An otherwise decent HuffPost piece completely ruined by buying into anti-choice frames.

Virtually no one -- left, right, or center -- is comfortable with late term abortions except when the mother's life or health is in danger. The idea of aborting an 8-month-old fetus for convenience (something no one would really do, but it makes a great bogey man to push Democrats down slippery slopes) is deeply disturbing to the vast majority of Americans in a way that aborting a 10-week-old fetus is not.

He needed to come out stronger on the "no one would really do" thing. Here's how you put it: It's already illegal, it's settled law, and bringing it up is only done to distract people. It's a way for the anti-choice movement to get people bent out shape and distract from the fact that they're the ones who are really extremists, who think that sperm have more right than people and you shouldn't have a right to condoms or the birth control pill. There's only two providers in the country for later term abortions, and they work well before the "8 month" mark, and on women who have medical crisises that could happen to any of us.

Pro-choicers, please understand that if you engage the topic of late term abortions, you need to be very clear on what evil motherfuckers the people who dwell on this topic are. I did a segment on Reality Cast this week on it, and it's safe to say that if Americans are uncomfortable with fictional abortions, they should be really uncomfortable with how mendacious and disturbed the people who push on this issue are. Jill Stanek, who is the main source of this "Obama is pro-infanticide" nonsense, is so crazy and such a liar that she actually (listen to the podcast) claims that services offered by hospitals to help people cope with medically necessary late term abortions (which are the only kind there are) and stillbirths are there to comfort dead babies. In other words, she's so fetus-and-zygote obsessed that it either never occurs to her that parents of a stillborn might have feelings or she doesn't care, because they're members of the actually breathing population, and thus don't matter. And a lot of grieving parents are women, of course, so they double plus don't count as people.

There's no reason that we have to be squirmy on this issue. Anti-choicers are exploiting the grieving parents that have lost wanted children/wanted pregnancies, full stop. What kind of monsters do that?