This is an insanely exhaustive analysis that will once again propel the right wing blogosphere to the insane heights of Rathergate, minus the relevance or interest. I can't help but really enjoy this - as long as they keep doing this, it helps prevent them from doing anything which might actually sway someone not to vote for Obama.

As such, the spirit of this post is dedicated to the fact that Atlas Shrugs is a horrible, horrible website who's unfairly slandering blah blah ruining democracy blah blah big fake tits yadda yadda. Continue as such, link around and stir up controversy, and let's spend the next two months embroiling the entire right in highly relevant and not at all counterproductive obsessing over photoshop filters and the bureaucratic wranglings of Hawaii's birth certificate systems. I'm sure at least one of the offices has a typewriter to inspect!