Long story short, it looks like McCain and Palin are going to be using stolen American flags at their Colorado Springs rally.

Fox News reported that "a vendor" found bags and bags of discarded American flags near trash cans, took them, and handed them over to the McCain campaign. Which, of course, makes sense. Most vendors wander around after major events, searching through the trash for remnants of the event that can be reused at some opportune point in the future. The partially-bitten cupcakes I had at my high school graduation party were delectably incomplete.

Of course, this is all really beside the point - supposing that the Democrats weren't going to use the flags again, and couldn't find a suitable source to give them to (which isn't even what the Democrats contend), the only suitable choice under the U.S. Flag Code was to burn every single one them sumbitches. Also, the vendor only found 12,000 flags, and there were 85,000 at the event. God and country demand that the "vendor" track down every single piece of fabric at the event and account for their proper storage and condition, or else they're as liable as every single one of us godless Democrats for the desecration of everything our Founders fought for.

You know, worship of an inanimate object, like a flag...or a crown.

Why are the patriotism obsessives in the GOP pushing for what could possibly have the largest flag burning in American history? And where was the pyre after the rally today? It would be irresponsible not to demand such a result from these demanding dumpster-diving devotees to our great nation.