The forecasters are telling Austinites that we may or may not be hit by a tropical storm as Hurricane Ike hits ground. Worst case scenario: 70 mph winds and rain. This seems certain enough that the Longhorns did the unthinkable and rescheduled a football game. But I'm not going to bitch, because people in Galveston are being told that they face certain death if they don't evacuate. The good news is that the nightmarish evacuation of Houston during Hurricane Rita has caused the state to massively reform evacuation procedures, so they don't get caught this time with their pants down. I remember talking to someone who evacuated during that time, and it had taken something like 14 hours to drive to Austin because of the traffic. Now they've got protocols to allow both sides of the freeway to accept traffic moving northwest. Here's hoping everyone on the coast is safe this weekend.

If we're homebound this weekend, we have the 2nd season of "30 Rock" uploaded from iTunes to pass the time. Could be worse.

Ten songs from your MP3 collection at random. Leave 'em in comments. Here's mine:

1) "Baltimore"---Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

2) "Filler"---Minor Threat

3) "Fa-Fa-Fa"---Datarock

4) "The Incident"---Urbs

5) "I Am Decided"---The Amps

6) "Small Parts"---The Oohlas

7) "Tonight I Have To Leave It"---Shout Out Louds

8) "Spit Shine Your Black Clouds"---The Blood Brothers

9) "California Sun"---The Dictators

10) "Shivers' Stomp"---The White Ghost Shivers

This video quality isn't good, but the audio is good:

Blood Brothers: