Plan to stop Great Lakes' Asian carp invasion could cost billions, take 25 years

To keep Asian carp and other invasive species out of the Great Lakes will require at least 25 years and billions of dollars, according to a study released Monday by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The report, commissioned by Congress in July 2012, offered…

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Smart phone showdown: AT&T offers $450 to switch from T-Mobile

AT&T has fired a rather specific shot at one of its competitors on the brink of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week. The company is offering $450 in credit to T-Mobile customers who switch to AT&T. AT&T announced that T-Mobile…

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Wordpocalypse! 'Selfie,' 'twerk' top list of most annoying words of 2013

Sorry Justin Bieber. Uploading your mug to millions of followers is now deemed officially annoying. That’s because “selfie” tops the 2013 List of Words to be Banished from the Queen's English for Misuse, Overuse, and General Uselessness. The annual…

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New Pentagon blueprint sees bigger role for robot warfare

At a NASCAR racetrack in Miami earlier this month, teams from NASA, Google, and 14 other groups of engineering gurus put cutting-edge robots through some challenging paces. The aim was to see how well the robots could tackle tasks that may sound simple…

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Researchers cull images reflected in people’s eyes with new forensics technique

"I get lost in your eyes," you say? Researchers are working on ways to find you and save the resulting image for posterity – or for a criminal investigation. Scientists have found that photo portraits of an individual can yield images of the photographer…

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Shifting Obamacare deadlines are giving the insurance industry fits

As Americans scramble to meet all the sliding Obamacare deadlines and rule changes this week, the harried insurance industry is struggling to keep up. A record two million people visited on Monday, while state exchanges, too, experienced…

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Scientists discover vast reservoir under Greenland that may hold clues to explain shrinking glaciers

Scientists have discovered a vast reservoir of fresh water captured in layers of old snow buried near the surface of Greenland's vast ice sheet. The reservoir, located in southeastern Greenland, is similar to a subsurface aquifer found on land. Its…

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