Because of traveling issues, I missed Gore's speech when he was making it. Watching it now. It's depressing that gas had to be $4 a gallon before the nation was ready to really hear Gore's message, but I'm so glad that he has an opportunity to address the nation on the issue of global warming and oil consumption. People get it now, even though it's complex, weaving our imperialism with our overconsumption with our maddening traffic with our pollution with our country's inability to move forward, since we're bankrupting ourselves with that same old imperialism. And, of course, global warming.

Good to see Gore going on the attack, too. We need to see the association between Bush and McCain spelled out like this.

Is it a voting issue? Maybe it wasn't, but now that oil is so expensive, energy is probably the voting issue of the election.

Caught up now and watching the Obama biography video. Once again, I'm struck by how he breathes new life into the same old political tropes. The biography is a standard part of a campaign, but the single mother, the book, his missing father---it's actually interesting.