I'm pretty sure anything I say about Kenneth Gladney II will be taken as evidence of my liberal left-wing hate, so this is all I'm going to say about this woman with serious spinal injuries who was allegedly attacked at an event (i.e., someone stepped on her foot after she shoved them with her walker): why the fuck is someone who's had seven spinal surgeries in eight years, and is likely uninsurable should her current coverage ever lapse, pushing for the same private system we have now? (This isn't even to mention the fact that her medical issues stem from the fact that something went wrong with a medical procedure.)

It's not so much that these alleged conservative victims have been assailed by liberal brownshirts in situations which look a lot like the conservatives acting like assholes and starting shit, it's that the victims themselves have, so far, been great arguments for socialized healthcare and/or health insurance. There's the old argument that the power of the conservative movement convinces people to vote against their own economic interest; now they're getting people to take to the streets and play victims against their own economic interest. Well played.