Update: A quick confirmation---Palin does support abstinence-only "education". If you tell kids that condoms don't work, they won't use them.

Update II: Ann Friedman points out that the McCain press release emphasized that the decision to keep the baby was the choice of the actual pregnant girl. Which is inconsistent with their policies. If they wanted to be more honest, they'd say, "We told her if she even tried to get an abortion, we'd lock her up and throw away the key. Because that's what we want for you and all women."

Governor Palin's 17-year-old is pregnant and supposedly getting married.

I hope anyone who votes Republican but doesn't think that conservatives aren't kidding around about the barefoot-and-pregnant thing really stops to consider this. There's a lot of people out there who "don't believe" in abortion but sure as shit believe in it when it's their own teenage daughters. This press release from the Palins that practically gushes over the beauty of having your first baby before you can vote will not go over well with those people, I'm thinking.