evidence has been found for many of his dossier claims, he argued that very little contradictory evidence exists either -- a line of defense that his critics have found problematic," said ABC News.

Whether or not the tape is real might be inconsequential to Trump, because he might believe that the Russians have "something" or anything on him that is compromising. That could motivate his behavior.

In interviews over the past year, former top Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has said that he doesn't believe that the tape exists because he looked extensively for it while working for Trump. He also wrote extensively in his book Disloyal about the Steele claims that it didn't seem impossible, which is why he worked to find it.

"But I do know that the decision to go to The Act in Vegas in 2012 was made by the Agalarovs and the Russian men certainly seemed hugely entertained in a venue that boasted golden showers and fairly bristled with the energy of sex for sale. They were the same men who hosted Trump in Moscow in 2013, so it doesn't seem entirely impossible that the amusements of a golden shower were again part of the Boss's festivities," wrote Cohen.

"Trump's hatred for Obama was on a level that might provoke some sort of perverse and perverted ritualistic humiliation in a hotel suite," the book continued. "Like the Faux-Bama he hired to express his hatred and contempt for Obama in symbolic ways, I can attest that he was entirely capable of being entertained by such an act, even if he is a germaphobe, as he claims to be. However, this claim never occurred, to the best of my knowledge and investigations, and as verified to me by the Boss's longtime head of security and attaché, Keith Schiller."

Steele also said in the interview that it was "a fact" Cohen met with Kremlin officials in Prague ahead of the election, which he thinks was about the tape. Cohen has denied it and the FBI also found in its extensive investigation that Cohen didn't meet with the Russians.

Steele claimed that Cohen would never admit to it because it would be "self-incriminating to a very great degree." The FBI, however, did more than take Cohen's word for it. It was clear that they did their own investigation into Cohen's trip and if there was any wrongdoing, presumably he would have been charged with it.

"I'm pleased to see that my old friend Christopher Steele, also known as Austin Powers, has crawled out of the pub long enough to make up a few more stories," Cohen told Raw Story when asked about the allegations. "I eagerly await his next secret dossier which proves the existence of Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster and that Elvis is still alive. In fact, I hear David Pecker needs a new dirt digger at the National Enquirer."

Steele claimed that he's now speaking out because there were problems he identified in 2016 he said have not only not gone away but have gotten worse.

See the clip of the interview below:

MSNBC's Brian Williams jokes viewers can pick up OAN if they angle their tinfoil hats properly

MSNBC Brian Williams did his final commentary at the close of the show mocking the far-right television station OAN and the recent controversy the phone company AT&T is suffering from after Reuters revealed they funded the station.

OAN was has been the target of late-night comedians, John Oliver, The Lincoln Project and now Williams is adding his name to those calling out the absurdity of the channel.

"If you should stumble upon it on cable, you can also pick up their signal if you happen to angle your tinfoil hat just right," joked Williams. "You'll see it has the patina of respectability until someone starts talking. So, it didn't go over well with AT&T customers when they recently learned in an astonishing report by Reuters that AT&T helped to build OAN and continues to subsidize the network, as OAN as paid millions to AT&T to make it part of their dish network slate. The problem for AT&Tis they're losing customers over this."

He then rolled the video from the Lincoln Project to close the show.

See the video below:

tinfoil hats of oan www.youtube.com

Lincoln Project creates mock AT&T ad promoting the company's funding of 'white nationalist' on OAN

The Lincoln Project just released a video of a mock AT&T commercial bragging about their phone service while funding white nationalist hosts at the far-right network OAN.

Using videos of happy people talking on cell phones, the "ad" and how the company allows users to reach out to their friends and family to "feel the connection too many Americans are missing today."

"Your AT&T plan helps fund One America News Network. OANN is a streaming channel that hires radical, alt-right, white nationalists as hosts, cheers the Capitol attacks and promotes COVID-19 conspiracy theories! Want more? By keeping your cell service with AT&T you can pay OANN host Pearson Sharp call for mass executions! And with AT&T you'll be able to keep funding politicians like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pushing radical new laws against voting rights and women's rights! AT&T: Funding sedition, oppression and, of course, One America News Network."

See the video below:

Anti-vaxxers are being mocked in Halloween graveyard displays around the US

The outbreak of anti-vaccine behavior by Americans this year led to a slew of mockery of the conspiracy theorists in Halloween displays.

Local news stations are reporting several graveyard displays in front of homes with anti-vaccine slogans like "I did my own research" or "I don't know what's in it" written on the tombstones. Some skeletons are being seen with their own anti-vaccine protest signs reading "government conspiracy," "bathed in the blood," "personal freedom" and "I refuse to live afraid."

One video was posted by Linda McAfee, who goes by @lindamcafee3 on TikTok, showing what can be assumed as her own Halloween display showcasing half-buried skeletons.

The Daily Star reported on one woman who created her display with cardboard gravestones with birth and death dates and the anti-vaccine slogan, "Believed it was only the flu," says one with the dates "1978-2020." Another took the anti-vaccine mockery to the next level, saying, "DEAD. But Not a Sheep."

A WCNC report showed the home of Jesse Jones of Raleigh, North Carolina, who has skeletons and gravestones saying, "I listened to TRUMP" and "I got my news from FOX." Another says "Not vaccinated, see you soon idiots!"

One home in Park Ridge residents Ted and Wanita Sigg have six wooden tombstones showing anti-vaccine slogans like "I'd rather die than comply" and "Ivermectin believer."

"One thing led to another, the family kept throwing things out and I ended up making six of them," Ted told ABC7 in Chicago. Tragically, however, the display was up for just six hours before someone vandalized them with an X spray-painted on them.

"I don't know if we were really trying to make a statement, it sounded funny so we did it," Juanita said. "Most people have stopped and talked and liked it. I had one this morning who didn't like it at all."

"Right up the street there are signs that say, 'unmask the children, keep my school unmasked,'" Ted said. "We all have a right to express our opinion. It doesn't mean we have the right to destroy someone else's opinion."

See the photos and videos below:

(Photo: Facebook)

(Photo: Facebook)

Photo: Facebook

Pro-vaccine Halloween display vandalized in Park Ridge | ABC7 Chicago www.youtube.com

Internet uses Fox News HR docs to fact-check Tucker Carlson's accusation Biden 'lied' about vaccine mandate

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on his Monday show that accusations that Fox News is mandating vaccines are untrue and that President Joe Biden lied when he claimed as much.

Last week, Biden mocked hosts at the network who were raging against the COVID-19 vaccine while their company is owned by a pro-vaccine Rupert Murdoch and 90 percent of the company has been vaccinated.

But Carlson claimed that there is no vaccine mandate, but he left out quite a few facts. For example, Fox News says that you don't have to get vaccinated if you agree to submit to daily coronavirus testing. The company also has an online vaccine passport system. Carlson conveniently left the information out, not giving his viewers the full truth.

The host claimed that he and his team would "know" because they actually worked there. The problem with the argument that some indicated online is that Fox News' HR memo has been leaked online. So, viewers can read exactly what the network is mandating.

Kevin Lord, the senior vice president at Fox said in a statement, "Following our request for employees to upload their vaccination status in our secure system, we are pleased to share that more than 90 percent of our full-time employees reported that they are fully vaccinated."

Carlson is also still refusing to say whether or not he personally is vaccinated. So, while he's pushing viewers to be skeptical of the shot and any mask mandates, an overwhelming majority of Fox is vaccinated and wears masks, possibly even Carlson himself.

You can see the comments from fact-checkers below:

Congress must hold Steve Bannon in criminal contempt: civil rights attorney

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said this week that recent subpoenas from the Jan. 6 commission could result in criminal contempt charges being referred to the United States Department of Justice should their recipients refuse to comply.

"If it gets to a point where we realize they're stonewalling or they're not serious, there's contempt things you can file … You can do it through the DOJ, criminal contempt. I think that's our leaning, is to say criminal contempt," said Kinzinger.

But civil rights lawyer Andrew C. Laufer said that after careful consideration he thinks that he thinks it's the wrong way to move forward and Congress should be the ones to enforce contempt charges.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Laufer said that those defying subpoenas should be punished by Congress because if it defers to the Justice Department or even a grand jury, it would be ceding the power of Congress to the other two branches when they were granted equal power in the Constitution.

"If the House flips during the midterms, these putative witnesses will run out the clock until the new Congress is seated. If you're worried about opening Pandora's Box, in exercising your inherent powers, it was already opened on Jan. 6, 2021," Laufer continued. "Congress was attacked by hundreds of traitors. People were killed because of it. An attack on Congress hasn't happened since 1954 and that attack came nowhere near to decapitating a branch of our government as the attack on Jan. 6th did."

He noted that Trump and his allies were all involved in "fomenting the violence" seen at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and that they're continuing to inflict damage on the country by inciting future violence.

"If we don't utilize every tool at our disposal to hold these people responsible, we invite further and more successful attempts to destroy all that we hold dear," he said, noting that this is not business as usual and shouldn't be treated as such.

While delays are expected, he said that Congress should use its authority to hold Trump allies in contempt.

See the full thread here.

Trump says Democrats are to blame for his supporters rioting at Capitol in rambling new statement

Former President Donald Trump is blaming "people" who "didn't do their jobs" on Jan. 6 for the attack on the U.S. Capitol by his own supporters.

In a statement posted by Trump's spokesperson, Trump blamed the destruction of the building on "people in charge" whom he said were not doing their jobs.

"The highly partisan Unselect Committee is just a sideshow to distract America from MASSIVE failures by Biden and the Democrats. What happened to the Capitol would have never happened if the people in charge did their job," he said.

He then blamed the Capitol Police and Democrats for ignoring intelligence ahead of the vote that indicated Trump's supporters were ready for a riot.

"They abandoned the officers on the ground, just like Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan," claimed Trump. "Instead of holding bad leaders accountable, the Democrats are going after innocent staffers and attacking the Constitution."

He then went off on Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for "RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA" and "the 'Perfect' Ukraine phone call."

Trump supporters have continued to blame Pence for refusing "to do his job," but now are trying to find ways to blame Democrats and the Capitol Police.

Trump was still the commander-in-chief at the time of the attack. According to several books published after he left office, Trump had to be convinced to tweet out a plea for his supporters to stop their violence.

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