Marco Rubio attacks former police chief for not being nice enough to cops

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is going into attack mode against Rep. Val Demings (D-FL), who's running against him in the 2022 midterms.

Rubio has apparently settled on a strategy of attacking Demings for her alleged poor treatment of police officers. The problem, however, is that she's a former police chief.

Orlando Weekly cited Rubio's appearance on the Fox network, claiming that she was auditioning for the vice presidency and that is when she decided she didn't like cops anymore.

"When someone uses their former service in uniform with a badge as the foundation to give them the credibility to say these things, it’s incredibly damaging," said Rubio.

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Demings commented after the George Floyd murder that there is a problem in policing with violence.

Given her past work as a police chief, Demings has been quick to hit back at Rubio's claims that she's anti-police.

“For him to suggest — the lifelong politician Marco Rubio — that I have turned my back on the men and women that I — while Marco Rubio was home in his bed sleeping — that I helped to go respond to some dark, scary places, dealing with some dark, dangerous people, scary people, for him to suggest that I turned my back on law enforcement is just an indication of how desperate he is,” she said at a campaign appearance.

Read the full report at Orlando Weekly.

IN OTHER NEWS: Congresswoman's car struck by bullets — but she wasn't inside

Congresswoman's car acttaked — but she wasn't inside

Voting machine company is fighting GOP demand to turn over Wisconsin election documents

Nebraska-based Election Systems & Software is refusing to comply with subpoenas issued by the GOP-led audit into the 2020 election in Wisconsin.

According to the Associated Press, the subpoena is extremely broad in the information requested. Another electronic voting company, Dominion, is fighting their machines being handed over to a company hired in a probe on Fulton County, Pennsylvania. In that case, Dominion explained that unaccredited investigators probing their machines are a violation of the contract they have with the county.

In a statement, attorneys for Election Systems & Software made it clear that they won't comply, calling it a "quintessential fishing expedition."

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Machines aren't the only thing the company makes, they also do digital tabulators, electronic poll books and ballot printers in addition to software, said the report. They're known for partnering with the Department of Homeland Security in the Critical Infrastructure Program division, including the National Protection and Programs Directorate and the National Cybersecurity Assessment and Technical Services.

The statement from the attorneys explained that the request for information included every document or piece of information for the past two years involving Wisconsin and elections.

The subpoena has been blocked for now as the judge makes a ruling.

IN OTHER NEWS: Congresswoman's car struck by bullets — but she wasn't inside

Congresswoman's car acttaked — but she wasn't inside

Congresswoman's car struck by bullets — but she wasn't inside is reporting that Rep. Cori Bush's (D-MO) car was struck by bullets, though she wasn't inside it at the time.

It doesn't appear that Bush was the target of an attack and other cars in the area showed that their handles had been tampered with. In a statement from the congresswoman on Thursday, she announced the details about the incident and thanked those contacting her to check how she's doing.

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"I'm touched by everyone who has reached out. Thankfully no one was harmed," Bush tweeted, linking to a local report. "But any act of gun violence shakes your soul. That's why our movement is working to invest in our communities, eradicate the root causes of gun violence, and keep everyone safe."

"No one should have to fear for their safety here in St. Louis and that is exactly why our movement is working every day to invest in our communities, eradicate the root causes of gun violence, and keep every neighborhood safe," Bush said to KSDK News.

Watch below.

Congresswoman's car acttaked — but she wasn't inside

Republican Doug Mastriano threatened a Pennsylvania county if they didn't do an election 'audit'

Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano was outed Thursday after American Oversight requested 2020 election documents in the state that involved the Republican leader.

Mastriano, who is now running for governor, threatened Fulton County, PA, saying that if they refused to do an "audit" of their election then he would subpoena them.

As an avid supporter of Donald Trump, the GOP official followed what is being called the "big lie," that the ex-president had the election stolen from him.

American Oversight was following up on a report from the Washington Post that revealed that the Fulton County audit took place without any knowledge of the County Commissioner Paul Shives, who happens to be a Democrat. A firm involved in the Arizona sham audit, Wake Technology Services Inc, was also responsible for the Fulton County audit. They're not accredited by the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission, the report noted.

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Fulton County, PA is notoriously red, with Trump winning the area by 85 percent, so it's unclear why the GOP is demanding so much be done to prove that there was no fraud when Trump won.

Text messages showed Shives and other commissioners noted that they were frustrated with being shut out of the election review. A message from elections director Patti Hess said that Mastriano told "all counties … to do this or be subpoena[ed] to prove votes."

Commission Chair Stuart Ulsh replied, "It was happening this way or in a subpoena."

Other records uncovered by American Oversight's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request revealed, "on Nov. 12, 2020, Commissioner Randy Bunch, a vocal Trump supporter, emailed state Sen. Judy Ward, who had reportedly been working with Mastriano in Dec.

In the email Bunch said: "Sending this email to see what’s going on with this rigged election. … We can’t let this election get stolen if there is anything I can do please let me know."

They also noted that public records showed that the audit company co-founder emailed Bunch and Ulsh asking for their personal email addresses. Emails that aren't hosted on official networks are easier to hide from FOIA requests and any transparency or government accountability.

They also passed around emails about the Cyber Ninjas, doing the "audit" in Arizona noting that the company's CEO was supportive of the "Stop the Steal" movement.

After Wake Technology Services Inc conducted a forensic analysis of the electronic voting machines in Fulton those machines, like in Maricopa County, would be decertified. The cost for that wasn't allocated to the committee probing the election. So, they would need an addendum to pay anything exceeding $270,000.

The probe of the machines, which were leased by Dominion Voting Systems, was stopped at the last minute. Dominion explained that allowing an uncredited company look at the machines is a breach of their contract with the county. Republicans are still not clear on how much it would cost.

See the full report at American Oversight.

Thanks to Donald Trump, the Wisconsin GOP is destroying itself from the inside: report

Vice News reported that the Wisconsin Republican Party is in full meltdown mode, but they have no one to blame but themselves.

The nationwide conversation about Trumpism conflicting with the Republican Party is the source of a battle that threatens to destroy the Wisconsin GOP from the inside out, according to the report.

"Accusations of slander. Leaked documents. Fake news pushed by a right-wing conspiracy website. Staff forcibly reassigned. Angry warnings from former President Donald Trump," Vice explained.

The fight comes down to the so-called "big lie," and those who don't support the false conspiracy that Trump won in 2020 aren't welcome anymore.

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The more traditional Republican base and even reality-based conservatives don't meet litmus tests for Trump loyalists or the ex-president himself. It shows what Wisconsin could face if they opt to embrace Trumpism fully and take over the legislature.

“The conspiracy theorists have taken over the party,” said Republican state Sen. Kathy Bernier. She became a target of Trump's this week after proposing a bill to legalize dropboxes for ballots. Making it easier to drop a ballot or even access a polling place is being fought by Trump followers under the guise of "voter fraud."

When the GOP's election reform bill was leaked, conspiracy websites falsely claimed who was behind it and even what was in it. Trump was aghast, firing off one of his press releases because he's been banned from social media.

"Some RINO Republicans in Wisconsin are working hand in hand with others to have drop boxes again placed in Wisconsin. These fools are playing right into the Democrats’ hands. Drop boxes are only good for Democrats and cheating, not good for Republicans," Trump ranted.

Then things got worse. Wisconsin Republican state Rep. Timothy Ramthun railed against Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, saying he was working with Hillary Clinton. Vos removed the one staffer that Ramthun had in his office.

The fine line between infuriating Trump and flying below the radar was finally breached despite months-long efforts to placate to his base without caving into QAnon conspiracy theories. Trump's rage meant they backed off, which means if the GOP gains power in the state they'll likely swing toward the extreme on voting rights.

“All of this is just finally coming to a head,” said Wisconsin Trump-publican Matt Batzel. “There’s a disconnect between elected officials and the base.”

Meanwhile, Bernier was floored that someone shared the draft bill with a conservative conspiracy site.

“For one of our colleagues to share that with a Gateway Pundit is despicable. That is wrong. It is where you cannot trust the people in your own party,” Bernier lamented.

It appears this is the new GOP in the state, however.

Read the full report from Vice News.

Scientists think they know why there’s a bizarre geological blackout from about 1 billion years ago

Scientists use ice-core samples and soil samples, drilling down deep, to discover what was happening on the earth millions and millions of years ago. But about 1 billion years ago something strange happened, scientists can't find the data. Geological samples go from about 550-million-year-old rocks to layers of 1.7 billion-year-old rocks sitting atop each other. Now, scientists think they've discovered the missing discrepancy.

Previously, there were two theories about what happened before the Neoproterozoic era. "One suggests that tectonic activity associated with the assembly and breakup of the supercontinent Rodinia created the Unconformity, while another points to erosion from widespread glaciation during our planet’s 'Snowball Earth' phase some 700 million years ago," the report said.

But a postdoctoral researcher in earth sciences led a team at Dartmouth College in looking at glacier movement, which could account for the missing links in fossils and rock samples.

According to Kalin McDannell and his team, "Something really unique was going on in terms of global geodynamics and surface processes that allowed the Great Unconformity to both form and then be preserved. That’s my perspective on why this has captured people's imaginations."

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There was obviously tectonic activity in the Rocky Mountains and the Ozark Plateau, but he increased the samples to look at areas of North America that didn't have a lot of tectonic activity. Examining rocks from East Lake Athabasca in Saskatchewan, Canada and the Minnesota River Valley, the team found evidence of rocks cooling with glacial erosion all at the same time.

"Imagine taking the very middle of the U.S. today, and then just eroding kilometers of that in the span of a geologically short period of, let's say, 60 to 100 million years," said assistant professor C. Brenhin Keller, who did another study in 2019 that showed consistencies with McDannell's. "That's not normally what happens. If those kinds of erosion rates were normal, we would have no crust that was older than a few hundred million years."

The next step for the team is looking at samples from more locations all over the world from the same time to get a bigger picture of what was happening on the earth 1 billion years ago.

Check out the full report at Vice.

Legal expert nails Republican hypocrisy over Biden’s promise to appoint a Black woman to the Supreme Court

With the announcement of Justice Stephen Breyer leaving the Supreme Court, speculation has surfaced about who President Joe Biden's choice will be as a replacement. But one campaign promise of Biden's is triggering Republicans after he affirmed Wednesday that he would appoint a Black woman to the High Court.

Biden made the promise as part of his effort to repay Black women who were instrumental in his 2020 victory, but also because the Black female experience has been absent on the Court since its creation. For a Court to be representative of the country it represents, activists have argued that that voice is needed.

Republicans, however, were triggered, raging about "quotas," "identity politics" and "affirmative action" and various racist comments couched in faux concern.

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Conservative Tomi Lahren was hammered for the claim that the job would go to an unqualified Black woman due to identity politics. However, there are highly qualified Black women to consider. The two main judges some speculate could be appointed are a state Supreme Court justice and a U.S. District Court judge.

But as law professor Steve Vladeck pointed out, President Ronald Reagan promised to appoint the first woman to the Supreme Court when he was elected. Conservatives at the time celebrated it as a good move. Two others made a similar point, which you can see below:

Unearthed recording: White GOP Senate candidate whined being denied a job at Duke was about racism

Former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) left office a "sore loser," characterized the New York Times, but now a newly unearthed recording captures him whining about being refused a job at Duke University too.

CNN's KFile team found the recording where McCrory lamented he was forced to be a local radio host after losing the governor's race. According to him, Duke University didn't invite him to the staff due to "blacklisting." He then compared it to those who refused to serve Black Americans at lunch counters in the 1960s during the Civil Rights movement.

McCrory is running state-wide for a third time this year as he mounts a U.S. Senate challenge to fill the seat being left by Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC).

"The head of the policy school called me up and said, 'Governor, we've got some problems. We've got some alumni and big donors that don't want you to come back to Duke to be a part of this public policy school,'" McCrory complained Jan. 2021, four years after being ousted from the governor's office.

WATCH: Civil war expert recoils in horror at interviews with Trump fans: 'They don’t want democracy anymore'

"You know what I said to him, I said, 'If I come back to the — if I come back to the campus, will you serve me at the lunch counter?' And I meant it," McCrory went on.

"Speaking about the ultimate blacklisting was the African American students from North Carolina A&T University who wanted to eat at the counter at Woolworths, the lunch counter. And they refused them. They were blacklisted because of the color of their skin," he said, on the show. "Other people are now being blacklisted because of our politics. And it's both wrong. It's both deplorable. And we've got to speak out against it."

North Carolina was ground zero for a sit-in at a Woolworth's counter in 1960 when four students from the historically Black North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College refused to leave the "whites only" counter. It sparked a movement of others across the country doing the same.

It was clearly prominent on his mind, even four years after, because he brought it up twice during the show, lamenting to his guest that he was discriminated against as part of the left's "cancel culture."

"I was blacklisted by Duke University, I was -- every former governor of North Carolina was invited to work in the Public Policy School of Duke University, the Terry Sanford Public Policy School -- former governor," McCrory said. "And so I went and talked to them and they said, 'We'd love to have you help us out.' And it wasn't for money or anything. And within an hour of believing there were protests and signatures by both students and faculty signed up saying, 'We don't want Pat McCrory back on the Duke University campus anymore.'"

Listen below:

Read the full report at

WinRed loses attempt to dismiss massive case from four AGs over their auto-checked donations

Four attorneys general filed a suit against the website WinRed after a New York Times expose revealed that many Republican donors were scammed out of hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars.

And now newly released court filings show that WinRed has lost their attempt to have the case dismissed.

At issue was an automatically checked box with misleading language that opted them into monthly or even weekly donations in the final days of the 2020 election. Another automatically checked box also took money from donors for any "money bomb" fundraising efforts.

"The practice caused a surge of credit card fraud complaints and the pro-Trump operation ultimately refunded more than 10 percent of what it raised on WinRed in 2020 — $122 million. The Biden operation refunded a far smaller share of its online 2020 fund-raising: 2.2 percent," The Times reported at the time.

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Investigations were announced last July by attorneys general Keith Ellison (D-MN), Brian Frosh (D-MD), Letitia James (D-NY), and William Tong (D-CT).

Donald Trump's campaign was forced to return $13 million to supporters as a result of the checked-box scam.

The case will move forward.

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'I see what you did there': Jen Psaki cracks up White House reporters by mocking Peter Doocy

Prince Andrew demands a jury trial in sexual abuse suit after judge refuses to dismiss

Law & Crime uncovered recently-filed court documents revealing that Prince Andrew has demanded a jury trial in the case brought by accuser Virginia Giuffre. The judge ruled that the case would not be dismissed despite the prince's urgency.

Giuffre filed a suit saying that Prince Andrew sexually abused her when she was underage in three locations, at Jeffrey Epstein's New York mansion and private island as well as the London home of Ghislaine Maxwell.

“For the foregoing reasons, defendant’s motion to dismiss the complaint or for a more definite statement is denied in all respects,” U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan said in an opinion.

Giuffre was previously listed as Jane Doe 102 when suing Epstein in the Southern District of Florida.

Giuffre's lawyer explained that she is "pleased" particularly that they will have an opportunity to present the evidence.

“She looks forward to a judicial determination of the merits of those claims,” said David Boies.

There was a previous settlement in the case that was a secret until earlier this month, which is why the prince's lawyers believe the lawsuit shouldn't move forward.

"Throughout his opinion, the judge makes clear that he must assume Giuffre’s allegations as true at this stage of the litigation and assess only whether they are well-pled based on the law," Law & Crime explained.

See the full report.

IN OTHER NEWS: Parents furious after anti-masker is caught on video harassing middle school kids

Parents furious after caught on video harassing middle school kids

QAnon channel booted from YouTube after repeatedly featuring convicted child predator

The QAnon group has long claimed to be fighting to make the world safe from sexual predators, but it appears there are some in their own ranks.

Newsweek reported Wednesday that YouTube has removed a QAnon channel that frequently featured a convicted child predator. The convicted man, David Todeschini, appeared in at least five videos after Dec. 1.

He was convicted of sexual abuse in the first degree and sodomy in the second degree of an 8-year-old boy. The two sexual assaults are documented in the New York State Criminal Justice System where he's listed as a Level 3 Risk, which is "high risk of repeat offense and a threat to public safety."

Todeschini's crimes were outed by Right Wing Watch in 2021 after he promoted false conspiracy theories about Democrats being part of a child sex ring.

READ MORE: Florida radio host with 'intimate details' of Matt Gaetz's alleged sex crimes pleads guilty

Lies about such a conspiracy going back many years, including the notorious Pizzagate conspiracy that ended with a man coming to the family-friendly establishment with guns claiming he'd liberate the trafficked children. He searched the restaurant and found none and now agrees that the conspiracy was all a lie.

"We terminated the channel flagged to us by Newsweek for its dedication to violating our harassment policy, which prohibits content that targets someone by suggesting they are complicit in a conspiracy theory that is used to justify real-world violence, including QAnon," a YouTube spokesperson said in a statement.

Read the full report here.

IN OTHER NEWS: Florida senators walk out after DeSantis' surgeon general refuses to answer if vaccines are good

Florida senators walk out after DeSantis' surgeon general refuses to answer questions

Legal experts go wild after Justice Stephen Breyer announces retirement

It was announced Wednesday that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will be stepping down at the end of the term. The move comes as a surprise because he recently penned a book talking about not wanting his seat to be a political one.

The Court has increasingly grown more radical and far-right due to appointees from former President Donald Trump and one justice denied to former President Barack Obama in 2016. Breyer's resignation won't change the makeup of the court, however.

President Joe Biden expects to make the announcement officially on Thursday. During the 2020 campaign, Biden said that he would nominate a Black woman, a demographic that has never been represented on the top court.

Former federal prosecutor Joyce White Vance noted that Republicans like Sen. Mitch McConnell have kept an open vacancy on the Court for a year so they could steal it but then rushed through another one after voting in the 2020 election had already started.

The announcement was met with cheers by many who have been hoping that Breyer would retire and give a Democratic president and Senate the ability to ensure another liberal jurist can remain on the court.

See other comments below:

IN OTHER NEWS: Florida senators walk out after DeSantis' surgeon general refuses to answer if vaccines are good

Florida senators walk out after DeSantis' surgeon general refuses to answer questions

Former Mark Meadows aide is cooperating with Jan. 6 committee: report

Top Mark Meadows aide Ben Williamson met with the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. cited sources familiar with the meeting saying that the former West Wing staffer was present during the attacks.

"One source says his meeting with the select committee was conducted virtually and lasted between six and seven hours," said the report.

Meadows, by contrast, has refused to cooperate with the committee after turning over thousands of documents. Meadows said in his opposition to the subpoena that the requests were "overly broad" in what they sought. The House then voted to hold Meadows in criminal contempt of Congress. The Justice Department hasn't moved on the charge, however.

Florida senators walk out after DeSantis' surgeon general refuses to answer if vaccines are good

Florida Democrats walked out of a Florida Senate Health Policy Committee hearing on Wednesday after state Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo refused to answer their questions.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) appointed Ladapo to be the state's surgeon general, but since then, many questions have surfaced about his experience, his resume and his medical advice.

In the hearing before the state Senate Wednesday, Dr. Ladapo refused to answer questions about whether he supported vaccines. In fact, he was asked five times about vaccines in general, not exclusively about the COVID-19 vaccine.

"I know the members of our caucus are looking forward to having a serious conversation and have concerns about his ability to lead," said Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book.

An example is that Ladapo spoke to the Health and Human Services Appropriations Committee without a "single slide or chart about COVID, where we are and what we’re doing about it."

Senate President Wilton Simpson, a Republican, has taken issue with Ladapo, the Tallahassee Democrat described. Simpson oversees the confirmation process and Ladapo refused to wear a mask at Sen. Tina Polsky's request. Polsky has cancer and is undergoing treatment, prompting Simpson to send out a memo on the incident.

“It shouldn’t take a cancer diagnosis for people to respect each other’s level of comfort with social interactions during a pandemic,” said Simpson.

Watch below:

Florida senators walk out after DeSantis' surgeon general refuses to answer questions

IN OTHER NEWS: Morning Joe laughs out loud at latest Ron DeSantis ad: 'So stupid it makes your teeth hurt'

Morning Joe laughs out loud at latest Ron DeSantis ad

Trump's finance report shows he has a lot less cash than he claimed in his final year in office

Forbes has reviewed campaign finance disclosures from former President Donald Trump and discovered that he apparently had far less cash in his final year of office than he claimed.

According to the documents, the self-described billionaire only had about $93 million in cash during the final year. They were part of the information released by New York Attorney General Letitia James as part of her civil probe into the Trump Organization.

The amount is significantly less than his 2015 claim that he had $793 million in the bank and $302 in "liquid assets." Until recently Trump's actual wealth has been difficult to discern because he so frequently misled the press about it. He's also lied about the extent to which his father contributed to his finances and his business ventures.

When Trump filed his financial statement he was required to submit as part of his presidential campaign put the sum lower, between $78 million and $232 million in mid-2015.

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"Because I sell stuff," Trump said in 2015, citing $30 million from the sale of the Miss Universe pageant. "'Here's your cash number here — or market value: 793."

He then wrote the number down on a piece of paper.

The New York AG documents showed the liquid holdings at closer to $114 million in 2016. They were then listed at $76 million in 2018 and $87 million in 2019. They then increased to $93 million in 2020.

Read the full report here.

IN OTHER NEWS: Morning Joe laughs out loud at latest Ron DeSantis ad: 'So stupid it makes your teeth hurt'

Morning Joe laughs out loud at latest Ron DeSantis ad