I'm watching the convention in HD on CNN.

It kind of ruins the whole "HD" thing by making the person on stage small in the middle of the screen and the surrounding them with useless, repetitive graphics like an audience noise meter, a rotating schedule of things that happened five hours ago, and a second schedule at the bottom of the screen to supplement the other, crappier schedule on the right.

The noise meter also just seems to be an arbitrary series of bars that light up for no apparent reason.

[Mark Halperin]

I think having the Obama and Robinson families on stage could actually backfire. They just seem so nice and human that people are going to be sure to respond to them with suspicion and disbelief. Michelle really needs to just burn an American flag to head off the McCain attacks on her character this speech would otherwise prompt.

[/Mark Halperin]

UPDATE: So, the problem with the Democratic Convention, according to CNN, is that over the course of a four-day convention with distinct themes on each day, they haven't yet sold Obama personally, gone on the attack, outlined each of his policies and fixed all the rifts in the party after the first six hours. I think they actually do think he's the Messiah.

UPDATE TWO: David Gergen is getting as close as he possibly can to blowing his shit over the fact that Democrats had the audacity to bore the nation with shit they didn't care about when absolutely nobody was watching them do it. Note that David Gergen blowing his shit sounds exactly like David Gergen being mildly bemused or David Gergen returning a library book.