So we're sitting here watching Markos debating Harold Ford (who is in fact even more a slick politician creep than you'd think), which is exciting enough, but I'm sitting here with the Rude Pundit, who just informed me of something amazing. And by amazing, I mean "makes you feel superior in ways that you could have never dreamed". Right wing bloggers are having a convention. Here in Austin. No, really. Hundreds of people are expected, almost enough to fill a corner of this lunchroom we're using for Netroots Nation.

Okay, on the actual lunch we're in: Harold Ford just wasted everyone's time by defending the DLC by name-dropping Bill Clinton and trying to impress us. It's like humping a dead horse, but I suppose it's all they got is saying, "Oh, Bill Clinton won! Remember that?" Except that Clinton didn't get a clean win, but rode into office off Perot vote-splitting. And the giant losses in 1994. It's kind of sad the way Clinton's win is treated like a fluke, like we snuck that one in by a largely right wing country. The idea that the right is a solid majority is a persistent myth in DC circles. It's understandable, to a degree. I think that myth persists because right wingers tend to be louder, angrier, and speak as if they have the authority of America behind them. (Look at the way that the right wing convention is littered with nonsensical references to historical patriots.) They are the squeaky wheels. This illusion is why it's so scary, I think, for Democrats to move to the left where they belong.

Update: On noes! They're taking audience questions.