What I fail to understand about your worldview is this: If Obama really is the Anti-Christ, then shouldn't you want him to win?

Think about it. The whole point of the Rapture is that it happens in your lifetime, that you're the lucky one who doesn't die but just jets off to heaven while the world falls to shit. If Obama is the Anti-Christ, then you get Raptured before Thanksgiving. Pretty sweet deal, unless you have secret doubts that it's all bullshit.

From what I understand, the right has been able to exploit this "let's get Armageddon underway already!" mindset in the evangelicals to get support for an aggressive Middle East policy. If it's okay to push for Israel to take over huge chunks of the Middle East in order to usher in the end times, then why not push for the Anti-Christ to quit fucking around and start taking over the world? Your chance at skirting death and getting Raptured may depend on this election, crazy wingnut fundies.