image...Who's the fascistest of them all?

You see, Obama is not only too popular, but he also takes pictures from the side. Reminds me of another power-mad tyrant with a strange view of his own Messianic status...

Incidentally, on the fascist front, Powerline provides us the first look into Obama's nefarious rewriting of history...which comes via an unlinked and unreferenced transcript which involves Obama allegedly claiming membership on a committee which he's not a part of. It would be totally nefarious, except that when you look at what he's supposed to have said, it sounds a lot more like he was claiming credit for the committee having passed his Iranian divestment amendments, which they, you know, did.

UPDATE: Barack Obama is too prepared for the trip he'd been planning to take for weeks. He didn't even forget the directions to the hotel or nothin'!